Some Facts About Trojans

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					                                Facts about Trojan Virus
In the simplest terms, a Trojan virus is a malicious program disguised as a regular application.
Some Trojans are pranks and just annoying. More lethal Trojans are capable of destroying all
the data on a hard disk.

General Information about Trojans

These files get into computers when they are downloaded or executed. Many Trojans appear
as Web links, email attachments, video players and other apps. When the file is clicked by the
user, the Trojan is activated. They will install or run in the background. The user is unaware
that the program is running or been installed.

Viruses, Worms and Malware

Viruses are programs that destroy data. Sometimes they are designed to modify programs to
make them unusable. Malware is malicious software, and viruses are one type of malware.
Malware can be programmed in many different ways.

One of the most frequent uses is to record keystrokes. This will allow the program to obtain
passwords. Worms are malware programs that duplicate. This means it can infect other

How to Remove Trojans

If you think there is a Trojan in your computer, run a virus scanner. Open your antivirus
program and click “scan”. Once the program finds the Trojan, delete it. Empty the Recycle
Bin and restart the computer. Run another scan just to be sure. If the virus is gone, you can
resume your normal computing activity.

How to Avoid Trojan Virus Infection

The most effective method is to install an antivirus program. Many of these programs are
available online. Many of them are even free. Once the software is installed, update it

This will provide the scanner enough data to recognize and remove different viruses. Make
sure that the antivirus app you download is suitable for your operating system.

There are other ways to keep Trojans and other viruses from affecting your computer. Never
open email without scanning it for viruses. Delete any suspicious looking emails. Do not open
spam or junk mail, especially those with attachments.

How to Avoid Viruses Online

Do not download programs from unreliable sites. Do not click links unless the site is
reputable. If you need updates for your apps, download directly from the manufacturer’s site.
Be wary of downloading plugins from unverified sources.
Other Tips and Warnings

Always back up your files. Backing files monthly is recommended. If you do heavy editing,
back it up every week or every day. If you think the Windows Registry is infected, you can
use a registry cleaner to check.

In rare cases, a Trojan infection will be so severe it will make the hard disk unbootable. In
that case, you have to use a boot disk.

These facts about Trojan viruses must be understood by all computer users. It can mean the
difference between losing and keeping your data.


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Description: Trojan viruses are malicious programs that can destroy data in your computer. Some of these viruses can also steal passwords and other information. Get the facts about Trojan viruses and how to keep your computer safe from them.