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									    The Big Hope
World Youth Congress
   4th-11th June 2008
             The Big Hope

• Liverpool Hope’s major contribution to the
  European Capital of Culture Year:
• European Parliament’s Year of Intercultural
• Hope Park, Cornerstone, Cathedrals,
  Philharmonic Hall
• 1000 (750 overseas, 250 UK)
• Young (aged 18-35)
• Future leaders
• Faith
            The Big Hope

• will consider personal integrity and public
• will consider the question of how we may
  develop a humane global society and
• our role as individuals to help make it
• Arts, Music and Sport Culture
• Business
• Education
• Environment and Sustainable
• Global Co-Existence, International
  Development, Politics, Law and Human
  Rights & Reconciliation
• The Anglican Cathedral
• The RC Metropolitan Cathedral
• The Philharmonic Hall
• Liverpool Hope University Hope Park
• Liverpool Hope University The
• Liverpool Hope University Aigburth
             Key Components
• Keynote lectures: 40        •   Concert at Philharmonic
  minutes: 3 per day          •   Daily Exercise
• Forums: 2 hours: 4-5 per    •   Liverpool ’08 Declaration
  day                         •   Friendship Groups
• Strands 50 each day for 5   •   Worship & Prayer 24/7
                              •   Nightly Chill Zone
• Colloquia
• Saturday Fiesta
• Excursions (Chester,
  Lakes, Snowdonia, York)
      A Day at The Big Hope
Morning                Afternoon
• 07:00 Exercise*      • 12:30 Lunch
• 07:45 Breakfast      • 13:30 Keynote 2
• 08:30 Worship*       • 14:30 Strands
• 09:00 Keynote 1      • 17:00 Keynote 3
• 10:00 Refreshments   • 18:00 Supper
• 10:30 Forums         • 19:00 Free,
                         Friendship, Trips
*optional              • 22:00 Chill Zone
                 Keynote Speakers
Wednesday   Thursday   Friday   Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday
• Two hour sessions
• Chair
• Panel (4) of national and international
• Pre-circulated papers or essays
• 4 x 15 minute keynote presentations
• Followed by debate and question and
  answer session
Thursday                  Friday                        Monday                      Tuesday
Youth Charter             Liverpool Hope                Key Travel                  Liverpool Hope
Sport, Art & Culture in   Olympic Role Models: Fact     Ethical Business            Faith, Science and
Sustaining Community      or Fiction                    Leadership                  Rationalism
Geoff Thompson MBE        Professor Vish Unnithan       Stephen Green HSBC          Professor David Wilkinson
Liverpool Hope            Liverpool Hope                Liverpool Hope              THEOS
Faith Relationships in    Faith & the Environment       A More Humane Global        Public Theology in Today’s
Britain                   John Gummer, Martin           Society: The Role of        World
Professor Ron Geaves      Palmer                        Europe                      Paul Wooley
                                                        Dr Michael Holmes
UNICEF                    L’Arche                       Liverpool Hope              Liverpool Hope
The Human Rights of the   The Human rights of the       Widening Participation in   Faith Relationships Across
Child in School           Disabled Person               Universities                the World
James Probert                                           Professor Ian Scott         Professor Ron Geaves
Liverpool Hope            YWAM                          Culture Company             Liverpool Hope
Social Inclusion          The Future of the Christian   Intercultural Capital       Ethical Economics
Professor Peter Clough    Church                        Sir Bob Scott               Harriett Lamb
                          Liverpool Hope                Liverpool Hope              YWAM
                          The Sanctity of Human Life    Integrity in                The Christina Magna Carat
                          Lord Alton                    Public life                 TBC

                          Rights & Humanity
                          The basis of Human rights
                          Julia Hauserman
                      External Speakers
•   Javed Akhtar, Poet, India                          •   Rev Professor Alvin J Parris, USA
•   Lord David Alton of Liverpool                      •   Kate Potter, Podium
•   Shabbad Azim MP, Actor, India                      •   Braulia Ribeiro, Brazil
•   Sushobha Barve, New Delhi                          •   Alejandro Rodriguez, Argentina
•   Pippa Bennett, England Women’s Football            •   Mano Rumalshah, the Archbishop of Peshawar,
•   Cherie Booth, Lawyer                                   Pakistan
•   Baroness Caroline Cox                              •   Dr Sir Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi
•   Baroness Illora Findlay                            •   Ramez Salame, Lawyer, Beirut
•   Stephen Green, HSBC                                •   Bryan Sanderson, former Standard Chartered Bank
•   Rt Hon John Gummer MP                              •   Sir Bob Scott, Liverpool Culture Coy
•   Julia Hausermann, MBE, President, Rights and       •   Professor Ian Scott, South Africa
    Humanity                                           •   Rt Revd John Sentamu, Archbishop of York
•   Tommy Hutchinson, i-genius,                        •   Ajay Sodha, Key Travel
•   Niketu Iralu, New Delhi                            •   Geoff Thompson, Youth Charter
•   Dr Al Iryani, Former PM, Yemen                     •   Vandrea Thompson, Children First, Jamaica
•   Rt Revd James Jones                                •   Barrie Walkley, Former US Ambassador
•   Sajjad Karim MEP, NW England                       •   Sir Stephen Wall
•   Most Revd Patrick Kelly, Archbishop of Liverpool   •   Pastor James Wuye, Nigeria
•   Harriet Lamb, Fairtrade Foundation                 •   Robert Weir, UK Olympian
•   Andrew Lancel, Actor, The Bill                     •   Professor Stanley Wells
•   Clive Lawton, Consultant Limmud                    •   Dr David Wilkinson, Durham
•   Mary McAleese, President, Republic of Ireland      •   Paul Wooley, THEOS
•   Arlene McCarthy MEP, NW England
•   Imam Ashafa Muhammad, Nigeria
•   Dr Alfred Ndahiro, Adviser President of Rwanda
•   Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor
•   Martin Palmer
• 40-50 throughout the Congress:
• Co-ordinated by Hope staff supported by
  international and national expert witnesses
• Delegates will opt for a Strand before
  arrival and will stay in that Strand
• The Strand teams will prepare, participate,
  contribute to and follow-up strand activities:
• 4 x 2-3 hour weekday sessions
• One full day Saturday
• Outputs such as:
   – Performance, presentation, exhibition at RLPO
     (Tuesday) or Anglican Cathedral (Wednesday am)
   – Online website
   – Publications
              Strand Types
• Academic: will produce outcomes such as a
  book and papers:
• Creative: will produce works of art or music or
  drama and dance performances which may be
  recorded in the form of CDs, DVDs or on
• Practical: involving service learning working
  with school, church and community groups on
  environmental and social projects:
•     Arts and Creativity                             •    Faith
1.    Ceremonial Banners                              1.   Liverpool Walk of Faith
                                                      2.   Life with More Meaning
2.    Ceramic Mural
                                                      3.   Always with the Poor
3.    Creative Writing
4.    Finding the Slayer Within                       •    Business
5.    Writing out of Conflict                         1.   Becoming a Better Leader
6.    Arts and Peace                                  2.   The Economy of Communion
7.    Big Hope Choir                                  3.   Neo-Liberalism: Economics Disconnected from its Social Consequences
8.    Big Hope Chamber Ensemble                       4.   Social Entrepreneurship
      Aspects of Comedy
      Big Hope Gospel Choir
                                                      •    Civil Leadership
                                                      1.   Debating
11.   Human Sun Clock                                 2.   Rights and Humanity Global Youth Forum
12.   Shakespeare's Outsiders                         3.   Leading Change and Evolution
13.   Religion on TV                                  4.   Political Internships
14.   Myths, Mysteries and Miracles                   5.   European Youth Parliament
      The Big Hope Newsroom
      Photography: The World in One City              •    The Environment
17.   Art and History of Jazz                         1.   The Sustrans Cycle Path: Faiths4Change/Merseyfest
                                                      2.   Sustainable Coastal Management
•     Education                                       3.
                                                           Build a House: Habitat for Humanity
1.    Research, Young People and Voice                5.   Believing in Cities
2.    Christian Tradition in English Literature
3.    Service Learning

•     Human Rights
1.    Asylum, Identity and Hospitality
2.    Frontiers of Justice
3.    Pioneers of Age
4.    Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding
5.    Disability in Contexts
6.    Human Rights of Children
7.    Aspects of the Holocaust
8.    Repairers International
9.    Youth on the Margin
                Big Hope Concert
                Philharmonic Hall
• Gerry and the                      • Joanna McGregor

                      Compere: Roger Phillips

Plus: Hope Michigan Jazz Ensemble,
Big Hope Dance, Drama, Gospel and
Instrumental acts
                     Sunday Excursions
        The excursions will be led by Liverpool Hope academics and will be free:

York: Anya Chapman                                        Lake District: Terry & John Phillips, Jon

Chester: Glynis McDonough                                 Snowdonia: Duncan Light Kevin Crawford
              School Day Saturday 7th June
Damaris Trust: President for a Day           English Speaking Union Debate

•   Presidency of imaginary African          •   Team of three
•   Mark Hamill, Liverpool Hope              •   debate Developing a More Humane
                                                 Global Society:
•   Advice and information from:
•   Dr: Al-Iryani, adviser for Yemen’s       •   sponsored by the English Speaking
    President Mr: Ali Abdullah Saleh,            Union
•   Dr Alfred Ndahiro, adviser to the        •   part of a strand led by James Probert
    President of Rwanda                      •   schools which do not traditionally take
•   Barrie Walkley, US Ambassador to             part in debating competitions?
    Guinea, Gabon, San Tome and              •   final contributions will be videoed
•   Understand the dilemmas                  •   winning team speak at the closing
                                                 ceremony at the Anglican Cathedral:
•   Consider issues
•   Explore interdependence of the world
•   Explore wealth and poverty,
•   Discover opportunities for influencing
    and participating
               ESU Debating Strand
•    James Probert, ESU Deputy                  Thursday 2-4:
    Director of Education and Head of           • Concept and Theory
    Centre fro Speech and Debate
•   Professor Rosie Sage, Professor             Friday 2-4
    of Communication in Education,              • Preparation, adjudication
    Liverpool Hope University:                  Saturday 10-3
                                                • Event
•   ‘It is fantastic to be promoting this and
    should not be elitist. These are just the   Monday 2-4
    abilities children need to develop the      • Write up, edit booklets, DVD
    mental schemas for literacy and
    numeracy and in many other countries        Tuesday 2-4
    public speaking is taught in schools. In
    Japan this takes priority over subjects     • Write up, edit booklets, DVD
    until 15 yr. Even 3 year olds give          Wednesday am
    speeches and they are quite wonderful
    at it - better than me! My PhD was          • Cathedral Performance
    about information processing and how
    you then express your knowledge
    informally and then formally and how
    this can be assessed and developed.’
           Anthony Walker

Anthony Walker        • Anthony Walker
  Citizenship Award     Sports for All Day
• Opening Evening     • Saturday 7th and
• Presented by          Sunday 8th June
  Baroness Cox and    • In association with
  Cherie Booth          Youth Charter
Delegate Fee (week)       Accommodation Fee
• Full £150                 (full board)
• Reduced £75             • Premium £250
  (reduced fees are for   • Standard £150
  delegates from weak     • Homestay £100
  currency areas)         • Additional days pro rata
             Major Sponsors
• European Parliament:      •   Joseph Rank Trust
  Youth in Action           •   Cooperative Funeral Care
• SOS Children’s Villages   •   Matthew Sutton & Co
• HERODOT                   •   Liverpool Hindu Cultural
• Hope One World                Association
• Key Travel
• Milapfest
• English Speaking Union
• Christian Aid
• Liverpool Culture
• US Embassy               • Bishop Eton One World
• Hungarian Consul           Group
• Latvian Educational      • West Derby Church
  Foundation               • Mossley Hill Church
• The Royal Thai           • Childwall Church
  Consulate                • Bishop Eton Church
• Target Education
                           • Childwall Methodist
• English Speaking Union
• Warbreck House
  Veterinary Centre
       The Big Hope
   World Youth Congress

    4th-11th June 2008


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