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									Vol. VII Issue 1
February, 2012

Contributors: Karen Forster,
Charles Wilson, Brenda Robinson,
Tracey Thompson, Steve Jackson

Contributing Editor & Design:                                                                         Program Highlights
Diane Hankins

   Corner                          Burma Wilkins was honored         achieve an ESOL teaching         down.” Her future plans
                                   at a retirement party in De-      certification and two Masters    include tutoring at Gillespie
                                   cember to celebrate her           degrees, one in reading and      Elementary School, water
Have you ever entered a room       many years of service as an       another in world history.        aerobics, being with family,
full of people and immediately     instructor.                                                        and traveling. We wish Mrs.
felt the excitement all around                                       After retiring from the Guilford
you? That’s what I felt upon                                                                          Wilkins all the best in this
                                   Wilkins began her career in       County School System in
walking into the “Teacher-                                                                            new chapter of her busy life!
                                   1962 as a world history           2000, Wilkins wanted to con-
Made Materials” workshop
                                   teacher at Dudley High            tinue helping students learn.
conducted by our CED faculty.
Participants were busy work-       School. Between 1966 and          She joined the Greensboro
ing feverishly to design mini      1985, she taught geography,       Basic Skills program as an
bulletin boards. This flourish     world history, and earth sci-     ESOL instructor and later
of activity had followed one       ence at Bennett College and       taught ABE reading and lan-
workshop lesson that illustrat-    served as the placement co-       guage classes.
ed how attention-grabbing
                                   ordinator for the student
bulletin boards can be used                                          Our program is blessed to
as a teaching tool. When eve-      teachers majoring in educa-
                                                                     have had Mrs. Wilkins share
ryone finished, each design        tion. Later, Wilkins taught at
                                                                     her skills and wealth of
had captured the author’s          Gillespie Alternative School
unique creativity and interpre-
                                                                     knowledge with our students
                                   and at Aycock where she spe-
tation of the theme: “The                                            for so many years. Even in
                                   cialized in teaching reading
Learning Tree.” (See story on                                        retirement, she does not
                                   and ESOL classes. Along the
pg. 2.)                                                              know the meaning of “slow                  Burma Wilkins
                                   way, she found time to
Teachers from all program
areas of the High Point and                                          that he moved to Greensboro       test from ESOL instructor,
Greensboro campuses came           It’s Never Too Late!              to better learn to speak Eng-     Susan Perez.
out on a Saturday to partici-      Tomas Chavez took the oath        lish because, “everyone in
pate in the training. This                                                                             Chavez and his family love
                                   to become an American citi-       Miami speaks Spanish,” he
workshop brought out the                                                                               GTCC. His daughter, Miriell,
                                   zen on January 12th. The cer-     explained. Chavez first en-
child and the talent in every-                                                                         worked for several years in
one. It also modeled what          emony was one of a long se-       rolled in an ESOL class in
                                                                                                       Greensboro’s Basic Skills
students should experience in      ries of new beginnings for        2007. He later received help
                                                                                                       office and later received an
a learning environment. Once       Chavez. As a young boy grow-      to prepare for the Citizenship
we’re able to get students                                                                             associate degree from GTCC.
                                   ing up in Cuba, he learned                                          Even at nearly 70 years of
excited about learning, like
the workshop attendees were,       how to start a garden and                                           age, Chavez is finding new
I’m convinced persistence          went on to become an agent                                          opportunities to learn at
and completion rates will sky-     for the Cuban Ministry of Agri-                                     GTCC. He looks forward to
rocket!                            culture. Another new begin-                                         helping with our Basic Skills
CED faculty, thanks for re-        ning was when he and his                                            Community Garden project
minding us of ways to make         family immigrated to Miami in                                       and has already signed up for
teaching and learning a joy.       2004, and later moved to                                            another English class.
                                   North Carolina. Chavez says
          - Pat Freeman                                                        Tomas Chavez            It’s never too late to learn.
                                                    February is Black                               Our Mission
                                                                                                     To empower students to set goals
                                                    History Month                                      and overcome barriers that could
                                                                                                       interrupt their learning and desire
                                                    In honor and celebration of Black History          to succeed.
                                                    Month, Basic Skills classes will incorpo-        To create an atmosphere (a culture)
                                                    rate lesson plans that explore the rich            that promotes a “mind-set” for suc-
                                                    heritage of black Americans. An essay              cess in every student.
                                                    writing and poetry contest is also planned.      To unlock the brilliance in each
Guilford Technical Community College                                                                   student.
Adult Education Center                              Part of that heritage are the numerous
3505 E. Wendover Avenue                             black Americans responsible for inventing
                                                    many of the things we use today, such as
Greensboro, NC 27405
                                                    the traffic light, laser probe, gas mask,
                                                                                                      Testing Center Highlights                                        blood bank, the potato chip and over 300                    2011
                                                    ways to use the peanut. Details on two of
Phone: 336-334-4822, Ext. 53031
Fax: 336-358-2181                                   these important inventors include:
E-mail:                  Dr. Charles Drew’s system for storing
                                                    blood plasma (blood bank) revolutionized
                                                    the medical profession. He also estab-              Assessment         # of Students
Preparing Students to                               lished, and was the first director of, the
                                                    American Red Cross Blood Bank. For the            TABE Placement           3,200

  Achieve their Dreams!                             first modernized version of a traffic-
                                                    stopping device, we have Garrett Augus-
                                                                                                      GED                      1,004

                                                    tus-Morgan to thank. Morgan’s numerous            ESOL                     1,051
                                                    other inventions include a zigzag device          NC Competency                 0
      Fall Enrollment: 2,083                        for sewing machines and the gas mask,
                                                    which he used to rescue several men               GED Graduates            __107
                                                    trapped in a tunnel after an explosion.           Total:                   5,362

Create Your Own!                                  shared examples of teacher-made materials
On-site CED instructors kicked off the new        she had created to reinforce specific les-
year by presenting a workshop entitled,           sons. Materials demonstrated ranged from
“Teacher-Made Materials.” The objective           interactive bulletin boards to file folder
was to give instructors ideas on creating their   games and activities.
own materials to be used as tools to individu-    The final presentation was, “Using Work-
alize lesson plans and activities.                                                                  Peggy Rierson, ever-
                                                  sheets and Transparencies,” Sometimes it          patient Basic Skills Receptionist,
Workshop facilitator, Tracey Thompson, pre-       can be difficult to find a source for appropri-   welcomed her second grandson
sented “How to Create an Attractive Bulletin      ate printable worksheets and workbooks            on January 8th. Payton Cole Rier-
Board Display.” Attention-getting displays are    that meet the students’ needs. Reanna             son weighed 7-1/2 lbs. and was
a great way to encourage students to do their     Coleman offered ideas on how to create            18-1/2” long upon his grand en-
best and celebrate their accomplishments.         your own.                                         trance into the world.
After discussing guidelines for creating bulle-   Instructors from all areas of Basic Skills
tin boards, participants were given materials     attended. Each shared that the workshop
to use in creating their own miniature boards.    was both fun and rewarding and they were
                                                  anxious to take what they learned back to         Confirmed bachelorette, Titania
Finding ways to motivate your students can
                                                  their classrooms.                                 Nix, married long-time beau Chris
sometimes be a challenge. Okay,
maybe it can often be a challenge!                                                                  Thompson on December 18th.
Angela Tripp acquainted attendees                                                                   She may have felt pushed just a
with “Motivational Techniques”.                                                                     little after co-workers threatened
                                                                                                    to get her on the next season of
Remaining positive, providing oppor-
                                                                                                    “The Bachelorette!” Titania is our
tunities for success, and providing
                                                                                                    Senior Records Technician.
a variety of student experiences
were among the methods dis-
In her presentation, Wilma Murphy

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