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  Celebrating the ART of vegan cooking, and the
                science of whole food medicine
        anahata foods
...of fers private and corporate cooking
classes on an ongoing basis within
both Alberta and British Columbia.
Classes are fun, entertaining,
and highly infor mative. Please check our website for
upcoming classes, or call (403) 921-1300 for schedule
infor mation.

Private classes are also available, which make a lovely
gift, an evening with friends, or are helpful for those
trans itioning to a vegetarian or vegan diet.

                     C L A S S L I ST

                 Dips, dressings, dolmas!
Non traditional vine leaves with a selection of unusual dips. From tofu aioli
to miso beet dip; tahini-dijon spread to the famous goddess dip. Your
              chips and salsa days are forever replaced!

                       Sauces with Soul
The secret truly is in the sauce! Roasted red pepper pasta sauce; Dijon
lentil sauce on your steamed greens. Your very own sesame black bean
              sauce or maybe a “new school barbeque”?
This 2 part course will explore a wide range of marinades and sauces
          that will move the average cook to the exceptional!
       Pate Cake, Pate Cake, Bakers’ Man!
In this class we will explore a range of veggie burgers and pates including
black bean and yam burgers, botanical burgers, and sunflower seed
pate. These recipes can be used to liven up a salad, serve as a center
piece for the vegetarian dinner plate or eaten alone as unique snack or
                          meal! Polenta pie anyone?

                          Tiffin & Tapas
                       Small Bites, lots of flavour!
Recipes will include; green bean bruschetta, Asian lettuce wraps,
tandoori tempeh sticks, and aloo tikka. All dishes are paired with wine
        creating a memorable evening for family and friends.
                     This class is offered in 2 modules.

             Root Vegetable Based Salads
There are many simple ways to enjoy the grounding energy of root
vegetables such as yams, beets, carrots and potatoes. Your days of old
fashioned potato salad are long gone! Beet salad with caramelized
shallot dressing, Indian yam and coconut salad, cumin braised carrots
                              and more!

     Grain Based Salads That Make a Meal
Left over rice in the fridge? Five minutes later this could be and enchanting
tahini rice curry bowl, or maybe a summer rice salad. This class is offered
in two modules as there are huge possibilities for creative and sustainable
                               meals in this realm.
Recipes include forbidden quinoa salad, Moroccan millet, wild rice and
                     fennel salad and much more!
   Simple Soups & Hearty Stews for Winter
Simple recipes that will nourish everyone from a 3 month toddler to an
     army of soldiers! Pureed soups include almond squash curry,
creamless “cream” of broccoli, humble carrot and many more. Hearty
stews include, Berber Ethiopian lentil, Moroccan Vegetable Stew, and
                    Thai Tofu with caramelized leek.
          This makes a great class for all members of the family!

                       Asian Fusion 101
This class is taught in 3 separate modules, exploring appetizers, soups,
               salads and main dishes with an oriental decent.
Recipes include green onion and corn cakes, Thai coconut cauliflower
 soup, Japanese coleslaw, pad tofu long song and vegan pad Thai.
The list goes on, and if you are not yet salivating, after the first class you
                            are certain to be!

                     The Gourmet Vegan
This class features 2 different plate meals set to a theme, vegetable or
legume of your choice. The class menu will be set after a brief consultation
to meet your needs. Some popular ideas include the following: Jerk
tempeh with tomato basil beans and squash medallions. Cornmeal
   crusted tofu served with shitake-quinoa pilaf and steamed greens.

                   The North Indian Thali
This class will explore 3 different pulses and 3 different vegetable dishes of
Northern Indian decent. including bhaigan bhartha(eggplant), palak
                 masala(spinach), okra fry and Kashmiri pulao.
Your chef studied within the Indian continent for over one year and prides
        herself on bringing traditional Indian food to the table.
                    South Indian Spicing
There is a basic method to all southern Indian cusine that make them
                   and unforgettable to the palate.
In this class, we will explore several South Indian dishes including a basic
sambar, rasam, and scented rice. The dhaba box and its medicinal
    qualities will be covered as well as several basic vegetable dishes.

                  The South Indian Way
This class explores more complicated dishes within the traditional foods
            of South India including dosa, chapatti, pooliograe.
This class is only open to those who have taken the basic south Indian
                     spicing class as described above.

                        Vegan Desserts
It is both taboo and a societal misnomer that desserts are fattening,
unhealthy, guilt-filled indulgences. It is also a misconception that
a vegan chocolate cake is dry and tasteless… not in my kitchen!
Satisfy your kids, your lovers, your friends with wholesome recipes
that seduce the senses! This class is offered in several sections as

                1) Healthy Squares and Cookies
Dried fruits, whole grains, raw seeds and nuts can be disguised! We can
create delicious, luscious, and decadent treats that are low glycemic,
gluten free, and or raw! Recipes include the famous iron wo-man cookies,
peanut butter fudge brownies, trail bars, spiced apple cranberry bars
                              and many more!!!
          2) Morning Muffins and Luscious Loaves
The days of flour, sugar and dairy being the core of your baking career
are long gone! Your morning muffin is going to be a powerhouse of
nutrition and pleasure. The recipes we will cover include pumpkin millet
muffins, quinoa zucchini cocoa loaf, berry and corn muffins, fig-date
               pecan and apple bread, and many more!

              3) Chocolate, till death do us part
Why is chocolate so enticing? Why do we gravitate to it? Why does it
always make us smile? Could it be because cacao beans are one of
nature’s superfoods? Yes indeed, and chocolate, if used properly, has
                       many healing qualities.
         Chocolate lovers unite. This class will leave you soaring!

                     4) Vegan desserts 2001
In this class we will cover recipes that are bound to leave you saying “I
cannot believe this is vegan”. The recipes covered will be a little more
complex but worth the labour in the end. Vegan or not, these recipes will
               be monumental at your dinner party or event.
 Including, key lime tarts, peanut butter mousse with sesame cookie
crumbles, and date-caramel, macadamia hazelnut chocolate
                         coconut dream torte!
                           Come and Indulge!
   Lisa has been studying vegetarian nutrition, herbal medicine and yogic
sciences for over 10 years. Her love for the human body led her to India to
develop a deeper understanding of ayurveda and yoga and also to the Wild
Rose College of natural healing to pursue degrees in herbalism and wholistic

   It also led to the development of Anahata foods, a wholesale company
specializing in healthy wholesome energy bars, gluten free loaves, organic
                              soups and desserts.

   Lisa acts as a conduit to the community bringing the individual into an
                     experience of oneness through food.
      To book a
    cooking class
         or for
   catering inquires
   please contact:

  Lisa Jordan Krasnow
    Calgary, Alberta


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