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									FITNESS                                                            TAI CHI LEVEL III 352207-2

                                                                                                                         ADULT CLASSES
                                                                                                                         ADULT CLASSES
                                                                   An in depth form correction and two person
HEALTH FITNESS                                    Ages 16+         interplay to develop greater understanding
Flexibility, strength, and toning movements from many              of form and self-cultivation. Students must
disciplines. Bring a mat.                                          have completed the Yang Simplified Form;
352202-1 Tu 7:05pm-8:00pm/CC-202                                   37 Postures. Instructor approval needed prior
10 mtgs: 6/29 - 8/31                  R: $60, NR: $70              to class, unless continuing from the spring
352202-2 Th 7:05pm-8:00pm/CC-202                                   session. Please call 301-345-5386 if you have
10 mtgs: 7/1 - 9/2                    R: $60, NR: $70              any questions.
Instructor: Amy Derin                                              W 7:30pm-8:30pm/YC-Multi
VISHWAYATAN YOGA                                      Ages 16+     13 mtgs: 7/21 - 10/13
Yoga for all ages. Exercise the entire body. Please do not eat     Ages 16+                      R: $76, NR: $86
2-3 hours before class. Bring a mat.                               Instructor: Linda Uphoff
352204-1 Tu 6:05pm-6:55pm/CC-202                                   FUN YOGAMIX 352220-1
10 mtgs: 6/22 - 8/24                    R: $70, NR: $80            A fun and gentle yoga mix of breathing, poses,
352204-2 Sa 10:00am-11:00am/CC-202                                 meditation and laughter therapy. Please bring a
10 mtgs: 6/26 - 8/28                    R: $70, NR: $80            mat and a blanket to each class. Beginners are
Instructor: Manju Shukla                                           welcome; no experience necessary. For more
                                                                   information contact the instructor at yogatina@
PILATES MAT CLASS I 352205-2                             
A classic Pilates mat workout covering basic exercises for         Th 6:00pm-7:00pm/CC-202
strengthening core muscles, and improving posture, balance         10 mtgs: 6/24 - 8/26
and flexibility. Bring a cushy exercise mat or heavy blanket, and   Ages 16+                      R: $60, NR: $70
a 10 pound sandbag or rice bag as a leg weight.                    Instructor: Tina McCloud
W 8:00pm-9:00pm/CC-202                  10 mtgs: 6/23 - 9/1        LUNCHTIME YOGA 352221-1
Ages 16+                                (No Class 8/11)            This mixed level class offers a balanced practice
Instructor: Catherine Turner            R: $70, NR: $80            of warm-ups, postures, yogic breathing, meditative awareness
PILATES MAT CLASS II 352205-1                                      and relaxation designed to stretch, strengthen and energize
Prerequisite: Pilates Mat Class Level I or equivalent class (not   your body, release tension, enliven your spirit and bring more
video) experience and core strength. Class includes basic          ease and joy into your life. Bring a mat. Don’t eat 2-3 hours
intermediate exercises for greater flexibility and core strength.   before class.
Class will move at a faster pace, focusing on flow. Bring a mat     Tu 12:30pm-1:30pm/Municipal Bldg.
and a 10-pound sandbag or rice bag as a foot weight.               7 mtgs: 6/29 - 8/10 Ages 16+           R: $40, NR: $50
W 6:45pm-7:45pm/CC-202                 10 mtgs: 6/23 - 9/1         Instructor: Laura Bonkosky
Ages 16+                               (No Class 8/11)
Instructor: Catherine Turner           R: $70, NR: $80
                                                                   JAZZERCISE                                           Ages 16+
                                                                   Ongoing class; register any class night. Drop-ins are welcome.
TKA KARATE                                                         Warm-up, aerobics, toning, strengthening and cool down. For
Registration for this class will be held at the Greenbelt Youth    more information: or 301-776-5405.
Center the first night of class. For more information please call   M/W 7:00pm-8:00pm/CC-106;
301-840-9262.                                                      Sa 8:00am-9:00am/YC-Gym $45/Month, Drop-in: $12
M 7:30pm-9:00pm/YC-Multi
7 mtgs: 6/28 - 8/16 (No Class 7/5)
                                                                   JACKI SORENSON AEROBICS                           Ages 16+
                                                                   Register with class instructor. Call 301-439-3866 for more
Ages 13+                                R/NR: $48
TAI CHI ALL LEVELS 352206-1                                        Tu/Th 6:00pm-7:00pm/SHLRC-Gym
Sa 9:00am-10:00am/CC-106               10 mtgs: 6/19 - 8/21        24 mtgs: 6/22 - 9/9                  Drop-In: $3.50
Ages 16+                               R: $70, NR: $80             Instructor: Janet Anderson
Instructor: Thomas Johnson
                                                                   ZUMBA! 364222-1                                          Ages 18+
TAI CHI LEVELS I/II 352207-1                                       Zumba is a fusion of Latin and international dance moves that
Beginning levels of Yang Simplified T’ai Chi Form instruction       allow the participants to dance away their worries. Add some spice
as developed by Cheng, Man-Ch’ing (37 postures).                   and flare to your workout and get ready to shake it! The routines
W 6:30pm-7:30pm/YC-Multi            13 mtgs: 7/21 - 10/13          feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of
Ages 16+                            R: $76, NR: $86                fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body and are fun
Instructor: Linda Uphoff                                           and easy to do. No dance experience required!
                                                                   Sa 10:00am-11:00am/YC-Multi
                                                                   9 mtgs: 6/19 - 8/28 (No Class 7/3, 7/17)
                                                                   R: $54, NR: $63                          Drop-in: $10 (No cash)
                                                                   5-Class Card: R: $40; NR: $45
                                                                   Instructor: Molly Miller

ULTIMATE GROOVE WORKOUT 364220-1                                    WATERCOLOR EXPLORATIONS 353244-1
The Ultimate Groove is an upbeat, high/low impact; go at your       Even beginners can create beautiful paintings using a loose,
own pace, total body workout designed to make you feel like         impressionistic layering of color and a precise rendering of
you’re dancing. The dance routines incorporate hip-hop, ballet,     form through transfers of photographs or drawings. Both
jazz, Latin, African, line dancing, and other dance styles. Plus,   processes yield stunning results! Starter materials provided.
it includes traditional cardio, strength and flexibility training    Includes Visual Arts Open Studio.
exercises. Please wear form fitting workout gear and comfortable     W 7:00pm-9:00pm/CC-116               9 mtgs: 6/23 - 8/18
tennis shoes. Bring water and a towel/yoga mat for floor             Ages 16+ R: $100, NR: $110 Instructor: Barbara Stevens
exercises. For more information please contact the instructor at or 240-297-9423.
                                                                    SEW FOR CHARITY 383204-1
                                                                    Enjoy sharing ideas, patterns and materials with fellow sewers
Tu 7:00pm-8:00pm/Sa 9:00am-10:00am/CC-10
                                                                    while creating crafts for local charities. Projects include blankets
20 mtgs: 6/12 - 8/17                 Ages 18+
                                                                    for infants and disadvantaged children, baby clothes, hats and
R: $120, NR: $140                    Drop-in: $10 (No cash)
                                                                    pillow cases for cancer patients and other items according to
5-Class Card: R: $40; NR: $45
                                                                    your inspiration. Basic sewing skills required; this is not an
Instructor: Chelsea Calhoun
                                                                    instructional program. Participants supply their own machines,
FITNESS BOOT CAMP 352501-1                                          sewing supplies and power strips/cords. All ages welcome!
Join us for the second offering of Fitness Boot Camp! The           Sa 10:00am-2:00pm/CC-116                   9 mtgs: 6/26 - 8/21
first session was offered in the spring and it was a huge            Ages 11+                                   R: $5, NR: $10
success. This is an intense interval training class for men
and women! A fun, effective and interactive exercise class
                                                                    STAINED GLASS OPEN STUDIO 353219-1
                                                                    Independent use of the studio for individuals with prior
consisting of cardio, strength, balance and flexibility
                                                                    experience. May access studio, tools, and grinders when room
exercises. Please wear proper exercise attire and bring a
                                                                    is not reserved for another use. Instruction and materials are
mat, resistance band, water bottle, and towel to class.
                                                                    not included. Registered applicants must attend the orientation
Su 1:00pm-2:00pm/YC-GYM                10 mtgs: 7/11 - 9/19
                                                                    meeting and certification test on Sunday, June 27 at noon
(No Class 8/8)        Ages 16-Adult R: $60, NR: $70
                                                                    unless certified within the past 6 months.
Instructor: Li’l Dan Celdran
                                                                    M-Sa 9:00am-9:45pm, Su 9:00am-6:45pm/CC-116
VISUAL ARTS and CRAFTS                                              9 wks: 6/21 – 8/22 Ages 16+            R: $30, NR: $40
VISUAL ART OPEN STUDIO 353200-1                                     OPEN DARKROOM 353231-1
Independent use of the studio whenever the room is not              Independent access for experienced darkroom users whenever
reserved. For individual projects in painting, drawing, and other   classes are not in session. Registered applicants must attend the
fine arts. Participants may use the studio’s easels, drymount        orientation and certification test on Monday, June 21 at 8:00pm
press and mat cutter. All participants must attend a mandatory      unless they have been certified previously. New applicants must
orientation meeting on Monday, June 21, at 8:15pm unless            be registered by Friday, June 18. Refunds will be issued to any
certified within the last 6 months.                                  applicants not qualifying for this program. Basic chemistry
M-Sa 9:00am-9:45pm, Su 9:00am-6:45pm/CC-116                         provided.
9 wks: 6/21 - 8/22 Ages 18+             R: $30, NR: $40             M-Sa 9:00am-9:45pm, Su 9:00am-6:45pm/CC-309
DRAWING FROM LIFE 353214-1                                          9 wks: 6/21 - 8/22 Ages 16+              R: $60, NR: $70
Learn to draw from a live model. Students bring their own
drawing materials. Easels provided. All skill levels welcome.
Includes enrollment in Visual Arts Open Studio.                     FUSED GLASS JEWELRY 353218-1
Th 7:00pm-9:00pm/CC-116                                             Design and complete 5 original pieces of jewelry (pins,
5 mtgs: 6/24 - 8/5 (No Class 7/22, 7/29)                            pendants, earrings and more) using a variety of techniques and
Ages 16+                             R: $100, NR: $110              applications: Italian glass millefori, silver and copper foil, glass
Instructor: Lucy Dirksen                                            rod “wiggles”. To view examples, visit the artist’s website: www.
                                                           Course fee includes $60 materials fee.
DRAWING ON THE CREATIVE SIDE OF THE                                 Finished pieces may be picked up after 7pm on day of class.
BRAIN 353238-1                                                      Sa 10:00am-1:00pm/CC-113                   1 mtg: 8/21
All levels welcome. Attain the “artists way of seeing” and create   Ages 14+                                   R: $90, NR: $100
fine, life-like drawings through a series of drawing exercises.      Instructor: Christina Van Pelt
Starter materials provided. This is a good forerunner to
“Watercolor Explorations” also offered by instructor Barbara        SILVER SOLDERING FOR JEWELRY 353241-1
Stevens.                                                            Create rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings using basic
Tu 7:00pm-9:00pm/CC-116                  9 mtgs: 6/22 - 8/17        soldering techniques with wire and beads. Supplies, which
Ages 16+                                 R: $70, NR: $80            do not exceed $90, must be purchased separately. For supply
Instructor: Barbara Stevens                                         purchase list call 240-542-2060.
                                                                    M 7:00pm-9:00pm/CC-116
                                                                    6 mtgs: 6/21 - 8/16 (No Class 7/5, 7/19, 7/26)
                                                                    Ages 16+                            R: $70, NR: $80
                                                                    Instructor: Lucy Dirksen

COOKING                                                             ART TILE PANELS 353250-1
BASIC VEGAN CUISINE 357204-1                                        Design and create a multi-tile work of art without the use of
Learn the health benefits of a vegan diet. Students will be          frames or grout. Some ceramic experience is preferred, but not
guided through naturally delicious and nutritious vegan recipes.    required. Students will roll slabs, cut tiles, create designs using
In season fruits will be used for juicing, raw foods and detoxing   various decorative techniques, glaze the tiles, and mount them
preparation. All cooking supplies and food are included in the      in a finished piece. Instructor can provide guidance to students
fees. No cooking experience required.                               interested in traditional techniques using grout. In addition
Tu 7:00pm-9:00pm/CC-107                  4 mtgs: 7/6 - 7/27         to purchasing clay, students will need to provide additional
Ages 15+                                 R: $50, NR: $62.50         materials, not to exceed $15. Ceramics Open Studio included.
Instructor: Yvette Morton                                           W 7:15pm-9:15pm/CC-304                    8 mtgs: 6/16 - 8/4
                                                                    Ages 16+                                  R: $110, NR: $120
VEGETARIAN CUISINE 357205-1                                         Instructor: Mary Gawlik
One day is all you need to learn how to cook healthy and
nutritious vegetarian meals. The hands-on class structure will      WOODFIRING WORKSHOP 353263-1
provide an excellent opportunity to experience how easy it is!      Experience the ancient roots, and the scientific heights of
All supplies and food are included in the fees. No experience       pottery by firing a wood-fueled kiln. This is an intense, hands-
required.                                                           on process; the end results are rustic, lively, fully-functional
Sa 10:30am-1:30pm/CC-107              1 mtg: 6/12                   pots. Students must attend two instructional meetings 7/10
Ages 15+                              R: $25, NR: $32               and 9/11. The firing will take place on the weekend of 10/23-
Instructor: Sonia Srivastava                                        24 at the wood kiln of Allison Severance in Boonsboro, MD
                                                                    (about 1.25 hours from Greenbelt). Intermediate and advanced
CERAMICS                                                            potters only.
INTRO TO WHEEL                                    Ages 16+          Sa 1:00pm-3:00pm/CC-305               3 mtgs: 7/10, 9/11, 10/23
Participants learn to use clay, basic skills on the potter’s        Ages 16+                              R: $175, NR: $185
wheel, and how to decorate and glaze their work. Includes           Instructor: Mea Rhee
Ceramics Open Studio. Clay to be purchased separately.
353257-1 Tu 7:00pm-9:15pm/CC-305                             DANCE
8 mtgs: 6/29 - 8/17                  R: $100, NR: $110       MAD HOT BALLROOM DANCING
353257-2 W 7:00pm-9:15pm/CC-305                              Frank Solomon teaches the hottest ballroom and club dances
8 mtgs: 6/30 - 8/18                    R: $100, NR: $110            and dance etiquette in a fun and supportive environment
Instructor: Gina Mai Denn                                           designed for both teens and adults. No partners required. For
INTERMEDIATE WHEEL 353258-1                                         help choosing a course or for more information, ask Frank at
Group instruction combined with individualized support for or 301-439-0723.
students who can consistently center and throw basic forms,         BEGINNING WEST COAST SWING 354203-1
and are ready for new skills. Clay purchased separately. Includes   M 6:30pm-7:30pm/CC-10
Ceramics Open Studio.                                               8 mtgs: 6/21 - 8/23 (No Class 7/5, 8/16)
Th 7:00pm-9:30pm/CC-305                 6 mtgs: 6/24 - 7/29         Ages 16+                           R: $44, NR: $54
Ages 16+                                R: $85, NR: $95             BEGINNING FOXTROT AND MERENGUE
Instructor: Mea Rhee                                                354203-2
ADVANCED WHEEL 353237-1                                             M 7:30pm-8:30pm/CC-10
Challenging throwing projects plus theories of design and           8 mtgs: 6/21 - 8/23 (No Class 7/5, 8/16)
function and group critiques. Students will be working towards      Ages 16+                           R: $44, NR: $54
the development of a personal body of work. Instructor’s            INTERMEDIATE RUMBA AND QUICKSTEP
permission required to register for this class. Please call 240-    354203-3
542-2060. Includes Ceramics Open Studio. Clay purchased             M 8:30pm-9:30pm/CC-10
separately.                                                         8 mtgs: 6/21 - 8/23 (No Class 7/5, 8/16)
F 7:00pm-9:30pm/CC-305                                              Ages 16+                           R: $44, NR: $54
6 mtgs: 6/25 - 8/6 (No Class 7/16)                                  Instructor: Frank Solomon
Ages 16+                               R: $85, NR: $95              INTERNATIONAL FOLK DANCING 354501-1
Instructor: Mea Rhee                                                FREE Open House will be held at 7:30pm, on Friday,
CERAMICS OPEN STUDIO 353261-1                                       June 18. Come and enjoy! A variety of dances for all skill
For current and former students of the Greenbelt Community          levels. A special “mice dance” (no instructor present)
Center ceramic programs. Independent access whenever the            will be held on Friday, July 23.
studios are not reserved. Orientation meeting required for all      F 8:00pm-10:00pm/YC-Multi
participants who have not attended a program here within the        10 mtgs: 6/18 - 8/27 (No Class 7/30)
past 6 months: Monday, June 21 at 6:30pm, room 304. Clay to         Ages 16-Adult                    $32
be purchased separately.                                            Instructor: Roland Forbes
M-Sa 9:00am-9:45pm, Su 9:00am-6:45pm/CC-304, 305
9 wks: 6/21 - 8/22
Ages 16+                              R: $65, NR: $75

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