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                                                                      R A Y Z O R               R A N C H
                                                                                   PROJECT VISION

   Rayzor Ranch Town Center is planned as a 600,000 square foot, all-open-air regional
shopping, dining and entertainment destination. With appealing outdoor gathering spaces, an
amphitheater and so much more, the new destination will feature a design inspired by historic
regional urban architecture – with a nod to Denton’s own heritage – mixed with a hip, decidedly
Texas downtown flavor.

    Rayzor Ranch Town Center is located at the intersection of I-35 and U.S. 380 in Denton, Texas,
and part of the 400-acre, mixed-use Rayzor Ranch development that includes retail, residential,
office, hotel, medical and entertainment uses in one cohesive, pedestrian-friendly urban village.
Rayzor Ranch will be the largest super-regional retail development between Dallas and Oklahoma
City. Additionally, the community includes Rayzor Ranch Marketplace, an 800,000 square foot
power center anchored by the already-open Sam’s Club and Walmart Supercenter.

                                                                          R E D E F I N I N G    S H O P P I N G
  Sam’s Club
  Wal-Mart Supercenter               Interstate 35 & Highway 380/West University Drive
  AT & T                                 Denton, TX
  Deluxe Nails
  Family Dental                      400-acre mixed-use development
  GameStop                           $850-million-dollar project comprised of retail, residential, office, medical, cultural
  GNC                                    and entertainment uses
  H & R Block
  HCA Healthcare                     600,000-square-foot open-air shopping center anchored by department stores,
  Jo-Ann Fabrics
                                         specialty stores, multi-plex entertainment, and local, regional and national restaurants
  Mattress Giant
  MooYah Burgers
  Panda Express                      800,000-square-foot retail power center is anchored by Sam’s Club and Walmart
  Sport Clips                            Supercenter
  T-Mobile                           Rayzor Ranch Marketplace Phase I Opened Fall 2010
  Which Wich                         Largest super-regional development between Dallas and Oklahoma City
  Yogurt Story

800.805.9202 | reddevelopment.com                                                        R E D E F I N I N G   S H O P P I N G
Rayzor Ranch

I-35 & W. University Dr./Hwy 380 | Denton, Texas




       I-35   East

                     Rayzor Ranch
                     I-35 & W. University Dr./Hwy 380 | Denton, Texas
R A Y Z O R             R A N C H
  R E D E F I N I N G    S H O P P I N G
R A Y Z O R             R A N C H
  R E D E F I N I N G    S H O P P I N G
This map was produced using data from private and government sources deemed to be reliable. The information herein is provided without representation or warranty.   Lat: -97.2527 Lon: 33.4819 Zoom: 50.47 mi
                 PRIMARY TRADE AREA MAP
                                                                            R A Y Z O R            R A N C H
                                                                                      BUSINESS POINTS

                                            About Razor Ranch

Population/Area Growth

           The Dallas-Fort Worth MSA is the fourth largest metro area in the country—approximately 6.5 million
             people. Growth in the area has outpaced that of Texas, adding over 2.5 million people in the last 20

           Denton County is the fourth most populous county in the DFW MSA, and is a primary peripheral
             growth county, boasting a 146% increase in population (nearly 400,000 people) since 1990.

           The 2011 estimated population of Denton is 127,383, and is expected to increase by 62.5% to more
             than 207,000 by 2030.

           New home construction in Denton County accounted for 25% of the units built in the metro area from
             2008 to 2010. The value of homes has increased steadily each year for the past decade.

Trade Area Characteristics

           The primary trade area’s population has increased significantly faster than the already impressive
             growth of the Dallas-Fort Worth MSA.

           The trade area population (311,442) has grown 64% since 2000 vs. the MSA’s increase of 27%. The
             population is projected to increase by nearly 15% to 357,609 by 2016.

           Residents in the trade area boast an Average Household Income of $73,575.

           The trade area population is well-educated. Nearly 30% of the population has earned a Bachelor’s or
             post-graduate degree.

           Housing in the trade area is affordable—the median value of a home is $145,441.

Regional Access

           Denton is strategically located in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, 37 miles northwest of Dallas and
             35 northeast of Fort Worth. The city is located on Interstate 35, where the I-35 East and I-35 West

           The Denton Transportation Authority is developing a $315 million regional rail line to connect Denton
             with the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) system. The rail became operational June 2011.

An Employment Hub

           The Dallas-Fort Worth economy is strong. The metro area’s unemployment rate has consistently
             remained well-below national norms over the past two decades, while adding more than 800,000
             new jobs.

           Denton County has witnessed employment growth that has exceeded that of the entire DFW metro
             area—3.5% vs. 1.5% annually, respectively. The county has added more than 171,000 jobs since

                                                                                 R E D E F I N I N G   S H O P P I N G
                                                                            R A Y Z O R            R A N C H
                                                                                      BUSINESS POINTS

           Over the past 20 years, Denton has enjoyed impressive growth and business development. The
             city’s unemployment rate has remained lower than both the national and state unemployment rates.

           Denton is home to state-of-the-art hospitals, outstanding universities and first-rate manufacturing

           Peterbuilt Motors and Sally Beauty Supply International’s headquarters are located in Denton.
             Additional notable manufacturing companies in Denton include United Copper, Acme Brick and

           Retail is a key employment sector in Denton. Major retail employers include Walmart, Sam’s
             Wholesale Club, SuperTarget and James Wood Auto Park.

           The Aerospace/aviation sector is expected to see significant growth, centering on the Denton Airport,
             a general aviation super-reliever airport for DFW International and Dallas Love Field. The airport
             serves nearly 30,000 annually, and is estimated to have a $58.4 million dollar impact on the region.

           Major employers in Denton County:
                  University of North Texas—7,764 employees
                  Denton County—1,523 employees
                  City of Denton—1,500 employees
                  Texas Women’s University—1,300 employees
                  Peterbuilt Motors Headquarters and Plant—1,500
                  FEMA Regional Headquarters and Call Center—300-1,100
                  Denton Regional Medical Center—850
                  Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital of Denton—1,000
                  Jostens (class ring manufacturer)—600
                  Sally Beauty International Headquarters—600
                  Thermadyne (welding equipment)—500

Regional Healthcare Destination

           The center for healthcare in the region, Denton has experienced several years of rapid growth in the
             healthcare industry.

           From 2005 to 2008, Denton County’s employment in the industry increased 25% to 14,600
             employees at 1,033 individual firms.

           The city is home to two major medical centers and two specialty service hospitals.
                  Denton Regional Medical Center—850 employees, 300 physicians and 208 beds
                  Texas Health Presbyterian of Denton—1,000 employees, 300 physicians and 225 beds
                  North Texas Hospital—16 bed ambulatory outpatient surgical hospital
                  Mayhill Hospital—55 bed inpatient behavioral health and physical rehabilitation hospital

           Denton is also home to numerous medical and treatment centers offering leading edge facilities and

                                                                                 R E D E F I N I N G   S H O P P I N G
                                                                               R A Y Z O R          R A N C H
                                                                                       BUSINESS POINTS

Higher Education

             Denton is a regional higher education destination, offering two universities and a community
               college where more than 55,000 students are enrolled.

                      University of North Texas
                             UNT is the most comprehensive university in DFW, offering 97 bachelor’s, 88
                                  master’s and 40 doctoral degree programs.
                             With more than 36,000 students, UNT is one of the largest universities in Texas.

                      Texas Women’s University
                             TWU is the nation’s largest public university primarily for women, with
                                approximately 14,000 students enrolled.
                             TWU has the largest doctoral nursing program and the fifth largest nursing
                                program in the country.

                      North Central Texas College
                              NCTC is a comprehensive, full-service, regional community college.
                              Approximately 8,000 students are enrolled.

Denton Independent School District

             The Denton Independent School District (DISD) is the second fastest growing school district in North
               Texas with an enrollment of approximately 24,000 students.

             The DISD’s enrollment has increased by 68% (9,147) over the last ten years as more and more
               families call Denton home.

             Denton also has 10 private elementary and Secondary Schools with an estimated enrollment of
               2,522 students.


             Denton offers a wide variety of cultural amenities including historical sites and museums, shopping
               and dining destinations, festivals and events, hiking trails and horse country tours.

             Denton is host to many annual festivals and events including:
                    Arts & Jazz Festival
                    Arts, Antiques & Autos
                    Cinco de Mayo
                    Denton Blues Fest
                    Dog Days of Summer
                    Concerts on the Square
                    Holiday Lighting Festival

             An “aritisan economy” has emerged in Denton in the past few years surrounding a strong bicycle
               culture, encouraging bike-conscious blogs and an alternative news site, the Dentoneer. The group
               offers support for new businesses in the community.

                                                                                  R E D E F I N I N G   S H O P P I N G
                                                                  R A Y Z O R               R A N C H

                                                     3-Mile     5-Mile         10-Mile              Trade
                                                     Radius     Radius          Radius               Area
    2016 Projection                                   53,781    120,302       226,298             357,609
    2011 Estimate                                     47,379    104,079       193,769             311,442

    Growth 2011-2016                                 13.51%     15.59%         16.79%             14.82%

2010 Daytime Population
    2010 Number of Employees                          29,828     46,457         69,636            105,321

2011 Population by Age
    Age 0-4                                           4.79%      5.98%          7.01%              7.32%
    Age 5-9                                           5.10%      6.25%          7.01%              7.27%
    Age 10-14                                         5.01%      5.98%          6.64%              6.92%
    Age 15-17                                         2.37%      3.00%          3.63%              3.92%
    Age 18 and over                                  82.73%     78.79%         78.10%             74.57%
    Age 21 and over                                  70.81%     71.03%         75.70%             69.49%
    Age 65 and over                                   8.23%      8.32%         69.88%              9.31%
2011 Est. Median Age                                   29.11      30.67          32.08              33.13

2011 Est. Pop. Age 25+ by Educational Attainment      27,874     64,118       121,391             196,996
    Some College, no degree                          22.97%     21.81%        23.74%              24.84%
    Associate Degree                                  5.10%      5.54%         6.08%               6.28%
    Bachelor's Degree or Higher                      38.76%     37.04%        34.56%              29.31%

2011 Est. Households by Household Income              18,967     39,863         70,382            111,956
    Income $50,0000 - $74,999                        14.24%     17.39%         18.22%             19.02%
    Income $75,000 or Higher                         16.10%     22.65%         33.72%             35.36%

2011 Est. Average Household Income                   $44,766    $55,895       $70,918             $73,575
2011 Est. Median Household Income                    $31,494    $40,442       $52,648             $55,751
2011 Est. Per Capita Income                          $18,784    $22,020       $26,193             $26,751

2011 Est. Median All Owner-Occupied Housing Value   $122,539   $124,822      $147,363           $145,441
2011 Est. All Owner Occupied Housing Units             5,649     16,675        41,682             73,727

2011 Est. Pop 16+ by Occupation Classification        25,513     55,438       102,909
    White Collar                                     61.32%     61.49%        62.79%              60.05%
    Blue Collar                                      15.75%     16.71%        18.21%              21.88%

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                                                                      R E D E F I N I N G    S H O P P I N G

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