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					A Piece of a Dream
   CUNY IVE Leadership Program
          May 27, 2009
          Jenny Alcaide
       Kerri-Ann Mchayle
The Problem
   Every year more than 65,000 undocumented students graduate from high
    schools across this nation, and they cannot continue to higher education
    because of their status and financial barriers.

   These students were brought into the country by their parents and call the
    U.S. their home, but their immigration status puts higher education out of

   Preventing these students from receiving an education promotes a cycle of
    poverty and robs us of the talent of these future leaders.
“Education for a better nation”
   An educated youth creates an educated workforce that leads to a sustainable and
    prosperous economy and nation.

   This country has been investing in the education of these students since elementary and
    secondary school, thus it makes sense that these students are given the opportunity to
    continue onto a higher education and have them become professionals, and in return
    become members of the U.S. educated workforce.

   Undocumented students are graduating with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree and are
    being denied the opportunity to join or contribute to the U.S. workforce.
A Solution: The Dream Act
   The purpose of the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act
    is to make college accessible and affordable to undocumented students who
    have been raised in the U.S. and who graduate from American High Schools.

   The DREAM Act is a bipartisan legislation that would grant qualified
    undocumented student access to federal loan and work study programs and
    serve as a pathway to citizenship for thousands of qualified students.
   Has been proposed in Congress numerous times and has NOT been passed.
In the mean time..
   Undocumented students who wish to go to college have to struggle with:

   Paying Tuition

   Finding a job

   Not receiving financial aid
Our Solution:
   Information: Our solution is providing information to students wanting to go
    to college.

   It is not going to solve the overall problem but it goes a long way towards
    hope and enabling undocumented students for a better future!
“A Piece of a Dream”
   The project “A Piece of a Dream” was created to aid undocumented High
    School students in the U.S. achieve a college education.

   It will seek to address all areas of the college experience in which
    undocumented students may be at a disadvantage.
“A Piece of the Dream” website
Our Website:
   The website covers the following areas:
   Applying to College

   College Tuition

   Scholarships

   Activist groups

   Interning and Volunteering
In addition..Pd Show coming soon

   Bi-weekly half-hour show (Pd show) to begin this summer. In which we will
    speak about:

   College Application process

   How to get a tax ID

   Scholarships & internships opportunities for undocumented students.

   Answer questions & much more!

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