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									         Importance of Marketing Automation in B2B Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing involves activities such as creating buzz in online social forums. So the primary
purpose is buzz generation by replicating messages in different social mediums. In social media
marketing the message may have nothing to do with the company or the product marketed. In fact, many
successful social campaigns have gone viral simply because their focus was on the interests of the
people in the network.

The most important aspect in social media is building of content assets. Sharing content facilitates people
in a social network to promote it across other channels as well. Another aspect that makes social media
tick is when, campaigns are created to allow customer/user participation and dialogue, with little or no
control by the organization.
Social media marketing provides the following benefits for B2B companies.

    ● It creates a goodwill connection between the company and its target audience.
    ● Company information that is updated on websites is immediately notified to a larger set of
    ● It is cost-effective when compared to other marketing methods. Social networking platforms
        charge little or no fee at all.
    ● Companies can locate and interact with target audience without having to spend much.
    ● There is a lot of flexibility while conducting campaigns. If the social media message is tweaked as
        per the audience the campaign can become viral soon.
    ● A viral social media campaign can yield significant results, with little effort from the social media
        marketing teams.
    ● Social media allows companies to open up a conversation with their audience, allowing them to
        provide feedback and express their ideas and suggestions about their business in real time.
    ● For organizations trying to promote an idea or cause, social media allows them to have
        discussions with people, informing them about their cause and eventually winning their support.

By using marketing automation solutions for implementing social media campaigns, B2B marketers can:
    1. Choose and identify visitors with a purchasing intent and then create personalized social media
        interactions for lead nurturing.
    2. Communicate with prospects in a timely manner, based on their social media activity and web
        page interactions.
    3. Score warm prospects and adjust lead scores based on interests displayed. Example: Facebook
        Likes and comments, Twitter Tweets, etc.
   4. Identify those in the evaluation stage and nurture them with free eBooks, whitepapers downloads
       or webinar invites based on social media discussions and groups followed/subscribed.
   5. Enable Sales and Marketing teams to work in tandem and engage leads at all levels
   6. By choosing marketing automation tools for social media lead generation, B2B companies can
       enhance sales effectiveness by getting deals closed on time. They can also monitor and measure
       social media responses effectively.

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