Document Sample
Purpose of Presentation

 Program Overview
 Responsibilities of Cardholder
 Policies of Purchasing Card
 Recordkeeping
 Reviews
                Program Overview

   Utilizes a MasterCard credit card
       Issued by the State of Texas
   Allows users to purchase directly from vendors
   Allows for single purchases up to $5000 and
    monthly card limit based on estimated usage
   Prohibits some items and merchants
   Transactions managed online with Pathway Net
   Requires Training
          Personal Responsibility

   Proper use and protection of card
       Use only for official TTUHSC allowed purchases
       Keep in locked drawer or safe place
   Verify proper recording of transactions to
    Banner FOAPs
   Abuse results in disciplinary action
       Liable for unauthorized purchases
       Possible termination of employment
   No personal credit check
    Personal Responsibility (Cont.)

   Report lost or stolen card immediately
       Inform JPMorgan
            MasterCard Hotline (800)890-0669
       Inform TTUHSC Purchasing Card Coordinator
            Lindsey Myers (806)743-7826 ext 230
   JPMorgan is 100% liable for fraudulent use
    after card is reported lost or stolen
        Obtaining a Purchasing Card
   Complete Purchasing Card Application and
    Agreement Form
   Complete required training module and
       Return questionnaire to Payment Services, MS 6283
   Contact Purchasing Card Program Coordinator for
    additional questions
       Lindsey Myers at or (806)743-
        7826, ext 230
Upon Receipt of Purchasing Card

        Card must be activated
            See strip on card for instructions
               Purchasing Guidelines
   Compliance
       State of Texas Policies
       TTUHSC Policies & Procedures
            HSC OP 72.15 Purchasing Card Program
            HSC OP 72.03 Direct Pay Expenditures
            HSC OP 72.01 Purchasing Supplies, Equipment &
       Departmental Rules
    Purchasing Card VS. Purchase Order

   Use Purchasing Card
       If item not available through a contracted supplier
            Office Supply, Medical Supply and Pharmaceutical purchases must have
             deviation approval from Purchasing before Purchasing item
       Allowed purchases of $5,000 or less
            Must use purchasing card
   Use Purchase Order
       Allowed purchases of greater than $5,000
       If vendor does not accept purchasing card
       Contracts
            Summus/Staples – Office Supplies – Online Ordering & Automated PO
            Cardinal – Medical Supplies & Pharmaceuticals - Online Ordering & Automated
            Fisher – Lab Supplies – Online Ordering & Automated PO
            Dell – Computer Equipment
        Allowed P-Card Purchases
   Supplies (If not available through a contracted
   Books & Subscriptions
   Conference Registration
   Flowers
       Must use P-Card
       Official TTUHSC functions
       Employee and immediate family only
       No substitution for this type of purchase
       Prohibited on state accounts
    Allowed Purchases (Cont.)

   Food & Entertainment
       Must be documented by one of the
            Direct Pay
            Food & Entertainment Information Form
            Include Event ID or form in documentation
       Prohibited on state accounts
           Allowed Purchases (Cont.)
   Hand Held Computer Devices,
    Books, Equipment, Supplies, etc.
       Items are property of TTUHSC
       An “Ownership Certification” Form is
        required that certifies that user has been
        informed that the item remains the
        property of TTUHSC should be attached
        as supporting documentation
           Prohibited Purchases
   HSC OP 72.15 Purchasing Card Program Item
   Controlled Assets > $500 (Shipping included)
       At any cost – Hand guns, rifles, machine guns, etc.
       With a cost between $500 and $4,999.99 – Fax
        machines, sound systems, cameras, printers, TVs,
        video equipment, computers (including peripherals),
   Consulting & Professional Services
   Temporary Personnel
         Prohibited Purchases
   Lease or Rental of Space
   Office Supplies
      Required use of Institutional Suppliers

   Cellular Phones, Services & Air Time
      HSC OP 72.03 Direct Pay Expenditures
   Computer Hardware, Peripherals & Software if
    total invoice >$500
   Gifts, Donations, Contributions & Sponsorships
Prohibited Purchases (Cont.)
   Malpractice Insurance – School of
       For State Accounts
   Medical Supplies & Pharmaceuticals
       Required Use of Institutional Suppliers
   Medical Licenses for states other than
    the State of Texas
   Memberships Dues
       For State Accounts
Prohibited Purchases (Cont.)

     Awards and Prizes
     Internet Provider Services
     Patient/Study Participant
     PayPal Services
     Phone Cards
     Tech Express Cards
     Travel Related Purchases
Prohibited State Purchases
                             Funds 10XXXX, 11XXXX
   Alcoholic Beverages            and 12XXXX

   Food and Entertainment
   Flowers
   Malpractice Insurance
   Promotional Items
   Membership Dues
              Prohibited Merchant
   Financial Institutions – Manual Cash Disbursements
   Furriers & Fur Shops
   Internet Service Providers - For offsite access while
    on travel status see page 9 of HSC OP 72.03
   Jewelry Stores
   Office Supply Stores
   Package Stores, Bars, Taverns & Night Clubs
   Travel Agencies, Hotels & Hotel Complex
    Restaurants, Airlines & Rental Car Agencies
     Placing an Order with a P-Card
   Ordering Methods
       Telephone
       Fax
       Internet (Print screen for proof of purchase for documentation)
   Itemized Invoices Required
       Ask vendor for an itemized invoice
   Sales tax (State of Texas) on an invoice must be
    credited by the vendor or personally reimbursed
    to TTUHSC.
       Tax Exemption Forms are available at:
             Placing an Order (Cont.)

   Departmental Reference Number
       Request vendor to use the form “CCStop _ _ _ _
        Last Name” for the reference number
            CC means Credit Card
            Stop _ _ _ _ is the departmental mail stop
               Or RM _ _ _ _ for Amarillo, El Paso or Odessa
            Last Name is the credit card holder’s last name
          Placing an Order (Cont.)

   Ship to Address
       TTUHSC
        ATTN: CCStop _ _ _ _ Last Name
        3601 4th Street, Stop _ _ _ _
        Lubbock, Texas 79430
       For Regional Centers
        Use Address and Room # instead of Stop #
                      Transaction Log
        Available, but not required
        If log is maintained - required information:
           Credit Card Number
           Card Holder’s Name
           Banner Default FOP
           Transaction Date
           Merchant Name
           Amount
        Must be entered in log in the same order as the Credit Card
        Credits or returns must also be logged and included in
        If Transaction Log is not used, each receipt or invoice
         must reflect the required information to support the
         purchase as a legitimate state expense
     Supporting Documentation

   All forms of supporting documentation
    must be included
       Cash Register Receipts, Credit Card
        Receipts, Paid Invoices or Packing Slips
       Meeting Agenda and List of Attendees
       Food & Entertainment Attachment
       Credits and returns
       Screen Print of Internet Order
Supporting Documentation (Cont.)

    Required Information on Invoice or Receipt
        Last four numbers of the credit card
        Date
        Merchant Name
        Amount
        Sales Tax (If applicable)
    Tape small receipts on documentation form
     or blank sheet of paper
        Do not place tape on top of any of the above
Additional Documentation

   Flowers
       If official function
            Date and time
       If illness or death
            Name of employee
            Name of employee’s immediate family
             member and relationship to employee
    Additional Documentation (Cont.)

   Hazardous Materials
        Fill out the online
         Materials Ordering Form
        Attach approved form to
                  Food and
   Not allowed on State Funds
   Permitted on Local Funds unless restricted
    by account
   Must establish business purpose
   Proper documentation is required
       Must include an Event ID or Food & Entertainment
        Information Form
                 Food & Entertainment
   Follow IRS guidelines
   Documentation for:
       Amount
       Time, place and description of entertainment
       Business purpose and benefit to TTUHSC and
        the State of Texas
       Business relationship of person(s) entertained
            Name, title and occupation
       Include Event ID form from Direct Pay System
                    Missing Receipts
   Cardholder must attempt to get a copy of the
    original documentation
   If unsuccessful
       Three attempts to get copy must be documented
       Missing Receipts Form must be completed
            Account Manager/Supervisor signature required
       Keep form with other documentation
   Missing receipts should be a rare occurrence and
    will be carefully scrutinized in reviews
                  Monthly Statement
   Bank sends statement to cardholder or cardholder can
    download from Pathway Net
   Lists all transactions
   Cardholder must verify that all transactions are legitimate
       Match each transaction on statement to your receipts
       Match credit card statement to your Cognos Operating
        Transaction reports
       Place receipts and any other required documentation behind your
       Receipts and required documentation must be in the same order
        as transactions appear on the credit card statement
   Statement must be signed by cardholder and account
    manager, supervisor or department administrator every
         Monthly Statement (Cont.)
   HSC Payment Services will pay the bill then the
    transactions will be expensed to your
    departmental account
       Transactions are reflected in your Cognos
        Operating Transaction reports
            Transaction ID - CHXXXXXX
            Transaction description – statement date, first six
             letters of the cardholder’s name and merchant
            All transaction lines for each cardholder added
             together should equal the statement total
   Pathway Net
       Re-allocate transactions for current month to Banner FOAP
        if different than defaults
            If you re-allocate a transaction, note the new information on
             the actual receipts for ease in transaction identification
       Transaction shows up in Pathway Net two to three
        business days after purchase
       Can avoid Cost Transfer if reallocated before statement
        close date
            Close date for statements to load to Banner is 10 - 14
             calendar days after the fifth of the month following the
    Adjustments to a Prior Month

   Should be a rare occurrence due to the ability to re-
    allocate transactions in Pathway Net before
    statement close date
   Submit a Cost Transfer Form to Accounting
    Services MS 6274 for approval
   Account Manager signature is required
   Reference document number that recorded original
    transaction and attach a copy of the Cognos
    Operation Transactions report showing the expense
   Time limit of 60 days after original transaction
                 Disputed Items
   Call vendor first – resolve with them
   If item not resolved with vendor, call JPMorgan – they
    will set up a conference call to resolve the dispute
      (888)297-0768

   If dispute is not resolved, flag the transaction in
    Pathway Net, complete and print the online form in
    Pathway Net and fax to JPMorgan (847)931-8861 and
    TTUHSC Payment Services (806)743-7826
   File Dispute Form with your documentation for that
    month and notify your account manager
Purchasing Card Cancellation

   Cut card in half and return it to the
    Purchasing Card Coordinator
   Send a written card cancellation
    request to the Purchasing Card
             Terminated Employees
   Account Manager has the obligation to reclaim the
    card from the terminated employee
       Fraudulent charges incurred between employee
        termination date and card cancellation date do not have
        liability coverage
   Call Purchasing Card Coordinator within two
        Lindsey Myers (806)743-7826, ext 230
        or email at
   Card must be returned with the transaction
    documentation since the last review date to the
    Purchasing Card Coordinator
               Record Keeping
   Simple system
       3-Ring binder
       File Folder
   One binder or folder for each card identified
    by cardholder name or last four digits of the
   Monthly tabs
       Statement
       Transaction Log if maintained
       Receipts, along with all supporting
        documentation, in same order as transactions
        on statement
    Records Retention Period

   Standard Retention Period
       Current year plus 3 previous fiscal years
   Grant & Contract Accounts
       Life of Grant or Contract, plus 3 years
   Terminated employees
       Must be reviewed as soon as card is
       Standard retention period
         Reviews and Spot Checks
   Spot Checks
       Previous day’s transactions reviewed daily
   Reviews
       Transactions Logs or required documentation
       Supporting invoices and receipts
       Required signatures on statements
       Compliance with policies and rules
   Report of Findings
       Emailed notice to cardholder
       Emailed notice to account manager if in noncompliance
Procurement Card Contacts

   Program Coordinator
       Lindsey Myers
        Phone: (806)743-7826, ext 230
        Fax: (806)743-7847
        MS: 6283
   Director of Payment Services
       Celeste Kulinski
        Phone: (806)743-7826, ext 231
Procurement Card Contacts (Cont.)

       Director of Purchasing
           Don Sarchet
            Phone: (806)743-2190
       JPMorgan
           Customer Service
            Phone: (800)890-0669
     Purchasing Card Application and
         Training Questionnaire
   Go to the Purchasing Card site and click on “Forms”
   Applications
        Select “Purchasing Card Application and Agreement”
        Print and complete the form including all cardholder information, default
         FOP and Account Manager signature
   Training Questionnaire:
        Select “Purchasing Card Training Questionnaire”
        Print and complete the quiz with signature on second page
   Completed forms should be mailed to Payment Services,
    MS 6283
   All forms will be processed by the Program Coordinator
   If a card is requested it will be available in about two weeks

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