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									              May 12th, 2003 Week Three Term Two            Preparatory School

Sir Edmund Hillary:
Role Model                                               The irony of him doing so much to support
                                                         education after his own disappointing experiences
The following newsletter article is based on a piece     serves to remind us that status is earned the hard
of writing by Stuart Middleton in the April/ May         way and doesn’t come with a qualification or with
2003 edition of Education Review.                        the privileges of birth, or some brief moment of
                                                         fame. Early in my teaching career a mentor
Sir Edmund Hillary said he was gangly, subdued,          described this same theory to me in terms of ‘Who-
shy and had almost no friends at primary school.         ness and What-ness’. To have people respect you
He skipped a couple of levels and went on to             as a person rather than your position or title.
grammar school where he felt isolated and
humiliated in activities like Physical Education         In Australia and New Zealand we receive consistent
because of his scrawny physique. But he did quite        reports and research that educational achievement
well and went on to university where he struggled        of boys is being outstripped by girls. One
on miserably, never passing an exam or making a          contributing factor could be the quality of role
single friend.                                           models placed before our boys.
Looking at Sir Edmund’s summation of his early           The ANZAC charter is one that emphasises values
years, one could conclude that this individual would     we can teach our students. Those values include
have amounted to nothing at all. He describes            duty, service, modesty, humility, inclusiveness, and
himself as an ordinary person, not very bright, who      valuing the environment. Perhaps we should look
has enthusiastically embraced opportunities              more closely at home-grown historical values that
presented to him.                                        stand the test of time.
He was recently the attention of a large amount of       If Sir Edmund Hillary were to be at the forefront of
media due to the 50th anniversary of his ascent of Mt    the models placed before boys, they might begin to
Everest. He was a top athlete, young knight of the       realise that status is about achievement and giving,
realm, Antarctic explorer and adventurer and New         of making a difference to the world. A world built
Zealand’s first High Commissioner to India. But his      on selflessness rather than self-importance.
real achievements centre around his philanthropic
work and leadership in Nepal.                            Mr Grant Nalder
                                                         Head of the Preparatory School
Over the last 40 years he has inspired others to help,
to lend their time and resources to the work.            Email:
                                                         managers. She used a listening exercise that involved
                                                         pairing people to discuss their feelings about the
                                                         conflict in the Middle East.
                                                         During the sessions, each person had to repeat what
                                                         the other said. Participants told stories of being
                                                         stopped at military checkpoints and of Palestinian
                                                         mothers who let their children throw stones at
A WORD FROM THE                                          armed soldiers. "These stories are very painful to
CHAPLAIN                                                 repeat," says Podziba. "When you're retelling the
                                                         other side's story, you skip a lot. This exercise
                                                         illustrates that people are very selective about what
Something from
                                                         they hear and digest."
(Jan - Feb 2000) for all of us to think about when       Finally, she serves as a reality check, developing
having to work with others with whom we disagree.        what she calls a "universe of options." People
                                                         brainstorm all the ways of addressing a situation that
Susan Podziba, has spent her career moving people
                                                         will satisfy everyone's basic needs. The exercise not
to common ground. And she's developed ideas and
                                                         only helps the group come up with inventive
techniques that help more people get there on their
                                                         solutions; it also shows all sides that there are a
own. Her work is based on the assumption that
                                                         limited number of options available.
warring factions hold the key to resolving their own
conflicts. “My job is to challenge people to see the     "When the process is successful, people force
complexity of a situation and to encourage them to       themselves to think in a new way, and they reach a
take an active part in making those hard choices."       new level of creativity. They start to work in a
                                                         problem-solving mode. They understand why it's
By talking separately to each party, she untangles the
                                                         been hard to reach a resolution, and they see that
issues, emotions, perceptions, and dynamics that
                                                         they can tackle the problem together."
surround a dispute. Then she decides whether
mediation can help. "Mediation won't work unless
everybody agrees that some resolution is better than     Dr Adrian Brown
no resolution.”                                          Email:

Both sides of the dispute help develop a mission
statement, as well as ground rules that will govern
their deliberations: What's an achievable goal?               PARENT PRAYER GROUP
What's the deadline? What are the roles and                    Friday June 6, 2003 at 9.30am-11.00am
responsibilities of the mediators? "The ground-rules                             Ashton Room
document is a tool for teaching people how to work                                1 Peter 3:12:
by consensus - because it's a low-risk agreement that     'For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and His ears
they create,"                                                                are open to their prayers'
With the mission statement, Podziba is careful to
                                                             An informal time of praise songs, prayer, and
explore both worst-case scenarios and the greatest
aspirations of participants. "The mediator helps get
these fears and outrageous hopes out of people's
                                                           Our meetings are held on the first Friday of the
heads," she says. "When these issues are exposed,
                                                              month during school terms. For further
the group can analyse them and see what is truly
                                                                   information, please contact.
realistic, and what's not." She elicits data, then
frames and reframes the situation to keep the
                                                                    Joanne Chalmers, ph 8223 3103.
discussion moving. Participants can speak out
against proposals, but they must also develop
                                                                   Please note, our next meeting for
alternatives that everyone agrees on. In one
                                                                      Term 2, will be 4 July, 2003
instance, Podziba was hired to facilitate sessions
                                                                  Term 3, will be 1 Aug & 5 Sept 2003
between Israeli and Palestinian health-care
Supporting Your School                                   PARENTS AND FRIENDS NEWS

This week all families should receive in the mail
information from the Prince Alfred College
Foundation and a letter from the Headmaster
seeking a donation to the 2003 Annual Giving
Program, which will provide funds towards the
redevelopment of the school’s science laboratories.
                                                                     WINTER RAFFLE
This project, which is nearing completion, will             WIN FABULOUS GOODIE BASKETS –
provide Princes students with state of the art science          A PRIZE FOR EVERY CLASS
facilities and with technology which will link them
with learning facilities throughout the world. Staff     The Parents & Friends are raising funds to purchase
and students are delighted with the laboratories          appropriate sports equipment for each year level
which have been completed to date, and look              within the prep school for use by the boys at recess
forward to the remaining laboratories being ready                           & lunchtime.
for use soon.
                                                            There will be a major prize per class – so many
We ask that you give your consideration to joining                              winners!!!
old scholars, Grandies and other members of the          Raffle tickets will be sent home with your boys this
school community in showing your support through            week with the draw by Week 8 - please support
a donation to the Prince Alfred College Foundation        them by selling or purchasing the tickets - all boys
Building Fund, which is tax deductible.                  will benefit from the new sports and play equipment
Alternatively, you may like to support the Library                        in their classroom.
Fund (tax deductible) or the Scholarship Fund (not
tax deductible).                                         We ask if all families could donate items to make up
                                                          prizes – there will a themed basket for each year
Please do not hesitate to contact me should you                                   level.
wish to discuss your support of the Prince Alfred
College Foundation’s annual giving program.              We have a few ideas to get you started:-
David Cornish                                            Kindergarten and Reception:
Development Officer                                      Children’s toys, books, games
                                                         Years 1 and 2:
                                                         Pamper your Mum (toiletries, magazines,
                                                         Years 3 and 4:
                                                         Gourmet Goodies (jams, chutneys, biscuits, wine,
                         YEAR 7 BBQ                      Years 5 and 6:
                                                         Gardening (small tools, seeds, plant pots, gloves)
Meet or renew acquaintances with other Year 7            Year 7:
families (siblings are also very welcome)                Sporting goods (tennis balls, golf balls, frisbees)
BYO Everything
                                                           Look for ‘The Raffle Box’ in each classroom to
When:                     th
               Sunday 29 June 2003                                      place donated items.
Time;          12 noon                                      (Please do not take items to the Prep Office.)
Where:         Langman Reserve, Burnside
Queries:       Lou Young 8379 3968                       Susan Bethune
                                                         President Prep P & F
Year 7 Panel
Junior Primary Assembly                                 Presented 12 May 2003
Name              Comment                                                               Teacher          Class
Nicholas Gavrilos     For contributing to class discussions & working well              Mrs Martin       Rec M
Charles Marshall      For using his time efficiently                                    Mrs Brook        1B
Jordan McNamara       For working well on all tasks on Thursday                         Mrs Brook        1B
Anthony De Palma      For working independently on his spelling activities              Mrs Parker       1P
Stig Gilbert          For working independently in all areas of learning                Mrs Parker       1P
William Leonard       For concentrating hard and for writing a terrific journal         Miss Hart        2H
Jordan Yacoub         For terrific work in Maths learning                               Miss Hart        2H
Nathan Kapitza        For trying extremely hard to make his handwriting neater          Miss Hart        2H
Lachlan Delbridge     For fantastic questions for our work on the body                  Mrs Cooper       Rec C

Primary Assembly                                        Presented 14 May 2003
Christopher Tormay    Improved attitude towards school & completion of tasks            Mr Smith         3S
Mitchell Wicks        For outstanding effort in PE – Cross Country lessons              Mr Smith         3S
Alistair Young        For demonstrating a positive attitude & excellent work            Ms Ashfield      6/7A
Brandon Kerin         For very pleasing work skills this term                           Ms Ashfield      6/7A
Alexander Zhu         For his perseverance & positive approach to tasks in maths        Mrs Magain       6M
Will Bickley          For outstanding effort this term & managing work with pride       Mrs Magain       6M
Scott Elliss          For excellent presentation of his Murray River research           Mr Harris        6H
Tom Barnes            For sustained & consistent effort in all areas, especially with   Mrs Williamson   7W
Chris Wasow           For outstanding creativity, accuracy & presentation in the        Mrs Polain       7P
                      “Island Map” assignment
Nick Stevens          For excellent application and perseverance towards problem        Mrs Polain       7P
                      solving in Maths

                                                               STAFF IN OSHC
                                                               You will often see different people working in
Out of School Hours Care - News                                OSHC. We have a team of 8 staff who work on
                                                               various days. If you see someone new, please
We are currently reviewing the services and practises
                                                               introduce yourself. Our staff include:-
of our Out of School Hours Care program. We
want to ensure we are providing the best service for
                                                               Cheryl Buck - OSHC Co-ordinator,
our children and parents. We would appreciate your
                                                               Diploma Childrens’ Services
assistance by answering our survey.
                                                               Ennio Luongo –
                                                               Diploma Childrens’ Services,
Please collect a copy from the staff at OSHC or
                                                               Little Princes Kindergarten Assistant
from the Prep office. All responses will be treated
                                                               Jonathan Mitchell –
with confidentiality; you do not need to provide
                                                               2nd year teaching student, old scholar
your name.
                                                               Sarah Hill - final year teaching student
                                                               Alice Dunstone - final year teaching student
VACATION CARE                                                  Tom Farrant –
Always conducted in the first week of the holidays.            2nd year Bachelor of Commerce and International
In December it runs from the last day of school                Studies, Diploma of Languages, old scholar, former
until approximately the 23rd December. The January             Vice-Captain and Prefect of Senior
program runs for the last two weeks of the holidays            School, Tutor in French and Accounting
prior to the commencement of Term One. If the                  Chris Bavistock - Qualified Teacher
school terms commence on a Tuesday we always                   Chris Rodger - 3rd year teaching student
have a program running on the Monday.
                                                                   Prince Alfred College
                                                              Rowing Parents’ Support Group
                                                             WINE BEER AND GOURMET FOOD

                 WINTER IS COMING!                      When - Friday 30th May
               WE NEED YOUR HELP!                       Where - PAC Assembly Hall
                                                        Time - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Recent rains remind us that winter is not far away.     Cost - $25
                                                        Includes a wine tasting glass and all tastings!
The boys in Year 7 are once again collecting warm       Tickets available by returning the tear off slip
clothing for the Salvation Army. We are looking for     with payment to -     PAC Rowing
warm woollen jumpers, beanies, cardigans, socks,                              Prince Alfred College
sweatshirts, jackets, overcoats, babywear and                                 P.O. Box 571
blankets which you might be able to donate to a                               Kent Town 5071
worthy cause.                                           Or phone
                                                               Debra Donaldson 8364 5309
If you have any items for the collection, please               Sally Adamson         8332 8974
deliver to the Year 7 classrooms.
We would love to receive them.                                    Prince Alfred College
                                                            Rowing Parents’ Support Group
The students and teachers of Year 7                       Wine Beer & Gourmet Food Evening
                                                                         30th May
                                                        Name: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

SAUSAGE SIZZLE/                                         Contact Phone No._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
                                                        No. of Tickets @ $25:00 each_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
CASUAL CLOTHES DAY                                      Cash (Exact money please)/ Cheque (PAC
                                                        Rowing) enclosed_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
The Year 6/7 students are holding a Sausage
Sizzle/Casual Clothes Day on Wednesday 28th May

All Preparatory School boys are invited to wear
casual clothes for a gold coin and order barbecued             SAUSAGE SIZZLE ORDER FORM
sausages for lunch.                                              WEDNESDAY 28TH MAY 2003

The money raised in this community service will         NAME__________________________________
support Kimkumaka, a tree reforestation project,
run by Rev Brian Polkinghorne of the Uniting            CLASS________________
Church, in Africa and also the Spastic Centre of S.A.
                                                        Number of sausages with bread _______________
The gold coin for casual clothes can be paid on         ($1.00 for a sausage with bread)
Wednesday 28th May 2003 but sausages need to be
ordered on the form opposite.                           AMOUNT ENCLOSED____________________
                                                        (In a sealed envelope marked ‘Sausage Sizzle’
Thank you for your support                              )

Year 6 and 7 boys and Teachers
                                                                                     EAST ADELAIDE
                                                                                     DISTRICT SAPSASA
                                                                                     The following students have
PERFORMING ARTS NOTES                                                                been selected in the District
OPENING OF NINGANA                                                                   Team for the exchange to Port
                                                                                     Lincoln from 25-30 May 2003.
I am sure that everyone will agree that the opening ceremony last Wednesday was      They are: Jack Stephens, Henry
one of the highlights of the PAC calendar so far this year. Thank you very much to   Riggs, Tom Barnes, James
the musicians, whose fine playing helped to underscore the dignity and importance    Spencer, Sam Pittman, Ben
of the occasion.
                                                                                     May. For information please
In particular, thank you to the Brass Ensemble, the Saxophone Ensemble and Mr.
Andrew Newhouse for their performance and preparation. The Brass Ensemble            contact Dean Davis the District
members are: Callum Roy, Casey Snodgrass, Thomas Teague, Ramesh Weston,              Convener on 0401 121 703
Alastair Young and Edward Young.

                                                                                     NEWS FROM THE
             ONE WEEK TO GO !!! BOOK NOW
                                  Oliver!                                            “If you want your children to improve,
                     BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW!!                                          let them overhear the nice things you
                        OLIVER! - Booking Slip                                              say about them to others”
                                                                                                            Haim Ginott
                                                                                     Last Friday night under lights at
Student’s Name:                                       Class:                         the Parade, our year 4/5 & 2/3
                                                                                     football teams played a mini-league
Telephone Number:                                                                    match at half time of the match
                                                                                     between St Peters and PAC old
Parent’s Signature:                                                                  scholars. The 2/3 boys played a
                                                                                     match between each other, which
Tickets cost $10.00 (incl GST) for all age groups.                                   ended up in a draw. The Year 4/5
Performances begin at 7.30pm nightly in the Assembly Hall.                           boys comfortably defeated the
                                                                                     Saints 4/5 team. It was a great
Thursday 22 May                     tickets @ 10.00 each                             evening attended by many parents
                                                                                     and friends. The boys were all very
                                                                                     enthusiastic and represented the
Friday 23 May                       tickets @ 10.00 each                             school exceptionally well. We
                                                                                     hope to make this a yearly event in
Saturday 24 May                     tickets @ 10.00 each                             the future, well done boys.
                                                                                     Tim Weatherald
Please place cheque (payable to PAC) or cash (EXACT MONEY
PLEASE – NO CHANGE GIVEN) in an envelope marked                                      6/7 PAC WHITE 15 defeated
                   “Musical: Attention Mr Jacquier”                                  PAC MAROON 6
and return to Student Enquiries or the Prep Office.                                  Goal Scorers: White: Joshua
                                                                                     Hall 5, Joshua Morrell 4, Steven
Coming Events-
                                                                                     Pallotta 4, Nicholas Stevens 2
Term 2:
                                                                                     Maroon: Jack Taylor 4, Samuel
Week 4
                                                                                     Clarkson 2
Thu 22 – Sat 24 May 7.30pm
                                                                                     PAC A 6 lost to Rostrevor 62
“OLIVER” Musical Production, Assembly Hall
                                                                                     Goal Scorers: Tom Hilbig 2,
                                                                                     Clint McNamara 4
Sun 25 May 3.00pm (note change of time)
                                                                                     PAC RED 10 drew with
Sunday Recital, Prince Philip Theatre
                                                                                     Rostrevor 10 Goal Scorers:
                                                                                     Will Young 7, Jack Perks 2,
David Jacquier
                                                                                     Casey Snodgrass 1
Acting Head of Arts/Director of Music
Co-Curricular Results                                                 HOCKEY
                                                                      PAC WHITE 1 drew with St Peters 1
A PAC 5-2 (32) defeated by Sacred Heart 7-5 (47)                      Goal Scorer Robert Cannizzaro 1
Goalkickers: James Spencer 1, Tom Brinsley 1, Jack Stephens           Best Players: Robert Cannizzaro, Chad
1, Tom Barnes 1, Karl Siebels 1                                       Greeff, Edgar Myers, Josh Kapitza
Best Players: Jack Stephens, Ben May, Tom Barnes, Oliver
Kabbani, Tom Teague, Sam Pittman                                      CHESS
                                                                      Round One
B PAC 0-4 (4) defeated by Sacred Heart 7-13 (55)                      A PAC Red 0.5 lost to
Best Players: Josh Morrell, Tom Heddle, James Acott,                  Linden Park Maroon 4.5
William Ellison, Nick Stevens, Scott Elliss, Tim Pearce               Draw: Alex Brown
                                                                      A PAC White 2 lost to Linden Park 3
4/5 PAC 10-3 (63) defeated by Pembroke 10–8 (68)                      Winners: Anthony Milton, Andrew
Best Players: Jack Tidswell, Lexis Panas, Will McPhee, Jock           Codrington
Clarnette, Sam Day                                                    B PAC Gold 4 defeated Blackfriars 1
On Friday night the boys played a mini league match against           Winners: Thomas Hilbig, Nicholas
St Peters during halftime of the Old Scholars match. The              Stevens, Alex Butenko, James House, Sam
boys showed excellent teamwork and skills to defeat                   Mugford
Saints 2-4 (16) to 0– 0 (0)                                           B PAC White had a bye
                                                                      B PAC Silver 2.5 drew with
SOCCER                                                                Westminster Green 2.5
                                                                      Winners: Richard Gale, Duncan Soang
A PAC 2 drew with St Andrews 2                                        Draw: Arran Ling
Goal Scorers: Alexander Brown 2                                       C PAC Gold 2 lost against St Peters 3
Best Players: Alexander Brown, Zasch Weiler,                          C PAC Red 3 won against St Peters 2
Christopher Miliado.                                                  C PAC White drew against St Peter’s

B PAC 0 lost to St Andrews 4                                          Round Two will be played on Friday May
A very defensive game but the boys persevered to the end              23. Players will play at the same venues
with some good saves in goals.                                        and times throughout Terms 2 and 3.

Year 5/6 PAC 0 drew with St Ignatius 0                                Chess Superstars – Addition !
Even on a wet day the team displayed good skills and all              Thomas Hilbig’s name was omitted from
round sportsmanship. Some exciting attempts at goal in the            last week’s list of boys who participated in
final minutes contributed to a fabulous first game of the             the SAJCL Holiday Chess Tournament.
season.                                                               Thomas played very well and came 4th in
                                                                      the Under 13 tournament..
Year 5 PAC 0 defeated by Immanuel 4                                   Well done Thomas.
Despite a little disorganisation in the first half, the second half
showed a fantastic effort against a quality side.                     For details of chess in Adelaide, use the
                                                                      SA Junior Chess League website:
Year 4/5 PAC 1 defeated by St Andrews 15                    
Goal Scorer: Hugo Martin 1
Best Players: Hugo Martin, James Kolaroff,                            Also a reminder that Rookies Chess Club
Michael Thompson                                                      runs at the Chess Centre, Ranelagh St,
Tried hard against a strong team.                                     Adelaide (off Waymouth St) each Saturday
                                                                      during the term time from 2-5pm at the
TABLE TENNIS                                                          cost of $8 per student, $12 per family. A
                                                                      special rated tournament is held every two
PAC 3 defeated by Sacred Heart College 9                              weeks.

                                                                      Nan Williamson
                                                ORDER FORM SOUP KITCHEN
                                   NAME: ________________________
                                   CLASS: _________________________
On Wednesday July 2,
2003 the boys from Years 6         (Please indicate which you prefer)
and 7 will be organising a soup
kitchen for all boys in the        CHICKEN
Preparatory School who wish to
You will be able to order hot
tomato or chicken soup and a       Please enclose this order form with a $2.00 coin and return in a sealed
bread roll for lunch on that day   envelope marked ‘Soup Kitchen’ to your class teacher –
at a cost of only $2.00.           (exact money, please)

Money raised will go to support
the Salvation Army who run
soup kitchens in the city for
homeless people throughout the     PAC Memorabilia items for sale through
winter.                            Princes Parade:
                                   PAC Umbrellas
Please fill in the order form      (great for wet Saturday mornings!)                   $30
(above) in this week’s             Pens                                                 $12
Newsletter and support this        Drink Bottle covers                                  $10.50
very worthwhile cause.
                                   Purchase of these items assists the P and F with fund-raising.
The Students and Teachers of
Years 6 and 7                      Susan Bethune President Prep P&F

                                   Feedback: How are we doing?
                                      It is important that we constantly look at ways of making our school better.
     DIARY DATE                       If you would like to comment, please assist us by completing this form and
   PAC FOOTBALL                       returning it to the School Office or by emailing your comments to:
                                   What are the things that Prince Alfred College does well?
      Spice Kitchen and
       Chelsea Theatre
    “New Release Movie”            What are the things in which we need to improve? / Suggestions/Ideas
     (Title to be advised.)
      Kensington Road
          Marryatville             ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
   Wednesday 25 June 2003          Name: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

      Keep this date free !        Would you like us to contact you?                               Contact details:


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