The next time you visit Melbourne city by johnwilson746


									The next time you visit Melbourne city

Visiting Melbourne city centre is like taking a trip into a neo modern city from the
future. Well its not quite like that but at least you get the feel of being somewhere a
little different. The skyline is littered with masterfully created skyscrapers that mark
the sky as the sun sets in the evenings. As it gets darker the tall builds begin to light
up as the tenants settle in for the night. You can take romantic walks along the
beach with your husband or wife and the two of you can watch the sun set and enjoy
the city lights before you walk back home for the evening.

You can enjoy dinner near the harbour of visit the South Bank where you can picnic
on the banks of the Yarra River and you can stay at serviced apartments
Melbourne City. If you are located in the city centre then at least you are central
and you can get around because you have easy access to the city’s public transport
system. You can get anywhere you like in the city and you can be there within half
an hour. If you are in the mood for something fun you can head off to St Kilda and
visit Luna park theme park and get a taste for the bohemian lifestyle that was once
so prevalent in that area. It has since recovered from a rather insidious heyday
where drug addicts and prostitution was quite common, but the local upliftment of
the neighbourhood has driven prices up and forced all the rubbish out of the area.
Now you can walk the streets in relative safety where you and your friends can enjoy
a fun evening without any mishaps from ruffians. When you are done with the rides,
you can hop on a train back to the city where you can find a club or pub that is open
until late. You can spend the rest of your evening enjoying a few drinks and some
good company before hobbling off back to your apartment where you can expect
fresh clean sheets and nice comfortable bed to sleep in. Melbourne has plenty to do
all year round and if you are lucky enough to be there during one of their festivals
then you are in for a treat.

The festivals even go as far up as St Kilda where you can enjoy movies, music and
art to your heart’s content.

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