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Dustin Clare
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Secondments, Awards
and much more!

                   WAAPA on show
                   at CHOGM
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                                                                                                 Inside WAAPA      Issue 29    Page 1
D    ustin Clare, who graduated from WAAPA’s Acting course in 1994, made his name in Australia
     on television series such as McLeod’s Daughters, Satisfaction and Underbelly: A Tale of Two
Cities. Now Clare has cracked the notoriously difficult American market, playing the lead role in
the US television series, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena.

   In Gods of the Arena, prequel to hit series        has been varied, I like to challenge myself,
Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Clare plays the            to scare myself, and the foundation of all
central character of Gannicus. In order to get        those different classes has really helped
into top gladiator shape, Clare had six hours of      me to have a solid base to work from, from
sword training daily for three weeks followed by      singing and dancing, to sword fighting,
an hour’s workout in the pool.                        and everything in between. Gillian Jones
   On the big screen, Clare recently enjoyed a        my acting lecturer always taught me to
role in Fred Schepisi’s feature film based on         keep inquiring, to keep asking questions,
Patrick White’s novel, The Eye of the Storm,          to keep playing, she taught us it wasn’t
starring Charlotte Rampling, Judy Davis and           about getting it right, you can’t get it

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Photo by Kirsty Griffin
Geoffrey Rush.                                        right, you can only really ever listen and
                                                      imagine and be present, you can only keep
   Inside WAAPA asked Clare about his time at
                                                      inquiring in a greater more imaginative
WAAPA and his working life in America:
                                                      detail. I think she despised laziness, and
   What are your best memories of your time           there are many lazy actors working in the
                                                                                                                Dustin Clare in ‘Sparticus’, Gods of the Arena (c) 2010 Starz Entertainment, LLC

at WAAPA?                                             industry, she wanted to challenge, she wanted                What do you enjoy most about performing in
   WAAPA is full of wonderful memories for            to move, to affect. Gillian had a ferocity about          ‘Spartacus’?
me. Many things that I will probably not get to       the work that I connected with, a passion for               The physical work in Spartacus is definitely
experience again. The time I spent there helped       conquering maybe. A passion for acting that I             the best part of the job. The fight choreography
me grow as an actor and a person. I am very           connected with. I took these lessons with me.             and intense training, the wire work and stunt
grateful for that opportunity. I came in at 19 or         When did you move to the US and what                  work really are a great aspect of the job. A lot
20 years old, a young country kid and left a more     prompted the move?                                        of trust is placed in your fellow performers,
mature and rounded individual. I think I took                                                                   stunt men and riggers, for it to come off we all
                                                          I have spent a lot of time on and off in the          have to get it right, and there is a great team
a tolerance and an understanding away from
                                                      states. I did my first trip after working for two         accomplishment aspect to pulling off a big
that place that has helped me in all aspects of
                                                      and half years in the Australian industry. I don’t        fight sequence or complex stunt sequence. It’s
life. It was a real time of discovery. The training
                                                      particularly like it, and to be honest with you           completely different from anything I have done
and work ethic that you are a part of at WAAPA
                                                      Hollywood is in fact, contrary to popular belief, a       before and throws up its own challenges within
are extremely well received in the industry,
                                                      bit of a dump. People hype it up and get carried          the genre and the physical stamina, flexibility
and it’s important to continue to foster that for
                                                      away with it, but in truth that’s what it is. It’s also   and endurance that is required in the piece. The
the people who come after you and those who
                                                      for me been a marketplace that I have always              show has helped me move into the American
have done so before you. An arts institution is
                                                      wanted to enter, and there is a huge amount of            marketplace and that was a deciding factor
as strong as the talent it produces, and the way
                                                      work generated from there. I want to be able to           when it came down to deciding to take the role.
we graduates conduct ourselves in the industry
                                                      tell stories on a global scale, and for me I love
professionally. Oh... and I guarantee you that                                                                     What’s the best career advice you’ve ever
                                                      the challenges and complexities of working in
there will never be a party like the parties you                                                                received?
                                                      front of the camera. So the states has always
have while at WAAPA. Never.                                                                                        I have had plenty of advice, actors are
                                                      been somewhere I have wanted to challenge
   How has the training you received at WAAPA         myself, in honesty it’s probably been something           generous. Older actors are wonderful people
helped you in your career?                            I have wanted to prove to myself more than                to engage, they are full of wisdom, stories and
   It gave me such a confident base to begin          anyone else. Our industry is very global now,             laughs. But honestly the best advice is the stuff
from. From acting classes, to movement, voice,        it’s much more connected. In saying that I also           you learn on the job yourself, your own mistakes
poetry, singing, accent and dialect (which is         feel a duty to tell stories from my own culture           and successes. Although at the start of a big
more important than you probably give it credit       and country, to contribute to the storytelling            press tour throughout the states I did ask Bill
for at the time, learn your phonetics, come           of who we are as Australians in the world, and I          Pullman how he deals with what we were about
away with a few really sharp accents). WAAPA          think that’s very important. I have heard stories         to embark on, he told me that he does not treat it
stretched me constantly, often confused,              of graduates taking the trip over to the states           as part of his reality, he sees it as a completely
frustrated and at times made my head hurt,            pretty soon after they graduate and it’s not              unrealistic thing, and by doing so he has stayed
but that’s the thing about what we do as              something I would recommend, work on your                 very grounded and real, and that is something
actors; I see it as a search for an unattainable      craft at home, fine tune it before you decide             I have taken away with me that I have adopted
perfection. Every now and then you might just         to make that leap. If you’re lucky enough your            in my own way. Many people get carried away
get a glimpse of it on a far off horizon, but you     career will be wherever you choose to make it,            with the perceived self importance of what we
can never really attain it, that’s the thing that     and whatever part of the industry you feel most           do, I think it’s really unfortunate. We’re actors,
keeps us searching I guess. My career thus far        passionate about.                                         in the end we play, and that must never be lost.

Page 2     Inside WAAPA      Issue 29
                            WAAPA NEWS
                               In September WAAPA Costume               her passion to pursue a career in
                            student Nicole Marrington took out          costume design.
                            first prize in the category of Costume        “I’ve applied for The Carton 2012,
                            Couture in the Student Runway               which is a program that assists three
                            competition, held as part of the 2011       student runway entrants, providing
                            Perth Fashion Festival.                     mentorship and an equipped space
                               She joined ECU Contemporary              which assists them to design and
                            Fashion student Cherish Armstrong,          create a collection to be shown at the
                            who won the Contemporary Evening            2012 Perth Fashion Awards.”
                            Wear category.                                “Receiving this award has given me
                               For Nicole, winning the award was a      so much more confidence that I can
                            dream come true.                            achieve something in this industry.”
                               “The appreciation and recognition          This is the third year that a WAAPA
                            of my work by industry professionals        Costume student has won a Student

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Photo by Fluer Kingsland
                            was very special. That, together with       Runway category at the Perth Fashion
                            seeing my costume on the catwalk and        Festival.
                            watching other people enjoying it was         In 2008, louisa Bannah won the
                            an amazing feeling,” Nicole said.           Costume Couture prize and last year
                               Nicole says the award has furthered      Ingrid Singh won.
                                                                                                                                                 Above: Nicole Marrington’s award winning design at the
                                                                                                                                                 Perth Fashion Festival

                                                                                      WAAPA ON SHOW At CHOGM
                                                                                          Students across WAAPA proudly performed         Brass ensemble members were thrilled to
                                                                                      in a diverse number of events connected with    herald the arrival of Her Majesty the Queen at
                                                                                      the Commonwealth Heads of Government            the official State Reception held in the grounds
                                                                                      Meeting, held recently in Perth.                of Government House and to accompany
                                                                                          WAAPA dancers choreographed by Andries      graduate lucy Durack for the national and
                                                                                      Weidemann, Defying Gravity percussionists,      royal anthems.
                                                                                      opera singers and Music Theatre students            Students, staff members and graduates
                                                                                      participated in the official opening ceremony   were to be seen performing at many of the
                                                                                      of CHOGM, held at the Perth Convention          functions held alongside the official events
                                                                                      Exhibition Centre. Stage Management, Arts       and Defying Gravity members were part
                                                                                      Management and Costume students assisted        of the 200 strong percussion army which
                                                                                      behind the scenes and front of house.           performed at the grand opening of the
Photo courtesy of Reuters

                                                                                          The opening of the Commonwealth People’s    Commonwealth Festival.
                                                                                      Forum featured performances by Music                It was a memorable week for all concerned
                                                                                      Theatre and Contemporary Music students,        and WAAPA was proud to showcase the talents
                                                                                      with classical and jazz musicians providing     of its students to an international audience.
                                                                                      entertainment pre and post the event.

                               DANCER ACHIEvES SOlO SEAl
                                 In September, WAAPA 3rd Year Dance            In preparation for his award exam,
                              student Sam Maxted was successful in          Maxted received intensive one-on-one
                              achieving the prestigious Royal Academy       coaching with WAAPA Classical Dance
                              of Dance Solo Seal Award.                     lecturer, Diana de vos.
                                 The Solo Seal is the RAD’s highest            “I was absolutely ecstatic when I heard
                              individual performance award, with only       the news that I had passed,” said Maxted.
                              a few being awarded worldwide each year.      “I also felt a great sense of pride and relief
                                 Candidates are required to perform         that all the hard work I had put in outside
                              three variations, showing a consistently      of my normal WAAPA studies had paid off.”
                              high level of accomplishment, musicality,        “I owe Diana de vos a lifetime of
                              style and presentation. The Solo Seal         gratitude and praise for the commitment,
                              takes place in front of an invited audience   encouragement and care she has
                              and a panel of judges; West Australian        showered upon me over the past three
                              Ballet leading artist, Jayne Smeulders        years.”
                              was one of the judges on the panel               Don’t miss Summerdance Nov 19-26,
                                                                                                                                          Sam Maxted with Mia Thompson in costume for ‘Serenade’
                              assessing Maxted’s performance.               in The Geoff Gibbs Theatre, ECU Mt lawley.                                                       Photo by Jon Green

                                                                                                                                                   Inside WAAPA                Issue 29           Page 3
                      WAAPA NEWS
                      RADIO ACtIvE GOES REGIONAl
                       F      our years ago WAAPA’s Contemporary
                              Music course had a total of 33
                              students enrolled. Today, the program’s
                     increasing popularity has seen that number
                     swell to 130 students.
                                                                            part of the community for a week. Then on the
                                                                            Friday night we would turn on this big show
                                                                            featuring the students of the local schools and
                                                                               So, after a year of planning, WAAPA in
                                                                                                                                  on the wall in the classroom on Monday and see
                                                                                                                                  for yourself the shiny eyes and hear the bubbling
                                                                                                                                  enthusiasm about the experience that the lucky
                                                                                                                                  students involved with you had enjoyed!” Prince
                                                                                                                                  wrote. “The students are still on a real high and
                        Mike Eastman, WAAPA’s Coordinator of                Residence: Radio Active became a reality and          the impact of the week has been profound. The
                     Contemporary Music, felt the time was right to         in late August, four staff and 16 students – 11       Year 11s are very keen to be involved again and
                     extend his students with new challenges.               from the Contemporary Music course and five           the Year 12s deeply jealous!”
                        So last year, for the first time ever, the          from Production and Design – headed south to             Eastman agrees that the event was
                     Contemporary Music students starred in their           Albany to collaborate and perform with over 60        highly successful. “We were ticking boxes
                     own full-length concert at the Subiaco Arts            students from Albany Senior High School and           everywhere... there was so much interaction
                     Centre. Radio Active, a high-energy celebration        Great Southern Grammar.                               between the high school students and our music
                     of chart-toppers covering all musical genres                                                                 students, it was glorious to watch. Some of the
                     from pop to rock, R ‘n’ B to soul and funk classics,                                                         school students who were looking for knowledge
                     involved a huge cast of talented students                   The students are still                           and training in sound engineering sat with our
                     performing over three nights.                              on a real high and the                            sound techs learning how that works; others
                        Radio Active proved so successful that                 impact of the week has                             were working with our lighting techs, seeing
                     the show is now an annual event on the
                     Contemporary Music program calendar, with this
                                                                                  been profound...                                how the lighting had been designed and built.
                                                                                                                                  And our technicians were working with the local
                     year’s Radio Active again wowing the crowds at                                                               venue operators.”
                     the Subiaco Arts Centre in September.                    During the week-long residency, the WAAPA              “It was just such a positive experience for
                        “Radio Active is a special experience for the       staff and students held master-classes,               the WAAPA students in terms of mentoring and
                     students as they get to perform in front of a          workshops and rehearsals with the high school         putting on a unique show for an audience of
                     theatre audience,” says Eastman. “Being a sit-         students. It culminated in a fully produced, high     500 people in a magnificent new major venue.
                     down theatre style show, you can’t just play the       energy rock/pop concert at the new Albany             Our students, who were chosen from across
                     biggest hits because many of them encourage            Entertainment Centre on September 2.                  three different year groups, also experienced
                     people to dance. You have to handle it differently.      The show featured several local high school         a real bonding. And the Albany community was
                     The students have to work to keep the audience         bands, two Contemporary WAAPA bands and               so overwhelmingly supportive and positive
                     engaged with their performance, plus some              vocalists, and a 60-voice choir combining             towards us.”
                     minor props, costumes and lights.”                     the choirs of the two schools to sing vocal              Eastman sees this as the first step in what
                        Yet Eastman and his colleagues Ric Eastman          arrangements of leonard Cohen’s famous                would ideally become an annual touring
                     and Dr Matt Styles wanted more. They wanted to         Hallelujah and backings for Tommy and Krista          component of the Contemporary Music course.
                     take the show on the road.                             by Thirsty Merc.                                         “It’s the start of what I hope will be a major
                        “The idea was to visit a regional centre for a        After the WAAPA contingent returned to Perth,       annual collaboration between the two regions.
                     week and set part of the show up to perform,”          teacher Sheena Prince of Albany Senior High           Given the talent in Albany – there are some great
                     says Eastman. “But far more importantly, in            School sent Eastman an email describing the           musicians and amazing teachers down there
                     the four or five days before the show we would         positive effect of the residency on her students.     doing a fantastic job – I think it will become an
                     workshop and go out to the schools and become            “I am very sad for you that you couldn’t be a fly   intrinsic part of the course.”
Photo by Jon Green

                     Page 4     Inside WAAPA      Issue 29
    A DEADly fOR kARlA HARt
      On September 27 at a            in theatre, film, dance,
    gala event at the Sydney          writing and directing. She
    Opera House, Aboriginal           has worked for Yirra Yaakin,
    Theatre graduate Karla Hart       teaching school children
    won a 2011 Deadly Award           techniques for acting and
    for Community Broadcaster         writing, and traditional and
    of the Year.                      contemporary dance. Hart
      Hart, who is also               manages and performs
    a graduate of ECU’s               with Kwarbah Djookian, a
    Contemporary Performance          traditional women’s dance
    course in the School of           group, and has recently
    Communications and Arts,          recorded her own music.
    was awarded the Deadly for          The Deadly Awards
    her work on Noongar Radio,        recognise the contribution
    100.9FM Perth, WA.                of Aboriginal and Torres
      Hart has been working           Strait Islanders to their
    in the WA arts industry for       community        and      to
    four years, being involved        Australian society.

                                                                                                                   Karla Hart with her Deadly Award - Photo by Amanda James

  I   n September, WAAPA voice lecturer linda
      Barcan performed in the 2011 season of
Deborah Cheetham’s opera Pecan Summer at
                                                        In September 2008 and 2009 Barcan was
                                                    involved in the opera’s workshopping process
                                                    when she was engaged as voice tutor on the
                                                                                                           Pecan Summer is set to tour Australia over
                                                                                                        the next five years. The tour will take in all
                                                                                                        capital cities and target regional, rural or remote
the victorian Arts Centre.                          Wilin Spring Intensive Opera courses. Of the        indigenous communities in each of the states
   The 2010 premiere had already made               three-year experience to date, Barcan says: “It     and territories. Barcan will continue to be a part
Australian theatre history when it assembled        has been fascinating and enriching to be a part     of the non-indigenous cast which also includes
a cast of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander     of this page-to-stage process, and to watch the     distinguished soprano Rosamund Illing, and
singers and dancers to perform in Australia’s       cast grow as performers and people.”                noted tenor and choir-master Jonathan Welch.
first indigenous opera.
    Pecan Summer, which the composer says
is about “the unending quest for belonging”,
tells the story of the 1939 walk-off from
Cummeragunja Mission, when the men and
women of Cummera led their people across the
Dhungala (Murray River) into victoria to protest
the poor living conditions and harsh restrictions
at the Mission.
   The opera covers sixty thousand years of
Yorta Yorta history, from the Prelude, recounting
the Dreamtime story of the Dunghala’s creation,
to the Postlude, set in Federation Square on the
occasion of Kevin Rudd’s historic Apology to the
                                                                                                                                                                                              Photos by Jorge de Araujo

Stolen Generations. Against this broad backdrop
a more private drama is played out, based on
Cheetham’s own personal experience, of the
removal of children from one family across
several generations.
                                                                                                      Back row, left to right: Toni Lalich, Deborah Cheetham, Jonathan Welch, Pat Oakley.
                                                                                                         Front row, left to right: Eddie Bryant, Rosamund Illing, Linda Barcan, Tori Oakley

                                              IF YOU WOUlD lIKE TO RECEIvE
                               INSIDE WAAPA vIA EMAIl, PlEASE SEND YOUR EMAIl ADDRESS TO

                                                                                                                             Inside WAAPA                  Issue 29            Page 5
   In their final year of study, a number of         secured. We also won a grant from the                                               lights, set sound levels, plot lighting cues
WAAPA students undertake secondments                 Department of Culture and the Arts to assist                                        and do a technical rehearsal. Miraculously we
with companies throughout Australia and              us with getting to the Fringe. During this time                                     managed to complete everything except a
overseas to prepare them for life after              we also confirmed that we had a season of                                           technical rehearsal. The following night we had
graduation. Here is a snapshot of two 3rd            the show at The Blue Room when we returned                                          a preview, which ran surprisingly smoothly.
Year students who were both seconded to Red          home in October. Flights were booked and I                                          I was also operating lights and sound for the
Rabbit Collective, a Perth theatre company           began sourcing the set and props in time for                                        show, this was a fabulous opportunity for me
founded in 2010 by a cooperative of Curtin           rehearsals to commence in May.                                                      and extremely challenging. I learnt how to
University BA Performance Studies graduates.            However, because of the restrictions on                                          use Qlab which is a very clever and popular
Lighting student Stephen Warren and Stage            what is allowed to enter in and go out of each                                      program used to run sound cues.
Management student Emily Stokoe were                 country, we had to be extremely careful with                                            Our venue held back-to-back shows from
invited to spend five weeks working on the           what we purchased for the show. For example,                                        10am till 11.40pm everyday with only 10
Collective’s production of ‘Flirt Fiction’ as part   one scene set in a forest required around 30                                        minutes change-over time between each
of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011. Here          pinecones but we weren’t allowed to take                                            show. This allowed me eight minutes to set up
they write of their experiences:                     them with us. I started doing my research on                                        my laptop with the sound desk and test the
                                                     companies in Scotland where we could source                                         cues, refocus lights, load the lighting cues and
    My secondment, from July 28 to September         the additional items we needed.                                                     test them. We also had to bump-in the set and
4, came about through connections I made                                                                                                 props, and the cast had to set their costumes.
when I worked at Perth’s Blue Room Theatre                                                                                               We then had two minutes to get the audience
prior to starting my study at WAAPA. After                                                                                               in and start the show.
working with Red Rabbit Collective on its Perth                                                                                              We played at 10.40pm each night and the
productions, I was offered the opportunity                                                                                               show ran for an hour. Often we would arrive at
to travel with the company to Edinburgh as                                                                                               the theatre to be informed there had been a
lighting designer on Flirt Fiction.                                                                                                      fire alarm and evacuation in the building earlier
    For this secondment I led the production                                                                                             that day. This would hold up all shows for the
team in the planning and execution of the                                                                                                remainder of the day so we would sometimes
technical requirements for touring the                                                                                                   not finish our show until past midnight. I can
production internationally. This included                                                                                                assure you that by August 28 we were all
liaising with venue staff in Edinburgh, freighting                                                                                       exhausted.
the set and costumes, and creating a touring                                                                                                 The most challenging part of my
lighting plan. Once in Edinburgh, I assisted in                                                                                          secondment would have to be the late nights
final preparations for the production, led the                                                                                           and fast changeovers. The Red Rabbit Collective
bump in and technical rehearsal, and assisted                                                                                            was heaps of fun to be with – even though I
with change-over for each performance.                                                                                                   was the youngest member on the tour, I always
    For someone who had never toured a                                                                                                   felt part of the team.
production before, the logistics of touring                                                                                                  This trip was my first time travelling
internationally were an enormous challenge.                                                                                              internationally so sometimes I was a bit
That included creating a lighting plan for a                                                                                             homesick but I had the most amazing time.
venue I had never seen, which needed to be                                                                                               I wouldn’t change it for anything. All the
executed in an hour and half!                           ‘Red Rabbit’ cast and crew (right to left): Jessica Craig-Piper, Emily Stokoe,   challenges and exhausting days were without
     However being a part of showcasing West                    Stephen Warren, Kathryn Delaney, Zoe Cooper and Lawrie Ashford
                                                                                                                                         a doubt completely worth it - all the shows,
Australian theatre to an international audience          The design concept for the show was simple                                      meeting new people, visiting fun little late
was a real highlight for me... as well as being      – every scene has a suitcase and all the props/                                     night venues, parties, beautiful places and
involved with something as exceptional as the        set/costumes for that scene would be stored                                         incredible restaurants just enriched my
Edinburgh Fringe Festival, with so many artists      in a suitcase and taken out by the actors when                                      experience so incredibly.
from all over the world.                             required. I remember one night just before I                                            I also learnt so much about the way I
    After graduating I will be working on a          flew out of Australia I had a pile of suitcases                                     work and how other people work. I had the
production at Holden Street Theatres as part of      sitting in front of me and my challenge was to                                      opportunity to expand my technical and
the Adelaide Fringe Festival in February 2012.       make them all pack down into just two trunks.                                       people skills (it’s not easy talking to hundreds
    – Stephen Warren                                 Four hours later, I had 15 suitcases packed into                                    of strangers about your show!), which has
   I first became involved with Red Rabbit           two trunks with all the props and tools required                                    helped me develop my confidence as a stage
when I was invited by Stephen Warren to              for our tour to the Fringe!                                                         manager.
stage manage a four-night workshop season                In our first week in Edinburgh we rehearsed                                         I am so thankful to the Friends of the
of Flirt Fiction, which was held at The Blue         every day in an office block near our house                                         Academy and to the Stage Management
Room in February this year. I then applied to        and sourced our additional set and props. We                                        Fundraising team for the grants I received, and
the company for a secondment position on             also found time to explore the Royal Botanical                                      also to my amazing family and friends who
their tour to Edinburgh and was delighted            Gardens, which assisted us in finding some                                          were so supportive of my biggest adventure
when I was asked to stage manage the entire          much-needed pinecones.                                                              yet. I would highly recommend a year at the
production.                                              On August 4 we had our first day in the                                         Fringe for anyone who loves the arts – it will
   By April we had an Edinburgh venue booked         venue. We were only allocated an hour and a                                         change your life!
for the show and a four-bedroom apartment            half to bump in our props and set, focus our                                            – Emily Sky Vining Stokoe
Page 6     Inside WAAPA      Issue 29
  violinist David Sanzone, a 2010     by Geza and Csaba Szilvay,         Szilvay and undertaking
Bachelor of Music graduate, has       and members of faculties           violin pedagogy and baroque
been travelling through Europe        from the East-Helsinki             violin at the Sibelius
for the last three months. He tells   Music Institute and                Academy in Helsinki. I am
Inside WAAPA what he’s been up to:    Guildhall School of Music          also doing teacher training
  When I left Australia               and Drama. This was the            and work experience at
at the beginning of July, I           first of a three-part              the East Helsinki Music
flew to Positano in Italy             certification process for          Institute, the centre of
to perform as a soloist               Colourstrings teaching.            Colourstrings. It has been                                                                              ncert Cent
                                                                                                                                                                      Helsinki Co
and chamber artist at the               Next stop was Salzburg,          fantastic, this school just
International Chamber                 where I auditioned for             shines. I have never seen a
Music Camp. I performed               the summer academy of              place like it!
with artists from the                 the Mozarteum. I made it             Next week, I am off to
faculty of the University             through but there must             Dallas, Texas to show
of North Texas including              have been a thousand               the Colourstrings method
Jeff Bradetich, Ania Bard             violinists and it was such         to more of the faculty
and Gudrun Raschen. We                a scary environment... it          at the North Texas
have been invited to perform          was like being back in high-       University. Not a paid gig
at next year’s camp and I’ve          school. But I passed my            but still a free trip to    With Mozart in Sal

also been invited back to             audition and performed in          America. While there I
work as faculty.                      public masterclasses and           will also play in an opera
  After travelling around             performances under the             orchestra for a week.
Italy, I continued my                 direction of Vadim Gluzman,          I’ve somehow gotten
Euro trip to a little town            probably one of the highest        by in this difficult music
in Austria called St. Paul            profile soloists nowadays.         world, and I owe so much
im Lavanttal, where I                 I received a diploma and all       to my WAAPA music
undertook a teacher-training          the rest of the prestige so        lecturers, Peter Tanfield
course in Colourstrings [a            that was nice.                     and Micheál McCarthy.
music education program                 Nowadays I am studying                                                                                                      di Positano
                                                                                                                                                Santa Maria Assunta
for children] instructed              performance under Réka                                                            Playing in the Chiesa

tuRA tOtAlly HuGE NEW MuSIC fEStIvAl
  2011 marked the tenth anniversary of the         Composers’ Symposium, which saw UWA and                     the magazine almost daily. long time Realtime
Totally Huge New Music Festival, and almost as     ECU students work together. This collaboration              Arts Magazine reviewer Gail Priest gave a very
many years collaboration between TURA new          continued in the Breaking Out concert, which                engaging presentation to the Music Research
music and WAAPA composition.                       showcased ten works by emerging composers.                  group as part of the festival.
  The highlight this year was visiting fellow         Other highlights included Speak Percussion                 Marina Rosenfeld’s visit was supported by
Marina Rosenfeld from New York, who worked         from Melbourne, who performed two shows at                  the Faculty of Arts and Education Research and
with students to present her incredible            the State Theatre Centre augmented with WAAPA               Higher Degrees Fellowship for Arts Researchers.
installation/performance       work,     Teenage   percussionists, as well as a lunchtime concert              The Totally Huge New Music Festival Conference
Lontano, at the Midland Railway Workshops.         at WAAPA. Other artists featured included                   was supported by CREATEC.
WAAPA composition student laura lowther            installation artists David Chesworth
organised the team and performed in the            and Sonja leber, a surround work
work herself. WAAPA music ensemble Decibel         performed by Philip Samartzis and a
performed two of Rosenfeld’s works, one at PICA    piano concert featuring Mark Gasser,
and a work with specially constructed ‘bass        Ross Bolleter and Anthony Pateras.
canons’ at the Midland Railway Workshops.             WAAPA student Sam Gillies
  In its fourth incarnation the Totally Huge New   organised an associated night called
Music Festival Conference celebrated the launch    Noizemachin at the Artifactory,
of the Sound Scripts journal, a collection of      and was involved in the Realtime
                                                                                                                                                                                           Photo by Jay Auty

papers from the last conference in 2009. WAAPA     Arts Magazine program, along
music students presented alongside national        with another WAAPA student Henry
and international delegates in this conference.    Anderson, where selected writers
Students also presented at the Student             contributed reviews of the festival to                                 Speak Percussion - Music Auditorium, free lunchtime concert

         Name Your Seat                                        “Having a son at WAAPA expanded my world in unexpected ways. From
                                                               the first visit I was mesmerised by the originality and vitality of the
         For more information please call Kathy Wheatley on    students. Naming a seat is a wonderful and personal way to express
         (08) 9370 6873 or go to waapa.ecu.edu.au              support for the Academy and its students.” – Adele MacKay

                                                                                                                               Inside WAAPA                   Issue 29            Page 7
                    WAAPA NEWS
                        ‘FAlSTAFF’ A SHOWCASE FOR GRADUATES
                           The WA Opera’s production of Falstaff by          On stage, three of the principal roles are
                        Giuseppe verdi, which opened at His Majesty’s      played by Classical voice graduates: Katja
                        Theatre on November 3, showcases a range of        Webb in the role of Nannetta, Sitiveni Talei as
                        talented WAAPA graduates working at all levels     Ford and Ryan Sharp as Pistol. The WA Opera
                        of the company, from administration through        Chorus includes graduates Jennifer Barrington,
                        to the backstage crew.                             Mary-Attracta Connolly, David Costello, Mark
                           WAAPA Arts Management graduates                 Hurst, Bernadette lucarnus, Harriet Marshall,
                        working in the WA Opera’s administration           Timothy Schoenmakers and Neville Talbot.
                        include Carolyn Chard (General Manager),             Working backstage on Falstaff are graduates
                        lara luitingh (Artistic Administrator), Maria      of WAAPA’s Production and Design course,

                                                                                                                                                                                       Photo courtesy of WA Opera
                        Sioulas (Marketing and Sponsorship Manager),       including Mandy Farmer (Production Manager),
                        Rebecca Kais (Marketing and Sponsorship            Karen Farmer (Stage Manager), Matt Nankivell
                        Coordinator), Marianne Hobson (Education           (lighting), Sebastian Marks (Sound), Josh
                        Administrator) and Terasa letizia (Education       Marsland (Deputy Stage Manager) and Ian
                        Coordinator).                                      Studham (Technical Manager).
                                                                                                                                                            Katja Webb in ‘Falstaff’

                                                                         2011 ClASSICAl MUSIC AWARDS
                                                                         was treated to at the awards ceremony,” says         most outstanding first-year violin student
                                                                         Director of WAAPA, Professor Julie Warn AM. “And     was awarded to Hannah Brockway while Amy
                                                                         I know the competition was fierce!”                  Manford took out the Michelle Robinson
                                                                            Honours graduate Erin Royer was the winner        Award for the most outstanding first-year
                                                                         of the prestigious Barbara Macleod Scholarship       vocal student.
                                                                         for the most outstanding female classical               The Simon Frosi Trio, comprising pianist Simon
                                                                         music student. Worth $10,000, this prestigious       Frosi, violinist Hannah Walters and cellist Beren
                                                                         scholarship will enable the talented saxophonist     Scott, won the EKCO Investments Chamber
                                                                         to further develop her musical skills and artistry   Music Award. This award specifically aims to
                                                                         by undertaking intensive tuition with world-         encourage students to engage in student-driven
                                                                         class experts.                                       chamber music.
                                                                            Every year, three awards are made possible           Mitchell Mollison won the Tura New Music
                                                                         through the generosity of John Court and his         Commissioning Prize for Composition. This
Photo by Jay Auty

                                                                         family: the Helen Court Award, the Faith Court       award, presented to a final year WAAPA
                                                                         Award and the Michelle Robinson Award. The           Composition student, involves a cash prize to
                                                                         significant contribution that the Court family       be used as a commission for a new work.
                    Award recipient Erin Royer
                                                                         makes to WAAPA’s Classical Music program                The winner of the Warana Music Award for
                                                                         was recognised in 2005 with the founding the         best concerto performance was Aidan Boase

                      O    n September 20, WAAPA celebrated the
                           achievements of its most outstanding
                    classical music students at a presentation
                                                                         Academy’s student orchestra, the Faith Court
                                                                         Orchestra that is supported by John Court on an
                                                                         annual basis.
                                                                                                                              – a musical trifecta for the young pianist, who
                                                                                                                              also one the award in 2009 and 2010. His fellow
                                                                                                                              finalists this year were Stephanie Davis (French
                    ceremony for the 2011 Classical Music Awards.           This year the Helen Court Award for the           horn) and Georgia lane (flute).
                       “The music program at WAAPA continues to          most outstanding final-year Classical Music             WAAPA congratulates these outstanding
                    go from strength to strength as evidenced by         student was presented to classical guitarist         musicians, and is grateful to its sponsors who
                    the exceptional performances the audience            Sidney Brien. The Faith Court Award for the          generously support the music awards.

                    ARC GRANT AWARDED                                                           ACTING GRADUATE TAKES
                 CREATEC researchers from WAAPA/ECU have been awarded                           A SHOT AT TOM CRUISE
                $220,000 to create an archive of contemporary music from
                Western Australia.                                                                Jai Courtney, who graduated from WAAPA’s
                 Faculty of Education and Arts researchers Dr Cat Hope and                      Acting course in 2007, has been cast in the
                Professor lelia Green received the funding through the Australian               upcoming thriller One Shot, starring Tom
                Research Council to establish the Western Australian New Music                  Cruise, Rosamund Pike and Robert Duvall.
                Archive (WANMA).                                                                   Chris McQuarrie’s film adaptation, based on
                 A digital database of Western Australian music composed from                   a book in lee Childs’ crime series, is due for
                1970 to the present day is considered to be the first of its kind in WA.        release in 2013.
                                                                                                   Courtney will be making his American
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Photo by Jon Green

                 “This project involves the discovery, collection, collation,
                digitisation storage and dissemination of music recordings, video               feature film debut on this project, after having
                documentation, scores and other evidence surrounding Western                    worked in the US on the Tv series, Spartacus:
                Australian new music,” Dr Hope said.                                            Blood and Sand.

                    Page 8         Inside WAAPA   Issue 29
   On September 25, as part of Edith Cowan             as General Director to
University’s Graduation Ceremony held at the           the State Opera of South
Perth Convention Exhibition Centre, William            Australia, Artistic Director
Gillespie OAM was the recipient of the honorary        of the State Opera of South
title of Fellow of the Western Australian Academy      Australia’s production of
of Performing Arts.                                    the Wagner’s The Ring

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Photo by Phillips and Father
   This title was conferred on William Gillespie       and General Manager of
in recognition of his distinguished service            the Australian Chamber
to WAAPA and to the performing arts more               Orchestra.
generally, and for his achievements in the field          In 2009 Gillespie retired
of Arts Management.                                    as General Manager of
   Gillespie, who was the Director of WAAPA from       the Australian Chamber             Chancellor Hendy Cowan, Peggy Brock, William Gillespie and Vice Chancellor Kerry Cox at the Graduation Ceremony
1999 to 2002, is one of the most respected             Orchestra, a position
arts administrators in Australia. His long and         he held since 2002, leaving the company                              Awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia in
distinguished career in arts management has            respected for its high artistic standards and 2001 for service to the arts as an administrator,
included positions in Australia, Hong Kong,            financial viability. While in this position, Gillespie ECU and WAAPA are proud to recognise
Japan, India and the United States of America.         freely gave of his time to deliver guest lectures William Gillespie as an honorary Fellow for his
   Born in America, Gillespie has lived in Australia   to WAAPA’s Arts Management students. He also outstanding management capabilities, which
since 1990. In addition to teaching in the field       hosted WAAPA Arts Management students on serve as an exemplar for both Australian and
of arts administration, Gillespie has served           secondment to the ACO.                                            international arts organisations.

   Nelson Woss, producer of the hit     Theatre. Murphy has worked in
Australian film Red Dog, and koko,      Australia and overseas as an actor,
the canine star of the film, visited    singer, teacher, administrator and
WAAPA on September 14. Woss             director, across all genres of live
talked to the 3rd Year Acting and       performance. This year Murphy was
Music Theatre students about the        Resident Director on Dr Zhivago for
experience of filming in Karratha       the musical’s Australian tour.
and of having a dog as the lead            WAAPA’s October production of
‘actor’. Woss generously offered        Die Fledermaus by Johann Strauss
free tickets to WAAPA’s Acting and      brought theatre director kate Gaul

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Photo by Kathy Wheatley
Music Theatre students to see Red       and conductor Brett Weymark to
Dog at Event Cinemas on October         the Academy as guest artists. Gaul
1. Thirty students attended the         is Artistic Director of Sydney’s Siren
matinee screening and thoroughly        Theatre Company and Weymark
enjoyed the film.                       is Musical Director of Sydney                        3rd Year Acting and Music Theatre students with Nelson Woss
                                                                                             and Koko, aka Red Dog (middle)
   John Sheedy, Artistic Director of    Philharmonia Choirs.
Barking Gecko Theatre Company,             American saxophonist Joel
directed the 3rd Year Acting student    frahm spent a week at WAAPA in
production of Blood Will Have           September as a visiting artist,
Blood, Scenes from Shakespeare,         working with students in their
which opened at the Subiaco Arts        ensembles and giving workshops
Centre on October 22. Sheedy has        on improvisation and saxophone
worked with some of Australia’s         technique. In addition, Frahm
most respected theatre companies        performed at the jazz lunchtime
such as Bell Shakespeare, Sydney        concert, with the US Consul General
Theatre Company, Company B              attending. Frahm’s visit to WAAPA
Belvoir and Black Swan State            was funded through the Brett
Theatre Company.                        lockyer Scholarship. The same
   Shaun Murphy was a visiting          month, Cuban pianist Marialy
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Photo by Jon Green

director at WAAPA in October            Pacheco also visited WAAPA,
for the 2nd Year Music Theatre          working with the latin ensemble in
student production of the musical       an open workshop for all students.
Violet, performed in the Enright                                                             John Sheedy working with Acting students Lara Schwerdt and Philippe Klaus

                                                                                                                                                           Inside WAAPA       Issue 29         Page 9
StAff CAMEOS                                                             StuDENt SNAPSHOt                                  have been cast in A Chorus Line, directed by
                                                                                                                           Baayork lee, which opens in December in
JUST A FEW OF THE ONGOING                                                JUST A FEW OF THE ONGOING                         Sydney. Johnston plays the role of Kristine,
ACHIEvEMENTS OF WAAPA STAFF                                              ACHIEvEMENTS OF WAAPA STUDENTS                    while Ambrose and Strom are in the ensemble.

DR CAt HOPE (WAAPA Research Fellow) and
lINDSAy vICkERy (lecturer, Composition
                                                                         In September, 3rd Year Acting student JOSHuA
                                                                                                                           APPl AuSE
& Music Technology) visited Japan in late
September/early October. As ‘Candied limbs’
                                                                         BRENNAN starred alongside Anna Houston in         JUST A FEW OF THE ONGOING
they performed in Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and
                                                                         Perth Theatre Company’s production of Philip      ACHIEvEMENTS OF WAAPA AlUMNI
                                                                         Ridley’s two-hander, Tender Napalm, which
Tokyo, and paid a visit to Tamagawa University.
In addition they visited master craftsman
                                                                         was directed by WAAPA directing graduate          ABORIGINAl THEATRE
                                                                         and PTC Artistic Director, MElISSA CANtWEll
Taguchi at his loudspeaker factory, and were                                                                               Yirra Yaakin’s production of Good Lovin’, which
                                                                         (2007). In her review in The Australian, critic
treated to a 64 channel surround concert                                                                                   toured WA’s Pilbara region from September
                                                                         victoria laurie wrote of “Melissa Cantwell’s
featuring Taguchi’s omni directional speakers.                                                                             20-23, starred graduates SHAkIRA ClANtON
                                                                         confident direction” while Courtney J. Pascoe
They made many new friends and possibilities                                                                               (2006), ZAC JAMES (2008), AlySSA tHOMPSON
                                                                         commented on Aussietheatre.com that the
for future visits and exchanges.                                                                                           (2009) and IAN WIlkES (2008). A WA Health
                                                                         performances were an “indisputable example
In October, ANDREW lEWIS (Program Director,                                                                                Department commission written by award-
                                                                         of courage and dramatic skill.”
Performance) directed the world premiere                                                                                   winning indigenous playwright, David Milroy,
                                                                         3rd Year Acting student ABBy EARlE has            Good Lovin’ was directed by WAAPA graduate
of The Damned by Reg Cribb for Black Swan
                                                                         joined the cast of the Channel Nine telemovie     EvA GRACE (2002). The free performances
State Theatre Company. In her review for
                                                                         Sundowner, starring Todd lasance, which is        played to schools and communities in
ABC 720, victoria laurie describes the play
                                                                         currently filming in Perth. The Cordell Jigsaw    Karratha, Roebourne and Onslow. Other WAAPA
as “compelling viewing... [playwright Reg]
                                                                         production tells the tale of two innocent men     Aboriginal Theatre graduates employed on the
Cribb and director Andrew lewis should be
                                                                         who become embroiled in one of the most           show were costume designer SHElDON kOvICH
commended for attempting to shed light on a
                                                                         famous heists in Australia’s history and the      (2006) and music director JAMAl RyDER (2005).
still puzzling and horrifying aspect of modern
                                                                         fight to clear their names.
life.”                                                                                                                     StEPHEN SMItH-INCE (2003) choreographed
JulIA MOODy (Senior lecturer, Acting – voice)                            DANCE                                             Urban Dreaming, a contemporary dance work
                                                                                                                           created for the West Australian Aboriginal
will perform in When the Rain Stops Falling by                           Advanced Diploma students MAtt CAREy,
Andrew Bovell for Black Swan State Theatre                                                                                 Contemporary Dance Company as part of
                                                                         BEN CHAPMAN, REBEkAH CONRy, AlEXANDRA             the opening gala dinner of the WA Indigenous
Company, opening on October 29.                                          MACNISH, kyE MAuRER, MAtt tuPPER,                 Tourism Operators’ Conference in Perth on
Memory of Elements, made up of WAAPA                                     RIANNON WIllIAMS and BA students JESSICA          September 22.
jazz staff including JAMIE OEHlERS, tOM                                  AuSSERlECHNER and lIANNE GOODWIN were
O’HAllORAN, BEN vANDERWAl, CARl MACkEy,                                  invited to perform in the WA Ballet’s September   ACTING
SIMON JEANS and PEtE JEAvONS, released                                   season of The Taming the Shrew. “This was
                                                                                                                           CHEREE CASSIDy (2008), who last year
a self-titled CD in September and toured                                 a wonderful opportunity for the students
                                                                                                                           appeared on the small screen as Constable
victoria, NSW, South Australia, Queensland and                           to be involved in the professional industry
                                                                                                                           Debbie Webb in Underbelly: The Golden Mile,
Tasmania. The tour was made possible through                             and performing a world-renowned work
                                                                                                                           recently starred on stage as Maggie in the
a Contemporary Music Touring Grant from the                              choreographed by John Cranko,” said Kim
                                                                                                                           Queensland Theatre Company/Black Swan
Office of Prime Minister and Cabinet.                                    McCarthy, WAAPA’s Coordinator of Classical
                                                                                                                           State Theatre Company co-production of
In October, DAvID WICkHAM (lecturer, Piano)                                                                                Tennessee Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,
performed a new solo piano work, Shipwreck                               Graduating Advanced Diploma student               directed by Kate Cherry. After playing at the
of the Golden Lion by WAAPA classical music                              MAtt CAREy is performing with the Royal           Queensland Performing Arts Centre in August,
graduate REBECCA ERIN SMItH, featuring                                   New Zealand Ballet in Angelina Ballerina’s        the show transferred to the WA State Theatre
mezzo-soprano Fiona Campbell, in a live                                  Big Audition, which tours Australia and New       Centre for a September season, where CAItlIN
national broadcast on ABC Classic FM. The                                Zealand.                                          BERESfORD-ORD (1999) joined the cast. In
following week’s live broadcast featured                                                                                   the Sydney Morning Herald, Katerine Feeney
Wickham performing with Andrew Nicholson,                                MUSIC                                             described Cassidy’s performance of Maggie is
principal flautist with WA Symphony Orchestra.                           3rd Year Classical voice students, soprano        “like the play, altogether watchable”.
                                                                         SARAH GuIlMARtIN and mezzo soprano CAItlIN
                                                                         CASSIDy have been invited to join the West
                                                                         Australian Opera’s Young Artists program. This
                                                                         program aims to prepare developing voices for
                                                                         the next stage of their careers. Former Young
                                                                         Artists making their careers on the world stage
                                                                         include WAAPA graduates Rachelle Durkin, Paul
                                                                         O’Neill and Emma Matthews.

                                                                         MUSIC THEATRE
                                                                                                                                               Cheree Cassidy in ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’
                                             Courtesy of David Wickham   tOM HANDlEy, who played the lead role in
                                                                         WAAPA’s mid-year production of Crazy for You,     MARCuS GRAHAM (1986) has returned to the
Cover Credits                                                            is now on tour with Wicked in Asia.               small screen on Seven’s Home and Away,
Dustin Clare - photo by Kirsty Griffin
Gods of the Arena (c) 2010 Starz Entertainment, LLC
Dancers at CHOGM, photo courtesy of Reuters                              Graduating Music Theatre students SIAN            signing on to play new character Harvey Ryan
Radio Active, photo by Jon Green                                         JOHNStON, JAkOB AMBROSE and MARk StROM            until the end of next year. Graham’s foray back
Page 10         Inside WAAPA             Issue 29
into the world of soap opera is his first since
shooting to stardom playing Stanley ‘Wheels’
                                                              DANCE                                                                    MUSIC THEATRE
Kovac on E Street two decades ago.                            ClAuDIA AlESSI (2000) is movement director                               In October, SAGE DOuGlAS (2010) performed
                                                              on Black Swan Theatre Company’s production                               with 2010 Acting graduates Claire lovering
2008 graduates GERAlDINE HAkEWIll, tJ                         of When the Rain Stops Falling by Andrew                                 and Wade Briggs in the world premiere of The
POWER and JAMES MCkAy have been cast                          Bovell, which opens on October 29.                                       Damned by Reg Cribb for Black Swan State
in Les Liaisons Dangereuses, starring Hugo                                                                                             Theatre Company.
Weaving and Pamela Rabe, opening on March                     In September, DARyl BRANDWOOD (1989)
31 as part of Sydney Theatre Company’s 2012                   danced the role of lucentio and SARAH
season.                                                       SutClIffE (2007) and MEG PARRy (2007)
                                                              performed the role of Bianca in West
HuGH JACkMAN (1994) stars in the science                      Australian Ballet’s production of The Taming
fiction film, Real Steel, released worldwide                  of the Shrew.
in October and also had a feature role in the
Wendi Deng-produced movie Snow Flower and
the Secret Fan. Jackman is currently shooting
the fifth instalment of the X-Men film franchise,
The Wolverine, in Japan. Early next year
Jackman begins filming the upcoming screen                                                                                             Left; Sage Douglas, Claire Lovering and Amanda Woodhams in ‘The Damned’
adaptation of the musical, les Miserables, in
which he plays the principal role of valjean. Les                                                                                      In September, luCy DuRACk (2002) sang her
Miserables will be directed by Tom Hooper of                                                                                           final performance in the role of the good witch
The King’s Speech fame.                                                                                                                Glinda in the smash-hit musical Wicked, after
                                                                       Left; Daryl Brandwood and Sarah Sutcliffe. Photo by Jon Green
                                                                                                                                       being with the Australian production for four
                                                              SOfIE BuRGOyNE (2007) danced the role of                                 years. During that time, Durack appeared in
                                                              Nina in the contemporary Australia chamber                               more than 1000 performances of the show,
                                                              opera Into the Shimmer Heat at the Heath                                 was nominated for a Helpmann Award, sang
                                                              ledger Theatre, which opened on October 8.                               the national anthem at the AFl Grand Final
                                                                                                                                       and Oaks Day for Melbourne’s Spring Racing
                                                              MUSIC                                                                    Carnival and performed at Sydney’s Carols
                                                              Soprano Sky INGRAM (2008), as a                                          in the Domain. Durack is now writing a Tv
                                                              representative for Australians studying                                  series and will be seen in her first feature film,
                                                              in the UK, recently met Queen Elizabeth II                               Goddess, starring opposite Ronan Keating.
                               Hugh Jackman in ‘Real Steel’
                                                              and the Duke of Edinburgh at a reception in                              WAAPA graduate SuZIE MAtHERS (2007)
CHANtEllE JAMIESON (2008) plays the role of                   Buckingham Palace. Ingram, who has a swag of                             replaced Durack as Glinda for the Asian tour of
Julie Rousseau in the Australian drama series,                awards and scholarships to her name, moved                               Wicked.
Crownies, currently airing on ABC1.                           to london two years ago. “The sheer number of
                                                              concerts, theatres and artists in this country                           PRODUCTION AND DESIGN
In October, ClAIRE lOvERING (2010) and WADE                   is so inspiring and encouraging for a young
BRIGGS (2010) performed with 2010 Music                                                                                                HOlly BOytON (2008) is designing costumes
                                                              singer,” she says of her new home. She also
Theatre graduate Sage Douglas in the world                                                                                             for a new work by choreographer Terence
                                                              hopes to study at the National Opera Studio in
premiere of The Damned by Reg Cribb for the                                                                                            Kohler as part of the West Australian Ballet at
                                                              london, the Jette Parker Young Artists Program
Black Swan State Theatre Company. In her                                                                                               the Quarry season in February 2012.
                                                              at Covent Garden, and is auditioning for various
review for ABC 720, victoria laurie wrote of the              opera companies in the UK.                                               AlICIA ClEMENtS (2008) was costume
“excellent performances” of the three leading                                                                                          designer and JAMES luSCOMBE (2010) was
actresses, including lovering, and stated that                In October, composer and performer REBECCA
                                                                                                                                       sound designer on the world premiere of The
Briggs “impressively handles multiple roles”.                 ERIN SMItH’S (2010) solo piano work
                                                                                                                                       Damned by Reg Cribb for Black Swan State
                                                              Shipwreck of the Golden Lion was performed
fRANCES O’CONNOR (1992) stars in the                                                                                                   Theatre Company.
                                                              by pianist and WAAPA lecturer David Wickham
October released feature film, The Hunter,                    in a live national broadcast on ABC Classic FM.                          COllEEN SutHERlAND (2010) is the costume
with Willem Dafoe and Sam Neill. Directed by                  The month before, Smith’s symphonic work                                 supervisor for the Australian national tour of
Daniel Nettheim, the film is based on Julia                   In Dreams’ Abyss was premiered by the WA                                 Ben 10.
leigh’s acclaimed debut novel. O’Connor                       Youth Orchestra at the Perth Concert Hall and
recently finished filming Jayne Mansfield’s                                                                                            lAuREN WIDDICOMBE (2009) worked on the
                                                              her string quartet audio6 was read by the
Car, an independent film directed, co-starring                                                                                         film Drift, which recently finished filming in
                                                              RESound Collective at the State Theatre Centre
and co-written by Billy Bob Thornton, starring                                                                                         WA’s Margaret River region, and is currently
                                                              of WA. Earlier this year Smith was named
Robert Duvall, Kevin Bacon, and John Hurt.                                                                                             working as part of the costume crew on the
                                                              runner-up in the 2011 APRA professional
She has also completed two other US features,                                                                                          Channel Nine telemovie Sundowner, starring
                                                              development awards in the classical category
Lumpy with Justin long, and Little Red Wagon                                                                                           Todd lasance, which is currently filming in
                                                              and in late 2010 was chosen to work with the
directed by David Anspaugh, as well as the                                                                                             Perth.
                                                              WA Symphony Orchestra as part of the young
UK mini-series Ice, which was filmed in New                   composers program.                                                       BRyAN WOltJEN (1998) is set and costume
Zealand and co-stars Richard Roxburgh, Sam                                                                                             designer and tRENt SuIDGEESt (2008) is
Neill and Stephen Moyer.                                      SAM ROBERtS-SMItH (2008), Classical voice
                                                                                                                                       lighting designer on Black Swan Theatre
                                                              graduate, has been chosen for Opera Australia’s
AlISON vAN REEkEN (1996) and fIONA PEPPER                                                                                              Company’s production of When the Rain Stops
                                                              2012 Young Artists program.
(2008) will perform in When the Rain Stops                                                                                             Falling by Andrew Bovell, which opens on
Falling by Andrew Bovell for Black Swan State                                                                                          October 29.
Theatre Company, opening on October 29
                                                                                                                                                        Inside WAAPA               Issue 29          Page 11
                                                                                                           Violet       PIllars of Society

         IN tHE
          A glimpse of what’s been
         happening onstage at WAAPA

                                                                                                                    Blood Will Have Blood

  Radio Active                                            A Chorus Line

                                                                                                                               Outside In

                                                                                                  Die Fledermaus

 Outside In                                               Blood Will Have Blood

                                         Die Fledermaus

                          Radio Active                                            A Chorus Line
Photos by Jon Green

                         Government of Western Australia
                         Department of Training
                         and Workforce Development

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