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               ILLAWARRA CANCER CARERS                                                            INC
                                                                                                             20 years

                                                                                         Patron: Professor P Clingan
PO BOX 1659                                                                                      CFN 11485
WOLLONGONG 2500                                                                           ABN 46 419 129 574
PRESIDENT                                                  Sue Maidman                  Phone (02) 4261 6381
SECRETARY                                                  Audrey Walsh                 Phone (02) 4229 8872
TREASURER                                                  Dianne Bourne                Phone (02) 4244 2547
WARD CO-ORDINATOR                                          Judy Mackay                  Phone (02) 4271 5989
CENTRE CO-ORDINATOR                                        Leslie Adie                  Phone (02) 4228 8865
CARERS' OFFICE                                                                                     4222 5565

                       IN THIS ISSUE
 General ............................................ Page 1-2        Dear Carers
 Banquet Meeting .......................................... 2
 Ward and Centre News ................................ 2              2009 has been a very good
 Christmas Decorations .............................. 2-3             year for us; we have continued
 Sewing/Craft Days........................................ 3          to make progress and have
 Mary’s Christmas Baskets ............................ 3              been able to help in our most important role of
 Christmas Market Stall.................................. 3           caring for patients in the Centre/Ward and
 Authority to Fundraise IDs ............................ 3
                                                                      driving patients for their treatments. We have
 Rotaract Bed ace 2010 ................................. 3
 Gift Wrapping ............................................... 3      also spent a lot of money helping cancer
 Open Meetings in 2010................................. 4             patients with financial assistance, equipment
 Congratulations to Jean ................................ 4           and supporting the University of Wollongong’s
 Recent Major Expenditure and Income ......... 4                      research into an anti-cancer drug.
 Biscuit Roster ............................................... 4     None of this would be possible without the
 Scooters ....................................................... 4
                                                                      hard work of so many of our Carers and
 T-Shirts ..................................................... 4-5
 End-of-Year Picnic........................................ 5         supporters and at a time like this, we like to
 Christmas Luncheon ..................................... 5           acknowledge our workers and supporters.
 Cancer Support Group Luncheon ................. 5                    As this is our last Newsletter for 2009 we
 ‘Thank You’ Luncheon .................................. 5            cannot let it pass without the Committee
 ‘Living Proof’ DVD ........................................ 6        thanking most sincerely our countless Cancer
 Gourmet Food .............................................. 6        Carers who work so hard for us in many
 Wanted ........................................................ 6    different areas:
 Dates to Remember ..................................... 6            All of our co-ordinators who ensure that the
 On the Lighter Side.................................... 6-7          areas they are responsible for run smoothly.
      Open Meetings/Market Stalls 2010                                • Carers who work in the Ward and Centre
      Sewing Days 2010                                                  who bring cheer and non-medical
      Letters – Wendy Collis and UOW                                    assistance to patients.
                                                                      • Those who drive patients for appointments
 For those Gift Wrapping
                                                                        – another important and valuable service.
     Roster                                                           • Our wonderful Sewing Group and those
     Notes                                                              who work on the Market Stalls.
Page 2 - DECEMBER 2009                           ILLAWARRA CANCER CARERS INC
• Those who make goodies for our Market            Chairperson               Keith Wilson
  Stalls, and cook biscuits for patients and       Vice Chairman              Kevin Burke
  their families.                                  Treasurer                 Judy Weston
• All the hard working members of the              Vice Treasurer          Barrie Weston
  Banquet Committee who help make this             Secretary                   Sybil Bruce
  such a success.                                  Assistant Secretaries    Sandra Burke
• Those who helped with the ‘Bed Race’.               and                Sandra Somerset
• Carers who help with Gift Wrapping – a busy      Raffle Co-ordinator      Barry Scotton
  but enjoyable fundraiser.                        Assistant Co-ordinator Diana Spence
• Those who help with the ‘Thank You’
                                                   Menu Coordinators Marcella Scotton
                                                           Sybil Bruce and Jean Fleming
• The ‘Look Good Feel Better’ Program.
• Carers who erect and dismantle the
  Christmas decorations in the Ward/Centre.
                                                   The next Banquet Meeting will be held at
• Those involved in the ‘Gourmet Food’             10 am on Wednesday, 20 January at the
  Fundraiser.                                      Master Builders Club. Anyone who wishes
• Our Cork Gang – although corks are               to help is welcome.
  diminishing this is still an important           The theme for next year is “Angels and
  fundraiser.                                      Demons” so this will give you time to think
• Those who print, fold and post our               about your costumes if you wish to dress
  Newsletters.                                     up.
• Our interviewers.
• Special thanks to anyone amongst the             Donations for prizes are starting to come
  Carers whom I have not mentioned.                in and Carers can start obtaining other
                                                   donations from now.
• Then we have our Patron, Professor Clingan
  to thank who is always there should we                  WARD AND CENTRE NEWS
  need him.
• We also give thanks to our many supporters       You are reminded that even though the
  and sponsors in the Illawarra community:         weather is warm and we are tempted to wear
  businesses, organisations, clubs and             open shoes, covered shoes are a must in the
  individuals who have supported us for many       Ward and Centre.
  years and continue to do so as without their     As Carers are often busy with families and
  assistance we would not be able to maintain      grandchildren at this time of the year, you are
  our level of help to patients.                   asked to check the Rosters to see whether
• Thanks also to Wendy Collis and the NUMs         you can fill in at any time there is a vacancy.
  in the Oncology Ward, Cancer Care Centre,
  and those in charge of transport for their
                                                         CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS
  support and availability when needed.
                                                   We are asking for Carers to come and help
2010 is going to be an exciting year for us as     set up the Christmas Decorations on
we celebrate 20 years of helping Illawarra         Thursday, 3 December in both the Ward and
cancer patients.          We will hold several     Cancer Care Centre. Please       Maria Wilson
functions to celebrate this and hope that you      4296 4007 to let her know that you are coming
will all be able to join in where possible.        to help.
                                                   We will meet at 9.00 am, at the main entrance
        BANQUET MEETING                            at the back of the Hospital on Level 1.
Elections were held at the last Banquet
                                                   We need volunteers again on Friday 8
meeting for 2009/2010 committee
                                                   January 2010 at 9 am to dismantle the
positions. The results were as follows:
 ILLAWARRA CANCER CARERS                                             DECEMBER 2009 – Page 3

decorations. Meet at the back entrance of the            AUTHORITY TO FUNDRAISE IDs
Hospital, Level 1. If you can help please
Audrey 4229 8872.                                   Carers who work in fundraising areas will be
                                                    issued with new white IDs for the 2010 year as
                                                    they become involved in these activities.
          SEWING/CRAFT DAYS                         Those participating in the Gift Wrapping will
                                                    find that their IDs will be in one of the tins with
Remember that there are only two sewing days
                                                    the Carers’ things at Westfield. You are to take
in December and no more until February 2010.
                                                    yours and keep it for other events.
This month’s Sewing/Craft days. Friday 4, and
Thursday 17 December, at St Mary’s Catholic
Church Hall, Northcliffe Drive, Berkeley from 9            ROTARACT BED RACE 2010
am to 3 pm.                                          We are about to meet with Rotaract to
At the end of this Newsletter you will find a        organise our part of this fundraiser as we have
sheet to put on your fridge with the sewing          been asked to participate again on Australia
dates/days for 2010. There are no pricing days       Day 2010. When we have details these will
as items will be priced as they come to hand.        be in the signing-on books in the Centre and
If you are a new Carer, you are always               Ward. If you wish to participate please     Sue
welcome to come along and see what this              Clark 4283 4163 or Audrey Walsh 4229 8872.
Group does.        You will be surprised.            It is a fun day and those who took part last
Alternatively, you may         Jean Fleming          year enjoyed the day.
4261 3115 or Eleanor Symons 4228 7637 to
enquire about the Group before you come.                           GIFT WRAPPING
                                                     We will be Gift Wrapping at Westfield
     MARY’S CHRISTMAS BASKETS                        Warrawong from Thursday 17 December
Are you still deciding what to give some of your     through to 24 December. On Thursday 17,
family/friends for Christmas? Well, the Cancer       Monday 21, Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23
Carers have the perfect answer for you. We           December we will be working until 6 pm. We
have a variety of goodies from which you may         will be situated outside My House (near
choose to put into Christmas Baskets.                Kmart).

When will this take place?      Thursday, 3          Thank you to all who have offered to help.
December, Level 3, Cancer Care Centre.               Those who are participating will find a roster
Helpers are required from 8 am to 3 pm and           and information with this Newsletter. There
anyone who wishes to purchase goodies to put         are only a couple of blank spaces on
in your basket come between 11 am and 2 pm.          Christmas Eve, marked with an ‘x’. This is a
                                                     difficult time for Carers as many are preparing
                                                     for Christmas and have families with them.
      CHRISTMAS MARKET STALL                         However, if you can afford two hours to help
Please bring anything you have for the               on 24 December please                   Audrey
Christmas Market Stall into the Centre by            4229 8872.
Tuesday, 8 December. The Christmas Market
Stall will be held on Wednesday, 9 December,         Please find the ID that you are to wear when
Level 2 of the Cancer Care Centre and Level 1        Gift Wrapping in one of the tins that will be
of the Hospital, opposite the cafeteria.             kept with the Carers’ things at Westfield
                                                     Centre. Please wear it and keep it for other
The 2010 Market Stall list is at the back of this    fundraisers you may be involved in.
Page 4 - DECEMBER 2009                              ILLAWARRA CANCER CARERS INC
         OPEN MEETINGS IN 2010                        account this week. We will let you know in the
                                                      February Newsletter of the amount.
You will find a list of Open Meetings for 2010
on the same sheet as the Market Stalls.               The chairs for the Interview Room are also on
                                                      order as are the curtains for Oncology, Level
A number of years ago we used to have Open
                                                      1, Cancer Care Centre.
Meetings in Lawson House where Carers
could come and hear what is going on in the           The Couch for the Linear Accelerator has also
Carers, give ideas and then socialise with a          arrived.
cuppa afterwards. We then held meetings on
Level 3 of the Cancer Care Centre.
                                                              INCOME 25 OCTOBER to
These were discontinued when parking at the                     23 NOVEMBER 2010
Hospital became a problem but now we have
booked the Sonata Room at the Master                   Raffle                          $162.00
Builders Club where parking is not a problem           Stall at Dolls Show             $813.50
and there are facilities for us to socialise over      Donation - CMA                 $3,000.00
lunch or a cup of tea/coffee after the meeting.        Dwyers Pty Ltd                  $100.00
                                                       Patient Contributions           $216.00
Everyone is welcome to come to these                   Gourmet Food                    $891.00
meetings which will be held every second               Craft Sales – M Watkins           $22.00
month starting in March 2010.                          Scooter Hire                       $1.00
                                                       Craft Sales                    $1,308.50
                                                       Membership                        $18.00
Congratulations                                                   BISCUIT ROSTER
to Jean
Fleming who                                           As December is a busy month with Carers
was nominated                                         preparing for Christmas we do not have a set
by the Illawarra                                      roster but should anyone wish to bake biscuits
Cancer Carers                                         the patients would be most grateful.
for the NSW                                           New Carers:        Please      Yvonne Parry,
Volunteer of                                          4229 8921 to let her know if you wish to be
the Year Award                                        included to cook biscuits at a time during the
2009.                                                 year that suits you. You can be included on
Jean attended                                         next year’s roster.
a        recent
morning tea held by Volunteering Australia                            SCOOTERS
where she received a certificate to                   Both scooters are on hire and we have a
acknowledge the hard work that she has done           waiting list. However, should you know of a
for the Cancer Carers over so many years.             patient who wishes to hire one, ring Keith who
Jean has worked not only as co-ordinator of           will put his/her name on the list.
the Sewing Group but she has worked in
many other areas as well                              Keith Wilson                   0412 466 017

                                                      Any Carer who wishes to have a white T-shirt
Biscuits                              $128.80         they are still on sale at Lowes for $12.00 each.
TV Rentals                            $875.00         If you want our Logo on it, just pin your name
The CADD pumps for the Cancer Care Centre             on to the shirt; give it to any Committee
have arrived and we expect to receive the             Member with $4.00 to cover the cost of screen
 ILLAWARRA CANCER CARERS                                  DECEMBER 2009 – Page 5

printing. As soon as we have 20 Sybil will         Thank you luncheon photos
take them to the screen printer. You may have
our logo embroidered on the front if you wish
as well as your name but that will be extra.

This will be held at Don’s Farm as in previous
years on Saturday, 5 December commencing
at 11 am. A map was included at the end of
the November Newsletter.
Just bring your own food. Barbeque facilities
and water are available at the farm.
It is always a pleasant relaxing day when           Working behind the scenes
Carers are able to mix socially.

Put this in your diary now. Our Christmas
Luncheon will be held at Port Kembla Golf
Club, at 11.30 for 12.00 noon on Sunday, 20
December. The cost for a 3-course meal is
$40.00 and that includes red and white wine as
well as juice at the tables.
Money to be received by Sybil Bruce, 12 Dale
Street, Dapto 2530, by Friday, 11 December.
Cheques to be made out to Illawarra Cancer              Some of the Guests
Carers Inc

This was a most enjoyable luncheon held at
the Warilla Bowling Club. The entertainment
was enjoyable with two young gifted boys
playing the piano, one of whom has been
playing for only a short time.

This was held at the Ribbonwood Centre,
Dapto on Wednesday, 25 November and once
again proved to be a success with many
people who help us in various ways enjoying
the luncheon and the social atmosphere.
The guests also had the opportunity to           The birthday girls cutting the Cake
purchase items from our Stall.
Page 6 - DECEMBER 2009                           ILLAWARRA CANCER CARERS INC

           ‘LIVING PROOF’ DVD                     Christmas Market Day Stall - Wednesday,
                                                  9 December, Level 2 (Reception) Cancer Care
Did you know, that there is a new Harry           Centre and Level 1 Hospital.
Connick Jnr DVD out with the above name? It
is about a breakthrough in Breast Cancer –        Gourmet Food Collection – Thursday, 10
Herceptin.                                        December between 12 noon and 5 pm.
                                                  Cancer Care Centre, Level 2.
             GOURMET FOOD                         Carers’ Christmas Luncheon – Sunday, 20
                                                  December, Port Kembla Golf Club. $40.00
Jim Walsh wishes to thank all those, including    pp for 3-course meal and red/white wine/juices
new clients, who have ordered Gourmet Food.       at your table.
Remember, to collect your food from the           Money to Sybil Bruce, 12 Dale Street, Dapto
Cancer Care Centre, Level 2, on Thursday, 10      2530, by Friday, 11 December. Cheques
December between 12 noon and 5 pm.                made out to Illawarra Cancer Carers Inc.
                                                  Dismantle Christmas Decorations – Friday,
                  WANTED                          8 January 2010 at 9.00 am. Meet at Level 1
Does anyone have a playpen for loan between       by the Coffee Shop.
mid December and early January? If you do,
could you please  Audrey 4229 8872.
                                                            ON THE LIGHTER SIDE
          DATES TO REMEMBER                                      The Stranger
                                                   A few years after I was born, my Dad
                 Sewing/Craft Days                 met a stranger who was new to our
               Friday, 4 December                  small town. From the beginning, Dad
                                                   was fascinated with this enchanting
                  Thursday, 17 December            newcomer and soon invited him to live
                    at St Mary’s Catholic          with our family. The stranger was
               Church Hall, Northcliffe Drive,     quickly accepted and was around from
               Berkeley from 9 am to 3 pm.         then on.
Bring a plate for morning tea and your own         As I grew up, I never questioned his
lunch.                                             place in my family. In my young mind,
                                                   he had a special niche. My parents
All Carers welcome. Just arrive or      Jean       were complementary instructors: Mom
Fleming 4261 3115 beforehand. Jean will            taught me good from evil, and Dad
explain what is done at sewing and answer any      taught me to obey.
questions you may have.                            But the stranger...he was our
Mary’s Christmas Baskets – Level 3, Cancer         Storyteller... He would keep us
Care Centre - Thursday, 3 December,                spellbound for hours on end with
Helpers 8 am to 3 pm. Those who wish to            adventures, mysteries and comedies.
choose a basket – come between 11 am and
                                                   If I wanted to know anything about
2 pm.
                                                   politics, history or science, he
Picnic – Don’s Farm – Saturday,                    always knew the answers about the past,
5 December from 11 am. All Carers welcome.         understood the present and even seemed
Map at end of November Newsletter. Bring           able to predict the future! He took my
your own food. Barbeque facilities and water       family to a major league game. He made
provided.                                          me laugh, and he made me cry.
                                                   The stranger never stopped talking, but
Coach Trip to Southern Highlands                   Dad didn't seem to mind.
Saturday 5 December – Cost $20 To book             Sometimes, Mum would get up quietly
ring Irma 4284 3742.                               while the rest of us were shushing each
ILLAWARRA CANCER CARERS                                   DECEMBER 2009 – Page 7

other to listen to what he had to say,    Our thoughts and good wishes to those who
and she would go to the kitchen for       have been sick or otherwise indisposed
peace and quiet. (I wonder now if she     recently. We hope you have a speedy
ever prayed for the stranger to leave.)   recovery.
Dad ruled our household with certain
moral convictions, but the stranger       SINCERE    THANKS
never felt obligated to honour them.      FROM         YOUR
Profanity, for example, was not allowed   COMMITTEE    ONCE
in our home... Not from us, our friends   MORE TO ALL OUR
or any visitors. Our long-time            CARERS        FOR
visitor, however, got away with four-
                                          EVERYTHING    YOU
letter words that burned my ears and
                                          HAVE DONE FOR US
made my Dad squirm and my mother blush.
My Dad didn't permit the liberal use of   DURING 2009.
alcohol. But the stranger encouraged
us to try it on a regular basis. He       WE WISH ALL OUR
made cigarettes look cool, cigars manly   CARERS,        THEIR
and pipes distinguished.                  FAMILIES AND OUR
I now know that my early concepts about   READERS A VERY
relationships were influenced strongly    HAPPY CHRISTMAS
by the stranger. Time after time, he      AND EVERY GOOD
opposed the values of my parents, yet     WISH FOR 2010. WE
he was seldom rebuked... And NEVER        HOPE IT IS A SAFE AND HEALTHY YEAR FOR
asked to leave.                           YOU ALL.
More than fifty years have passed since
the stranger moved in with our family.
He has blended right in and is not
nearly as fascinating as he was at
first. Still, if you could walk into
my parents' den today, you would still
find him sitting over in his corner,        NOTE: The Illawarra Cancer Carers respects
waiting for someone to listen to him        the privacy of all its members. No personal
talk and watch him draw his pictures.       details of individual members will be used for
His name?.... .. .                          any purpose other than that for which they are
                                            held, ie the operation of the organisation. No
We just call him "TV."                      person’s personal details will be provided to any
                                            other party without express approval of that
He has a wife now...We call her

                                            WE WILL BE BACK IN FEBRUARY 2010
                                              WITH OUR NEXT NEWSLETTER.

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