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Michael Jackson ppt (PowerPoint)

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									•   Name: Michael Joseph Jackson
•   Birth Date: August 29, 1958 (12:13 am)
•   Star Sign: Virgo
•   Birthplace: Gary, Indiana, USA
•   Current Residence: Neverland Valley Ranch, Los Olivos, California, USA
•   Parents: Katherine (*May 4, 1930) & Joseph Jackson (*July 26, 1929)
•   Godchild: Michael Gibb (son of Barry Gibb - 'Bee Gees')
    Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)
•   Eye Colour: Dark brown
•   Hair Colour: Black
•   Shoe Size: US 10 (European 42)
•   Secondary School Qualifications: high-school diploma
•   Interests & Hobbies: Reading, painting, martial arts, dancing, acting, drawing,
    animals, philanthropic and humanitarian causes, going to amusement parks,
    travelling, shopping, going to the movies, spending time with children
    (especially terminally ill and underprivileged children), collecting paintings,
    sculptures, movie memorabilia and old costumes, investing
•   Best Friend: Elizabeth Taylor
•   Idols: Charlie Chaplin, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelley, Berry Gordy, Quincy Jones,
    Three Stooges, Walt Disney
•   Favourite Accessory: Black Fedora
•   Favourite Actors & Actresses: Shirley Temple, Elizabeth Taylor, Katherine
    Hepburn, Morgan Freeman, Marlon Brando
•   Favourite Artists: Michaelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci
•   Favourite Board Game: Monopoly
•   Favourite Books: 'Peter Pan' by James Matthew Barrie, 'Jonathan Livingstone
    Seagull' by Richard Bach, 'The Old Man And The Sea' by Ernest Hemingway
•   Favourite Classical Composers: Claude Debussy ('Afternoon of the Fawn'),
    Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowsky, Sergei Sergejewitsch Prokofjew
•   Favourite Colours: Red, black
•   Favourite Disney Characters: Mickey Mouse, Peter Pan, Pinocchio
•   Favourite Drink: mineral water (e.g. Evian, Perrier), fruit juice (orange),
    vegetable juice (carrot), Gatorade (during concerts)
•   Favourite Food: Mexican, exotic, spicy & vegetarian food, Sushi, pizza,
    chicken, fish, fresh fruits, popcorn, vanilla ice with cookie pieces, sunflower
    seeds, glazed doughnuts, frosted flakes with milk, M&Ms
•   "Off The Wall"
•   "Thriller"
•   "Bad"
•   "Dangerous"
•   "HIStory - Past, Present And Future - Book 1"
•   "Blood On The Dance Floor - HIStory In The Mix"
•   "Invincible"…
          Released in 1978, The Wiz, directed by Sidney
          Lumet, is a remake of one of Michael Jackson's
          favourite movies "The Wizard of Oz". The film has
          an all blackcast with Diana Ross playing the lead
          role of Dorothy and Richard Pryor as The Wiz.
          Michael Jackson plays the Scarecrow.
          The Wiz was Michael’s first step into the movies
          and he found he enjoyed the 5-hour make-up
          sessions, 6 days a week, transforming him into the
          Scarerow and be able to become a different
             Released in 1988, Moonwalker is a magical,
             musical journey into the world of Michael
             Directed by Jerry Kramer and Colin
             Chilvers, starring Joe Pesci as Mr Big and
             Sean Lennon, Kellie Parker and Brandon
             Moonwalker is a story of good over evil,
             mixed in with fantastic songs and dance
             numbers, animation and the latest special
             effects of the time.
         A short film of 38 minutes released in 1996/97,
         Ghosts was written by Michael Jackson and
         Stephen King and directed by Oscar-winner Stan
         Winston, the world's foremost creator of
         creatures. Winston is the man behind characters
         such as 'The Terminator', the extra-terrestrial
         monstrosities of 'Aliens' and the amazing
         dinosaurs of 'Jurassic Park'. Featuring latest
         special effects, make-up and dance routines,
         Michael plays a number of characters that look
         nothing like each other making use of great
GHOSTS   make-up and special effects.
•   4S   Wong Kin Chun
•   4S   Chu Ka Him
•   4S   Yan Shung Hong
•   4S   Cheung Wai Kin
•   4S   Kwan Ho Lam

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