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									FORKEY DOE (left) can not be revealed on this night action against Silver injury.

ONLY moral and spirit of Terengganu only player who can ensure victory when down against
Silver in Super League at home this night because the team is already getting quite a lot of

After failing to stage the FA Cup final after losing to Sime Darby before, the team has now
lost the main coach Mat Zan Mat Aris, who rested four matches until 15 May.

Assistant coach Terengganu, Khalid Mohd. Branches that are now taking up Mat Zan told,
besides, many players do not get down to play tonight on various capacities-Gai problems.

"Francis Doe Forkey, Shamsul Mohamad Kamal, Abdul Manaf Mamat and Ahmad Nordin
Alias injury, while Reeshafiq Alwi still not fully recovered.

"Mazlizam Mohammad also can not be reduced because there are three yellow cards," he
said when met during a training session at Stadium Sultan Nasiruddin Shah, Kuala
Terengganu yesterday.

In the meantime, he said, some tactical and formation changes should be done as many key
players that can not be revealed, but he hopes that the players can show the action

"Currently we are not a lot of advantages, so the only moral and spirit will help the team to
play Terengganu are more good against Perak tomorrow night (tonight)," he said.

Clearly, the opportunity to Silver is 50-50 on the two previous meetings in which Terengganu
had lost once in the FA Cup encounter 1-0 0-1 and win the first round of Super League in

Meanwhile, the President of the State Football Association (PBSNT), Datuk Che Mat Jusoh
explained, the decision rested Mat Zan made after the team lost to Sime Darby, on Tuesday.

"I call him by phone after the game and I asked him to break four games," he said.

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