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                    Memphis Show - Booth 1007
                  New Orleans Show - Booth 2200
                  Baton Rouge Show - Booth 1150

2 | Gift2Jewelry Show Update | Show Schedule
                                   by Robert Kolinek

“Young EntrEprEnEurs CarEEr DaYs”
MakEs a CoMEbaCk
In August, I reintroduced a program that my grandmother created
more than 30 years ago called “young Entrepreneurs Career days.”
We admitted children 12 to 16 years of age to the shows for free in
both Memphis and New Orleans when accompanied by a qualified
buyer. By introducing the next generation to our industry, we are                       Halley Hill (17), Lorin Coker (18), Mrs. Allyson Coker,
                                                                                        Kelbie McPherson (15), Jenna Hill (15).
motivating our children to continue to grow the business that sustains
and inspires us.

One great example of the younger generation becoming involved
in the industry is Chris Edwards. This young man has worked at
                                                                       “It’s a great way to meet people, I
the Memphis show in registration for more than eight years. His         just love the people that come to the
grandmother, Corella Edwards, recruited him with the promise
of making extra money when he was just a teenager. Although
                                                                        Helen brett shows.”
Corella retired from Helen Brett a couple of years ago after more                                                    Chris Edwards
than 38 years of dedicated service working in the show office in
exhibitor registration, her personality and charm remain with us     Chris will continue to work at the Memphis show even while he
to this day.                                                         is pursuing a master’s degree in electrical engineering at MSU.
                                                                     Although it may appear that his work is far from our industry, Chris
                                                                     is quick to point out that his problem-solving skills were developed
                                                                     at Helen Brett. I’m proud to say that he recently put those skills to
                                                                     use as a member of MSU’s 17-member unmanned aircraft systems
                                                                     group. This year his team won the 2008 Best Flight Award of the
                                                                     Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International.
                                                                     Problem-solving and working with a team are two of the many
                                                                     skills our industry has to offer our youth! This entrepreneurial way
                                                                     of doing business should be introduced to the next generation
                                                                     and the practice of these skills will continue to drive show traffic.
Chris with his mother, Pamela and grandmother, Corella Edwards
                                                                     Chris is just one example of someone within our ranks “growing
                                                                     up” in the industry and I’m proud to say we saw many more fresh
Chris started cleaning computers during the shows and worked his
                                                                     faces this summer during our “Young Entrepreneurs Career Days.”
way up to registration and computer maintenance. He continued
to work the shows throughout his years of college even if that       Buyer Allyson Coker of Serendipity in Stuttgart, Arkansas took
meant returning to his home state of Tennessee. Money may have       advantage of our “Young Entrepreneurs Career Days” and invited
been his original incentive, but as a young man he states that the   two nieces and their friends to the Memphis show. The young
reason he keeps coming back year after year is because of the        women enjoyed their first show, and are looking forward to a
people. “It’s a great way to meet people, I just love the people     return visit.
that come to the Helen Brett shows,” shares Chris. Chris recently    As always, I welcome your comments. If you have stories of youth who
graduated summa cum laude from Mississippi State where he            enjoyed “young Entrepreneurs Career days,” please feel free to email
received a degree in Electrical Engineering.                         me at I look forward to hearing from you!

                                                                                    Show Schedule | Gift2Jewelry Show Update | 3
LonG-time exhibitor CatChes risinG star
Slow and steady not only wins the race, but
it makes a great marinara sauce. ken Galli,
founder and owner of Galli Gourmet, Inc.,
has been exhibiting at Helen Brett Gift
& Jewelry Shows for more than a
decade and this entrepreneur-
ial chef has become the
latest and greatest
rising star in the
Italian cooking

  Galli Gou
Not bad for a company that started eleven years ago in a converted
mobile home in Navarre, Florida. Fifty years ago, while his friends
                                                                        “I love the way Helen Brett Enterprises
were playing baseball in the streets of Chicago, Ken was in the          treats the exhibitors,” said ken.
kitchen learning to prepare Sicilian cuisine from his Palermo-born       “They’re very helpful during setup and
mother. “My mother shopped daily for fresh vegetables, meats,
cheeses, olive oil, olives and bread from street vendors and Italian     they draw tons of attendees with their
butcher shops,” said Ken. He learned an important lesson about           strong advertising.”
fresh, quality products from her.
                                                                        With more than 21 Galli brand specialty Italian condiments, the
“All my olive oils come from one family in Sicily,” he explains.
                                                                        company is receiving national praise. In 2005, Galli Gourmet’s olive
“Most of the products you find in today’s local grocery stores is
                                                                        salad oil was voted the “Best New Condiment” in the National
blended down so it can be sold for less money. Our olive oil is
                                                                        Gourmet Food Show in Dallas, Texas.
only the best.”
Ken Galli built the company from the ground up with his mother’s
olive and hot pepper salad dressing sold by the jar. The company
started selling to individuals, restaurants and gourmet food and
gift shops in Northwest Florida. As Ken added more product lines,
his circle of influence grew.
“I’ve invested eleven years developing and marketing my Italian
products for gourmet food markets in some 350 shows across the
country,” said Ken. Ken’s company has exhibited in all three Helen
Brett Gift & Jewelry Shows including Baton Rouge, Memphis and
New Orleans.
Galli manufactures five of his specialty Italian condiments at Garden
Row Foods near Chicago including Galli Olive Salad Dressing, Galli
Muffaletta Mix, Galli Giardiniera Hot Pepper Mix, Galli Bruschetta
and Galli Hot Bruschetta.

                                                                        Ken’s Gourmet Olive Oil comes from one family in Sicily.
4 | Gift2Jewelry Show Update | Show Schedule
 In the March 2007 issue of a leading national specialty food
 publication, Specialty Food Magazine, Galli Gourmet received
 national and international recognition as a new member of the
 National Association of Specialty Food Trade, Inc. The New York
 City based publication is considered the “bible of the specialty
 food industry” with subscribers from around the world.
 Later that year, Galli Gourmet, Inc. set record goals in 2007 and
 is now selling specialty condiments in more than 37 states. Galli’s
 marketing brochure is now available in Spanish and features ten
 different Galli brand products and two California extra virgin
 blended olive oils distributed by the company.
 Ken’s passion for his product shows in everything he does. But
 most importantly he enjoys sharing his recipes with others. After
 three years of hard work, Ken will be publishing his first cookbook
 this August: the “Galli Specialty Cookbook.”
 “It’s kind of an Italian novella turned cookbook” said Ken with a
 cheerful laugh. The book will feature the Galli family photographic
 history detailed through authentic Italian dishes. It includes many

 of his mother’s favorite award-winning recipes which she served
 while he was raised in North Chicago.

                                                                       Galli Olive Salad Dressing: one of Ken’s many specialty condiments

 reCeiVes nationaL exPosure
 Ken’s proud to say that when he exhibits during Helen Brett shows,    Take some time to locate Galli Gourmet at an upcoming Helen
 attendees search him out for his fresh, one-of-a-kind products.       Brett Gift & Jewelry show and leave plenty of room in your
 Helen Brett president Robert Kolinek knows a good gift idea when      car! For more information on Galli’s Italian condiments, visit
 he sees one. “Robert buys a couple cases from me during almost or visit him at New Orleans - Booth 1705 and
 every show,” said Ken. “He claims to give them as personal gifts,     Baton Rouge - Booth 415.
 but I think he keeps some of it for himself.”

               GaLLi’s robust                                                         GaLLi’s Famous
              marinara sauCe                                                            meatbaLLs
     1/4 cup Galli Italian Extra     1 cup red table wine                 1 pound ground chuck
       Virgin Olive Oil              3 chopped garlic cloves              1/4 pound ground pork
     1/2 medium yellow onion         1 tablespoon dried basil             1/4 pound ground veal
     2 cans (27 ounces) crushed      2 tablespoons dried                  1 cup Italian bread crumbs
       tomatoes                        oregano                            1 teaspoon granulated garlic powder
     1 can (8 ounce) tomato          1 teaspoon salt                      1 tablespoon fresh Italian parsley, finely chopped
       paste                         1 teaspoon black pepper              1 egg
                                                                          Salt and pepper to taste
                                                                          1/3 cup Galli Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil for browning
     In a large pot, sauté onions and garlic in Galli Olive Oil
     until tender. Add all the other ingredients, then cover and          In large bowl, combine all ingredients until well blended.
     cook over low heat, stirring often. Let the mixture cook             Using your hands, gently form meat mixture into 12
     down and simmer for 4 hours. This recipe is wonderful                meatballs. Heat oil in large non-stick skillet over medium
     “as is” on your favorite pasta and also is quite delicious           to high heat. Add the meatballs, turning occasionally until
     when added to browned meatballs, pork or beef ribs.                  well browned on all sides. (About 6 to 8 minutes) Transfer
     Yields 8 to 10 servings.                                             to plate to drain. These can be served as appetizers or
                                                                          added to marinara sauce. Yields 4 to 6 servings.

                                                                                       Show Schedule | Gift2Jewelry Show Update | 5
sHoW/traVEL InFo
Baton Rouge, LA                                          NEW ORLEANS, LA
BATON ROUGE JEWELRY &                                    INTERNATIONAL JEWELRY FAIR/
DECEmBER 13 - 15, 2008                                   NOVEmBER 22 - 25, 2008
24,000 Buyers & 500 Booths                               37,000 Buyers & 1,200 Booths
DECEmBER 12 - 14, 2009                                   mAy 16 - 19, 2009
24,000 Buyers & 500 Booths                               24,000 Buyers & 800 Booths
Baton Rouge River Center                                 OCTOBER 31 - NOVEmBER 3, 2009
                                                         37,000 Buyers & 1,200 Booths
                                                         New Orleans morial Convention Center
Memphis, TN
MID-SOUTH JEWELRY &                                      NEW ORLEANS GIFT &
ACCESSORIES FAIR                                         JEWELRY SHOW
NOVEmBER 15 - 18, 2008                                   FEBRUARy 14 - 17, 2009
15,500 Buyers & 450 Booths                               20,000 Buyers & 700 Booths
APRIL 25 - 27, 2009                                      AUgUST 1 - 4, 2009
7,000 Buyers & 275 Booths                                27,000 Buyers & 950 Booths
NOVEmBER 21 - 24, 2009                                   New Orleans morial Convention Center
15,500 Buyers & 450 Booths
memphis-Cook Convention Center

JANUARy 24 - 26, 2009
8,000 Buyers & 300 Booths
AUgUST 22 - 25, 2009
10,000 Buyers & 350 Booths
memphis-Cook Convention Center

Congratulations to Show Manager Dave Harrington!
Helen Brett Show manager Dave Harrington has attained the exhibition industry’s premier professional
credential. In may he met all the necessary requirements for earning the Certified in Exhibition
management designation (CEm). Dave will be recognized at Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual meeting
and Exhibition in December. He will also be featured in an upcoming issue of the “IAEE News and
Industry Report.” We are proud of Dave’s achievement and his commitment to professionalism.

6 | Gift2Jewelry Show Update | Show Schedule
                           sHoW/traVEL InFo
BATON ROugE, LA                                                        NEW ORLEANS, LA
December 13-15, 2008                                                   November 22-25, 2008
(Rates will increase after the cut-off date of 11/5/08.)               (Rates will increase after the cut-off date of 10/27/08.)
HILTON CAPITOL CENTER                                                  MARRIOTT SPRINGHILL SUITES
201 Lafayette St.                                                      301 St. Joseph St.
Baton Rouge, LA 70801                                                  New Orleans, LA 70130
Rate: $139 Single/Double                                               Rate: $129 Single/Double/Triple/Quad
      $149 Triple
                                                                       MARRIOTT COURTYARD
      $159 Quad
                                                                       300 Julia St.
SHERATON BATON ROUGE                                                   New Orleans, LA 70130
102 France St.                                                         Rate: $129 Single/Double/Triple/Quad
Baton Rouge, LA 70801
                                                                       HAMPTON INN & SUITES – CONVENTION CENTER
Rate: $129 Single/Double
                                                                       1201 Convention Center Blvd.
      $139 Triple
                                                                       New Orleans, LA 70130
      $149 Quad
                                                                       Rate - Inn: $139 Single/Double/Triple/Quad
                                                                       RESIDENCE INN CONVENTION CENTER
MEMpHiS, TN                                                            345 St. Joseph St.
November 15-18, 2008                                                   New Orleans, LA 70130
                                                                       Rate: $129 Single/Double/Triple/Quad
(Rates will increase after the cut-off date of 10/11/08.)
250 N. main St.
memphis, TN 38103                                                      MakIng HotEL
Rate: $119 Single/Double/Triple/Quad
(formerly Wyndham garden Hotel)
300 N. 2nd St.
                                                                       Has nEVEr bEEn EasIEr!
memphis, TN 38105                                                      Register online at
Rate: $119 Single/Double/Triple/Quad
                                                                              1. Select “Hotel Reservations” located on the
                                                                                 top bar.
100 N. Front St.
                                                                              2. Select the show you are planning to attend.
memphis, TN 38103
                                                                              3. Select “make a Hotel Reservation.”
Rate: $84 Single/Double/Triple/Quad

                                                                       It’s that easy. you will receive immediate confirmation
                                                                       either by e-mail, fax or U.S. mail and you can modify
                                                                       or cancel your reservation at any time.

   All dates are subject to change without prior notice. Please confirm the latest dates on our Web site before making travel plans.
   All shows allow order writing and immediate delivery. For more information on shows, contact:
                                                      Helen Brett Enterprises, Inc.
                                                5111 Academy Drive, Lisle, IL 60532-2171
                                               Phone: 630.241.9865 • Fax: 630.241.9870
   No children under the age of 16 permitted on the show floor. Only one guest per qualified buyer. No wheeled carts of any kind or
   strollers will be permitted on the show floor. Infants in front packs are the only exception. An area for you to check your cart/stroller
   will be provided. Wheelchairs are permitted. Please visit for additional show rules and regulations.

                                                                                    Show Schedule | Gift2Jewelry Show Update | 7
the OOh! and ahh! FactOr
                                               under Wraps founder and              Under Wraps specializes in the manufacture
                                                                                    and distribution of designer gift wrap and
                                               owner Bruce Einsohn calls it the     coordinated accessories that include ribbons,
                                               “Ooh! and Ahh! Factor” and           labels, boxes and more. The company is
                                               that is what’s made his business     based in Dallas, Texas, and was founded by
                                                                                    this discerning entrepreneur after his previous
                                               continue to grow for more than       employer purchased 50 trailers of gift wrap
                                               32 years. “When buyers enter         overages.
                                               our booth and see our gift wrap      At the time, Bruce was employed by a mul-
                                               products, we get an incred-          tinational trading company and was head of
                                                                                    a division that bought and sold warehouse
                                               ible reaction,” explains Bruce.
                                                                                    surplus. “My boss sold off much of the cargo
                                               “They’re overwhelmed by the          from the 50 trailers and then just gave me any
                                               color and selection. It’s a candy    leftover odds and ends,” said Bruce. “My
                                                                                    brother and I hit the streets with the overages
                                               land of fashionable wrap and ac-
                                                                                    and were very successful.” Soon, Bruce’s
                                               cessories. It’s the ‘ooh! and ahh!   weekend hobby became a full-time career.
                                               factor!’”                            The company continued to double its sales
Under Wraps founder and owner, Bruce Einsohn
                                                                                    every year for the first five years in business.

8 | Gift2Jewelry Show Update | Show Schedule
                                     FasHIon trEnDs                                 thrill of the hunt,” he said. He continues
                                     “The gift wrap industry is based on fashion    to negotiate custom printing arrange-
                                     trends,” said Bruce. “Our business runs        ments from one of the largest printers
                                     in tandem with the fashion industry so         in the United States, as well as from one
                                     whatever’s hot in the fashion world is hot     in Europe. Under Wraps has the ability
                                     in ours. We stay in the know.” Bruce           to purchase gigantic rolls of up to 2,500
                                     discovered that he has a natural knack         feet from these mills and then “spin them
                                     for nuances of color and design, espe-         down” to consumer sizes. The savings is
                                     cially in terms of what people like and buy.   then passed on to the buyers.
                                     Currently chocolate, aqua and orange are       Because he purchases from these reliable
                                     tops in the gift wrap market but, according    sources, the product is guaranteed to
                                     to Bruce, hot pink and animal prints are       provide consistent paper quality and
                                     always popular.                                weight without any registration or color
                                     More traditional red, green, white and         shifts. “Our paper is strong, vibrant and
“The buyers at these shows           silver are always fashionable during           coated,” he adds.

are   educated    consumers,”        the holiday season. Bruce makes sure
                                     that their products have something for         sELECtIon
said Bruce. “They know our           everyone, from classic and traditional to      When you visit Under Wraps at any given
                                     cool and trendy. Two of the more popular       Helen Brett show, you’re guaranteed a
product is 5 to 10 times the         accessories today include tulle and raffia.    minimum of 100 different pattern options
                                     “We carry more than 31 colors of tulle at      and many of them include matching
length of our competitors’           every show and more than 43 colors of          boxes. “This Fall, we’re going to have 200
                                     raffia. When I started my business yarn        different patterns available, all with the
product for the same amount          was the fashionable wrapping accessory         latest style and fashion.”
                                     of the day. But things change,” he said
of money, and ours is printed        with a chuckle.
                                                                                    During the last three years, Under Wraps
                                                                                    has continued its unprecedented growth
on a better quality paper.”          Fashion trends come and go, but one            by doubling sales each and every year.
                                     thing remains consistent: Under Wraps          “It may sound hokey,” admits Bruce,
                                     provides the best gift wrap product at the     “but most of my staff has worked with
                    Bruce Einsohn,   lowest price in the industry.                  me for more than 20 years and they enjoy
           founder of Under Wraps                                                   attending these shows. We’re people that
                                     EXHIbItIng to EDuCatED                         love people. And we get excited when
                                                                                    they’re excited.”
                                     Under Wraps products are sold and distrib-     Be sure to visit Bruce in New Orleans -
                                     uted primarily through trade shows, and        Booths 868-870, 1217-1219, 1508-1509,
                                     has been a consistent top vendor during        1561-1562, Memphis - Booths 418-420,
                                     the last four years at Helen Brett Gift &      Baton Rouge - Booths 515-516.
                                     Jewelry Shows. The company continues
                                     to exhibit in Baton Rouge, Memphis and
                                     New Orleans. “The buyers at these shows
                                     are educated consumers,” said Bruce.
                                     “They know that our product is five to
                                     ten times the length of our competitors’
                                     product for the same amount of money,
                                     and ours is printed on a better quality
                                     paper.” Bruce attends more than 100
                                     shows a year in 15 different states and has
                                     never encountered a competitor that can
                                     match his price, quality and selection.
                                     Bruce maintains his low prices by pur-
                                                                                     Animal prints are the most poplular patterns -
                                     chasing directly from large mills. “It’s the    even during the holidays.

                                                                          Show Schedule | Gift2Jewelry Show Update | 9
                                                                  put Your MarkEtIng
                                                                  DoLLars to gooD usE!
                                                                  Looking for the best way to communicate with your
                                                                  customers? Why not send a postcard or flyer letting your
                                                                  customers know:
                                                                     •   where your store/business is located
                                                                     •   the products you sell
                                                                     •   the special promotions being offered
                                                                     •   what tradeshow you will be at next
                                                                  Whether you need RBK to print and mail your advertisement
                                                                  or you want to supply us with your already printed piece to
                                                                  be mailed, RBK can handle it all.
                                                                  Services we offer:
                                                                     •   Variable Data & Print On-Demand Digital Printing
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                                                                  RBK is the official printer & mailer for Helen Brett Enter-
                                                                              1988 University Lane, Lisle, IL 60532
     New Orleans - Booths 2151-2152 • Memphis - Booth 1050                   Ph. 630-241-9871 • Fax 630-241-9935
                Baton Rouge - Booths 1104-1105                              

                                                             It’s Money Madness Time
                                                             at our Helen Brett
                                                             Gift & Jewelry Shows

                                                             Attend three or more Helen
                                                             Brett shows between now and
                                                             February 2009 and you have the
                                                             chance to win $500 of “Helen
                                                             Brett Bucks” to use toward any
                                                             purchase from any of our

                                                             We have provided a “punch
                                                             card” to keep track of your
                                                             attendance. Cards must be
                                                             turned in at either the Memphis
                                                             Gift & Jewelry Show, January
                                                             24-26, 2009, or the New
      memphis                                New Orleans     Orleans Gift & Jewelry Show,
      Booth 861                              Booth 2250      February 14-17, 2009 with a
                                                             minimum of three punches to
                                                             be entered into a drawing for
                                                             ten-$50 “Helen Brett Bucks!”

10 | Gift2Jewelry Show Update | Show Schedule
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