How to Sync iPod Movies to iTunes

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                     How to Sync iPod Movies to iTunes?

Q: Hi, I converted some of my films and put them on my iPod to watch on a flight.
Anyway I want to copy those films from my iPod back into the movies section in itunes.
I have tried copying and dragging, but I get a no entry sign and it doesn't let me...
Anybody knows how?

This is really a typical problem about how to sync iPod movies to iTunes. In fact,
iTunes only allows you sync contents that you get from iTunes store to iPod. If the
movies on your iPod are from other resources and you still want to backup movies
from iPod to iTunes, you can try an iPod Transfer tool to help easily achieve this task.

Now simply click the link to download the software for free and refer to below steps to
copy movies from iPod into iTunes!

Step-by-step Guide:

Step 1: Download, install and launch the iPod transfer program on your computer. Connect
your iPod with your PC, and you will see all the items in your iPod will be detected and listed
in the left of the interface.
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Step 2: Click "Movies" item in the file list and check the detail informations on the right
panel. Then, check out the movies you want to sync to iTunes.

Step 3: After you have decided the movies to backup, simply click the "Export" button in the
top menu list. When you see the confirmation message appears, select "Export to iTunes"
and it will start to sync iPod movies to iTunes.

Note: During the transferring process, please don't close iTunes. Otherwise, it will fail to copy
movies from iPod into iTunes.

After the export, you can find your iPod movies appear in the movie section in iTunes.
Easy enough? Only with a few clicks and several minutes, you sync iPod movies to
iTunes with ease and leisure. What' more, you can also move songs from iPod to
iTunes, copy playlist from iPod to iTunes and more with the same steps.

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Description: If you come into trouble when trying to sync iPod movies to iTunes, you can consider a professional iTunes transfer tool. See this guide to know how to backup movies from iPod to iTunes.