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                                                                                  Not using a state-of-the-art
                                                                                       predictive dialer?
                                                                                      Then you could be losing
                                                                                         leads – and sales!

                                                                                            According to a recent Aberdeen report, the typical telemarketing
                                                                                            agent makes only 30 calls a day, and achieves only 17
            Using a predictive dialer is the smart, economical way to get
            more value from your outbound calling programs. Your agents                     Donna Fluss, president of DMG Consulting, claims that, “the
            no longer have to hand dial numbers, or deal with busy signals,                 new era of dialing brings with it opportunities for enterprises to
            wrong or disconnected numbers, fax machines, or voice mail                      build dialing strategies that help them achieve a competitive
            boxes – leaving them free to spend more time selling your                       advantage through proactive customer care, notification and
            products and services.                                                          early-stage collections.”

            In real-world scenarios, predictive dialers have been proven to                 And when it comes to predictive dialers, no other system is as
            help companies like yours to:                                                   powerful, functional, or cost-effective as SafeSoft Solutions.
                                                                                            What makes our predictive dialers so superior?
                     Make more calls. Predictive dialers allow companies to
                     make 3 to 4 times more calls than manual dialing.                         Web-hosted environment. No equipment to purchase.
                     Close more deals. Companies who use predictive                            No long, complicated installations that drain resources. No
                     dialers have experienced sales volumes that are nearly                    administration hassle. Forget about technology, and just
                     double those that they achieved through manual dialing.                   focus on your outbound telemarketing strategies.
                     Generate higher profits. Selling more of your product or                  End-to-end dialing support. Automate and enhance the
                     service will boost your bottom line. Studies show that just               entire dialing process, with the ability to call numbers in
                     a 50% increase in sales can increase profits by as much                   succession from a database, initiate three-way
                     as 100%.                                                                  conferences, transfer calls in progress, schedule
                     Increase agent productivity. Predictive dialers increase                  call-backs, and more!
                     talk time, and make agents as much as 70% more                            Integrated CRM and lead management. Track and
                     efficient.                                                                manage contacts and leads from cradle to grave, to gain
                                                                                               insight that can make your campaigns more successful.
                                                  Manual Dialing Predictive Dialing            Flexible call handling. Support both inbound and
                    Calls per Agent (per day)           80               600                   outbound call campaigns with one single, robust solution.
                    Connects (per 1000 calls)          250               354                   Reporting and performance management. Evaluate the
                                                                                               success of your campaigns with real-time reports and
                    Talk Time (per hour)            16 minutes       47 minutes
                                                                                               statistics. Then, use that intelligence to set smarter
                    Sales (per 8 hour shift)            8               25.6
                                                                                               strategies for future initiatives.
                    Revenues (per 8 hour shift)       $280              $875

            Because predictive dialers connect calls to agents only when a
            human answers, they eliminate the need to hand dial numbers,                          See rsthand how your company can increase the
            and allows them to avoid dealing with busy signals, disconnected                          results of its outbound calling e orts with
            or wrong numbers, fax machines, etc. This leaves them free to                        state-of-the-art predictive dialing technologies from
            spend more time talking to existing and potential customers –
                                                                                                        SafeSoft Solutions. Visit our Website at
            which will result in more sales and higher revenues!
                                                                                                            to request your FREE trial today!
        SafeSoft Solutions, Inc.
        20950 Warner Center Lane                                                 SafeSoft customers have seen dramatic improvements in outbound calling
        Building A                                                             e ciency, experiencing an increase of up to 400% in the number of successful
        Woodland Hills, CA 91367                                                                                            connects agents make each day.
        Local: (818) 436-3600
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