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									       Fact sheet

    Home Security
    Window Security & Patio Doors
                                                                                               •	 cutting	 a	 snug	 piece	 of	 wood	 the	
          Windows & Patio Doors present a special challenge                                       size	 of	 a	 broom	 handle	 or	 hockey	
          with respect to home security. They can be broken,                                      stick	next	to	the	windows	used	for	
          forced open, or lifted from their track. Windows can
                                                                                               •	 adding	a	secondary	locking	device.
          also be used to defeat door locks when they are within
          40 inches of the lock mechanism.
                                                                                               patio Doors
                                                                                               Patio doors are little more than large
    In order to improve your security,          improVe the securitY oF                        sliding windows. As such, security can
    we recommend that you do the                                                               be	enhanced	using	the	above	methods.	
                                                Your eXisting WinDoWs/                         The	 size	 of	 patio	 door	 allows	 for	
                                                patio Doors                                    additional	options.	These	include	the	
                                                sliding Windows / patio Doors                  use	of	“Charlie”	bars	and	pins.
    assess Your VulnerabilitY                   Sliding	 windows	 can	 be	 defeated	
    •	 Take	 a	 look	 at	 the	 accessible	
                                                in	 one	 of	 three	 ways.	 They	 can	 be	      charlie bars
       windows around your property.
                                                forced open, lifted up and out or the          Charlie	 bars	 are	 designed	 to	 prevent	
       These	 generally	 include	 basement	
                                                glass	 can	 be	 broken.	 Sliders	 require	     lateral	movement	in	patio	doors.	They	
       and	ground	floor	windows	as	well	as	
                                                reinforcement to prevent easy entry.           are installed at a convenient height and
       any	window	that	can	be	reached	by	an	
       air	conditioning	compressor,	arbours	                                                   create	 a	 visible	 deterrent	 to	 burglars	
       etc. Note whether landscaping            close the gap at the top of the                thereby	making	them	a	superior	option.	
       screens these from view. In instances    Window                                         Charlie	 bars	 are	 available	 at	 most	
       where this is a factor, consider         All sliding windows and doors have             hardware and home improvement
       reducing or removing some of the         an “installation” gap at the top which         centres.
       plant material.                          allows	 them	 to	 be	 lifted	 up	 and	 out.	
                                                This	 gap	 should	 be	 filled	 by	 one	 of	
    •	 Check	your	property	for	sidelights	                                                     pins
                                                two methods:
       (long window next to entrance                                                           A	 quarter	 inch	 metal	 “pin”	 can	 be	
       door), sliding windows including         1.	 A	 piece	 of	 wood	 can	 be	 cut	 so	      used	to	“lock”	the	patio	door	frames	
       patio	doors,	double	hung	windows	            that	it	is	slightly	(about	1/8”	inch)	     together.	 This	 should	 be	 installed	
       and country-style doors (side                smaller than the gap and the width         near ground level (in the event of a
       entrance with large glass panel).            of	 the	 window.	 This	 will	 allow	       fire)	by	carefully	drilling	through	the	
       If your property has any of these            it to sit on top of the window or          intersection	of	the	patio	frames,	being	
       features,	 check	 the	 appropriate	          patio	door	frame	filling	the	gap	yet	      careful not to come in contact with the
       section	below.                               providing	for	movement.	The	wood	          glass or pierce the exterior metal. For
                                                    can	be	removed	from	the	inside	if	
    •	 Be	mindful	of	your	security	habits.	         necessary for maintenance.
       Lock	all	accessible	windows	when	
       going out - even for short trips.        2.	 Two	or	three	flat	head	wood	screws	           For more inFormation on
       Limit	the	size	of	accessible	window	         can	be	fixed	into	the	portion	of	the	        this subject, please contact:
       openings	if	they	are	being	used	for	         upper	 track	 above	 the	 windows	
       ventilation at night. Accomplish this        that are used for ventilation (the
                                                                                                   peel regional police
       by	 installing	 a	 securable,	 window	       window(s)	behind	the	screen).                     crime prevention services
                                                                                                         7750 Hurontario street
       stop. Never store ladders on the
                                                                                                           Brampton, Ontario
       exterior of your house as this can       prevent lateral movement                                       L6v 3W6
       provide access to windows that are       Most	locks	in	sliding	glass	windows	
       otherwise	inaccessible.                  and doors are constructed of cast                     Tel. 905-453-2121 ext. 4021
                                                metal or vinyl and therefore are easily                     Fax 905-456-6106
                                                broken.	 Window	 security	 can	 be	              You may also want to examine our
                                                greatly	improved	by:                             internet site at:
PRP 52
Revised – May 2008
  home security – Window security & patio Doors                                                                               Fact sheet

                                             p r o d u c t s 	 r e q u i r e 	 p r o f e s s i o n a l	   are	 characterized	 by	 tighter	 fits	 and	
                                             installation. (See “glass coating and                        better	 locks,	 which	 ultimately	 make	
                                             tinting” in the yellow pages.)                               your	windows	more	difficult	to	defeat.	
                                                                                                          The	same	holds	true	for	doors.
                                             (Note: Some security professionals
                                             recommend the use of a double
                                             cylinder deadbolt to prevent a thief                         glass
                                             from disengaging the lock by breaking                        Same as the glass recommendations
                                             the glass. The Peel Regional Police do                       from the previous section.
                                             not support the use of double cylinder
                                             deadbolts in the home environment as
                                             they can require a key to disengage                          polycarbonate vs. bars
                                             the lock from the inside which can be                        Bars	have	traditionally	been	used	by	
                                             a hazard in the event of a fire.)                            people	seeking	more	security,	yet	bars	
                                                                                                          have	 a	 number	 of	 drawbacks.	 They	
                                                                                                          are unsightly-particularly for main
                                             country-style Doors                                          floor use, have a harsh appearance
                                             Country-style	doors	such	as	those	that	                      and	can	block	escape	in	the	event	of	a	
                                             are common at side entrances have large                      fire.	People	also	tend	to	over	estimate	
maximum effectiveness, the pin should        fixed	windows	that	are	easily	broken.	                       the	stopping	power	of	bars	which	are	
be	drilled	at	a	downward	angle.	Pins	        The	security	of	country	style	windows	                       routinely	 defeated	 by	 burglars.	 This	
are	 available	 at	 hardware	 stores	 and	   can	be	greatly	enhanced	by	installing	                       is	 especially	 true	 for	 bars	 that	 are	
home improvement centres.                    a	 piece	 of	 polycarbonate	 around	 the	                    installed	with	screws	accessible	from	
                                             inside frame of the windows.                                 the outside or windows that are located
Double hung Windows                                                                                       away from view.
Double	hung	windows	can’t	be	forced	         Don’t aDD to Your
                                                                                                          A	polycarbonate	panel	can	be	used	as	an	
open	by	applying	pressure	to	the	locks.	     problems                                                     alternative	to	bars.	The	polycarbonate	
The	security	of	double	hung	windows	         Many	problems	can	be	minimized,	by	
can	be	greatly	improved	by	using	pins	                                                                    panel is cut to the size of the frame of
                                             thinking	security	before	you	purchase.	
(see	 above)	 or	 adding	 a	 secondary	                                                                   the window and hinged on the inside
                                             If you are contemplating adding
locking	device.                                                                                           where	a	pair	of	throw	bolts	are	added.	
                                             landscaping in front of windows,
                                                                                                          The	panels	are	clear	like	windows	and	
                                             consider low lying varieties that
                                                                                                          provide	escape	in	the	event	of	a	fire.
glass                                        require	 little	 maintenance	 and	 hold	
Thieves	 typically	 break	 glass	 to	        little	appeal	to	burglars.
provide	 access	 to	 locks.	 Security	       If	 you	 are	 thinking	 about	 replacing	                    other home securitY
glazing	 should	 be	 used	 to	 protect	      windows and doors consider the                               Fact sheets
glass	within	40	inches	of	a	lock.	The	       following factors:
glazing	product	can	be	polycarbonate	                                                                     •	 Crime	Prevention	Through	
(a	 rubberized,	 plastic	 panel)	 or	 a	                                                                     Environmental Design
laminated	(film-like)	security	product	      Casement	and	awning	style	windows	                           •	 Home	Security	Challenge
that meets the following forced entry        are,	 by	 their	 nature,	 generally	 more	                   •	 Home	Security	–	Doors,	Frames	&	
standards:                                   secure	 than	 sliding	 or	 double	 hung	                        Locks
•	 Underwriter’s	Laboratory	of	Canada	       windows	of	comparable	quality.	This	                         •	 Home	Security	–	Residential	
   Standard	S	332	(ULC	S332)                 is	 due	 to	 their	 second	 lock	 and	 the	                     Alarm Systems
                                             presence of a mechanism.
•	 Underwriter’s	Laboratory	Standard	                                                                     •	 Mark	Your	Property
   972	(UL	972)                              Solid	doors	are,	by	their	nature,	much	                      •	 Residential	Hi-Rise	Security
•	 American	 Society	 of	 Testing	           more secure than doors with windows.
                                                                                                          •	 Repeat	Burglaries
   Materials	 F1233	 Class	 II	 (ASTM	       Where	 a	 window	 is	 absolutely	
   F1233	Class	II)                           necessary, consider a small half moon
                                             window at the top of the door.
Polycarbonate	 (NOT	 to	 be	 confused	                                                                    If you have any questions please
with	plexiglass)	is	readily	available	at	    Quality                                                      contact, Crime Prevention Services
home improvement centres and is ideal        Quality is also a factor when it comes                       at 905-453-3311 or ask for your
for the do-it-yourselfer. Laminated          to achieving security. Quality windows                       Community Liaison Officer.

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