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                                                                                  Dear Abby Letter

Dear Abby,

        I wanted to ask some questions in regards to communion. I’m not much of a
communion person because of the whole foot washing part. I don’t see the need to do this at
communion. I’m curious what the point of this is, so if you have an answer for it please let me
know. Also, my friends do not find it necessary to even go to the communion service in the first
place. I tried explaining the purpose of it to them but they didn’t understand. If you could
please explain it that would be great! I’m a little confused on what to do when the foot washing
part comes around. I never know what to do, I either stay seated or leave until it’s over. If I
knew the purpose of this part, I would probably participate in it. I want to do it I just feel
awkward though. Thanks for all the help.

Dear Anonymous,

         First I’d like to say that these are very good questions and I hope I can help with these.
The point of the foot washing in communion is to humble ourselves and put us at a servants’
level. Jesus did this to show his humility and humbleness to the disciples therefore we should
follow. The purpose of participating in communion is to become one with God. We need to do
this in remberance of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for our sins. We are unworthy of this gift so
we should honor him for it. When the foot washing ceremony comes around partner up with a
friend or someone you know until you are comfortable with it. This is a very special part of the
service because you are humbled by the thought of being a servant or lower than everyone
else. You become like God at this point. I truly hope this helped with your problem and I hope
to hear more questions from you or your friends even though I don’t know who you are. Hope
that helped.



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