Park Avenue Cellulaze™ Performing Ground-breaking One Time Only Cellulite Reduction

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Park Avenue Cellulaze™ Performing Ground-
breaking One Time Only Cellulite Reduction
                                              Park Avenue Cellulaze™, a leading
                                              plastic surgery center in Manhattan,
                                              New York City (NYC) provides
                                              revolutionary     one-time      only
                                              cellulite reduction treatment.
                                              The     center’s   capable    plastic
                                              surgeons perform the procedure
                                              using Cynosure’s Cellulaze™ laser
                                              workstation. Cellulaze™ received
                                              FDA approval early in 2012 and its
                                              superiority over other “cottage
                                              cheese” removal treatments is
                                              something that physicians and the
                                              media have been advertising a lot

                                              Effective    Cellulite     Removal
                                              With    a     single     Cellulaze™
                                              treatment, results that last for at
                                              least a year can be achieved. The
plastic surgeon aided by the laser workstation’s SideLight™ 3D laser fiber and
Nd:YAG 1440 nm laser accomplishes three actions to effectively do away with
pesky fat lumps in the thighs and buttocks:

   •   Leveling of the fat bumps

   •   Setting the fibrous bands pulling down on the skin free and thereby
       treating dimples
   •   Facilitating collagen production to improve skin quality (elasticity and

Many Benefits

Park Avenue Cellulaze™ is AAAASF (American Association for Accreditation of
Ambulatory Surgery Facilities) accredited. There are also other benefits to
having Cellulaze™ cellulite reduction treatment done there:

    •   Local anesthesia
    •   Outpatient procedure
    •   Suitable for both small and large areas of fat lumps
    •   Minimally invasive
    •   Minimal risk
    •   Skin becomes tighter and smoother
    •   Quick recovery
    •   Minimal scarring

Recognized Cynosure® Training Center

Park Avenue Cellulaze™ is a recognized Cynosure® training center. The center
gives out the Cellulaze™ system only to physicians who satisfy specific
requirements. These requirements are:

   •    They should be qualified

   •    They should have successfully completed the online CME course

   •    They should have attended the center’s own detailed training

About Park Avenue Cellulaze™
Park Avenue Cellulaze™ is an established and well-known plastic surgery group
specialized in providing safe and long lasting Cellulaze cellulite laser treatment
for women. Cellulaze™, manufactured by Cynosure, is the first aesthetic laser
device in the world suitable for long-term cellulite reduction. Ideal for women
desiring a better body contour, the Cellulaze cellulite treatment offers
excellent aesthetic results. The center is one of the first AAAASF accredited
plastic surgery centers in the US to introduce the latest laser treatments.      To
learn   more     about     the   center’s   cellulite   reduction   surgery,   visit

Contact Information
Park Avenue Cellulaze™
128 Central Park South,
New York, NY 10019.

Description: The treatment is performed utilizing the advanced Cellulaze™ laser workstation manufactured by Cynosure�