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                                                     Illegal Immigration and Alien Smuggling:
  In this edition:                                  A Complex Issue for Police and Prosecutors
Illegal Immigration          By: Neville Cramer, Security Consultant            And then there is human trafficking and alien smuggling.      Many states have become involved with
and Alien                        INS Special Agent (retired)                    Human trafficking involves an act of recruiting,              immigration issues through state legislation that
Smuggling ..........1                                                           transporting, transferring, harboring or receiving a person   enables law enforcement officers to take action
                             In almost every state across America, illegal      through a use of force, coercion or other means, for the      when encountering illegal aliens. A popular
Technology Focus:            immigration is a hot topic. For those in law       purpose of exploiting them. Alien smuggling, which is         option for local governments has been the
LTI Releases the             enforcement, it’s a double-edged sword as          voluntary on the part of the person being smuggled, may       development of 287(g) programs. Named after
Smallest Speed               officers are not only expected to stop illegal     look like human trafficking but is very different. Officers   the section of law that permits their application,
                             immigration, but must also assist illegal aliens   who know the difference can help to end a heinous             287(g) authorizes local or state officials to
Device ..................2
                             who are easy targets for criminal exploitation.    practice that enslaves and holds the weakest hostage.         conduct immigration-related enforcement
Technology Focus:                                                                                                                             actions. However, 287(g) is not a perfect fit for
Smart “Apps”                 The first and most common problem                  Assistance for agencies is available through Immigration      every agency and DHS has begun to limit the
and Crash                    surrounds the determination of an alien’s          and Customs Enforcement, (ICE), which is the                  approval for that program.
Reconstruction ...2          status in the United States. Understanding the     Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) agency with
                             documents issued by a foreign government or        authority to arrest and remove illegal aliens. The            As illegal immigration remains a hot issue for
Upcoming                     the United States is hard enough, but doing        Secure Communities program is the latest initiative           political leaders across the nation, it also presents
Conferences ........3        so can also be complicated by reservations         developed by ICE and DHS to prioritize and remove             continual challenges to the law enforcement
                             about whether you have the authority to ask        repeat offenders and the most egregious foreign               community. Training local officers and
Heavy Vehicle
Electronic Control
                             immigration-related questions.                     criminals. Secure Communities checks the fingerprints of      prosecutors can help them properly deal with the
Module Data Use                                                                 every person arrested through the DHS violator database       many issues surrounding foreign nationals.
in Traffic Crash             For prosecutors, the issue may be the              to determine if that person was previously encountered
Reconstruction ...4          preservation of evidence. How do you locate        by a DHS agency. Once a repeat offender or egregious
                                                                                                                                                 For those that want to learn about state and
                             and interview witnesses who                                            violator’s identity is confirmed, ICE
                                                                                                                                                 federal immigration laws and their application
IPTM’s Latest                have a cultural bias and fear                                          Agents will file a detainer with the
Publication ..........4
                                                                                                                                                 at the local level, IPTM now offers Immigration
                             of police officers? How do                                             local agency. This program is now            Basics for Police and Prosecutors. The course
                             you deal with a witness who                                            active in over 2,200 jurisdictions in        will teach you how to determine if an immigrant
                             has no documentation to                                                forty-five states.                           is legal or illegal, what documentation they
                             reside in the United States?                                                                                        should possess, and whether that paperwork
                             If a criminal case depends                                            ICE also has a Law Enforcement                is valid, expired, or falsified. You will also learn
                             on the testimony of that                                              Support Center (LESC), a single               about the federal resources available and what
                             witness, how does the                                                 national point of contact that provides       to do with an illegal once identified. Click here
                                                                  Questions about a person’s                                                     to learn more.
                             state keep someone from          immigration status are complicated
                                                                                                   timely information and assistance
                             being removed if he or she         by reservations about whether      to local, state, and federal agencies         Immigration Basics for Police and Prosecutors
                             is in the United States             you have the authority to ask     around the clock – 365 days a year.              June 18 - 19, 2012; Jacksonville, Florida
                             illegally?                         immigration-related questions.

                                                                                                                                                            Issue 9: Spring 2012: Page 1
                                                                         Technology Focus
        LTI Releases the Smallest                                                Smartphone “Apps” and Crash Reconstruction
       Speed Measurement Device
                                                                            By: Robert Wyman                                     For example, a moon-phase app may stand on its own
Technology has come a long way since the first commercial laser speed                                                            merit as it directly mirrors the source material of the
device was released in the early nineties. Today, there is a new speed      At present, the range of iPhone and iPad             U.S. Naval Observatory website, but using a surface
enforcement device on the market that promotes itself as the world’s        programs (applications or “apps”) suitable for       slope measurement app may only be in a
smallest laser speed device.                                                the reconstructionist’s toolbox is now so vast       reconstructionist’s “comfort zone” if validated against
                                                                            that a complete reconstruction – from initial        a professional mechanical
                                        Called the TruSpeed® S, the         case intake to final court exhibits – can probably   or electronic angle finding
                                        device weighs less than a           be accomplished on an iPhone or iPad. These          device. Similarly, a voice
                                        pound and has a binocular-style     apps are also available for other (non-Apple)        memo app may easily
                                        design. It’s robust enough to       smartphone brands.                                   replace the need for a
                                        handle extreme conditions and                                                            separate, stand-alone digital
                                        situations that police officers     Useful apps include:                                 voice recorder, but an
                                        face on a daily basis and runs      • Note-taking and database apps to                   accelerometer g-force app
                                        on over-the-counter batteries.        maintain basic case information                    may be easily dismissed as a
                                        Every speed reading and menu        • Project Management apps to track                   toy unless it, too, is validated
  According to the manufacturer, the    option is displayed right inside      casework progress                                  side-by-side with an industry-
   TruSpeed® S is the most compact,                                         • Calendar and contact apps to manage
                                        the 7 power sighting scope,                                                              standard, professional
     reliable and affordable speed                                            schedules and clients
  enforcement device on the market.     giving officers more confidence                                                          device.
                                        in verifying a specific vehicle’s   • Timesheet and invoicing apps for time
speed without taking their eye off the target. The custom BlackMask           documentation and billing                          Reconstructionists should
LCD allows everything to be clearly seen under both dark and bright         • A wide variety of photography, video and           at least be aware of the
light conditions.                                                             photogrammetry apps                                many apps suitable to the
                                                                            • Measurement, GPS and unit conversion apps          fields of law, investigation,
“Instantly deploy it, fire it and store it, aptly describes how the         • Weather, sun/moon, shadowing and other             reconstruction and case
TruSpeed® S is a simple point and shoot laser that fits in the palm of        outdoor environmental apps                         management. With the
your hand and can be easily stowed almost anywhere,” says Eric Miller,      • CAD and sketching apps                             potential of having almost
President of Laser Technology, Inc. “The market demands equipment           • Voice recording apps                               every tool in the palm of
to be lighter, smaller and more affordable. Our engineers set the bar       • Dedicated crash reconstruction apps for            your hand, most practitioners          The range of apps
once again with the new TruSpeed® S.”                                         quick, portable calculations                       will probably find some              today is so vast that a
                                                                            • Spreadsheet and specialized calculation apps       combination of apps which           complete reconstruction
Laser precision targeting within heavy traffic is becoming more             • Letterhead and report writing apps                 increase productivity, reduce       can be accomplished on
and more of a necessity, but historically LIDAR (Light Detection and        • Exhibit and slideshow apps                         time and enhance output.               an iPhone or iPad.
Ranging) was too expensive for some departments. The TruSpeed® S
is being offered at a price point that is comparative to handheld radar     Each of these app subjects has the potential
devices. This will allow more police departments the ability to leverage    to enhance a reconstruction, but individual              Mr. Wyman is President of Wyman Enterprises, Inc. He
                                                                            practitioners must decide which apps are                 will be a presenter at IPTM’s Special Problems in Traffic
the advantages of LIDAR and begin to deter habitual speeders from
                                                                            most convenient for their style of work (since           Crash Reconstruction being held April 30 - May 4, 2012.
thinking they can get away with it.                                                                                                  During his presentation, he will explore how specific
                                                                            everything is portable, handheld and wireless)
                                                                                                                                     apps may be utilized in the field to enhance forensic
For more information about the TruSpeed® S, please visit the                and, more importantly, which apps have been
                                                                                                                                     documentation tasks and will distribute an extensive
Laser Technology, Inc. website.                                             personally validated for accuracy and precision.         list of other apps suitable for the reconstructionist’s

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                                                                    Upcoming Conferences
                                                               30th annual                                                                         24th annual

                                           Special Problems in                                                      Symposium on Alcohol and
                                      Traffic Crash Reconstruction                                               Drug Impaired Driving Enforcement
                                                       April 30 - May 4, 2012                                                                July 9 - 11, 2012
                                                       Jacksonville, Florida                                                             St. Pete Beach, Florida

                                                                                                           IPTM’s Symposium on Alcohol and Drug Impaired Driving Enforcement explores the latest
IPTM will celebrate the 30th anniversary of our Special Problems in Traffic Crash Reconstruction in        developments in DUI enforcement and prosecution. Ranging from the most recent drug
Jacksonville, Florida this spring. The annual event will feature some of the biggest names in the crash    craze to the latest technology available to the newest law on the books, the conference
investigation field and will highlight the very latest techniques in use today along with the advances     explores many different aspects of DUI enforcement. It is also a valuable opportunity
that technology will bring tomorrow.                                                                       to share ideas and network with DUI officers, drug recognition experts, breath testing
                                                                                                           professionals and prosecuting attorneys from all parts of the nation.
Once again the conference will feature live, staged collisions. This year, we will study several issues
relating to a moving tractor-trailer which has been struck from behind by a moving passenger vehicle.                                        Session topics:
Since we know from previous testing that the friction force of a stationary tractor-trailer with the                                         • Street and Prescription Drug Abusers:
parking brakes set can produce a significant external impulse when struck in the rear by a passenger                                           What Line Officers Need to Know
vehicle, we will look at which analysis results are sensitive with regards to the measured data. In                                          • Social Media for Law Enforcement
addition, we will analyze the crash affects of a moving car which strikes a static and moving bicyclist.                                     • Physiologic Response Dynamics Training for Use of Force
                                                                                                                                             • When DUI’s Attack
Topics include:                                                                                                                              • Traffic Stops and the Outlaw Biker
• Introduction to HVEDR (Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorder) Technology                                                                       • Sobriety Checkpoint Operations 101 -
• Current Research in HVEDR (Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorder) Technology                                                                     Getting Back to the Basics
• Night and Low-Light Digital Photography for Crash Reconstruction including iPhone/iPad Photo “Apps”                                        • Designs Between the Lines: Designer Drugs and
• Advancements in the Use of the iWitness Photogrammetric System in Traffic Crash Reconstruction                                               Driving Impairment
• Introduction to Crush Analysis                                                                                                             • Practical Forensic Digital Photography Techniques
• How Risky are Distracted Drivers? The Results from Naturalistic Driving Studies
                                                                                                                                             • Expanding the Role of Drug Recognition Experts
• How Risky are Distracted Truck Drivers?
                                                                                                                                             • Dealing with the Difficult DUI
• Collision Analysis – Kinematics, Vectors and Delta-V
                                                                                                               Keynote Address:              • Driving Under the Influence of Drugs - The Other DUI
• Trace Evidence: Locating, Collecting, Analysis…What Can I Expect?
                                                                                                               “Glad to the Bone”            • Traffic Engineering for Law Enforcement
• Case Review: High Speed Pedestrian Fatality with EDR Data
                                                                                                                 Dr. Dale Henry              • Legislative Update
• Event Data Recorder Update
• Boating Accident Investigations                                                                          In our stressful world, we need   • Florida DUI Case Law Update
• GPS Forensic Investigations                                                                               to stop occasionally for some    • How to Prosecute DUI Manslaughter/Vehicular Homicide
                                                                                                            anti-stressing fun and to have   • Can’t We All Just Get Along? The Role of Cops,
• Reconstruction 101: Speed, Cause and Avoidability
                                                                                                           our minds’ mental oil checked.      Prosecutors...and Yes, Even Defense Attorneys
• Safety Belt Restraint Systems Overview                                                                        Dr. Henry will give you
• An Introduction to Rotational Mechanics                                                                   maintenance tips on the five     • Personal Injury Protection and Staged Accidents
• Tires 101                                                    Click here for a preview of the crash          R’s of good mental health.     • The Status of Breath Testing in Florida
                                                                  testing to be conducted this year.

                                                                                                                                     For complete topic descriptions
           Complete conference information can be found by clicking here.                                                       and lodging information, please click here.

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                Heavy Vehicle Electronic Control Module                                                               IPTM’s Latest Publication:
                Data Use in Traffic Crash Reconstruction                                                                  Tire/Rim Failure Analysis

Heavy Vehicle Electronic Control Modules (HVECM) have           HVECM will also store data that can be extracted      An understanding of how a tire is made is crucial
been used on truck engines since the early to mid 1990s.        later by an original equipment manufacturer           to understanding why it failed. In IPTM’s latest
The HVECM is a computer which is mounted on the side            (OEM) approved device.                                book, Morris Smith gives you a solid foundation for
of the engine that controls the electrical system on the                                                              analyzing tires and rims
vehicle. It is sometimes referred to as the “brain” of the      The type of engine determines if a heavy              on both automobile and
                                            engine and,         truck has data, not the make of the truck.            commercial vehicles for
                                            without it, the     Currently, Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel, Cummins,      evidence of defects.
                                            engine cannot       International, Volvo and Mack engines have the
                                            run.                ability to capture crash-related data.                He begins by describing
                                                                                                                      the entire manufacturing
                                          The HVECM             The amount and type of information stored in          process and lists ways that
                                          receives inputs       the HVECM that may be of interest to the crash        process can go wrong.
                                          from various          investigator also depends on the engine. The          Then, he gives you step-
                                          sensors, switches     information useful to a reconstruction will usually   by-step instructions on
                                          or other electrical   be in the form of incident data. If available, this   how to photograph a tire
                                          devices on the        data will normally provide information about          which has failed. He offers
                                          truck such as the     the actions of the truck before, during and after     explanations of the reasons      IPTM’s Tire/Rim Failure
     Detroit Diesel Series 60 Engine                                                                                  tires fail – such as under        Analysis can help you
                                          Anti-Lock Brake       the crash. For example, a Quick Stop Record                                             determine whether or
     with the HVECM circled in red.                                                                                   inflation, nail holes, impact
                                          (ABS) system.         captured in a Caterpillar engine electronic control                                     not a tire involved in a
 (Photo Courtesy of Detroit Diesel Corp.)                                                                             failures, etc. – and you’ll
                                          The HVECM will        module will include the truck’s speed data 44                                          crash should be held as
process the inputs and produce a response based on its          seconds before the trigger point and 15 seconds       learn which items to rule                evidence.
programmed instructions. The output may be in the form          after. The additional data collected can include      out before analyzing tires
of a buzzer, hazard light or some other warning device. The     cruise control, engine rpms, accelerator and          for manufacturing problems. You will find a variety
                                                                clutch position. The other engine OEMs collect        of photos which illustrate different manufacturing
                                                                similar data depending on their programming.          defects as well as tires that were improperly
                                                                To extract data from a HVECM, investigators will
                                                                need a personal computer as well as specialized       The manual, which also includes a list of industry
                                                                hardware and software sold by the engine              terms and their definitions, will give attorneys,
                                                                manufacturer. The data is normally accessed           crash reconstructionists, investigating officers and
                                                                through the on-board diagnostic connector             others a better understanding of tire/rim failure
                                                                located inside the cab.                               analysis and will help you determine whether or
                                                                                                                      not a tire involved in a crash should be held as
                                                                        Learn how to collect and analyze
                                                                      HVECM data during a hands-on course
                                                                                                                      To order your copy online now, please click here to
                                                                         being offered May 29 - June 1.
                                                                                                                      go to IPTM’s webstore. If you prefer, you can call
                                                                            Click here to learn more.
    Example of a Quick Stop Chart from a Caterpillar HVECM.                                                           (904) 620-4786 to place your order.

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