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									         Frequently Asked Questions
What is Reservationless/Web Conferencing?
Reservationless/Web Conferencing enables you to reach a global audience over the Web. Your
colleagues, clients and business partners can view materials or presentations over the Internet
while listening to the meeting on the telephone. All you need is a PC, a phone, and a browser.
You can schedule your Reservationless/Web Conference from your Outlook calendar.

Does Reservationless/Web Conferencing replace Intercall?
Yes. Reservationless/Web Conferencing is Qwest Internal’s standard tool for both audio and web
conferencing for up to 125 participants.

What is an Reservationless/Web Conferencing Account?
An Reservationless/Web Conferencing account consists of the following information:

    1.    Reservationless/Web Conferencing Telephone Access Numbers:
             Toll Free Dial Access Number
             Toll Dial Access Number (International Participants)
    2.    Unique Meeting Number that identifies your Reservationless/Web conference account
    3.    PIN number to activate your meeting

How do I set up an account so that I can host a Reservationless/Web Conference?
Click here.

What if I already have an audio/ web account, but deleted/lost it?
Call Qwest Help Desk at 1-877-301-4053 and request them to resend your Reservationless/Web
account information.

How do I sign up for Reservationless/Web Conference training?
Please have your meeting number on hand when you register for training. Web based training
sessions last about 30-45 minutes. After signing up for training, you’ll receive a confirmation email
with instructions to join the live training.

If you need more in-depth training or one-on-one assistance, click here to request a private
training session. Allow 1 business day to be contacted for scheduling.

What if I need help?
If you have any questions or issues, you can get help by:

            Pressing *10* on your telephone keypad during a conference call
            If you cannot get into your conference call, dial 1-877-301-4053

I am having issues connecting to or starting an Reservationless/Web conference. What
should I do?
If you’re a Moderator, take these steps:
Step 1: Click on the link from your Outlook calendar and your meeting should launch. If this does
not work, go to Step 2 below.
Step 2: Go to: and choose Moderator login, enter
meeting your number and pin and follow prompts on screen.
Step: 3: Call Qwest Helpdesk at 1-877-301-4053 or if you are dialed into the audio conference,
dial *10* on your telephone key pad.

If you’re a Participant, take these steps:
Step 1: Verify meeting information from your e-mail meeting invitation (date/time and time zone).
Step 2: Click on link in the invitation or copy and paste the link into your browser.
Step 3: Verify Internet connection is working.
Step 4: Call Qwest Helpdesk at 1-877-301-4053 or if you are dialed into the audio conference,
dial *10* on your telephone key pad.

*Note – A participant or moderator who is already connected to the audio portion of the
conference, can enter *10* on a telephone keypad to get immediate assistance from the Qwest
Help Desk (24/7) without leaving the conference. The helpdesk will pull you into a sub-conference
and assist with your issue privately.

What do I need to do first to start using Reservationless/Web Conference?
Training is highly recommended for first time users.

Please follow the instructions on the Getting Started User Guide to get set up.

What if I have recordings with our previous provider?
Users may continue to access their existing recordings with Intercall. ALL new recordings must
be done through the archiving feature in Qwest Conferencing.

Can I invite somebody who is not an Outlook user?
Yes. You can schedule your Reservationless/Web Conference meeting through your Outlook
calendar. Your invitees do not need to be Outlook users to be able to participate and join your
Reservationless/Web Conference meeting.

How does Dial Me Now work?
Moderator and participants can choose “Dial me now” from the prompt on the screen when
logging into a meeting. Select your country; enter your phone number and ext (if you have one).
After clicking “continue” at the bottom of the menu, your phone will ring and you’re automatically
connected to the audio portion of the conference.

* Note- Be prepared to answer your phone when it rings, so it won’t go through to voice mail.
* Note – You do not need to enter a 9 before the number, like you do when make a direct call out
of your office. Just enter area code and phone number. Don’t forget to select your country first.
If I accidentally disconnect from the audio portion, how do I get back in?
Use the “dial me” option from the menu on the web or look for the dial in number in your e-mail

I see a message that the meeting has not started. What do I do?
Please wait. Once the moderator starts the meeting, the web portion will load and then you will
see a menu that asks, “How are you joining the meeting?” If this menu appears for more than 5
minutes, you will get an option to “continue waiting.” If you select “no” you’ll need to click the link
in your invitation again. You should also double check the date/time.

*Note – if uncertain, you can also try dialing into the telephone only access number at the bottom
of your e-mail invitation.

How do I get a report about my call?
Enter the conference manager and select from the list of Reports on the left navigation bar. Web
reports are available 24 hours after your call and audio reports are available 48 hours after the

I need to record both the audio and web. How do I do that?
You can click “record” once your meeting has started and follow the prompts on the screen. A
recorded message will let the moderator know that the recording has started and participants will
get a pop up window, letting them know that the meeting is being recorded. When the moderator
ends the meeting a window will appear with three options for receiving the archive:

               Hosted - Qwest will host for 90 days and moderator can choose to renew for
        another 90 days. The link to the archive will be available in the moderator’s conference
        manager about 4 hours after session has ended.
               Zip – File will be available for download in the moderator’s conference manager.
               CD – Do not choose this option

*Note- Archives will play using Windows Media Player.
*Note – It is recommended that a moderator attend training to learn more about how to archive.

I need to record my audio conference call and I am not going to be using the web. How do
I do that?
We recommend the option above (even for an audio only call), but you can dial *17* on your
telephone, once you are dialed into the conference and start the recording. Please be ready with
pen and paper to write down the dial in number and code to send to participants. Participants can
call back in and listen to the recording over the phone later.

*Note – if moderator does not write the dial in number and pin code down right away, they can
call customer service 1-877-301-4053 to obtain the code and dial in information again.

How do my participants mute/unmute their lines on a conference call?
From telephone keypad, dial *6* to mute and again to un-mute or from web interface, use the
“mute/unmute” button on the participant interface.

 *Note – This is a better option than using the mute button on your phone, because it will allow
you to answer another call without putting everyone in the conference on hold. Typically your hold
button will play music into the conference and cause disruption.

What are all the features available to me with the Reservationless/Web Conference
Check user guide or attend training

How many participants I can have join my Audio/ Web Conference?
You can have 124 participants and 1 moderator (125 connections)

What happens if more than 125 persons try to join my conference?
The 126 person (and any additional participants) hears a recorded message about technical
difficulties. If you need to host a call larger than 125 persons, click here to schedule an operator
assisted conference.

Can someone else be a presenter during a meeting?
Yes. As long as a participant has the meeting center software installed (from the link in their
invitation), the moderator can right click on their name from the web interface and “promote” them
to a presenter. This will allow them to show a presentation or share an application/ file from their
PC. When finished, the moderator right clicks on their name again and chooses “demote to

*Note – The option to promote a participant to a presenter will be grayed out, if the participant has
not installed the meeting center software. The link to install the software is in the participant
invitation and requires power user/admin rights to install. Moderators may want to notify potential
presenters to install in advance, in case they don’t have proper rights and need to work with their
network administrator.
What can the presenter do?
The presenter will be able to show a presentation that’s been uploaded into the moderator’s
conferencing account conference manager. They can also share applications, files and their
entire desktop. They are able to grant participants control of their own files and applications. They
can send polls, surveys and quizzes. The moderator DOES NOT have the ability to control
participant’s audio lines.

Can a moderator give a participant the ability to edit files or documents that reside on the
moderator’s PC?
Yes. When sharing entire desktop or single applications, the moderator can click the yellow
“sharing” button on the top of the file or application and choose “give control to”. They will see a
list of all participants and be able to select the name of the person they want to take control. To
get control back, the moderator simply clicks their mouse once anywhere on the screen, instantly
taking control back.

*Note – you do not need the software to “take control” of the moderators applications/ files/

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