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									Different Worlds

   Foreigners in a Strange World

       A Presentation on the Amish
      For YSU International Students
     Amish Life and Culture
16th Century
Christianity / Reforms / Protests
   Roman Catholicism
       No Separation of Church and State
       Reform Movements
   Martin Luther
       Church Reformer / Creator
       1517 Posting of Reforms
   Anabaptists (Re-Baptised Adults)
       Menno Simons → Mennonites
       Jakob Ammann → Amish
Plain People
   Today’s Anabaptists
       Mennonites
       Amish
       Hutterites
Amish Origins
   Germany
   The Netherlands
   Switzerland
Coming to America
   Mennonites 1683 / 1870
   Amish 1736-1770 / 1817-1860
   Hutterites 1870s
Amish in North America Today
Amish in Pennsylvania and Ohio
Old Order Amish Population - 1992

    State       Population   Districts
 Ohio             43,200      253

 Pennsylvania     35,200      216

 Indiana          25,200      155
Conservative                   Progressive


Amish Beliefs
   Literal Interpretation of the Bible
   Bible Determines Life Style
   Separation from Society (“the World”)
   Defenseless
   Adult Baptism
   No Attempts at Conversion
   Humble Obedience to the Ordnung
Amish Practice
   Ordnung – Prescription / Prohibition
       Language (Dialect)
       Dress (Suspenders, Lappa, Hair, Beard)
       Contact with Outside (English)
       Transportation (Buggy)
       Education (8th Grade)
       Technology (Radio, TV, Boom Box)
Breaking the Ordnung
   Shunning
       Communion
       Social Avoidance
Amish Teens
Baptism and the Ordnung
 Rumspringe (“Running-Around”)
       Haircut
       Clothing
       Drinking
       Cars
       Radio, CDs, TV
Buggy with Boom Box

   New Wilmington, PA
      None

   Lancaster, PA
      X

   Schwartzentruber
      Y

   Holmes Co., OH
      H
Suspenders - Single
Suspenders - None
Suspenders - H
  Colors / Patterns

            Colors         Patterns

Old Order   White          Solid
Amish       Blue, Black

Old Order   White, Blue,   Plaid
Mennonite   Green, Brown   Paisley
Old Order Mennonite
Amish Family
Lappas, Bonnets & Suspenders
Mixed Group

1      2   3   4   5
Buggy Styles
Lancaster Buggy
Ohio Buggy
Trumbull County, Ohio Buggy
New Wilmington, PA Buggy
   Ohio Amish

Geauga County, Ohio Amish Farmhouse and “Garage”
Lancaster (PA) vs. Holmes (OH)

Lancaster (PA) vs. Holmes (OH)

       Lancaster – Bailing Hay
Lancaster (PA) vs. Holmes (OH)

        Holmes – Loose Hay
    Four Branches Ohio Amish

Schwartzentruber   Andy Weaver   Old Order   New Order

Conservative                                    Progressive
Differences in Progressiveness
              Tractor    Tractor   Window   Linoleum   Indoor   Small
              to Field   used at   blinds              Toilet   rear
                         Barn                                   window

Schwartzen-   No         No        No       No         No       No

Andy Weaver   No         Yes       No       Yes        Yes      Yes

Old Order     Some       Yes       Yes      Yes        Yes      Yes

New Order     Yes        Yes       Yes      Yes        Yes      Yes
Amish Country Do’s and Don’ts
   Do:
       Be polite, respectful and friendly
       Watch out for buggies and drive carefully
       Treat the Amish as you would wish to be treated
   Don’t:
       Stare, gawk or otherwise be rude
       Take photos or videos
       Feed or pet horses
       Enter private property without permission

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