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					Do you long to get on the road again? Do you dream of traveling and
discovering Canada and the USA firsthand?

 Some people like traveling so much, they do it full time. There is a new
trend in today's economy, where people sell their homes, buy an RV and
live on the road full-time. Not for everyone of course but can't you just
feel the wind in your hair just thinking about it!

 How can you afford a full-time camping lifestyle? The answer is boon
dock camping. Dry camping or rough camping involves parking your rig
where no one usually parks...not for lack of beauty but for lack of
services and lack of fees due.

 If you can set up your traveling home to be self-sufficient, you can
call home wherever you park and save hundreds of dollars. With solar
panels, batteries, propane, a comfortable bed, cooking facilities on
board and a traveling washroom, your RV, van or motor home can become
your full time home wherever you may visit.

 Many families are taking to the road full-time and boondock camping
across this great country of ours. Some bring their portable careers on
the road with them, others live on savings while others Workamp across
America. This new movement and its low cost lifestyle is allowing the
average American or Canadian to discover and explore this great country
of ours on a daily basis.

 Most people think they can't live unless they have a big expensive house
to spend their days in. Full-time or even part-time boon dock camping can
be liberating in the sense that it can offer an exciting alternative to
the typical white picket fence household.

 If you are tired of staying home broke, doing the same old, same old and
never going anywhere, this full-time camping life may be ideal for you.
If you are self-sufficient, resourceful and enjoy the peacefulness of
nature, boon dock camping may be perfect for you and your family.

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