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Foot Care Is Important To Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle


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									These days, people are spending a growing amount of time on their feet -
walking, running, working, playing and more. As all age groups of the
world's population become more physically active, so does the increasing
need for experienced podiatrists and expert foot care become more and
more important to maintaining a level of comfort, happiness and well
being in a healthy lifestyle.

 A very common health issue most everyone suffers in our daily lives is
foot pain. Our world has become a very busy place. The speed of modern
business requires longer workdays, and a great number of jobs require
employees to stand for a large portion of the work day. Due to this fact,
most people experience foot pain during their lives. There are different
types of foot pain that occurs in all places of the foot including the
toes, ball, arch, instep, sole, heel, and ankle. As we get older, our
chances for experiencing foot pain increase, as does the potential
severity of pain.

 The foot is an important and very complex part of our human body. It
supports our human frame in most activities. A painful, unhappy foot can
affect our moods, sleep, exercise, and if not cared for, foot pain can
adversely affect every part of our daily lives.We never really take time
to consider the importance of healthy strong feet and just how important
our feet are to performing the simplest of activities, yet, when we lose
the use of a foot due to injury, in foot's importance in our daily lives
becomes easily evident.

 The foot is comprised of a total of 26 bones in addition to the muscles,
nerves, and ligaments and blood vessels that allow us control over our
feet. The human foot is made for maintain our balance and is extremely
essential for mobility and is very much one of the most important parts
of the body. The foot is divided into three main parts : forefoot, mid
foot, and hind foot. The forefoot consists of the toe bones and
metatarsals - the long bones connect the toes to the mid foot . The mid
foot, the area of the foot that is home to the 'arch' of the foot, is
made up of five tarsal bones connected to the fore and hind areas of the
foot by muscles and ligaments. The hind foot, or as most refer to it ,
the "heel" and consists of three joints that connect the mid foot and
ankle, including the heel bone.

 The 52 bones in your feet make up about one-fourth of all the bones in
your body and the feet provide the base for our bodies to stand, lift,
carry, run, jump- almost every thing we do in our lives involves our
feet. Foot doctors, also known as Podiatrists are doctors that have taken
a special interest in podiatric medicine and have trained and become
experts in their chosen field of medicine. These podiatrists' main job is
to are responsible for diagnose and treat injuries of the foot as well as
disorders and diseases. These doctors do this in order to keep our feet
functioning properly and thus allowing us to function and perform the
tasks we need to every day.

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