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									Do you like to surf? Most people will answer in the affirmative to this
question. Surfing is not just a sport, it is a lifestyle choice, and it
is just like being a biker only way better than that. Surfing imbibes the
surfer with a philosophy towards life that only fellow surfers can
comprehend. When you are out in the middle of the ocean riding 30-foot
waves and skimming past them escaping the forces of nature, it is
something special. The sea in its depth and beauty has so many secrets
and surfers are in love with the ocean and its power they channel the
force if the nature through the surfboards and ride the waves. Riding the
waves is an addictive sport and you will not be able to quit it once you
get the hang of it.
 What is so unique about surfing?

 People are often left wondering, what makes surfing so special?
Alternatively, what is unique about this sport? The answer lies in the
simplicity of the entire thing. Surfing does not require you to buy the
most expensive gadgets available in the market; all you need is a good
wave and a surfboard. Surfing develops a persons sense of balance and
helps them understand more about ocean currents. The sport is all about
learning more about yourself and being one with the nature. You do not
surf to compete with someone or show off to your friends but to feel the
force of nature and channelize it through your surfboard. Riding waves is
among the most challenging things you can do and surfers are in constant
search for the biggest wave.

 Surfing developed in Hawaii and it is more than a sport, it is a part of
the culture of the Hawaiians. Surfing is fun and its cool sure but when
you grow old, you will find it is much more than that. Surfing in the
ocean helps you understand how big the whole world is and helps us open
your minds to the vast unknown. It is one of the few sports that utilize
the power of the nature. Surfing is not about going against the nature,
it is about going with the flow of nature and becoming one with it. A
good surfer does not consider the waves as an enemy but a friend.
 What is the feeling like?

 Surfing helps increase the mind body coordination and it also improves
the sense of balance among the surfers. The pure beauty of slicing
through the waves makes surfing so much more enjoyable than any other
sport in this world. If you are out with your friends or alone at the
beach, you can always hit the waves and feel the power of the ocean sweep
through your body.
 Surfing is a lifestyle that helps people understand the true calling of
the nature and be one with it. The sport has still held on to its ancient
philosophy and that is why it is so popular among millions of people
across the world.

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