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									HBASE Timeline Over The Last 50 Years

1955: References made to a Sioux Falls Builders Exchange, Sioux Empire Home
      Builders Association and Home Builders Association of Sioux Falls

       First Executive Secretary, Adolph M. Tidemann,

       First office for the Home Builders Association (HBA) was located at 22 ½ North
       Phillips Avenue

1956: HBA begins – a group of home builders and suppliers created an Association that
      would serve the needs of a rapidly growing Sioux Falls. Membership due were

1957 HBA office moves to 1904 S. Sherman Avenue

1959: First Home Show (Sioux Empire Show of Modern Living) held at Sioux Falls
      The Women’s Auxiliary of the Home Builders Association of Sioux Falls was
      organized and chartered. Until 1989, The Woman’s Auxiliary in assisted with
      educational causes, consumer events and many charitable causes.

1962: Home Show (Sioux Empire Show of Modern Living) moves to the Sioux Falls

1961: First Parade of Homes held with 17 homes entered
      HBA membership includes: 95 Associate members and 30 Builder members
      HBA office moves to Home Federal Savings & Loan Building, 225 S. Main Ave.
      Room 75

1964: First one-site Parade of Homes is held at the Linwood Park Estates Addition; more
      than 2,000 people paid fifty cents each to attend

       Second Executive Secretary, Warren R. Day

1966: HBA sponsored the Vocational Educational House and acted as general
      contractor. This house provided an opportunity for high school students to
      become acquainted with the field of construction.
1970-1980: Housing’s Greatest Decade; 17.8 million housing units were built, the largest
      number in U.S. history (p.136 History of Housing)

1971: River Clean-up Project - More than 40 HBA members spent a better part of the
      weekend cleaning up a section of the river from 26th Street bridge and over to the
      interstate bridge.
      The HBA received an award from the River Improvement Society for excellence
      in their part of the clean-up campaign.

1972 City of Sioux Falls adopts Uniform Building Code, National Electrical Code and
Uniform Plumbing Code

1978 Third Executive Officer, Jill Engebretson

1979 On October 14, 1979, the South Dakota Home Builders Association was
     administered and chartered through HBA of Sioux Falls office

1980: NAHB membership reaches more than 125,000 members
      HBA of Sioux Falls membership reaches more than 300 members
      Single Family Dwelling Units in Sioux Falls reaches 639, the highest amount
      reached since 1955 (679)

       On June 24, 1980 the Sioux Falls Remodeling Council was formed as an
       affiliation of the Home Builders Association

1981 Fourth Executive Officer, Monica Wilmes
     HBASE celebrates its 25th Anniversary. Membership dues were $175.00.
     Average home price in Sioux Falls was $65,000
     First Associate’s Product Show held at Westward Ho Country Club

1982 Fifth Executive Officer, Cindy Sheehan

1983: NAHB establishes the Home Builders Institute to offer a wide range of
      educational and job training programs
1984: HBA of Sioux Falls office moves to 3932 S. Willow, Suite 203

1986: HBA office moves to 4320 S. Arway Drive

1987: NAHB celebrates the completion of the nation’s 100 millionth home

1988: HBA members organize and construct a Children’s Fire Safety House

1990: HBA establishes the “Scholarship Fund” which provides scholarships to local
      High School Students who enter the construction field of study. Today, HBA has
      granted more than $100,000 in scholarships to area students.

1992: House in a Day - As part of the National Association of Home Builders “Homes
      Across America” campaign, on June 19 & 20, more than 200 HBA members
      constructed a home for Habitat for Humanity in 24 hours.

       Licensing of Residential Contractors begins in the City of Sioux Falls

1993: Repair Affair program established – a community service event that makes
      accessibility easier for the elderly or disabled in their homes; Opal Doyle is the
      first project recipient
      The Repair Affair program is recognized by USA Today’s “Make a Difference
      Day” campaign and also won the JC Penney’s Golden Rule award for exceptional
      volunteer service.

1995 – 2004: Single Family Dwelling Units in Sioux Falls steadily increase each year
       from 426 in ’95 to a record 1,065 in ’04

1996: Numerous social events have long been a tradition of the HBA. The First
      Associate Appreciation Night is held at the Heartland Arabians Ranch in Baltic
      honoring Associate members.

1997: The Sioux Empire Home Show moves to the Sioux Falls Convention Center
2001: Adoption of IRC (International Residential Codes); builders no longer had to
      struggle with three different codes
      HBA is recognized with an NAHB Association Excellence Award for “Best
      Community Service Project Conducted” for the Playhouse Promenade which
      served as a fundraiser for the Scholarship Fund.

2002: The first Showcase of Remodeled Homes is held by The Sioux Falls Remodeling

2003: The Home Builders Association of Sioux Falls changes its name to the Home
      Builders Association of the Sioux Empire to represent the four counties it serves
      (Lincoln, Minnehaha, McCook and Turner)
      The Sioux Falls Remodeling Council changes its name to the Remodeling
      Council of the Sioux Empire
      HBA members organize and construct a 2nd Children’s Fire Safety House

2004: South Dakota Home Builders Association office moves to Pierre, SD

       Since 1956, HBA has served its membership by promoting proactive involvement
       on state issues and legislation impacting the residential building industry. As a
       result, HBA establishes the Sioux Empire Friends of Affordable Housing PAC
       (the “PAC”). The purpose of the PAC is to support candidates for election to
       public office in South Dakota who support public policies and programs that
       foster the development and maintenance of affordable housing.

       Cindy Sheehan, BIAE of the Home Builders Association of the Sioux Empire (HBASE)
       won the coveted Seldon Hale Career Achievement Award, an honor bestowed as part of
       the Association Executive Achievement (AEA) Awards of the National Association of
       Home Builders (NAHB) Executive Officers Council. The award is named after a former
       executive officer who also served several years as an NAHB field representative; this
       award represents the highest level of dedication, loyalty, and commitment, and is the
       highest recognition that can be awarded in the Executive Officers Council

       After 40 years, another one-site Street of Dreams is held at the Bluffs of Brandon
       in conjunction with the Spring Parade of Homes. More than 6,000 people

2005: On June 14, the largest Repair Affair Day is held. More than 100 volunteers help
      complete 13 accessibility projects that were completed in one day.
      The second one-site Street of Dreams is held at the Prairie Gardens Addition;
      more than 7,200 people paid $7.00 each to attend
      Members help build a new HBA office at 6904 S. Lyncrest Place
2006: HBA celebrates its 50th Anniversary – same purpose, many more members; 205
      Builders and 502 Associate members who support the housing industry directly
      (707 total members)

2007: Sioux Empire Home Builders Care Foundation is established as the 501(c)3
      charitable arm of the HBASE. Its Board of Trustees included 8 members,
      including 3 Ex-Officios.

2008: For the first time in 49 years, the Sioux Empire Home Show was not open the first
      night of the 4-day show due to a March blizzard. Thursday evening’s show was
      canceled and Friday’s show opened later.

2008: Economic recession hits the United States. Severe negative impacts on housing
      nationwide even though Sioux Falls bucks the trend for a while. Conservative
      business practices by local builders, developers and banks help the local industry
      succeed. Congress approves an $8,000 first-time homebuyer tax credit.

2009: 50th Annual Sioux Empire Home Show held March 6-8 at the Sioux Falls
      Convention Center. 206 home-related exhibitors (184 which were HBASE
      members) paid $5.25 per square foot to have a booth at the show. Free hourly
      seminars were offered to consumers in two side rooms. Nearly 10,000 people paid
      $6 to enter the show.

2009: $8,000 first-time homebuyer tax credit extended through May 2010. Additionally,
      a $6,500 repeat homebuyer tax credit is created to help stimulate the housing

2010: Doors open to the 20,000 square foot, 18 bedroom Ronald McDonald House near
      the Sanford Health campus. HBASE members worked together to complete the
      house, with discounted materials and direct donations. The two year project was
      the HBASE’s largest community service project.

2010: Sixth Executive Officer, Julie Terrell

2010: Largest Repair Affair to date, with 15 projects. Projects in Sioux Falls, Dell
      Rapids, Canistota and Montrose. Materials totaled over $8,000 and labor was
      donated by over 100 HBASE member volunteers.

Plaque Information:

1960: 2nd Place for Numerical Increase and 2nd Place for Percentage Increase for the
      Year Long Membership Contest

1989: Association Executive Achievement Award for Best Public Relations Program
       Association Executive Achievement Award for Best Magazine Communication to

1990: Outstanding Volunteer Awards for Group Humanitarian

1991: Association Excellence Awards for Best Service to Members

       SD HBA Project of the Year Award for Wild Wild West Night

1992: Project of the Year Award for House in a Day

1997: Project of the Year Award for Festival of Trees – Playhouse

1999: Membership, A Class Act Award (Grand Award) for Highest Retention of

       Project of the Year Award for Parade of Homes

2001: Association Excellence Award for Best Source of Revenue other than dues up to
      $50,000 net revenue generated

       Association Excellence Award for Best Community Service Project Conducted

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