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hba may and june issue


                     Home Builders Association of Central Michigan
     Isabella                           Permits in Motion                      from the President...                         Member’s Corner
                                                                                                                              check out our members

                                                                                                                                           May/June 2009
                      2026 Independence Drive • Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858 • (989)775-7747 • Fax (989)775-7748 •

Join us!                                                                   Sign up
  Last dinner                                                               inside

    before                MEMBERSHIP
 summer break             DEFENDERS UNITE
                          FOR OUR 3RD ANNUAL
                                             PAINT &

Elk’s Club , AlMA       JUNE 9th & 10th
                        Put your Teams Together Today!
          may 19th                                        buildErs insPECtors brEAkfAst
In ThIs Issue...                                                        Tuesday, May 19th at the New City Hall
                                                                                             (Borden Building)
•	 MeMber                                                                                Presenter: Lee Schwartz,
                                                                                 MAHB VP of Government Relations
       See page 2
                                                                     CONTINUING EDUCATION TO
•	 the	Kay	Fisher		
                                                                      MAINTAIN YOUR LICENSE
	 scholarship                                                           CODES & SPRINKLERS
	 recipients                                                          FIND OUT ALL THE FACTS!
       See page 3

•	 20	annual	
	 GolF	outinG
	 inForMation            rsvp required
       See page 9        see form inside!
      e     at
  ar           I
Cl              ot


                         offiCErs                                       A Message from the President...
                          President                                      We ’ v e g o t t e n   breakfast planned for May 18th where a
                     Joanne Theunissen                                   through the heavy      representative from MAHB will present
                         772-2300                                        spring rains and       information on the Builders’ License
                                                                         the sun seems to       Continued Competency requirements
                     1st Vice President                                  be shining more,       and the current Codes development
                          Al Davis             so I think we can safely assume Spring           cycle including info on where we stand
                         644-5262              has arrived. There’s been plenty going           on residential fire sprinklers. Any builder
                                               on here at the HBA of Central Michigan.          members who are interested in attending
                                               A number of our members decided to get           should contact the HBA office.
                     Treasurer/ Secretary      involved in the Art Reach “Chair Affair”
                         Eric Vollmar          by building chairs and a nice collection of      We’ll be holding one more general
                         773-0178              Adirondack chairs have now headed off            membership meeting prior to our summer
                                               to Art Reach to be distributed to local          break, mark your calendars for May 19th
               Associate Vice President        artists for their final touches. The chairs      and plan on attending the meeting at the
                     Terry Kunst               will be on display throughout the Mt.            Elks Club in Alma. Then pay attention
                     772-2977                  Pleasant downtown business district later        to the HBA newsletter for details on our
                                               this summer.                                     summer golf outing as well as the Annual
                       Past President                                                           Materials Auction.
                                               The HBA Educational Series has been a
                       Steve Johnson           great success. Attendance has been good          I hope Spring brings a bunch of new
                        772-3155               at all of the presentations and it seemed        housing starts, as well as plenty of work
                                               that everyone went away feeling as though        for all of our builder and associate
               Executive Vice President        this was well worth their time. Thanks           members…..
                  Carmelina Crisci             so much to each of our members who
                     775-7747                  donated their valuable time and expertise        See you in Alma on the 19th.
                                               to make this such a worthwhile effort.
                Administrative Assistant                                                        Joanne (Jo) Theunissen
                                               We have another builder/inspector                HBA of Central MI, President
                   Sharry Cotsman
                                                Member Advantage Corner...
               Mission stAtEMEnt                Make your dues back with member advantages.

                                                14 Deals Under $5
      The Home Builders Association             from Office Depot
      of Central Michigan, chartered in
      1966 and affiliated with both the         Now is the perfect opportunity to save on the
      Michigan and National Association         office essentials you use most. For a limited
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      and addresses the concerns of
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      services, education, political and        of 10% on qualifying products. If you have
      community involvement.                    already registered just keep shopping (on line or via phone) and your discount
                                                will be applied at check out. If you have not yet registered please call 1-800-274-
                                                2753. The Office Depot representative will enroll you in this program and you can
      Recognized as the voice of the            start taking advantage of this benefit immediately Please mention the sku number
      building industry, this association       when placing your order to get the sale price plus your association discount.
      promotes ethical practices and
      strives to provide safe and affordable    Just got to this website:
                                                and shop away.
      e     at
  ar           I
Cl              ot


                        Carmi’s desk...
                        We are all looking for ways to ease the        THE RETuRN oN YouR MEMBERSHIP INCLuDES:
                        pinch of these challenging economic times        - Nine Dinner Meetings with your meal and
                        but did you know that some of the most             endless Networking
                        beneficial are included right here in your       - Discounts on Home Show
                        own HBA membership.                              - Parade of Homes
                                                                         - Numerous Networking/Socializing Events i.e. Bowling
Membership is the lifeline of this association and all businesses          Tournament, Golf outing, Archery Shoot
can merit from a healthy home builders association. First off, just      - Member to Member Discount Card
being a part of the HBA will give you access to the most powerful,
                                                                         - Monthly Newsletter
successful and influential people in the entire three county-
                                                                         - Listing in the annual HBA Membership Directory
communities that makes up our association.
                                                                           (Also inserted in 20,000 copies of the Morning Sun)
Your membership enables you to profit in group activities, improve       - Legislative Representation/ Locally, State Wide & Nationally
your business, increase your contacts, be better informed on             - Gas Savings Program on All Speedway, Marathon,
the housing industry, further your own industry, support the               SuperAmerica, Pilot & Valvoline Stations
industry that supports you and acquire the prestige and numerous         - Discounts on Educational Seminars
advantages of membership.
                                                                       GRouP BENEFIT PRoGRAMS/DISCouNTS oN:
If you utilize it, the membership will work for you.                    - Blue Cross Blue Shield     - Property Casualty
                                                                        - Workers Compensation       - Life
Please feel free to contact me at the office any time to discuss any    - Dental Liability
or all of these membership benefits.                                    - Business, Auto/Home owner Discounts
                                                                        - Meijers Monthly Discounts on Groceries, General
                                                                          Merchandise and Gas
Carmi                                                                   - Discounts on Automobiles/Cars & Trucks

          THE KAY FISHER
Congratulations to the following two CMU Chapter students Nicholas
Rice and Autumn Nethercott as they received scholarships from
our HBA to continue to complete their degrees in the Construction
Management program at CMU. On hand was CMU Construction
Management Instructor Bruce Frost along with the Senior Officers
to present them with their awards at our last general membership
meeting at the Doherty in Clare.

Autumn Nethercott and Malak Berri two CMU Construction Management
Students also received $800.00 Scholarships from our National Women’s
Council that evening at the Doherty. In Clare. Carol Jones of Robert R.
Jones Homes the wife of our current 1st Vice Chairman of the National
Association of Home Builders was present to make this presentation.
      e     at
  ar           I
Cl              ot


                        ContinuinG EduCAtion                                    undErstAndinG liCEnsinG EduCAtion
                        to MAintAin Your liCEnsE                                       CodEs & sPrinklErs
                                                                                                 Presented by:

                        find out All tHE fACts                                Lee Schwartz MAHB VP of Government Relations
                                                                               Chris Kress Certified Nu-Wool Wallseal Dealer
                                                                                  Brian Kench, Mt. Pleasant Building official
     The Laws on Licensure in Michigan have changed and continuing               Tom Schepperly VP Pella Windows & Doors
     education is required in order to renew your license. Join us               Rob Derkenson – Michigan Energy Services
     May 19th to familiarize yourself and get an understanding of the
     new professionalism laws, what they will include and all of the             MAY 19TH, 2009 · 7:30AM at CITY HALL
     mandatory hours of education that will now be required in order               320 W. Broadway St. · Mt. Pleasant
     to maintain your Builders and M&A Contractors License.
                                                                                                 Cost: free
                                                                          For Members & Non-Members Includes A Light Breakfast
     Building Codes have also changed and are in effect right now,
     join us to review those code changes in order to maintain your
     proficiency in the building industry.

     Mandated Sprinklers in homes is quickly becoming a reality and       Company Name
     the added cost burden could severely restrict the number of
     homes built in a year especially when the reliability and benefits   Contact Name
     are still unproven.
                                                                          Number Attending
     This seminar is open to Building officials & Inspectors along
     with members and non-members alike.
                                                                          Contact Phone Number
More information                    RSVP FoR THIS MEETING
                                                                                    Please Respond By: May 15th, 2009
Call: 989-775-7747                      IS MANDAToRY
                                                                                     Fax Form Back To: 989-775-7748
                                                                           Mail To: 2026 Independence Dr. Mt. Pleasant, 48858

          Email your order to

     Providing builders
      with what they need to
         build their business.
                 (989) 773-7343
               Fax (989) 772-5127
      e     at
  ar           I
Cl              ot


                                                                                Put your advertising dollars to

                                                                                                 work for you!
                                                                                             Call your HBA of
        Watch for                   PRESENTS TWELVE                                         Central Michigan!
         the new                     MoNTHS oF AN
       savings card                 ExCLuSIVE oFFER
        coming to                                                                                    989.775.7747
       your mailbox                 To ASSoCIATIoN
         in June,                  MEMBERS STARTING
                                      JuLY 1, 2009
       use Savings Card, spend $25 or more
        on General Merchandise, get $5 off
      purchase. Each and every time you shop.
           For any questions or additional information,
                          please contact
                 Diana Dixon at 800.748.0432.
     offer good at all Meijer Stores. offer Good 07/01/09 - 06/30/10. You
     must present the savings card to your cashier at each time of purchase.
     Excludes: Grocery, Alcohol, Tobacco, Prescriptions, Gift Cards, Lottery,
     Postage, Park & Entertainment Tickets, Meijer Pre-Paid MasterCard, In-
     store Businesses, Gas Stations & C-Stops, online Purchases, Licenses,
     Taxes and Meijer Productivity Business Card.

     Build on Savings - the Meijer Way

               (989) 772-3155
               811 Craig Hill Rd.                         STEVE JOHNSON
               Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858                     Sales Manager

                                                                                       PERCHA PAINT & WALLPAPER
                                                                                       Devoe Paint, Specialty Finishes, Spray Equipment,
                                                                                 Custom Window Treatments, Wallpaper, Fabrics, Floor Coverings
                                                                                                                         4820 E. Broomfield Rd.
                                                                                                                         Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858
                                                                                Louise Percha                                    (989) 773-7046
                                                                                Certified Wallcovering Consultant            FAX (989) 772-3373
      e     at
  ar           I
Cl              ot

      e     at
  ar           I
Cl              ot


                             City of Mt. Pleasant department of building safety
                                         Reports for April 2009 • Permits in Motion
                             401 N. Main Street • Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858-1698 • Phone (989) 799-5302 • Fax (989) 773-6791
          PERMITS ISSuED                         THIS PERIoD                    YTD ToTAL                         LAST YTD ToTAL
          Type                                   No.     Valuation              No.     Valuation                 No.   Valuation
          Commercial Accessory                      0     $0                      0      $0                        2     $6,500
          Commercial Addition                       0     $0                      0      $0                        1     $100,000
          Commercial Alteration                     2     $19,000                13      $237,600                  10    $387,309
          Commercial, New                           0     $0                      0      $0                        0     $0
          Demolition                                1     $13,000                 2      $13,000                   5     $21,800
          Fence                                     5     $3,790                  7      $4,540                    3     $2,600
          Moving                                    0     $0                      0      $0                        0     $0
          Multi-family, Addition                    0     $0                      0      $0                        0     $0
          Multi-family, Alteration                  0     $0                      0      $0                        0     $0
          Multi-family, New                         0     $0                      0      $0                        0     $0
          other                                     0     $0                      2      $50                       0     $0
          Reroof                                    19    $95,299                36      $208,514                  24    $207,665
          Reside                                    1     $2,000                  2      $5,500                    3     $5,310
          Residential Accessory                     4     $8,200                  9      $12,850                   3     $4,400
          Residential Additon                       0     $0                      1      $10,000                   3     $123,000
          Residential Alteration                    15    $159,663               32      $244,210                  41    $443,245
          Residential, New
                                                    0     $0                      0      $0                        0     $0
          Residential, New
                                                    2     $360,000                2      $360,000                  0     $0
          (single-family, att. & det.)
          Sign                                      1     $42                    13      $7,022                    13    $57,358
          ToTAL PERMITS                             50    $660,994               119     $1,103,286               108    $1,359,187
          ToTAL FEES                                      $6,052                         $11,511                         $13,658

                                         Union Township Building Permits -Year to Date
          TYPE                           THIS PERIoD (April 09)                               YEAR To DATE
                                         No.        Permit Value           Permit Fee          No        Permit Value          Permit Fee
          Commercial Accessory            0    $0                    $0                        0    $0                    $0
          Commercial Remodel              1    $15,000               $130                      5    $125,000              $589
          Commercial New                  0    $0                    $0                        3    $226,000              $298
          Demolition                      1    $1,000                $50                       3    $105,000              $150
          Exempt                          0    $0                    $0                        0    $0                    $0
          Residential Accessory           0    $0                    $0                        0    $0                    $0
          Residential Remodel             10   $27,400               $500                      20   $87,800               $1,269
          Residential New                 0    $0                    $0                        0    $0                    $0
          Totals                          12   $43,400               $680                      31   $543,800              $2,206
      e     at
  ar           I
Cl              ot


                             A Message from
                             the Women’s Council...
                             Spring is finally here!
        We had a busy month. Thanks to all who came to Greenwald &
       B C to help wrap those tree seedlings. We rapped over 1,300
       seedlings individually. Everyone chipped in to deliver these to
       3rd grade classrooms of 18 participating schools. We had nifty
       posters on the life of a tree for each student.

       our group met and have selected three lucky recipients to each
       receive $500 scholarships from the Home Builders of Central
       Michigan. I hope you will congratulate them at the May meeting
       when we presents the scholarship awards. Women’s Council raised
       $545 from the home show for scholarship purposes.

                                                                                                  nks! Greenwald & BC · Mark Cashen From Edward Jones
                                                        Susan Murray

                                                                                              T ha
                                                                                                       Percha Paint & Wallpaper · Konwinski Construction
                                          Women’s Council President
                   office (989) 779-7799 or Cell (989) 621-5683                                       Central Plumbing · Susan Murray & Associates CPA’s
                                Email:                             Al Davis Construction · Mt. Pleasant Agency/McCarthur Insurance Agency
                                                Spread the Word...rental Space available
          Come and be our neighbors. Rental space is located in the same building as the Home Builders Association of Central Michigan. At 2026 Independence
          Drive, we currently have available 1,238 square feet for lease at $6.75 a square foot. This is a professional commercial setting with easy access to main
          roadways. Call the HBA office at 989-775-7747 for more information.

                                        CONROY                                               2009 HOUSING TAX CREDIT
                                 EAVESTROUGHING                                                         Congress has improved the
                       LICENSED • INSURED                                                            first-time home buyer tax credit.

          Let us take care of your water problems                                            Qualified first-time home buyers can now
               outside and inside your home.                                                    be eligible for up to an $8,000 credit!
     • 5” Seamless Aluminum Eavestroughing - .032
       gauge, hidden hangers, many colors available                                 
     • Basement waterproofing
                                  New! Ultimate gutter guards
                                  now available - invisible from
                                   the ground, no damage to
                                     shingles, self-cleaning
          Owned and Operated by Jim Conroy for over 28 years.

                                          4242 S. Shepherd Rd.
                    y for a
           Call toda ate!                Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858
            free estim                      (989) 560-2774
      e      at
  ar            I
Cl               ot


                      Thanks to Our Renewing Members
                             the very heart of our association!!
                 A & L Agency              Finnerty Builder                   Mr Electric
                Dawn Augustine             Dominic Finnerty                 Aaron Liscomb
                 989 875-2931               989 644-6910                    989 773-5063

          Anderson Contracting &        Gas Productions Co.,Inc.      Mt Pleasant Abstract & Title
               Renovations                 Mark Sutherland                  Paul Alexander
            Judson Anderson                  989 268-5079                   989 773-3651
              989 235-6609
                                            Gott Electric LLC          Owens Soft Water Service
          Andersen Windows Inc.               Bruce Gott                     Carrie Joly
              Laurie House                   989 644-8778                  989 386-6877
             989 430-2637
                                              NES Rentals             Rite Way Asphalt Paving Inc.
          Ayers Basement Systems              Troy Stoike             Jerry, James & Cristy Struble
                 Todd Louas                  989 775-8705                     989 828-6368
               517 645-2013
                                             Isabella Bank               Rockcrete Transit Mix
           Blackford Construction            Nora Colthorp                   Dan Gamble
                                                                                                                          1105 N. Mission St.
               Tony Blackford                989 772-9471                   989 386-7182
                                                                                                                     Mt. Pleasant, Michigan 48858
               989 773-7898
                                                                          Shaffer Construction                   (989) 773-2132 • Fax (989) 773-2791
                                             Isabella Bank
     Broadway Realty & Associates             Connie Katt                   Joshua Shaffer                         Custom Cabinets • Corian Countertops
            Paula Arndt                      989 772-9471                    989 466-1419                             Appliances • Design Consulting
           989 775-3800                                                                                           
                                           Kieff’s Roofing Inc.          Simply Engraving Inc.
            Brugger Painting &                Kennis Kieff                 Lynette Korthman
               Remodeling                    989 762-5073                    989 953-7505               Braun kendrick finkbeiner p.l.c.
              James Brugger
              989 775-7781              Koetje Deck & Log Home       T Coulter Home Improvements
                                                Services                       Tim Coulter                          Timothy L. Curtiss
            Buck’s Run Golf Club              Terry Koetje                   248 561-6090                                Attorney at Law
                Jeff Sweet                   231 829-4005
              989 773-6830                                                    Team Elmers
                                      Krapohl Ford Lincoln Mercury             Eric Strang            304 E. Broadway                             Other Offices:
       Capital Equipment of Clare        Stan Miller / Jeff Hafer            231 943-3443             Suite 206 Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858              Saginaw, MI
                Kevin Holt                   989 772-2991                                             (989) 775-7404                                Midland, MI
             989 386-2192                                               The Michigan Waterwell        Fax (989) 775-3764
                                      Lipovsky Building Company                Company
                Chippewa Lanes              David Lipovsky                    Jon Seeley
                  Carl Malish               989 539-1726                    989 828-6002
                 989 773-9531
                                            MAK Enterprises          Thomas Krchmar Incorporated
          Controlled Environment              Ron Klump                   Thomas Krchmar
              Structures Inc.                989 828 7403                  989 539-7386
               Joe Ellsworth
              616 754-8069            McArthur Insurance Agency       Tony Miller Construction Co.
                                             Terry Kunst                      Tony Miller
      D & D Asphalt Specialists LLC         989 644-3465                    989 560-5353
              Dean Cooper
             989 835-4011             Mick Straus Construction LLC       Ultra Concrete Lifting
                                              Mick Straus                    Jeff Weckesser
       Design Builders of Clare Inc          989 644-5224                    989 837-1962
            Mary Casebere
             989 386-2491              Midland Industrial Supply            Wolverine Bank

          DeWitt Lumber Company
                                            Jeff Grassman
                                            989 496-0737
                                                                            Susan Svatora
                                                                            989 839-1284                       DeWitt Lumber Co.
                Jason Scott                                                                            725 Spring St.                         Blanchard, MI
              989 561-2100               Mission Lumber & True                                        (800) 968-7883                     Fax (989) 561-5002
                                          Value Home Center          Welcome new
          Eck-Sperienced Builders             Traci Florian
                Mike Ecker
               989 772-5295
                                             989 772-0906
                                                                      VanPolen Custom Cabinets
                                                                                                           DeWitt Window & Doors
                                       Moline Heating & Cooling            Scott VanPolen              1635 Broomfield                    Mt. Pleasant, MI
           Everdry Waterproofing             Terry Moline                  231 825-8107                (800) 779-2101                  Fax (989) 779-2103
            Robert VanSuilichem             989 463-8767
               616 406-0808
      e     at
  ar           I
Cl              ot


                                     We are MCIM.

 Verizon Wireless is offering a                                                           Michigan Construction Industry Mutual

 22%           discount
                                                                                                Workers’ Comp

 for builders/remodelers/trades who                                                             Responsive
 generate all, or substantially all, of                                                         Resourceful

 its revenue from the construction                                                              Service-Driven
                                                            Nothing has changed but the name...
 This will apply to new customers as well as            Michigan Commercial Insurance Mutual
 existing customers. There are also some other
 benefits (i.e. free phone, $100 bill credit for each
 new phone activation).

 For more information and to begin to save
                                                                     Workers’ Comp That Works
 money on your cell bill contact Heather                                 800.262.4743
 Mobile: 989-600-7309 or
                                                                 Employees of your company
                                                                 are also eligible for Verizon
      e          at
  ar                I
Cl                         ot


                                      2009 HbA of CM
                                      Golf outing
                     SIGN uP ToDAY!

                     Spring is here and it’s time to start thinking
                     about golf. The Central Michigan Home
 Builders Association golf outing that is. It will be held on Friday,
 July 17th at Buck’s Run.

 We had a great time last year with record attendance and are looking
 forward to another successful event. So if you haven’t already, dust

                                                                                  Golf outing
 off those clubs and get your team ready to tee off with your friends
 at The Central Michigan HBA.

 I am asking for everyones support and participation again at this
                                                                                   Friday, July 17th at BuCk’S run
 years event. If you are interested in being on the golf committee              Golf outinG sPonsors
 or have any questions or suggestions, we would love to hear from                 and ParticiPants
 you. You can call Carmi at 775-7747 in the HBA office or reach           the Home Builders association of Central michigan
 me at 560-5106.                                                          would like to thank you for your generous support
                                                                          of the Golf outing. as Golf outing Chairperson, i’m
 Eric Vollmar, Golf outing Chairperson                                    asking for your support for this years golf outing set to
                                                                          take place Friday, July 17th at Buck’s run. Here are the
                           Please send confirmation of your               four levels of sponsorship.

                                 sPonsorshiP and check
           e        at

                                                                                    Platinum: $325.00
          r            Iot

                                before monday, July 3rd.                            Four Golfers, hole sponsorship with sign.

     ComPany _____________________________________________
                                                                                    Gold:                 $175.00
                                                                                    two Golfers, hole sponsorship with sign.
     Payment metHod _____________________________________                           Silver:               $100.00
                                                                                    Hole sponsorship.
               _______ CHeCk enCloSed made PayaBle to tHe
                       HBa oF Central miCHiGan                                      Bronze:               $50.00
                                                                                    Prize donation of your choice.
                                                                                    or: $75.00 Per person
               _______ PleaSe CHarGe my Credit Card
                       in tHe amount of $ _____________________

                                _______ viSa       ________ maSterCard
                                                                             friday, July 17 at buck’s run
                                _______ diSCover   ________ dinerS CluB      registration @ 7:30am

 Card# __________________________________________________
                                                                             shotgun starts @ 8:00 am

                                                                                                        18 holes of golf
name: ___________________________________________________
                                                                                                        Door prizes
                                                                          Golf outinG sPonsor:          Contest Holes
                                                                                                        Breakfast and Lunch
SiGnature: ______________________________________________
                                                                                                        Come join the fun!
exP. ______________________________________________________
      e     at
  ar           I
Cl              ot


                                              MEMBERSHIP DEFENDERS UNITE
                             Dear Members:            The current list of captains are:

                            This month’s article      Steve Johnson,
                            will focus on the         Johnson Door & Central Vac
                            membership drive          989-772-3155
     that will be held on June 9h & 10th at the
     Home Builders office. We are planning            Terry Kunst,
     to follow the principles the oliver Group        Mt. Pleasant Agency
     training that successfully helped us add 53      989-772-2977
     new members to our association last year.
                                                      Traci Florian
     We currently have 4 teams and are looking        Mission Lumber & Home Center
     for 4 more that will find seven more             989-772-0906
     members to round out their teams. These
     teams will compete against each other for a      Russ Alwood
     chance to win some great prizes, and help        Alwood Enterprises
     the association grow.                            989-289-8747                                                                       PERCHA
                                                                                                             Sign up                     PAINT &
     If you are interested in becoming a captain      The other way in which you can help is to              today!
     or co-captain please contact Carmi at the        provide names of prospective members to
     HBA office, only the quickest respond will       the participating teams. (If their team wins
     get the opportunity to become a team             maybe you can convince them to share the       Thanks for any and all help you can provide,
     leader.                                          spoils of victory with you)                    I’m sure we’ll have some good news to
                                                                                                     share with you in the next newsletter.
     If you’re not ready to be a captain or           Remember the phrase “what businesses
     co-captain, the other leaders may need           benefit from a strong building economy,”       Regards,
     your help to complete their teams. Please        when considering who should be a member        Dave Smith, Firstbank
     contact them if you would like to participate.   of the association.                            Membership Chairman

                                                                           Name _______________________________

                                       MEMBERSHIP REFERRAL FORM
                     Becoming a member of the Home Builders Association of Central Michigan will give
                     you access to the most Powerful, Successful and most influential business people in the
                     entire community.

                     I am referring:

                     Company Name:_______________________________________________

                     Contact Name: ________________________________________________


                     City _____________________________ Telephone Number _____________________
      e     at
  ar           I
Cl              ot


in the Members Corner this month...
                         Tanner Tracking Lawn care and
                          Landscaping, established in 2001, now
                           serves permanently in Mt. pleasant, Michigan
                           and has for almost three years now. Tanner
                           Tracking is a locally owned and operated
                          company created by estel Tanner, which started
                        in Traverse city Michigan, but recently moved
                     down here to Mt. Pleasant due to Estel getting
                                                                                                                 Our wo
 married and his wife living down here. all of their workers are friendly                                               rk
                                                                                                                 and can ers are friendly
 and you can always spot them around town wearing their bright red                                                       a
                                                                                                                wearin lways be spot
                                                                                                                       g their            t
 Tanner Tracking Landscaping t-shirts. Tanner Tracking’s workers are                                            Tanner         bright r ed
                                                                                                                       Trackin          ed
                                                                                                                                g t-shir
 all specially trained and are very good at what they do. if you want                                                                    ts.
 quality work done but don’t have the time to do it yourself and don’t
 want to spend a great deal of money to have it done, Tanner Tracking
 is definitely the lawn care company to call. That was the whole reason
 estel started Tanner Tracking. To not kill people with high priced lawn
 care that most times isn’t even very great.
 we specialize in hardscapes such as patio’s, walkways and
 custom driveways as well as water features like fountains                                                        (989) 621-0000
 and water falls that bring serenity and peace of mind to your
 home. tanner tracking also provides top notch lawncare                                               
 services thats why we are your four season service specialist.
                                                                                   Bringing Design and Beauty to Concrete
                     VALET AUTO CARE, INC.                           Since 1983
                                                                                                                  Use Decorative Concrete for:
                                                                                                                    Driveways, Garage Floors,
                                                                                                              Interior Floors, Patios and Pool Decks
                        A.R.E. Commercial Toppers                                                                   And Now Countertops!
                        Tool Boxes by Weather Guard                                                              Stain resistant • Easy to clean
                                                                                                                  Unlimited colors and patterns
                        Ladder Racks               Because you love your truck
                                                                                                                Three times as strong as concrete
                        Truck Accessories                                                                              Excellent warranty
                     James Motz - Owner
                     610 N. Mission                           (989) 773-3477           Concrete Repair • Restoration • Resurface
                                                                                         Central Michigan Concrete Technology
                     (3 blocks S. of Meijer)       Toll-free: (866) 773-3477                604 West Pickard Mt. Pleasant
                                                                                     Claudette Shaffer • 773-2286
                                                                                  One Company,
                                                                                  One Call,
                                                                                  We Do It All.

                                                                                   Fire & Water Damage Restoration & Reconstruction
                                                                                                Fire, Water, Smoke & Mold Cleanup
                                                                                               Carpet Cleaning & Air Duct Cleaning
                                                                                  989.773.8038         Board Ups, Structural Drying
                                                                                  or 888.289.7362              Bob & Karen Heydenburg - Owners
    are      at
 Cl              ot
                                 Home Builders Association of Central Michigan
                                 2026 Independence Drive • Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858
Lawmaker’s addresses
   rep. Bill Caul
   (99th district)
   state Capitol
   509 Olds Plaza Building
   Lansing, mI 48913
   Phone: 517-373-1789

   rep. scott Hummel
   (93rd district)
   rm. N. -1197 anderson                       insPECtors
   Lansing, mI 48909                           brEAkfAst
   Phone: 1-877-859-8086                       Tuesday, May 19th
                                               at the New City Hall
   rep. John moolenaar                         RSVP today!
   (98th district)
   rm. s. -1287 anderson Bldg.
   Lansing, mI 48909
   Phone: 1-800-626-8887

   sen. alan Cropsey
   P.O. Box 30036
   1005 Farnum Bldg.
   Lansing, mI 48909
   Phone: 1-866-305-2133

   sen. Tim moore
   97th district
   rm. 1286 anderson Bldg.
   Lansing, mI 48909
   Phone: 1-517-373-8962

  Jennifer Granholm
  Governor’s Office
  state Capital Building

         Insurance, Citizens Insurance Company of America
 An Independent Insurance Agency, Auto Owners, Frankenmuth Mutual

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