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Eco-friendly Trends For The Fitness Lifestyle


Well, this is what men will say if they ask them why there are so many womens magazines, beauty salons and fashion shows. It is time the world changed focus only now let it be a mens world too. Many online lifestyle magazines, fashion houses and salons have popped already in major cities giving men the much needed attention.

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									Today's fitness lifestyles are meeting up with environmental
consciousness. More and more people every day are walking or riding a
bike rather than driving a car when possible, both for healthy exercise
and a lower carbon footprint. Increasing numbers of people are growing
more conscious of the clothing they wear, the fibers the cloth is made
from, seeking sustainable, environmentally-friendly grown and processed
fibers. They are also growing more aware of the chemicals in the fabrics
next to their skin, especially during strenuous exercise that results in
perspiration and wide-open pores that invite those chemicals into the

 Then there's style, fit, and comfort while pursuing an active lifestyle.
It's important to look good and feel good, to glow with healthy self-
confidence while pushing for that extra mile or one more rep. The fit of
sports activewear has to be just right, hugging and supporting the body
in all the right places with the give to allow for full freedom of
movement. Comfort is essential whether at the gym, the grocery store, or
just lounging at home. Soft, breathable fabrics are the order of the day.
And did we mention looking good?

 With the increased demand for fabulous looks in sports activeware that
enhance and highlight the body's shape, there's never been more to choose
from in color, style, and design. No longer limited to the gym, today's
activewear offers the fashion to go anywhere, anytime. The fit and
support offers a look for every body to smooth and shape in comfort.
Women's activewear pants, tops, tanks, hoodies, and jackets can be mixed
and matched for wardrobe basics that go from day to night with ease.

 The environmental consciousness appears with the greater availability of
eco-friendly fabrics in activewear, such as organic cotton and bamboo.
Both of these fibers come from plants that are grown without the use of
environmentally damaging pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. They are
processed without synthetic dyes, formaldehyde, and other chemicals that
can be dangerously absorbed into the skin. They also offer the benefits
of natural comfort with increased breathability and absorption. Silky
bamboo cloth is naturally antibacterial and moisture-wicking, drawing
sweat away from the body for a fabric that comfortably cools in summer
and warms in winter.

 For health and environmentally conscious women and men who also want to
look terrific in unbeatable comfort, today's activewear made from eco-
friendly, sustainably grown fibers is made just for you.

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