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					For Membership Information                     NATIONAL                               Greater St. Louis Area
Regarding the Greater St. Louis             ASSOCIATION OF
Area Chapter of MoAMSS Contact:                                                          Chapter Of The
                                            MEDICAL STAFF                             Missouri Association Of
Sandra Naughton,CPMSM, CPCS                    SERVICES
Credentialing Analyst                                                                  Medical Staff Services
BJC Credentialing Verification Org.   NAMSS is an organization of over 4,000               (MoAMSS)
3165 McKelvey Rd., #105               members whose mission is “To influence
St. Louis, MO 63044                   and promote quality standards for the
Phone (314) 996-3079                  administrative management of healthcare
Fax (314) 996-3136                    professionals.”                       NAMSS is an organization devoted to the
                                      career development of medical staff
For membership Information            services and provider credentialing
                                      specialists in the healthcare industry. Your
Regarding The Missouri Association
                                      application for membership is a statement
of Medical Staff Services (MoAMSS)
                                      of professional intent on your part – that
                                      you have a serious desire to move ahead of
Heather Burch, BA, CPCS               your career as an essential component of a
Credentialing Analyst                 system that provides the highest level of
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Missouri    healthcare for everyone.
1831 Chestnut Street
                                      The bimonthly magazine, SYNERGY,
St. Louis, MO 63103
                                      keeps you informed on a regular basis.
Phone (314)923-4362
                                      Editors are challenged to keep you in the
Fax (314) 923-6863
                                      know about information relevant to your                     daily life on the job – successful techniques
                                      that you can employ, opportunities for
                                      advancing your career, regulatory actions
For Membership Information            and accreditation updates that will shape        AN ORGANIZATION FOR
Regarding NAMSS Contact:              your future, and products and services that     MEDICAL STAFF SERVICES
                                      will enhance your effectiveness.                    PROFESSIONALS,
NAMSS                                                                                     MANAGED CARE
2025 M. Street, NW                    NAMSS offers its members a yearly
Washington, DC 20036                                                                    PROFESSIONALS, AND
                                      conference, continuing education
Phone (202) 367-1196                  seminars, reference materials, awards, and
Fax (202) 367-2196                    scholarships.                                       CREDENTIALING
     WHAT IS THE                                  Market the organization and             Establish A Network Of
   GREATER ST. LOUIS                               ourselves as professionals in                 Your Peers
                                                   providing medical staff and
   AREA CHAPTER OF                                 credentialing services                Networking occurs at every meeting.
       MoAMSS?                                                                           This leads to relationships and alliances,
                                              WHAT CAN THE                               which promote shared goals, concerns,
The Greater St. Louis Area Chapter                                                       challenges, and problem solving. Talk
(GSLAC) of MoAMSS is an                      GREATER ST. LOUIS
                                                                                         to others who experience the same
organization of medical staff services       AREA CHAPTER OF                             problems as you. Get to know the faces
professionals and provider credentialing    MoAMSS DO FOR YOU?                           that go with the names of the people
specialists dedicated to advocacy of the                                                 you are interacting with over the phone,
profession. This is accomplished by
promoting a positive and professional      Gain From Professional                        by letter, and fax. Get first hand
                                                                                         knowledge of employment opportunities
image, encouraging continuing              And Personal Involvement                      or get to know the professionals in the
education, and improving professional                                                    area that may be working for/with you
skills and competence to help members      The GSLAC provides information on
                                                                                         in the future.
function as a valuable member of the       local trends and issues and promotes
medical staff/provider credentialing       opportunities for active involvement in
team.                                      the advancement and recognition of the         Broaden Your Perspective
                                           field of medical staff services and
                                           provider credentialing. Keep up-to-date       The GSLAC is affiliated with the
Objectives                                                                               Missouri Hospital Association, which
                                           with local and national trends regarding
                                           salaries, job duties, and staffing.           provides additional information in the
      Sponsor continuing education                                                      area of healthcare. Members stay
       presentations at meetings with                                                    informed of state and national activities
       the goal of strengthening verbal
                                           Enhance Your Knowledge                        and issues to remain knowledgeable in
       communication skills and                                                          their field.
                                           In an industry that changes with the
       enhancing opportunities for         rapidity of healthcare, the art of
       success and self fulfillment        maintaining and expanding your                A Time For Action
                                           personal portfolio of skills is a matter of
      Promote the purposes of and         continuing concern. Speakers present          Are you ready to take your future into
       membership in the Greater St.       information on a variety of topics at bi-     your own hands as you commit to a
       Louis Area Chapter, the             monthly meetings to assist your growth        career as a qualified and competent
       Missouri Association of Medical     and development in the field. Valuable        practitioner for the healthcare industry?
       Staff Services and the National     continuing education credits are              Then enlist GSLAC as a partner in that
       Association of Medical Staff        awarded.                                      endeavor by completing a membership
       Services                                                                          application today.

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