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					April 9th, 2012                                                                                            Published by: MichaelMoore1

                                                                        • You present your product or opportunity to fill the need
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                                                                     Work those 3 steps on a consistent basis over a period of time
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  features and hide this message.                                    activity will pay huge dividends for an extremely long time in
                                                                     residuals. The effort is worth the end result.
                                                                     However, the first challenge often comes early in the journey…
Online MLM Recruiting                                                What happens after your warm market is exausted?
By Michael Moore on April 9th, 2012
                                                                     Online MLM Recruiting – Leads
Online MLM Recruiting
                                                                     In other words, the fastest… easiest way to put your MLM
                            CLICK HERE                               recruiting efforts into high gear is to find a way to get your
                                                                     opportunity in front of new leads everyday.
                                                                     Leads are the blood of your business.
                                                                     No leads = No business
                                                                     Now it’s your turn to see how the Pro’s do it….
                                                                     Online MLM Recruiting Secrets
                                                                     Last year I found a program called MLSP or and despite
                                                                     hearing from many top producers that this was truly one of
                                                                     the best-kept Online MLM Recruiting secrets of all time…
Best-Kept Online MLM Recruiting Secrets                              well… I was skeptical.
                                                                     Still, I signed up and followed the step by step instructions to
                                                                     get the system set up.
Looking for proven Online MLM Recruiting secrets to
launch your business to the top level?                               Then I discovered in the training library (there are hundreds
                                                                     of hours of free training available ranging from how to use
You are in the right place.                                          Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, classified ads, mlm recruiting
My Dad always said the cream rises, and your in the right place      systems, phone broadcasting, and more… lots more!) that
to elevate your game.                                                virtually every top producer DOES NOT CHASE – they
                                                                     promote – and that is what makes all the difference.
Because what you are about to learn is proven, exclusive
 “Online MLM Recruiting” secrets that the absolute best              Online MLM Recruiting – Stop Chasing
marketers are using to sponsor 30 new network marketing              Chasing sucks.
distributors in 30 days and … drum roll … the leads call them!
                                                                     You chasing people down and asking them if they might have
Really, that is a serious ( ah-ha ) moment.                          an interest in learning more about your product, service or
Online MLM Recruiting is simple once you understand the              business opportunity.
concept of “promote versus chase” and we will take good look         Promoting is learning how to get hot prospects to initiate the
at those differences here.                                           relationship… and contact you to learn more.
Online MLM Recruiting                                                Promoting is learning how to use automated MLM recruiting
In a magnifying glass building a valuable network marketing          systems to generate leads on demand and get paid even if most
business is fairly easy.                                             of these prospects do not want to join your MLM.
                                                                     Get Paid Even When People Say No To Your MLM
    • You connect with people and discover a need or problem.

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April 9th, 2012                                                                                           Published by: MichaelMoore1

Learning the art and science of marketing and promotion
(versus cold calling and prospecting) is where you will find all
the best-kept. So do yourself a huge favor and learn more now.
Now is your time. You are ready!
Change you – Change others – Rinse Repeat,
Michael Moore
PS: I lost over 40lbs in 2011 and totally transformed my energy
and health status.
If your fat and tired it will be hard to excel in MLM because it
takes energy to work this business!
Opt in on the home page and I will fill you in on my success!

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