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					K. Brennan & I. Garofalo

                       Great Depression Note Guide-US 2 Honors
See: The Americans Chapters 22 & 23, Zinn Chapter 15, Schweikart & Allen Chapter 15 &
16, outline of power point

   1. Causes and Effects
         a. How does a drop in new housing effect the economy?
         b. Why were farmers in financial trouble in the 1920s?
         c. What was the income level of the average American family? How did they
            buy the goods they needed/wanted if they did not have the money?
         d. What event signaled the beginning of the Great Depression?
         e. Why did banks close/fail?
         f. How did the Hawley-Smoot Tariff affect the economy?
         g. What were the causes of the Great Depression?
         h. What happened to people who lost their homes?
         i. Identify the following terms:
                 i. Shanty Town
                ii. Soup Kitchen & Bread Lines
               iii. Hoboes
               iv. Direct Relief
         j. What caused the Dust Bowl? What affect did it have?
                 i. Who were the “Oakies”?
         k. How did the Depression affect children? Consider
                 i. Nutrition
                ii. Education
         l. How did the Great Depression affect men emotionally/mentally? How did
            the Great Depression affect women emotionally/mentally?

   2. President Hoover
         a. Identify Hoover’s beliefs in:
                  i. Government interference with business
                 ii. “Rugged Individualism”
         b. How did Hoover attempt to fix the economic crisis?
                  i. What did he discuss with employers?
                 ii. What did he discuss with labor leaders?
               iii. The Boulder Dam
                iv. Federal Farm Board
                 v. Federal Home Loan Bank Act
                vi. Reconstruction Finance Corporation
                        1. Explain trickle down economics
         c. Identify
                  i. Hoovervilles
                 ii. Hoover Blankets
               iii. Hoover Flags
                iv. Why were the above named after Hoover?
      d. Who was the Bonus Army?
             i. What did they want?
            ii. What actions did they take to get this?
           iii. What was Hoover’s decision?
           iv. What actions did he take to remove them?

3. President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR)
      a. Why did he call his domestic plan the New Deal?
      b. What were the 3 goals of the New Deal?
      c. What did he accomplish in his first 100 days?
      d. How did FDR attempt to fix the crisis? (Write out names of Acronyms in your
          notes: Ex: AAA-Agricultural Adjustment Act; briefly explain each one) * See
          chart on page 706 for New Deal Programs
                i. Emergency Banking Relief Act
               ii. FDIC
             iii. Federal Securities Act
              iv. 21st Amendment
               v. AAA
              vi. CCC
             vii. NIRA
           viii. CWA
              ix. NRA
               x. HOLC
              xi. FERA
             xii. WPA
            xiii. NYA
            xiv. Wagner Act
             xv. Social Security Act
            xvi. REA
           xvii. TVA
      e. What did FDR do when the Bonus Army returned to Washington, D.C.?
      f. What were some of the problems of the New Deal?
                i. Deficit spending
               ii. Ways the Supreme Court attempted to limit the New Deal
             iii. FDR’s Court Packing Scheme
      g. Criticism
                i. Huey Long
               ii. Father Coughlin
             iii. Dr. Townsend
              iv. Created more problems than it solved (see point/counterpoint page
               v. Gave too much power to government
      h. FDR’s Four Terms
                i. Years he won
               ii. His running mate in the last election
4. Evaluation
      a. What is government’s role during a crisis?
      b. Should our government provide basic needs to its people? Even if we go into
      c. Do you believe the Bonus Army deserved their bonuses early? Evaluate each
         president’s response to the group?
      d. Which presidential approach do you believe was the right approach for the
              i. Consider:
                    1. Hoover: Laisse Fare and rugged individualism
                    2. FDR: Relief, recovery, and reform
                    3. Effects: Economic, national debt, unemployment, unrest among
                       the populace

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