White Wine Health Benefits And Risks

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					During the mid 1990s, the media went crazy reporting the 'French
Paradox'; a situation that puzzled scientists. Despite the huge amount of
high-fat food consumed by the French nation, including foods like cheeses
and pates, the nation as a whole had very low rates of heart disease and
heart attacks.

 The protection offered by red wine consumption was credited with saving
a nation's hearts, and much investigation has gone into finding other
benefits of this wine.

 We are becoming more and more aware that moderate consumption of red
wine offers great health benefits, but did you know that white wine has
health benefits of its own, too?

 A study found that drinking white wine actually improves lung function
and may offer some protection against lung cancer.

 Other studies have found that white wine is also very good at protecting
against heart disease and heart attacks.

 Various producers of white wine have been working to develop grapes with
the same antioxidants as red wine to further boost its health


 Obviously, too much of any alcohol will leave you feeling hungover the
next day. This is a sign of poisoning and dehydration and, depending on
the amount of alcohol consumed, can range from a mild headache and
grogginess through to a person being unable to get out of bed, think
clearly or function properly.

 You may also feel very nauseous, vomit and have the shakes. Thankfully,
most hangovers clear up by the end of the day, although it is quite
common to feel 'out of sorts' the following day too.

 Consuming too much alcohol over an extended period of time can lead to
all manner of health problems. Drinkers may become physically dependant
on alcohol, and excessive use of alcohol consumption is the biggest cause
of cirrhosis of the liver. This is when the liver is scarred to an extent
that it becomes irreversible after the death if healthy liver cells.
 This is particularly damaging to health because the liver performs so
many important functions. It metabolises proteins, carbohydrates and
fats, and detoxifies the body.

 Drinking too much alcohol can also cause gastrointestinal complications,
stomach ulcers, fertility problems, obesity and the depletion of
important vitamins and minerals.

 To be safe when drinking white wine, try to stick within the recommended
allowances set by the government, which currently stand at 2 - 3 units a
day for women, and 3 - 4 units a day for men.

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