Sample Form of Loan Pay off and Exit Request - Citi Bank by problogger


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									                                                                                      Branch / City:

                                LOAN PAYOFF / EXIT REQUEST
Customer Name: ___________________________________________________________

Loan Number:

ISI Account Number:

CNIC Number (Current):

NIC Number (Old):

   Personal Loan                   Auto Loan                 Mortgage Loan

   Full Early Pay-Off                  Partial Pay-Off ______________________________________
                                       Tenure / Installments Revision _________________________

Reason for Cancellation/Pay-Off Request:
   High Debt Burden __________________________________________________________

   High Mark Up Rate _________________________________________________________

   Collections Issue ____________________________________________________________

   Service Issues _______________________________________________________________

   Want to Avail Some Other Loan_______________________________________________

   Others _____________________________________________________________________

Attachments:              CNIC Copy                Deposit Slip Copy                   Debit My ISI Account

___________________________                      ________________                __________________________
Customer’s Signature / Date                      Contact Number/s                CRO Name / Signature / Date

For Bank Use Only
Principal Balance: _____________________________________________________________
Current Monthly Mark Up: _____________________________________________________

Pay-Off Penalty @ % of the Total Above: ___________________ Penalty Held Up? _____

Insurance Refund/Receivables, if Any: ___________________________________________

Excess Amount in ISI Account: _________________________________________________

Total Outstanding Balance: _____________________________________________________

Recommended Action: _________________________________________________________
Please submit your deposit slip and cnic copy to customer services along with this form. NOC will be issued by Collections
Unit upon payoff verification.

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