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					Top CPM Advertising Networks to Earn More Money Online

Choosing best online advertising networks can be a tricky task for you if you are not familiar with it.
You might face many unfamiliar acronyms in the beginning of this advertising field. Thousands of
online advertisers offering various ways to help you earning money online, but when it comes to
online success you should very selective and choose the top advertisers. Here we are going to share
some of the top CPM advertising networks online to help you earn money from your website or blog.

CPM advertising refers to cost per Thousand (1000). Earn for every thousand times an advertisement
is displayed on your website or blog. It’s an impression basis paying system which is widely used
advertising networks online in today’s time. We have seen many websites that has good traffic but do
not make much money from ads. This is because of they have maximum number of returning visitors
on their site and obviously most of them won’t click on ads as they know already. For those websites,
CPM is the right kind of ads to convert that traffic in to revenue. The top lists of cpm advertising
networks are given away below.

Google AdSense: Google’s AdSense is always been the leader of online advertising network. This is the
best earning source, most trusted and popular revenue ad network online. Millions of publishers
earning thousands of money daily, even corporate sites are also using it as their main source of
earning. You can use Adsense along with other advertising networks to show ads on your website or
blog. Minimum payout $100 and payment made once in a month.

Tribal Fusion: Tribal fusion is a popular cpm ad network which is the largest and oldest ad network on
internet. This company shares 55% of its revenue to publishers and $50 minimum payout by check. To
get approved by tribal fusion your website needs to be high quality having more than 500,000 unique
visitors per month. It really seems to be too difficult for many publishers though, but it does pay
highest in the industry. If your website can meet these requirements then you can easily make
money from Tribal Fusion CPM.

Clicksor: Clicksor is a content-sensitive marketing network like Adsense. Although it does not have
varieties of ads like AdSense, still it works great. If your niche topic is related to health, trading,
money or online business then Clicksor CPM banner is best for you make more money. Even it has
option to earn 10% per referral. You can get paid every 15 days and minimum payout is $50.

BuySellAds: Buysellads is a top market place for publishers and advertisers to make huge money
online. This network offers it’s publishers to set their own CPM rates and banners. Minmum payout is
$50 and if you are making lot of money then you can request your payment twice in a month.

adBrite: adbrite can be another good alternative to AdSense. Although it does not offer that much of
ad-formats but other features like inline-page-link makes it good choice for publishers. It also enables
publishers to sell ads to their visitors by giving a direct link. Minimum payout of adbrite is $5 via
check, so it’s easy to get your payment if your website is new and earning little money.

Chitika: Chitika is a leading caprice merchandising company which has fully fledged advertising service
right now. It has some good features like it shows relevant ads according to the searched term. As far
as I know it’s very easy to use for the publishers who are looking for daily as revenue. Other features
like mobile coding, List unit (CLU) which automatically adjusts the banner height makes a cleaner user
experience for the visitors of your site. Minimum payout of chitika is $10 for paypal user 30 days.

CPX interactive: CPX interactive can be a good option to earn more if your website has 10,000
pageviews per month. So whether your site is just getting popular, still you can start earning money
from few visitors. Its minimum payout is $50 and payment mode is 30days.

Bidvertiser: Great for bloggers who is not using AdSense. It’s a very good alternative of Google’s
AdSense but it works in different ways. Advertisers will bid in order to show ads on your website and
the highest paying ads will be shown on your site. Earning varies per click. Bidvertiser pays monthly
with minimum payout $10. It’s a kind of earning from conversation between advertisers.

ValueClick Media: ValueClick media is another premier audience targeting network for publishers. Its
ad unit includes banners and pop under. Anyone can join and receive money through PayPal or
checks. It shares 65% of revenue and minimum payout is $25.

Smowtion: – Smowtion is great option for all kinds of publishers since their approval time is very less
and pays out via PayPal. They also have banner ads and can be used with ad networks like textlink ads
or Google Adense. They shares 60% to 80% of their revenues to publishers. Minimum payout is $100
and also supports PayPal, wire and check.

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