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									                                      Curriculum Vitae
      Dr. Gabriel A. Gundu [CMC, FIMC, Ph.D, M.A, & B.A (Hons.)French, JP]
                                No.1, Amb. Sule Kolo Street, Off 15 Crescent,
                             Foreign Affairs Quarters, Gwarimpa, Abuja, Nigeria
                                        P.O. Box 5483, Garki, Abuja
                              Phone: +234(0)8065329201, +234(0)8058955147

                                               Synoptic Overview
                Professionally, Dr. Gabriel A. Gundu holds a practicing licence of Certified Management Consultant
           (CMC), and a Certificate of Participation at the special programme on “Public Sector Consultancy: A
           Foundation in Essential Consultancy Skills”, organised in July 2010 by the Public Administration
           International (PAI), London, UK. Besides possessing cognate knowledge, skills and attitudes of a valuable
           independent management consultant, he is a Fellow, IMC-Nigeria (FIMC). In addition, his experience in
           rendering in-house management consulting services spans three decades of working in Nigeria’s Civil
           Service, including facilitation of Civil Service Administration Reform. Since becoming a founding Director
           of the Teamspirit Consult Ltd, he has been playing a key role in the independent management
           consulting services rendered by the firm. Also, he is fully committed to the pursuit of Continuing
           Professional Development (CPD) in management consulting. To this end, he has been an active
           participant in the IMC-Nigeria’s organised training programmes and public lecture and workshop series,
           as well as the ICMCI’s Bi-Annual Congresses and Annual Conferences.
                Also, he is in the Management Team of NEPAD e-Judiciary Initiative, which seeks to provide National
           Judiciary IT Infrastructure Platform for Judges, Lawyers, and Judicial Administrators in Nigeria and the
           African Continent.
                His other cognate higher academic qualifications include:
                i. Ph.D. (Literature and Linguistics), Université de Bordeaux III, France, 1983;
                ii. D.E.A. (Literature and Linguistics), Université de Bordeaux III, France, 1981;
                iii. M.A. (Literature and Linguistics), University of Manitoba, Canada, 1978;
                iv. B.A. (Hons.) (French), A.B.U. Zaria, Nigeria, 1975; and
                v. D.E.F. Université de Nantes, France, 1972.

1.0     Career Objective
        Drawing from his extensive knowledge and experience in developing Human
        Resources (HR) at Nigeria’s tertiary academic level, and in promoting good
        governance in the Federal Civil Service of Nigeria, Dr. Gundu hopes to add value to
        the deepening of the on-going governance reforms not only in Nigeria but also in
        Africa, through provision of progressive management consultancy services in both
        the public and private sectors.

2.0    Work Experience
2.1    Current Phase
       i. Teamspirit Consult Ltd (TSCL): Director of Operations, Co-Partner, and Co-Founder
       of Teamspirit Consult Ltd. TSCL is an independent management consulting firm,
       which was incorporated in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), in
       March 2010, under the Companies and Allied Matters Act, 1990 with the
       Registration No. RC872589]. The firm provides public and private sector clients with
       cutting-edge advisory and facilitation management services within the client’s
       designated area(s) of concern. The overarching objective is to facilitate the
       rebuilding and transformation of the existing organisations, and to enable firm
       establishment of new ones, towards enhancing efficiency and efficacy in service

       ii. NEPAD e-Judiciary Initiative: Member of the Initiative’s Management Team. The
       Initiative seeks to provide National Judiciary IT Infrastructure Platform for the Bench
       (Judges), Bar (Lawyers), and Judicial Administrators in Nigeria and with contemplated
       extension to the entire African Continent.

2.2    Former Phase
       His former work experience spans routine and non-routine activities in the Civil
       Service and Academic domains, as summarised here-below:

2.2.1 Routine Activities (vide additional information in Annex 1 to this CV)
        I. Job 1: Enhancing Leadership and Management Capabilities of the top
                   echelon of the Public Service
                     Post Held: Pioneer Acting Administrator of Public Service Institute
                        of Nigeria (PSIN), Abuja (Nov. 2008 – Dec. 2009)

                       Achievements: Contributed to enhancing leadership and
                        management capabilities of the top echelon of Nigeria’s Public
                        Service by leading the Institute’s Take-Off Management Team to
                        utilise the UNDESA/IASIA Standards of Excellence for Public
                        Administration Education & Training (Feb. 2008) framework in
                        establishing the PSIN (with a mission of contributing to the
                        deepening of professional capacities and capabilities in leadership
                        and management of the top echelon of the Public Service) on
                        three (3) Pillars: Institutional Development and Management,
                        Programme Development and Management, and Facilities
                        Development and Management

 II.   Job 2: Management of the Nigerian Chapter of the African Peer Review
              Mechanism (APRM)
               Post Held: Pioneer Director of APRM Nigeria (2005-2008)

               Achievements:
                i. Teamed with peer Directors at NEPAD Nigeria to provide the
                   required administrative, coordinative and secretariat support
                   services for Nigeria to successfully scale through the APRM
                   prescribed five-stage Country Review Process (CRP), leading to
                   the Country’s successfully concluded peer-review at the 1st
                   Extraordinary Session of the APR Forum, Cotonou, Republic of
                   Benin, October 29, 2008

                 ii. Successful conclusion of the peer-review has:
                      earned Nigeria respect in the APRM Committee of African Heads of
                         States and Governments
                        added value to the enthronement of good governance in Nigeria.

III.   Job 3: Adding Value to the Civil Service Administration Reform
                Post Held: Pioneer APRM Director at the Bureau of Public Service
                  Reform (BPSR)

               Achievements:
                i. Successful promotion of the engagement of Nigeria’s Federal
                   Civil Service in the prescribed APRM processes and stages;

                 ii. Participation in the development of Nigeria’s National Strategy
                     for Public Service Reform(NSPSR): Towards a World-Class
                     Public Service

IV.    Job 4: Developing the Health Sector
                Post Held: Secretary to the Governing Board, and Director of
                  Administration at the National Hospital, Abuja (NHA) (2002-2004)

               Achievements: Played a key administrative role in repositioning
                the NHA (e.g. introduction of high quality health research
                programme,         improved   mechanism      for   funding     and
                facilities/infrastructure management etc.) for enhanced efficiency

                       and effectiveness in service delivery and transforming the NHA
                       into an envisioned Quaternary Medical Centre

        V.   Job 5: Improving Development of the Agriculture and Rural
                    Development Sector
                        Post Held: Deputy Director (after promotion from Asst.
                          Director) of Rural Development (1990-2000)

                        Achievements:
                         i. Member of the team of experts that developed Nigeria’s
                            National Policy on Integrated Rural Development (NPIRD)

                           ii. Mission Leader who restructured the Centre on Integrated
                               Rural Development for Africa (CIRDAFRICA), Arusha,
                               Tanzania (Nov.-Dec. 1999) and submitted Mission Report
                               to the FAO Regional Office for Africa, Accra, Ghana (Dec.

       VI.   Job 6: Moulding Human Resources at Nigeria’s Tertiary Education Level
                     Post Held: Senior Lecturer [(after promotion from Lecturer 1) in
                       Languages and Linguistics at the University of Maiduguri, Borno
                       State, Nigeria (Oct. 1986 – Nov. 1990)]; and Principal Lecturer and
                       Head of Department of French [after promotion from Assistant
                       Lecturer) (Aug. 1976-Sept. 1986)]

                     Achievements: Contributed to moulding University graduates in
                      Linguistics and African Francophone Literature, and holders of
                      Nigerian Certificate of Education (NCE), thereby promoting the
                      supply of Human Resource requirements for Nigeria’s

2.2.2 Non-Routine Tasks (vide additional information in Annex 1 to this CV)
      They include being Chair, Secretary or Member of various Government Committees
      on providing policy and programme options for strengthening Nigeria’s domestic
      development and external relations

2.3   Commendations and Appreciations
      Commendations and appreciations from his Principals, in recognition of Dr Gundu’s
      due diligence, include:
         i. Executive Director/CEO of CAPAM (May 28, 2010)
         ii. Special Adviser to the President on NEPAD (December 31, 2008);

           iii. Commonwealth Secretariat (July 14, 2006);
           iv. Head of the Civil Service of the Federation (May 18, 2006);
           v. Secretary to the Government of the Federation (June 12, 2002);
           vi. Registrar of the University of Maiduguri (December 20, 1988);
           vii. Ministry of Education in Benue State of Nigeria (April 1986); and
           viii. Registrar of the Katsina-Ala College of Education in Benue State of Nigeria
                 (1984 & 1985)

3.0    Education
3.1    Universities Attended
         i.    Université de Bordeaux III, France (1980 -1983)
         ii.   University of Manitoba, Canada (1977-1978)
        iii.   ABU, Zaria, Nigeria (1971-1975)

3.2    Schools Attended
         i.    Pakistan Academy for Rural Development (PARD), Peshawar, Pakistan
               (October 1984)
         ii.   Université de Nantes, France (1971-1972)
        iii.   Village du Bénin, Lomé, Togo (July-August 1971)
        iv.    School of Basic Studies (SBS), ABU, Zaria, Nigeria (1970-1971)
         v.    St. James’ Catholic Seminary, Keffi, Nigeria (1964-1968)

3.3 Qualifications/Certificates (in Humanities)

3.3.1 University Certificates
       i.   Ph.D. (Literature and Linguistics), Université de Bordeaux III, France (1983)
       ii.  D.E.A. (Literature and Linguistics), Université de Bordeaux III, France (1981)
       iii. M.A. (Literature and Linguistics), University of Manitoba, Canada (1978)
       iv. B.A. (Hons.) (French), A.B.U. Zaria, Nigeria, (1975)
       v.   D.E.F. Université de Nantes, France (1972)

3.3.2 Professional Certificates
        i.   Certificate of Professional Studies in Risk & Security Management (with
             Management Consultancy Module), offered by Albion College, in Partnership
             with London Graduate School, at the Regional Seminar on Risk and Security
             Management for Executives, Abuja, Nigeria, March 28-30, 2012;
       ii.   Certificate of Participation in Continuing Professional Development
             Programme (CPDP) on Pricing Methods for Management Consultants,
             Organised by IMC-Nigeria at Abuja, Nigeria, February 16, 2012;
      iii.   Certificate in Public Administration and Civil Service Management, offered by
             the Galilee International Management Institute, Israel, January, 2012
      iv.    Certificate in Executive Speaker Training, offered by Harvard University
             Extension School and Galilee International Management Institute, January
       v.    Fellow, Institute of Management Consultants, Nigeria (FIMC), 2011

       vi.     Certified Management Consultant (CMC): Practicing License, Sept. 15, 2010

      vii.     Certificate of Participation at the training programme in Public Sector
               Consultancy: a Foundation in Essential Consultancy Skills, offered by the
               Public Administration International in London, from 12 to 16 July 2010

      viii.    Certificate of Participation in the Executive Programme for Heads of Public
               Service and Top-Level Officials, Abuja & London (2009), with the theme:
               Leading Transformation: Modernising the Public Service
       ix.     Certificate of Participation in the Re-Orientation Workshop for Directorate-
               Level Officers in the Nigerian Civil Service, organised by the Office of the
               Head of the Civil Service of the Federation in collaboration with African
               Centre for Development and Strategic Studies (ACDESS), Abuja, Nigeria (2000)

        x.     Certificate of Participation at the International Workshop on Integrating
               Gender Issues in Rural Development, Amman, Jordan (May 1999)

       xi.     Certificate of Training in Rural Development Administration, Pakistan
               Academy for Rural Development, Peshawar, Pakistan (1994)

      xii.     Certificate of Associate Membership of the Nigerian Institute of Public
               Relations (NIPR) (1994)

      xiii.    Certificate of Participation in the Advanced Facilitator Training Programme
               in Integrated Rural Development, Makurdi, Benue State of Nigeria (1993)

      xiv.     Certificate of Attendance at the Seminar organised by the Zonal Education
               Office, Gboko, Benue State of Nigeria, April 2-4, 1986, with the theme: The
               Primary School Teacher as a Vehicle for the Proper Take Off of the
               System of Education (1986)

      xv.      Certificate of Attendance at the Seminar organised by the Department of
               Primary Education, College of Education, Benue State of Nigeria, January 26-
               27, 1984, with the theme: Language Policy and Education of the Nigerian
               Primary School Child (1984)

3.3.3 Special Skills Acquired
      i.     Computer: Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications and Internet
      ii.    Languages: Proficiency in English, French and Tiv
      iii.   Public Sector: Proficiency in Human and Material Resource Management
      iv.    APRM: Extensive knowledge and experience in the APRM-driven strategy
             and processes for deepening good governance reforms in Africa

4.0      Membership of Professional Bodies
         i.    Fellow of IMC-Nigeria (Institute of Management Consultants)
         ii.   AAPAM (African Association for Public Administration and Management)

        iii.    CAPAM (Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and
        iv.     IASIA (International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration)
        v.      LAN (Linguistic Association of Nigeria)
        vi.     NAFT (Nigerian Association of French Teachers)
        vii.    NAPAM (Nigerian Association for Public Administration and Management)
        viii.   NIPR (Nigerian Institute of Public Relations)
        ix.     NIRADO (Nigerian Integrated Rural Accelerated Development Organisation)

5.0     Publications
        These overarch thematic issues such as capacity development in Public Service
        Leadership and Management, coordination and management of the APRM, health
        sector development and management, policy and programmes in the agriculture and
        rural development sector, and human resource development at the tertiary level of
        education towards effective response to Nigeria’s development initiatives. An
        indicative list of these publications, which comprise Books and Chapters in Books,
        Degree        Thesis,     Articles      in     Reputable     Referred     Journals,
        Conference/Symposium/Workshop Presentations, and Newspaper Articles, is
        presented in Annex 2 to this CV.

6.0     Community and Religious Service
        i.      Jerusalem Pilgrim, Israel, January 2012
       ii.      Visit to the Baptismal Site on the Jordan River, Israel, January 2012
      iii.      President of the Executive Committee of Bam-u-Mkom Multipurpose
                Cooperative Society Ltd, Abuja, Nigeria

      iv.       Active Member of the Abuja Chapter of Benue State Strategic Group

       v.       Grand Patron of Kyob nka Multipurpose Cooperative Society, Benue State,

      vi.       Member of the Nigerian Chapter of the Religion and Development (RaD)
                Advisory Group

      vii.      Pioneer Secretary of the Tiv Language Studies Association, Benue State,
                Nigeria (1983-1986) (the Association harmonised and standardised the
                Orthography of the Tiv Language)

7.0     Other Bio-data Details
        i.      Date of Birth:               December 5, 1950
       ii.      Place of Birth:              Mbayongo, Vandeikya L.G.A, Benue, State,

      iii.   Gender:                 Male
      iv.    Marital Status:         Married with four (4) Children

8.0    References: Available upon request


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