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					Subject: How to Influence Anybody with Mirroring

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Being able to effectively influence and persuade someone is one of the most powerful skills that you
can have at your disposable. One of the best ways to gain this influence is through what is known as

As humans we like people who are like ourselves. When we mirror someone we reflect back an
image that is the same as the person we are talking to. This person cannot help but like us because
they are seeing themselves.

Mirroring helps to create a sense of rapport which is where there is a reciprocal and deep
connection between two people. In order to have effective communication you must first establish

To mirror someone you must become a skilled observer. When you meet someone new examine
them closely.

How do they hold themselves? Are they standing straight or slumped over. Are their arms crossed or
by their sides. Are they expressive with their body or restrained.

How does the person talk? Are they a fast talker or a slow talker. Do they speak loudly or do they
speak quietly?

What language do they use? Do they talk about details or are they a big picture sort of person. Are
there any phrases that they tend to repeat.

Once you have observed these aspects of the person you are talking to you will mirror them. Hold
your body in the same way as they do, speak with the same volume and speed and use the same
language patterns and key phrases.

You want to make sure that they do not realize that you are mimicking them as this will break
rapport. But provided you are subtle in your approach people will not notice that you are replicating
their behaviour. We are usually unaware of these factors about ourselves anyway.

Practice modelling next time you are with a friend or someone you are comfortable. Notice the
difference in rapport when you use these techniques. Once you are comfortable with mirroring you
can start to use it out on strangers, you will be amazed at how you are able to create an instant level
of connection with people you have only just met.

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