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Making Money
with craigslist
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How To Make Money Today With craigslist                                       1
      How would you like to make money today?                                 1

What Is craigslist?                                                            3
      Free ads vs Paid ads                                                    6
      craigslist’s traffic and market reach                                   7
      craigslist as a marketing tool                                          9
      Following the Rules l- craigslist’s Terms of Use                        9

How To Integrate craigslist
With Your eBay Business                                                      15
      craigslist: “eBay’s little brother”                                    15
      Searching effectively on craigslist                                    19
      Differences between searching craigslist and searching eBay            21

Making Money By Selling On craigslist                                        23
     Items that sell well on craigslist                                      23
     How to integrate craigslist with your eBay sales                        25

Buying On craigslist                                                         27
      Great things to advertise for on craigslist                            28
      Your marketing problem is solved!                                      36

How To Buy On craigslist                                                     37
      The importance of speed when buying                                    37
      Using enthusiasm to get the deal                                       37
      Urgency and immediacy                                                  38
      Safety first – practice safe buying                                    38
      Truth in advertising – keeping them honest                             39
      Negotiating techniques that work                                       39
      Always offer less… Unless?                                             41

Secrets To Finding Great Deals On craigslist                                 43
      Running your searches correctly                                        43
      Think like a typical craigslist seller                                 44
      Find incredible deals with misspelled words                            44
      Different search strategies - different results                        49
      Why the phone is so important                                          50
      The right way to steal…                                                52

Powerful craigslist Search Tools
That Get You Amazing Deals!                                                  55
      Using Craigshelper – broaden your search                               55
      A really powerful craigslist tool                                      58
      Another amazing craigslist tool                                        59
      Find craigslist deals other people miss out on!                        62

How To Sell On craigslist, Step-by-Step                                      65
      An actual craigslist listing, step-by-step!                            65
      How long does my craigslist ad run?                                    74
      The best types of items to sell on craigslist                          76
      Buying on craigslist to resell on craigslist                           76
      Buying on eBay to resell on craigslist                                 78
      Cars are a perfect item to buy and sell                                78
      Q and A about selling cars online                                      79
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       All about craigslist auto-posting tools                80

Affiliate Marketing On craigslist                             83
       Make money on craigslist without selling?              83
       3 top affiliate networks                               84
       How to use CPA offers on craigslist                    92
       Top recognized CPA networks                            93
       A warning about affiliate ads on craigslist            93
       The “legal way” to list affiliate ads on craigslist    94
       Get your craigslist ad viewed by a more people         94

How To Avoid Scams On craigslist                              97
       Simple steps to avoid getting scammed                  97
       Common scams you’ll find on craigslist                 98
       Actual scam e-mails I have received                    98
       More examples of scam e-mails                         100

Conclusion                                                   103
                                          Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist     1


        How To Make Money
        TODAY With craigslist
        How would you like to make money today?
        I mean literally today – how’d you like to have some cold hard cash in your
        hands before you go to sleep tonight?

        I realize that my system is called “Auctions for Income”, but the truth is, you
        could literally list something on craigslist this morning and have a buyer come to
        your home this afternoon to pick the item up and pay you cash - today!

        That’s exactly why I wanted to write this manual about “How To Make Money
        Today with craigslist.

        Because in today’s weak economy, you need to have a way to raise cash
        immediately and craigslist is absolutely the best site to use for raising cash
        quickly! (eBay’s no slouch either, because you can list items in a 3-day, 5-day, 7-
        day or 10-day listing)

        Throughout this manual I’m going to explain how to use craigslist to make
        immediate income, as well as how to use it to create an ongoing cash flow.

        You’ll be excited to learn that craigslist is a very easy website to use.

        But it’s also important to note that there is a big difference between using
        craigslist as a hobby, and really learning to make great money on craigslist as a

        In this manual, you are going to learn some of the most effective tips and
        techniques to making money on craigslist so you can enjoy the cash flow and
        lifestyle you deserve.

        I look forward to hearing your success stories!

        Dave Espino
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                                        Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist      3


        What is craigslist?
        craigslist is the world’s largest online
        classified ad website.
        (Currently craigslist ranks in the top 50 websites out of millions of websites on
        the Internet)

        craigslist was started as a simple e-mail list in 1995 by Craig Newmark.

        Craig had recently moved to San Francisco and was feeling a little isolated. He
        knew that the Internet was a great way to build networks and communities, so
        he decided to create an e-mail list of San Francisco events, strictly as a hobby.

        Eventually, this humble e-mail list morphed into a website that contained
        classified ads for people that lived in San Francisco.
 4   Auctions For Income®

Here’s a screenshot of the craigslist homepage in February of 2000, soon after
craigslist was formalized as a corporation.

The helpful community feel, along with the opportunity to advertise for free,
were two main components that allowed craigslist to grow incredibly fast.

In fact, back in 1995, there were many hundreds of classified ad websites that
were being built. Most of them were strictly commercial classified ad websites
and many of them charged a fee for advertising on them

But craigslist was different. It had a more homespun feel to it and definitely had
more of a community, friend-helping-friend vibe about it.

I believe it is these two components that helped craigslist survive the dotcom
bust of 1999.

A few years later people from all walks of life (not just the techies in San
Francisco) were posting ads on craigslist. It was the right idea at the right time
in the history of the Internet.
                                          Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist     5

        craigslist benefited from what they call the “network effect”. The network effect
        is when a website grows (almost in spite of itself) because users of the site tell
NOTES   other users and all of the users become frequent visitors of the site. It’s almost a
        viral effect, and that’s what craigslist benefited from.

        Today, craigslist is a worldwide phenomenon and has probably grown far
        beyond the initial vision that Craig Newmark had in mind when he created his
        little “list”.

        You might say craigslist is like eBay’s little brother!

        In this guide to making money with craigslist, I’m going to teach you:

        • How to easily list an item on craigslist

        • The best types of products to buy on craigslist
         (for resale on eBay)

        • The best types of products to sell on craigslist
         (and where to get them)

        • How to use craigslist right along with your eBay business

        • Top techniques to advertise effectively on craigslist

        • Tips to find the best deals on craigslist

        • Some cool tools that will make your craigslist business a lot easier
                 …and a lot more!

        I hope you’re as excited to learn these awesome craigslist techniques as I am to
        teach them to you!

        Let’s get started!
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Free ads vs. paid ads

While craigslist originally got its reputation by offering free classified
advertising on its website, eventually craigslist moved to paid ads for just two
categories: employment ads and brokered apartment listings in New York City.

Take a look at this comparison between craigslist‘s paltry $25 advertising rate
for job ads versus the competition.
                                           Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist          7

        As a result, craigslist has become a very viable place to post your employment
        ads. (In fact, I’ve found some great people that now work for me, via craigslist!)
NOTES   craigslist’s Traffic And Market Reach
        With over 12 billion page views per month, craigslist ranks in the top 50 of all
        websites on the Internet.

        Currently there are more than 50 million people using craigslist each month
        and each month, 30 million new listings are posted on craigslist.

        That massive amount of traffic and activity should get anyone’s attention, but it
        should especially get your attention if you have any interest in making money
        online! (But you’ve got to know how to do it right and this book will show you

        Currently there are over 500 craigslist sites in all 50 states as well as in over 50

        Just to clarify, a craigslist site can serve a city, a county, or a region.

        The interesting thing about craigslist is that you can only search one craigslist site at
        a time. (so if you wanted to do a search across all of California, for example, you
        wouldn’t be able to do this on craigslist as the site doesn’t allow it right now)

        However, a little later in this book I’m going to discuss some pretty amazing tools
        that will make this task a whole lot easier!

        Here’s a chronological view of craigslist’s amazing growth and the many cities
        around the world that it serves:

        3/1995:        SF Bay Area

        6/2000:        Boston

        8/2000:        Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, San Diego, Seattle,
                       Washington DC

        10/2000:       Sacramento

        4/2001:        Atlanta, Austin, Denver, Vancouver

        10/2002:       Miami, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Phoenix

        4/2003:        Dallas, Detroit, Houston, London, Toronto

        11/2003:       Baltimore, Cleveland, Honolulu, Las Vegas, New Orleans,
                       Pittsburgh, Raleigh, St. Louis, Tampa Bay

        1/2004:        Montreal, Providence

        2/2004:        Nashville, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Columbus, Fresno, Hartford,
                       Indianapolis, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Norfolk, Orlando

        9/2004:        Albuquerque, Anchorage, Boise, Buffalo, Memphis, Salt Lake,
 8   Auctions For Income®

            Santa Barbara, Manchester, Edinburgh, Dublin, Melbourne,

11/2004:    Albany, Amsterdam, Bangalore, Eugene, Inland Empire,
            Monterey Bay, Omaha, Orange County, Ottawa, Paris, Reno, San
            Antonio, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Spokane, Tokyo, Tucson, Tulsa

1/2005:     Auckland, Bakersfield, Belfast, Berlin, Brisbane, Brussels,
            Burlington, Calgary, Cardiff, Des Moines, Edmonton, Glasgow,
            Jacksonville, Louisville, Richmond, Stockton, Winnipeg

2/2005:     Birmingham UK, Buenos Aires, Columbia, Manila, Mexico City,
            Rome, Seoul

3/2005:     Zurich

4/2005:     Allentown, Barcelona, Birmingham AL, Cape Town, Delhi, Hong
            Kong, Lexington KY, Little Rock, Madison, Maine, Modesto,
            Mumbai, New Haven, New Jersey, Rochester, Shanghai,
            Stockholm, West Palm Beach, Wichita

6/2005:     Adelaide AU, Ann Arbor, Asheville, Athens GR, Bangkok, Beijing,
            Champaign-Urbana, Charleston SC, Chico, Dayton, Delaware, El
            Paso, Florence IT, Fort Myers, Frankfurt, Geneva, Grand Rapids,
            Halifax, Harrisburg, Humboldt, Istanbul, Jackson MS,
            Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Lima Peru, Madrid, Milan, Moscow,
            Munich, New Hampshire, Oklahoma City, Osaka, Perth AU,
            Prague, Puerto Rico, Redding, Rio De Janeiro, San Luis Obispo,
            Santiago, Saskatoon, Syracuse NY, Tallahassee, Tel Aviv, Tijuana,
            Vienna, Western Massachusetts, Victoria BC, West Virginia

7/2005:     Costa Rica, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming

9/2005:     Baton Rouge, Bristol UK, Chennai IN, Ithaca, Knoxville, Leeds
            UK, Liverpool UK, Mobile, Montgomery, Newcastle UK,
            Pensacola, Quebec, Savannah, Shreveport, Toledo

1/2006:     Bellingham WA, Cairo Egypt, Chattanooga TN, Colorado
            Springs CO, Gainesville FL, Hamilton ON, Kitchener ON,
            Hyderabad India, Lansing MI, Medford OR, Oxford UK, Palm
            Springs CA, Santa Fe NM, Taipei China, Ventura CA

6/2006:     Springfield MO, Columbia MO, Rockford IL, Peoria IL,
            Springfield IL, Quad Cities IL/IA, Fort Wayne IN, Evansville IN,
            South Bend IN, Bloomington IN, Gulfport Biloxi MS, Huntsville
            AL, Salem OR, Bend OR, London ON, Windsor ON, Fort
            Lauderdale FL, Sarasota FL, Daytona Beach FL, Cape Cod MA,
            Worcester MA, Green Bay WI, Eau Claire WI, Appleton Oshkosh
            WI, Flagstaff AZ, Yakima WA, Utica NY, Binghamton NY,
            Hudson Valley NY, Long Island NY, Akron-Canton OH,
            Youngstown OH, Greenville SC, Myrtle Beach SC, Duluth MN,
            Augusta GA, Macon GA, Athens GA, Flint MI, Saginaw MI,
            Kalamazoo MI, Upper Peninsula MI, McAllen TX, Beaumont
            TX, Corpus Christi TX, Brownsville TX, Lubbock TX, Odessa
            TX, Amarillo TX, Waco TX, Laredo TX, Winston-Salem NC,
            Fayetteville NC, Wilmington NC, Erie PA, Scranton PA, Penn
            State PA, Reading PA, Lancaster PA, Topeka KS, New London CT,
                                         Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist        9

                       Lincoln NE, Lafayette LA, Lake Charles LA, Merced CA, South
                       Jersey NJ, Fort Collins CO, Roanoke VA, Charlottesville VA,
NOTES                  Blacksburg VA, Provo UT, Fayetteville AR, Rocky Mountains,
                       Micronesia, Helsinki FI, Warsaw PL, Oslo NO, Naples IT, Jakarta
                       ID, Marseilles FR, Kolkata IN, Budapest HU, Caracas VE,
                       Hamburg DE, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Beirut LB, Malaysia,
                       Panama, Caribbean, Portugal, Christchurch NZ, Wellington NZ,
                       Durban ZA, Prince Edward island, Newfoundland, Cote D‘Azur

        11/2006:       More than 130 new cities were added in November 2006

        4/2008:        120 new cities were added in April 2008

        8/2009:        140 new sites were added in August 2009

        craigslist As A Marketing Tool
        Because craigslist is a classified advertising website, most people believe that the
        only way to make money on craigslist is by selling physical, tangible items that
        are picked up by the buyer in person. And, in reality, that is how the majority of
        transactions work on craigslist.

        However, in this manual I’m going to teach you how to use craigslist as a
        marketing tool, and I will teach you creative and little-known techniques that
        will allow you to make money on craigslist more easily and more quickly than
        the traditional way.

        Along the way, I’ll also alert you to some of the “anti-marketing” policies that
        craigslist stands on and how you can run your craigslist business within their

        We will also discuss how to get the most out of each listing you create to
        generate the most views and visitors to your craigslist ads.

        From my insider’s view of the Internet marketing world, I can tell you that
        (with the sheer amount of traffic craigslist generates) there are many successful
        Internet marketers that are tapping craigslist as a powerful way to make a
        tremendous amount of money.

        I also want to be clear that the techniques I share will only be “white hat“
        techniques - in other words, techniques that adhere to craigslist’s terms of use.

        It is critically important that we don’t break any of craigslist’s rules and we
        certainly don’t want to have our craigslist account shut down!

        So let’s take a look at some selected terms of use - as posted on the craigslist

        Following The Rules - craigslist’s Terms Of Use
        In any game, before you play the game to win, you must first know the rules of
        the game.

        craigslist is no different.
10 Auctions For Income®

So we’re going to take a look at some selected terms of use as a way to learn
what is and is not allowed on craigslist. This will prove very helpful as we get
into the more creative and advanced techniques that I will discuss a little later in
this manual.
Whatever you do, please don’t skip ahead to the advanced techniques without
first reading this section of your manual!

For your information, the complete craigslist terms of use are available here:

Alright, let’s take some of the more important terms of use, one by one

     3. CONTENT

     You understand that all postings, messages, text, files, images, photos, video,
     sounds, or other materials (“Content”) posted on, transmitted through, or
     linked from the Service, are the sole responsibility of the person from whom
     such Content originated. More specifically, you are entirely responsible for
     each individual item (“Item”) of Content that you post, email or otherwise
     make available via the Service. You understand that craigslist does not control,
     and is not responsible for Content made available through the Service, and
     that by using the Service, you may be exposed to Content that is offensive,
     indecent, inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise objectionable. Furthermore, the
     craigslist site and Content available through the Service may contain links to
     other websites, which are completely independent of craigslist. craigslist
     makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy, completeness or
     authenticity of the information contained in any such site. Your linking to
     any other websites is at your own risk.

     You agree that you must evaluate, and bear all risks associated with, the use
     of any Content, that you may not rely on said Content, and that under no
     circumstances will craigslist be liable in any way for any Content or for any
     loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of any Content
     posted, emailed or otherwise made available via the Service. You
     acknowledge that craigslist does not pre-screen or approve Content, but that
     craigslist shall have the right (but not the obligation) in its sole discretion to
     refuse, delete or move any Content that is available via the Service, for
     violating the letter or spirit of the TOU or for any other reason.

Alright, so in section 3 of the terms of use craigslist states that they cannot be
responsible for offensive, inaccurate or indecent content.

They also state that if you do not follow the terms of use, your ad may be
deleted or removed from the craigslist website.

This is pretty simple and self-explanatory, but I do want to warn you that
because of craigslist‘s demographics, (as seen below) some ads, particularly
personal ads which are not policed as much by craigslist, often include indecent
and offensive content. (Think R-rated and even X-rated content)

So if you are thinking of having a minor child work with you in your craigslist
business, please be aware that craigslist can be a very “adult“ community and
monitor your child’s exposure to craigslist very carefully.
                                         Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist      11

        OK, let’s go to the next terms of use that we’re going to review and that’s
        number 7, it’s a doozy! (But very important)
                 7. CONDUCT

                 You agree not to post, email, or otherwise make available Content:

                 a) that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing,
                 defamatory, libelous, invasive of another’s privacy, or is harmful to
                 minors in any way;

                 b) that is pornographic or depicts a human being engaged in actual
                 sexual conduct including but not limited to: (information deleted due
                 to use of sexual terminology)

                 c) that harasses, degrades, intimidates or is hateful toward an
                 individual or group of individuals on the basis of religion, gender,
                 sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, or disability;

                 d) that violates the Fair Housing Act by stating, in any notice or ad for
                 the sale or rental of any dwelling, a discriminatory preference based on
                 race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status or handicap (or
                 violates any state or local law prohibiting discrimination on the basis
                 of these or other characteristics);

                 e) that violates federal, state, or local equal employment opportunity
                 laws, including but not limited to, stating in any advertisement for
                 employment a preference or requirement based on race, color, religion,
                 sex, national origin, age, or disability.

                 f) with respect to employers that employ four or more employees, that
                 violates the anti-discrimination provision of the Immigration and
                 Nationality Act, including requiring U.S. citizenship or lawful
                 permanent residency (green card status) as a condition for
                 employment, unless otherwise required in order to comply with law,
                 regulation, executive order, or federal, state, or local government

                 g) that impersonates any person or entity, including, but not limited
                 to, a craigslist employee, or falsely states or otherwise misrepresents
                 your affiliation with a person or entity (this provision does not apply
                 to Content that constitutes lawful non-deceptive parody of public
12 Auctions For Income®

       h) that includes personal or identifying information about another
       person without that person’s explicit consent;

       i) that is false, deceptive, misleading, deceitful, misinformative, or
       constitutes “bait and switch”;

       j) that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other
       proprietary rights of any party, or Content that you do not have a right
       to make available under any law or under contractual or fiduciary

       k) that constitutes or contains “affiliate marketing,” “link referral code,”
       “junk mail,” “spam,” “chain letters,” “pyramid schemes,” or unsolicited
       commercial advertisement;

       l) that constitutes or contains any form of advertising or solicitation if:
       posted in areas of the craigslist sites which are not designated for such
       purposes; or emailed to craigslist users who have not indicated in writing
       that it is ok to contact them about other services, products or commercial

       m) that includes links to commercial services or web sites, except as
       allowed in “services”;

       n) that advertises any illegal service or the sale of any items the sale of
       which is prohibited or restricted by any applicable law, including
       without limitation items the sale of which is prohibited or regulated by
       California law. A partial list of prohibited items for sale and prohibited
       services offered is provided at the following web address for your

       o) that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or
       programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of
       any computer software or hardware or telecommunications

       p) that disrupts the normal flow of dialogue with an excessive amount
       of Content (flooding attack) to the Service, or that otherwise
       negatively affects other users’ ability to use the Service; or

       q) that employs misleading email addresses, or forged headers or
       otherwise manipulated identifiers in order to disguise the origin of
       Content transmitted through the Service.

       Additionally, you agree not to:

       r) contact anyone who has asked not to be contacted, or make unsolicited
       contact with anyone for any commercial purpose;

       s) “stalk” or otherwise harass anyone;

       t) collect personal data about other users for commercial or unlawful
                                         Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist        13

                 u) use automated means, including spiders, robots, crawlers, data
                 mining tools, or the like to download data from the Service - unless
NOTES            expressly permitted by craigslist;

                 v) post non-local or otherwise irrelevant Content, repeatedly post the
                 same or similar Content or otherwise impose an unreasonable or dis-
                 proportionately large load on our infrastructure;

                 w) post the same item or service in more than one classified category or
                 forum, or in more than one metropolitan area;

                 x) attempt to gain unauthorized access to craigslist‘s computer systems
                 or engage in any activity that disrupts, diminishes the quality of,
                 interferes with the performance of, or impairs the functionality of, the
                 Service or the craigslist website; or

                 y) use any form of automated device or computer program that
                 enables the submission of postings on craigslist without each posting
                 being manually entered by the author thereof (an “automated posting
                 device”), including without limitation, the use of any such automated
                 posting device to submit postings in bulk, or for automatic submission
                 of postings at regular intervals.

                 z) use any form of automated device or computer program (“flagging
                 tool”) that enables the use of craigslist‘s “flagging system” or other
                 community moderation systems without each flag being manually
                 entered by the person that initiates the flag (an “automated flagging
                 device”), or use the flagging tool to remove posts of competitors, or to
                 remove posts without a good faith belief that the post being flagged
                 violates these TOU (Terms Of Use);

        Now let’s look at the highlighted terms of use, one by one:

                 k) that constitutes or contains “affiliate marketing,” “link referral
                 code,” “junk mail,” “spam,” “chain letters,” “pyramid schemes,” or
                 unsolicited commercial advertisement;

        In section K, you’ll notice the use of the terms “affiliate marketing” and “link
        referral code”.

        This is specifically stating that you cannot use an affiliate link in your craigslist
        ad. I will explain affiliate marketing later in this manual, and how you can use it
        correctly on craigslist so that you do not violate their terms of use.

        When you become an affiliate for an online company, you are given a special
        link that tracks any referrals and subsequent sales from that particular link.
        So when you post your affiliate link on a website, and people click on that
        affiliate link and then buy, you earn a commission. It’s a great way to earn
        money on the Internet, and I will go into detail on this technique in our chapter
        on selling.

        But for now, it is important to note that you are not allowed to use an affiliate
        link within your craigslist ad. However, we will come up with creative ways to
        use your affiliate link with people you find on craigslist. (Also, the term “link
        referral code” is basically synonymous with an affiliate link)
14 Auctions For Income®

Alright, let’s look at the next highlighted section of the terms of use:

         l) that constitutes or contains any form of advertising or solicitation if:
         posted in areas of the craigslist sites which are not designated for such
         purposes; or emailed to craigslist users who have not indicated in
         writing that it is ok to contact them about other services, products or
         commercial interests.

This statement is designed to prevent posting irrelevant or inappropriate ads in
the wrong categories on craigslist. It is also an anti-spam statement.

Here’s the next one:

         m) that includes links to commercial services or web sites, except as
         allowed in “services”;

This statement is clearly stating that you are not allowed to link to a website
unless you are advertising in the services category.

I am highlighting the craigslist prohibited items list, because it’s important that
you take a look at items that are not allowed to be sold on craigslist.

The list is rather long, so I’d rather you go to the link located here:

Here’s the next one:

         r) contact anyone who has asked not to be contacted, or make
         unsolicited contact with anyone for any commercial purpose;

This is another anti-spam statement and it’s very important to follow it.

One more:

         w) post the same item or service in more than one classified category
         or forum, or in more than one metropolitan area

This statement is self-explanatory, but important to take note of. craigslist is
really made up of 500 “mini-sites” and really is different from eBay because of
this localized feature.

craigslist does not take too kindly to advertisements or activities that are overtly
commercial in nature. This is just craigslist‘s quirky company personality, and
you must learn to play by the rules if you are going to make money on

Alright, well we’ve covered the most important terms of use, but again, I
recommend that you read the entire terms of use to make sure that you do not
break any of craigslist‘s rules as you begin your journey into making money on
                                            Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist            15


        How To Integrate
        craigslist With Your
        eBay Sales
        In this section, we’re going to talk about how to integrate craigslist with your
        eBay sales.

        I think it’s an important topic because craigslist and eBay work so well together.

        craigslist: “eBay’s Little Brother”
        In fact, I like to call craigslist “eBay’s little brother”, because it’s a great way to
        sell items online quickly, and it takes much less of a learning curve to do so.

        A few years ago, eBay purchased a 25% stake in craigslist from a former
        employee, so it’s clear that eBay sees craigslist as a force to be reckoned with.

        In this section, I’d like to talk about the best items to buy on craigslist. (for later
        resale on eBay) The best types of items to sell on craigslist, and I will also go
        over a couple of scenarios for integrating craigslist with eBay.

        Let me give you an example from my own experience.

        When I first started buying collections of vintage Hot Wheels cars, I started out
        by placing ads in the local “Recycler” and “Pennysaver” classified ad newspapers.

        Back then, I was able to place free ads in the “Recycler”, while the “Pennysaver”
        newspaper charged for their ads.

        I started buying collections of Hot Wheels in my local area and back then,
        before eBay was really well known, I would take Hot Wheels cars I purchased
        and sell them at an antique toy store.

        It was a great little business!
        I would buy entire collections, maybe 50 to 80 cars, keep the ones I wanted for my
        personal collection and sell the rest!
        The antique toy store would sell my cars for me on consignment and at the end
        of the month I’d get a check for my profits minus rent and commissions.
16 Auctions For Income®

As a collector, this was the best of all worlds because often, the cars I decided to
keep for my own collection were easily paid for from the profits!

Well, the reason I tell the story here is because I literally built my entire eBay
business by advertising for these little Hot Wheels cars.

Eventually, even though I didn’t know a thing about computers, in February of
1999, I registered as an eBay seller for the very first time. I was so excited,
because now, rather than wait an entire month or two for my cars to sell, (at the
antique toy store) I could literally sell them in seven days on eBay!

This turbocharged my turnover of cash and made my business a lot more
profitable a lot faster.

So, in this manual I’m going to propose that you buy items locally (by using
craigslist) and sell those same items internationally on eBay.

You can build an entire business this way, very, very easily!

The important thing to do is research the types of things that sell well on eBay,
and then start looking for those things in your local area on craigslist.

A little later in this manual I’m going to teach you about some tools that work
to automate this process so that it’s very simple.

Let’s look at the types of things you should buy on craigslist for resale on eBay.

You want to start by going to eBay’s PULSE page located here:

Note: Internet site links can change occasionally. If the link above does not take you
to the correct site, please visit your Auctions for Income member’s site for an
updated link.

At the time of this writing, these were the hottest searched-for items on eBay:

As you can see each of these allows you to click on them (when you’re actually
on the pulse page) and drill down even deeper to the subcategories that are
most popular.
                                        Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist      17

        Now, if you click on the drop-down menu, just above the “Popular Searches”
        graphic, you’ll see this:

        You can then click on any of these main categories to see the top searched items
        in those categories.

        In the drop-down menu shown above, I clicked on the category “collectibles”
        and it took me to these results:

        And here you would see the top 10 searches under the category “collectibles”.

        This is a great way to determine what is hot on eBay in any given category and
        at any given point in time!

        So your next step is to find categories and subcategories that you are interested
        in and do a little researching in this way in order to find the very popular
        searches on eBay.
18 Auctions For Income®

Take your list of popular searches and go to craigslist now to see if any of those
items are available. If they are, type the name or model number of the items
that are available on craigslist into the “What’s it worth“ tool on eBay.            NOTES
You can find the “What’s it worth” tool by clicking on the “Sell” link at the top
of most eBay pages:

You’ll see the “What’s it worth” tool just below the “Start selling” button:

A better way to determine what something is worth, though, is to run a search
of completed listings on eBay.

Here’s how you do it:
                                          Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist      19

        Now that you know how to find the most searched items on eBay as well as how
NOTES   to determine what those items are selling for, you’re ready to go search for those
        items on craigslist.

        Searching Effectively On craigslist
        Below is a screenshot of the craigslist search bar. You’ll find it on the upper left
        side of the webpage when you get to

        You can run a search several different ways.

        For example:

        You can type a broad keyword into the search bar and see what comes up.
20 Auctions For Income®

You can also search craigslist by categories...

Here’s where the various advertising categories are on the craigslist homepage:     NOTES

You can click on any one of those category links and be taken directly to that

If you want to search within a particular category, click on the correct category
link and then use the search feature at the top right side of the page that comes

(Common words like “the” or “and” are typically removed from searches
because they occur very frequently)
                                         Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist      21

        A difference between searching craigslist and searching
NOTES   eBay
        An important thing to note is that craigslist searches are a little different than
        eBay searches.

        You see, when you run a search on eBay, the search engine only targets
        keywords in the titles of the listings and not the descriptions.

        However, when you run a search on craigslist, the craigslist search engine
        automatically finds keywords in the titles as well as the descriptions. So when
        you run a keyword search on craigslist and you don’t see the keyword appearing
        in the title, don’t worry! The keyword will likely appear in the description once
        you’ve clicked on the title.

        This is a great point because when you go to sell something on craigslist, you’ll
        want to put as many keywords (that relate to your product) as possible in your
        description. (and not necessarily in your title)
22 Auctions For Income®

                                          Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist       23


        Making Money By
        Selling On craigslist
        Items That Sell Well On craigslist
        craigslist differs from eBay in that it is really designed as a local selling venue.

        When you list something on craigslist, the buyer expects that they are going to
        come out to your home, pay you cash and pick up the item.

        If you’re a seasoned eBay seller like I am, this can be a little disconcerting,
        because, in your eBay business, you rarely meet your customers face-to-face.

        In fact, meeting our eBay customers face-to-face would be the exception, rather
        than the rule.

        However, it’s not an entirely bad thing!

        I’ve had a lot of fun meeting the people who I’ve sold items to on craigslist, and
        I sure love the fact that I don’t have to ship any of these items!

        The types of things I’ve sold on craigslist are mostly items that I’ve purchased in
        storage unit auctions.
        I’ve also sold household items that we don’t need and that are too big to ship.

        If you want to make some quick money on craigslist, just look around your
        house or garage for items you no longer need, and list them! (The listing
        process is very simple – we’ll go through it a little later)

        You might be amazed at how quickly you start getting e-mails!

        (That’s because of the sheer amount of traffic that craigslist gets on a daily
24 Auctions For Income®

A little later in this manual, I’m going to get more specific about the types of
things that sell on craigslist that will make you great money. But for now, I’d
like to give you a more general idea of the types of items that are well-suited for
• Larger items that are too much of a hassle to ship

• Low dollar items that you can sell in lots / groups

• Items that are in high demand in your local area

• Services that you can provide in your local area

• Affiliate products or services that people are actively looking for in the

 “wanted” section of craigslist

• Just about anything you can imagine - people will buy it!

Let’s Talk About Money…

The great benefit of selling on craigslist is that it’s free - you pay ZERO listing

Compare that to eBay where your combined listing and PayPal fees can be as
much as 8 to 10%. Or, compare that to, where your fees can be as
high as 15%.

When you really look at it, craigslist is an incredible bargain – business wise!

I believe this is really one of the main reasons for craigslist‘s massive growth in
the last few years. When you can attract excellent traffic and charge zero listing
fees, well, you’ve got a winner!

Take a look at the traffic graph below and you’ll get a good idea of how
craigslist traffic is catching up to eBay’s traffic.

Now, again, craigslist is very different from eBay in that it is a very local
marketplace, while eBay is national and even international in scope, so you need
to use different approaches for each site, because they really are fundamentally
                                         Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist         25


        How To Integrate craigslist With Your eBay Sales
        If you are already an active eBay seller, (or plan on being one) you’ll sometimes
        find yourself with items that are too big or too bulky to ship.

        You’ll also find yourself in situations (especially if you start participating in
        storage auctions) where you end up with boxes of items that aren’t worth your
        time to sell one by one on eBay. It would be great if someone could just pick
        them up as a box lot.

        Well, these are the perfect items to list on craigslist and have a sort of online
        yard sale!

        You might also experiment with buying large wholesale lots on eBay and
        reselling some of those items one by one, locally on craigslist.

        You can even source products from a drop shipper and start listing them on
        craigslist. When a buyer calls about that item, you could either send them
        straight to your drop shipper account where they can order directly, or order it
        yourself from the drop shipper and have your buyer come pick it up in a few

        Alright, let’s start looking at ways to find amazing deals on craigslist so that you
        can turn around and sell those items on eBay.
26 Auctions For Income®

                                         Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist     27


        Buying On craigslist
        Tips And Tricks To Finding Amazing Deals
        On craigslist
        Next we’re going to discuss how to find some amazing deals on craigslist -
        either for your own use or to resell these items on eBay.

        But before we get to that, I’d like to give you my very first recommendation for
        making money with craigslist and that is that you begin posting “wanted” ads
        for items that sell very well on eBay.

        If you refer to your eBay book in your “Auctions for Income” system, you’ll find
        several pages describing how to advertise for specific items to resell on eBay.

        I’ve built my main eBay business into a great full-time income just by
        advertising for vintage Hot Wheels cars, and I know many, many antiques and
        collectibles businesses have been built in a similar way, by advertising for them.

        There’s plenty of room for you to find a hot niche that you can get excited
        about and then start placing “wanted“ ads on craigslist, searching for those

        The great thing about this technique is that now people are calling you with
        their merchandise, rather than you having to go out and search for it.

        Alright, let’s look at some ideas on what you can specifically advertise for:
 28 Auctions For Income®

Great Things To Advertise For On craigslist
The following is a list of excellent items that sell well on eBay. Use this list to
generate ideas of the types of items you can advertise for.
iPhones, iPods, Xbox or PSP Game Consoles

These are the hottest searched-for items on eBay right now and these items
would be great items to advertise for on craigslist.

In this economy, not only are people selling off their luxury items, (which some
of these represent) but a lot of people are searching for them on eBay, because
eBay represents a bargain marketplace to many people and they know they can
get great deals on eBay.

Broken iPhones, iPods, Xbox or PSP Game Consoles

Yes, believe it or not, broken iPhones, iPods, Xbox gaming consoles or PSP
game systems sell very well on eBay, because people that know how to repair
these items buy them and then resell them for even more money!

In fact, if you know how to repair any of these items (or if you know someone
who has the skills to repair them) you’ve got a great business on your hands,
because you could buy them very inexpensively from craigslist, fix them up and
then sell them for top dollar on eBay!

Skateboard decks from the 70’s and 80’s

That old skateboard sitting in the closet may be worth some pretty good

If you live in an area that was populated by a lot of skateboarders in the late 70’s
and early 80’s, you may have $1,000 or $2,000 sitting there! First-run Tony
Hawk decks as well as any original Dogtown decks have some great value, even
in used condition. Any decks that were made from 1977 to about 1987 will have
at least some decent value on eBay, depending on condition and rarity.

Old “Skateboarder” Magazines, “Skateboard World”
Magazines (late)

Same thing here – many of the kids who skated in the 80’s
are now adults trying to recapture the memories of their
youth. (and collecting them, too)
                                          Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist      29


        Old books – first editions

        First Edition books, especially of historical reference value are great sellers and
        you can advertise for them! I sold some First Edition books about President
        Lincoln and made over $2000 for the set on eBay!

        Real Estate seminar tapes and CDs

        Yes, dig out those old “no money down” tapes and sell them on eBay – it may be
        some easy money!

        CDs and tape sets about Direct Marketing

        I’ve found that when I put up anything related to direct marketing, there is a
        hungry market for it; especially anything from Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, Jay
        Abraham and some of the other marketing “gurus”.

        I’ve made thousands of dollars selling just a few of the marketing courses I’ve
        owned and benefited from over the years!
30 Auctions For Income®

Early personal computers

Believe it or not, there is a collector market for old computers! I don’t know if it
is the nostalgia factor or just the “geek factor”, but these old computers are
selling – place ads for people’s “ancient computers” and see what happens!

Portable 8-track tape players (not the tapes)

Those old, portable 8-track tape players can now be turned into cash. (Isn't it
about time you got with the iPod generation anyway?

Hint: The more “Far out 70’s” and “psychedelic” they look, the better!

Vintage toys of the 40’s to 80’s

Another nostalgia item, old toys are always collectible – just be sure to do your
research into which are really old and which ones have been reissued in recent
years, the reissues will likely be worthless, relatively speaking…

Star Wars toys

Same as above, just a bit more modern!

NASCAR die-cast cars and memorabilia


There are quite a few NASCAR dealers who do huge volume on eBay, but you
can approach it from the other angle – buying NASCAR collections from
people looking to get out of the hobby – and selling the cars off one by one.
                                          Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist      31

        My Little Pony toys

NOTES   My Little Pony was a huge hit with little girls in the 80’s. Now those little girls
        have grown up and want to buy all they can!

        Unused Scrap booking supplies

        I don’t have to tell you that the scrap booking world is massive.

        If you can buy out collections of scrap booking materials – by advertising for
        them – you will have customers rushing your virtual doors to buy them from

        Vintage credit cards

        This one shocked me when I found out about it.

        Some old Visa and Mastercard credit cards (especially when it was called
        Mastercharge) as well as old department store credit cards are hot among credit
        card collectors.

        (Yes, like I said, I was shocked to find out that people even collect old, expired
        credit cards!)

        I’ve seen some of the thinner “princess” department store credit cards sell for as
        much as $76 each!

        KISS memorabilia

        Anything that has the rock band KISS’ logo on it usually sells well.

        They were one of the first to apply mass merchandising to their “brand” and
        made millions doing so. In the process, they created an “army” of collectors who
        live on and are still collecting today.

        Vintage calculators – Hewlett Packard

        Another geeky item that is hot is the older Hewlett Packard calculators and
        other office machines. Since they are not being made in the older styles, these
        calculators have become collectible.
32 Auctions For Income®

Older LEGO toys from the 60’s and 70’s

You might be amazed at how much people are willing to pay for old LEGOs!
That’s right, older LEGOs sell for great money and you can find them by
advertising for them.

Be sure to do a little Google research to learn how to tell the older LEGOs from
the newer ones…

Board games from the 30’s to 60’s

Board games bring back nostalgic memories of fun with the whole family.

They have this emotional pull, as well as being cool to display on a wall or in a
collector’s room.

Vintage board games can sell for $20 to as much as hundreds of dollars for mint
condition, rare games.

35 mm SLR or viewfinder cameras

Older 35 mm cameras are being collected by both photographers and non-
photographers alike.

Vintage Nike shoes, (yes, even used ones are worth money) Jordan, Air Jordan

What can I say about vintage Nike shoes?

I once bought a pair of new, never used vintage Nike shoes dated from 1979 at a
local flea market for only $20. (I learned how to determine the date the Nike
shoes were manufactured on the Internet)

I listed these on eBay and they sold for $120 to a buyer in Japan!

Here in Southern California, on the second Sunday of each month, the Rose
Bowl antique flea market has rows of dealers who sell nothing but vintage
Nikes, vintage Adidas clothes, Vintage Levi’s and other vintage cool clothing
from the last several decades.

You would be amazed at what these old clothes sell for!

I once read a small book by someone who made hundreds of thousands of
dollars a year by simply advertising for (and buying) used Nikes and Levi’s!
(And you know where he sold these vintage clothes? That's right, he sold them
on eBay!)

Vintage Levi’s Jeans

Here's a quick tutorial on YouTube about vintage Levi's from the 1930’s to the
                                          Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist       33

        Note: Internet site links can change occasionally. If the link above does not take you
        to the correct site, please visit your Auctions for Income member’s site for an
NOTES   updated link.

        Take some time to do some Google research on this interesting collectible – I
        think you will be amazed.

        Vintage Adidas clothes – three leaf logo

        Same as above, where we discuss Nikes.

        Precious Moments figurines

        Precious Moments is a collectibles world all its own. These little ceramic
        figurines are often produced in limited quantities, sold at Hallmark stores and
        other gift shops and the older or limited edition figurines can often command
        great collector values.

        Boyds Bears Limited Edition

        Boyds Bears inhabits a similar market and collectibility as the Precious
        Moments figurines above.
 34 Auctions For Income®

Women’s designer handbags

Many women love designer handbags and this is a market that has a lot of
This is great for a reseller like you!

You can keep buying and buying and selling and selling, because ladies rarely
get tired of buying new handbags!

Vintage UFO magazines

Who knew that the UFO craze from the 70’s would turn into a collectors craze

Anything UFO is highly collectible and this would also be a good market to

Hot Tip
I’ve mentioned several times that it would be a good idea to research your item on
Google to determine what type of market there is for it, but it is also a good idea to
do some research on Google to get more information on an item when it is time to
go list it!

Buy websites and resell them

This is another one you may not have thought of…

If you are a little bit web savvy or knowledgeable about Internet Marketing, you
can actually buy websites on eBay for under a hundred dollars – yes, these are
fully operational websites – and sell them for thousands of dollars on other
websites, through or even on eBay itself!

This technique does take some knowledge of the Internet Marketing world, but
you can definitely make money here!

Use craigslist as a lead generator for your service

By posting an ad for your service on craigslist, you can use craigslist as a lead
generator for your business!

You can post ads that lead to a phone call to your business or ads that send
people to your website or ads that give people a free download, which can put
them on your e-mail list.

Buy old magazines, clip the vintage ads and sell the ads by themselves

This is an interesting way to make money by buying old magazines (and often
                                          Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist       35

        get them for free by checking the “free stuff ” category on craigslist) clipping the
        ads out of the magazines and mounting or framing them, and then selling these
NOTES   vintage ads on eBay.

        Celebrity clippings also sell on eBay!

        So you could buy even recent magazines and put together collections of
        clippings of a particular celebrity and sell these collections on eBay.

        Another example is you can buy old car magazines and clip the vintage car
        advertisements out of them, frame or mat them and sell the vintage car ads on
        eBay for between $6 and $25!

        By the way, the same applies to old books that have prints inside of them. This
        is an entire category unto itself.

        Create your own instructional video / DVD

        If you have a solution to someone’s problem and that solution is easier to teach
        via video demonstration, then consider doing an instructional video or DVD.

        Just about anyone can create great tutorial videos by using a product called
        Camtasia. Take a look at their website at

        Note: Internet site links can change occasionally. If the link above does not take you
        to the correct site, please visit your Auctions for Income member’s site for an
        updated link.

        Once you've created a great video, take a look at

        Note: Internet site links can change occasionally. If the link above does not take you
        to the correct site, please visit your Auctions for Income member’s site for an
        updated link.

        Kunaki is a service that will actually produce duplicates of your videos and even
        ship them for you!

        Buy at Wal-Mart, Costco and factory outlets (on sale and clearance) and sell
        on eBay!

        You may not realize it, but those great deals you get at your local Costco, Wal-
        Mart and factory outlets are often specific to your area and are not always
        available in other parts of the country.

        This means that there are a lot of people out there that are not getting the same
        deals (or even the same products) as you are.

        Be on the lookout for closeout sales and limited time deals and go home and do
        your pricing research on eBay. (Or call someone that's at home on the
        computer, who can check on prices for you) You will learn right away if you
        should go back and buy a whole bunch of that item for resale!
    36 Auctions For Income®

I hope that I have inspired you to try finding some of these things on craigslist
and in your local area so you could resell these items on eBay!
The Marketing Problem Solved
Combining craigslist with eBay means that you have one of the biggest
problems in business SOLVED!

craigslist solves the problem of finding great items locally to resell on eBay.

eBay solves the problem of marketing those local items to a worldwide

If you have the marketing problem solved, you are 95% of the way there!

And if you have the sourcing problem solved, (by finding things on craigslist)
you are at least 110% there!

Now all you have to do is:

•      Find a hungry market on eBay that is searching desperately for a product

•      Advertise on craigslist that you are a buyer of that product (or find it
       through any of the other means you’re learning in this system) and

•      Sell the item you bought on craigslist to the hungry buyers on eBay!

In this way you are taking items that you purchased from a local market
(craigslist) and selling them on the National and International marketplace –

I hope I've given you some great ideas here! These are great ideas that work and
that you can use immediately to find products on craigslist to resell on eBay and
make great money with!
                                        Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist     37


        How To Buy On craigslist
        How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting
        The Deal
        Next I’d like to talk about how you would approach a craigslist seller.

        The very first thing you need to know about craigslist is that it is a very time-
        sensitive marketplace. This means that, as soon as you see an interesting ad pop
        up, you need to jump on it immediately.

        That’s because craigslist has become such a popular site that people are
        searching it constantly for great deals. (Another great reason to use the Ad
        Notifier tool, which instantly notifies you of brand-new craigslist ads that
        contain your keywords in them)

        So, rule number one about buying on craigslist is that you need to be the first
        person to get in touch with the seller. This means that if they leave a phone
        number, you’re the first person to call them, and if all they leave is an e-mail
        address, you’re the first person to e-mail them.

        The same applies if you call and get a voicemail message. Be sure that as soon as
        you leave a message, you also e-mail them to express interest in their item.


        The main thing you want to convey in these calls or e-mails (or voicemail
        messages) is that you are extremely interested in that item, you’ve been looking
        for that item for a while, and this sounds like the perfect item at the perfect
        price for you.
38 Auctions For Income®

The reason you want to express enthusiasm about their item is that when you
do this, they will be more likely to sell that item to you, rather than someone
else.                                                                                NOTES
Think about it, who would you rather sell an item to; someone who’s really
excited to buy it or someone who sounds rather indifferent about it?

So be sure you convey some excitement about that item when you make your
call or send your e-mail.

You also want to convey a sense of urgency and immediacy when you’re
speaking to the seller.

Let them know you’re ready to buy right now, and you’re ready to pay with

Make it easy for them to sell to you by being polite, accommodating and

Be sure to let them decide where exactly you’re going to meet to do the
transaction, but always push for closing the deal sooner rather than later.

When leaving a voicemail message, be sure to repeat your phone number twice
and be sure to use clear, concise language when you leave your voicemail
message. (You don’t want to be guilty of leaving a message that they can’t
understand and therefore can’t return your call!)

If the seller doesn’t return your call, try calling them again, but wait several
hours so that you don’t seem like a pest.

It’s important to understand that even though many tens of thousands of local
transactions are conducted via craigslist every year, people are still going to be
nervous about meeting a stranger to sell them an item.

So allow the seller to dictate where you should meet them, because it’s usually
going to be in a place where they feel safe.

If the seller replies to your e-mail and doesn’t specifically designate a place to
meet, then make sure that you suggest a safe place. (In a public setting like at a
Starbucks or a Wal-Mart parking lot, for example)

Another thing that will help the seller feel safe about your transaction is to
move the conversation from e-mail to the phone. In other words, even though
communicating via e-mail is a lot more comfortable, to the seller, it may not
feel as safe as if they had an opportunity to speak with you and hear your voice.

So, always strive to move the conversation from e-mail to the phone when
setting up a place to meet.
                                          Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist      39

        One last thing about safety: if you schedule an appointment at 5 PM at the local
        Wal-Mart, be sure you arrive there just before 5 PM.
NOTES   You want to be there early, because you want to assure the seller that you are a
        person of your word. Also, be sure you dress in a non-threatening manner and
        greet them with a friendly smile and demeanor.

        Again, if you’re meeting someone at the local Wal-Mart, you want to convey a
        sense of safety and security because the truth is, they don’t know you, and they
        want to feel safe before money changes hands.

        These rules of thumb are even more critical if you happen to be a man and
        you’re meeting with a woman. Do everything in your power to ensure that she
        feels safe throughout your entire transaction and beyond.

        The idea is to be as trouble-free a buyer as possible and make it easy for the
        seller to sell to you, rather than someone else.

        Truth In Advertising
        Sometimes you’ll run into a situation where the seller described something in a very
        optimistic light. In other words, they may not have described all the flaws with their
        item and when you actually get to see the item in person, you may be disappointed,
        and may be tempted to reject the deal altogether.

        However, realize that this could be a great opportunity to negotiate the price
        lower by explaining to the seller that they did not disclose certain flaws or issues
        with the item.

        Let them know that had the item been as described, you would’ve been happy
        to pay their price, but now that you see the unmentioned flaws, you’re not too
        sure about paying that price.

        You’re now working from a position of leverage because the seller has made the
        drive to meet you to sell the item and was expecting to sell the item and receive
        cash, but because of their lack of disclosure they will now feel that they’ve put
        this transaction in jeopardy.

        (Of course, you only want to do this if the seller has truly not disclosed the flaw
        or issue - you don’t want to use this as a negotiating ploy if it’s not really true)

        Negotiating A Great Deal

        There have been some great books written about negotiation.

        One of my favorite authors on the subject of negotiation is Roger Dawson.

        Roger’s book “Secrets Of Power Negotiating” is a classic and if you’re really
        serious about making money by buying and selling things, I recommend it

        In a typical negotiation, both parties want a particular outcome - the seller
40 Auctions For Income®

wants a certain price for their item and the buyer wants the item at the lowest
price possible.

The person who cares the most about the transaction will end up being the one
who concedes the most in any given transaction.

So your job is to not care too much about any given transaction OR, not appear
to care too much about the transaction!

If you take a nonchalant approach to any transaction, you’ll be able to negotiate
deals that will amaze you.

NOTE: I know this seems to contradict my previous advice, when I said that you
should be enthusiastic and excited about buying an item when you’re on the
phone with the seller. Well, as you’ll see, there is a time to be enthusiastic and
excited about an item and there is also a time to be very cool, collected and
nonchalant about buying an item and it has to do with what stage of the buying
process you’re in.

Let me give you an example that happened to me…

Recently, I was selling a classic muscle car on craigslist and had someone call
me about it.

This gentleman told me about his history with classic muscle cars and how he
used to really be into fixing up muscle cars many years ago.

He sounded excited to see the car over the phone, and I felt like I had a good
chance at selling this car to him because of his enthusiasm.

He also asked a few questions, which indicated to me that he was very
interested in the car.

Well, we set an appointment for him to come out and see the car.

When he came out to see the car, he still seemed somewhat excited, but I
detected a touch of caution this time.

As he asked more and more questions about the car, his enthusiasm seemed to

This diminishing enthusiasm had an interesting effect on me.

As he pulled further and further away from showing interest in the car, it made
me want to sell him the car even more!

He also mentioned the fact that he was looking at several of these cars before
he made a decision.

As he continued to look at the car and asked more questions, I continued to get
more and more anxious about selling the car to him because he had expressed
such excitement initially over the phone.

(In fact, I even mentioned that I would be flexible on the price, a clear “no no”
before you actually start discussing price or terms!)
                                        Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist     41

        As you can see in this example, good negotiating has to have a “push” and “pull”
        effect to it.
NOTES   There are times to show enthusiasm and excitement about the item and then
        there are times when you need to be more cautious and nonchalant about the
        item you’re buying.

        In other words, if you’re willing to walk away from a deal, you will usually have
        the most leverage in a given negotiation.

        So be sure to use this example to your benefit when you’re negotiating for
        something from craigslist.

        In your initial phone call, you want to sound excited, urgent and extremely
        motivated to buy that item.

        When you go to actually see the item, you want to turn that excitement down
        several notches and be very cool and noncommittal about the item.

        Do this just before you make a lower offer, and it will help you get an excellent

        Always offer less… Unless…
        In the midst of a negotiation, you want to feel the seller out by determining
        how anxious they are to sell that item, or how much they need the cash that
        their item represents.

        People sell things for any number of reasons, and it’s not always for the

        I recently bought a classic muscle car and got an incredible deal on it because
        the sellers were anxious to move it out of the garage so they could begin some
        major work that was going to be done on their house.

        The bottom line is, they were “Over it” and just wanted the car out of there!

        In the real estate investing world, we call these people “don’t wanters”, in other
        words, people who no longer want that item and just want to get rid of it –
        almost at any cost!

        The bigger the transaction, the more time you should take in “fact-finding” to
        determine the seller’s true motivation for selling.

        Often times they are selling to solve a problem (as in my example above) and
        not necessarily to get a certain amount of cash out of the deal, so be aware of
        the many motivations there are for selling something and how you can meet
        those motivations with a creative solution.

        When it comes to negotiating, it’s always wise to start with a lower offer than
        what they are asking for the item.

        The only time I make an exception to this is when I run into such a screaming
        deal, that I can’t wait to buy it and get out of there before they change their
42 Auctions For Income®

mind. (Remember the saying: “You don’t steal in slow motion?”)

Only you will be able to size up the seller and determine what type of offer
you can make. Each transaction is different and each situation is different, but
the more practice you get at buying and selling, the better a negotiator you
will become.
                                         Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist     43


        How To Find Amazing
        Deals On craigslist
        Now I’d like to go over some tips and techniques that will help you in your
        search for incredible deals and bargains on craigslist.

        You may think that finding deals on craigslist is just a matter of searching for an
        item and finding the best price, but there really is a lot more to it than that!

        You see, when you get good at finding deals on craigslist, you’ll be using certain
        techniques over and over again to find those deals. It doesn’t just happen to you
        unless you know and implement these techniques.

        You can boil down the process of finding great deals on craigslist to three
        simple steps:

        Running your searches constantly, correctly and creatively
        Making immediate contact with the seller
        Negotiating a great price

        Now that I’ve given you the basic overview, let’s look at specifics with regard to
        each of those three steps.

        Running your searches constantly, correctly and
        There are a couple of ways to run a search on craigslist.

        The easiest way is to simply type in the main keyword of the item you’re
        looking for into the craigslist search bar.

        The important thing to note, as I mentioned earlier, is that the craigslist search
        engine searches both titles and descriptions of the listings.

        (In contrast, remember that eBay search only searches titles unless you specify
        differently under “advanced search”)
44 Auctions For Income®

It’s important to remember this because when you type a keyword into
craigslist’s search engine, you may see several listings come up that do not
contain your keyword in the title. Don’t be alarmed by this. It simply means
that the keyword is somewhere in the description of that listing.

Think Like A Typical craigslist Seller
What I mean by this is that you should think of a typical craigslist seller as
someone who is typically not very sophisticated in the ways of marketing on the

In my mind, the typical craigslist seller is an average person (with average
computer skills and knowledge) who just wants to sell something and get it out of
their home.

They don’t know anything about keyword research, they may not understand the
importance of using the right keywords in their title, and bottom line; they are
not marketers.

This means that the average craigslist seller will (because of their nature as non-
marketers) sometimes unknowingly make it a little more difficult for you to find
their item or details about their item in their title.

But you can use this to your advantage, because if you think like a typical
craigslist seller and are creative with the types of keyword searches you run on
craigslist, you’ll be able to uncover the deals that other people can’t!

You’ll want to run various searches for the particular item you’re looking for.

For example, one search you might run would include the name of the
manufacturer of the item you’re looking for.

On another search for the same exact item, you might include the actual model
number of the item you’re looking for.

In another search, you might type in the generic name for that item and, once
your results come up, you can then look through the results and see if that item is
in there.

How To Find Incredible Deals By Searching Misspelled

One of the great tried and tested techniques for finding great deals on craigslist
is to search for misspelled keyword titles.

Though this technique originated on eBay, and takes advantage of the fact that
some people don’t know how to spell, redo the look here at how you can use
this technique on craigslist.

When you run a search by typing a misspelled word into the craigslist search
engine, the results that come up will only contain listings where the seller
misspelled the word.
                                           Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist        45

        Since most buyers are actually searching by using the correctly spelled word,
        items listed with a misspelled keyword will get little to no views, which means
NOTES   they either won’t sell, or they’ll sell for very little, relative to their true value.

        This is a powerful way to find deals, whether you’re searching on craigslist or
        eBay, because that misspelled keyword won’t be found by other buyers!

        There is a lot less buyer competition for an item whose title has been misspelled
        by the seller. And you can take advantage of this right now.

        I’m going to show you how to use a couple of tools that will help you find

        First, take a look at this tool that Microsoft provides here:

        Note: Internet site links can change occasionally. If the link above does not take you
        to the correct site, please visit your Auctions for Income member’s site for an
        updated link.

        Here's what the tool looks like

        Notice that Microsoft used “San Francisco” as an example.

        Below the search bar, you can see seven different misspelled versions of “San
46 Auctions For Income®

Let's try another search. When I type in the word laptop, here are the results it
gives me:

Now let's take the misspelling “labtop” and type it into my local craigslist:

As you can see there are 19 listings with the word “labtops” in the title or
description for sale in the Los Angeles area.

This is where you can find some great deals, because most people searching for
a laptop will type the correctly spelled word (laptop) into craigslist and the
results will be a completely different set of results based on the correctly spelled

Very few craigslist buyers will type in the incorrectly spelled word “labtop” and
therefore the sellers who misspelled the main keyword (laptop) will not end up
selling their items.
                                          Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist      47

        You can pick up some amazing bargains this way!

NOTES   Since they aren’t getting very much traffic or views to their listing, the seller will
        be much more likely to sell their item at a lower price.
        Here’s the technique:

        What I would do is run a misspelled keyword search on craigslist, and make a
        note of when their classified ad listing expires.
        Then, as the listing is drawing to a close, make them an offer.

        Let them know that if their item doesn’t sell you’d be happy to buy that item at
        your offered price. (a price that you know you could make money with)

        Chances are, you’ll get that item at your price. And this applies to just about any
        item you might search for!

        This technique works really well on eBay, where the amount of money you
        might get for an item is directly related to the amount of traffic you get to your

        Let’s take a look at an eBay example of this:

        As you can see in the example above, this eBay seller is trying to sell a laptop
        (misspelled as “labtop”) for $835, and there are almost 2 days left on this listing.

        They’ve misspelled the word laptop, and because of that, the chances of this
        item selling anytime soon are minimal.

        How did I find this listing? Simple, I typed the misspelled word, “labtop” into
        the eBay search engine!

        You can make money by offering this person a lower amount and then listing it
        with the correct spelling to get a lot more for it. That’s the gist of this technique.

        Though this technique works better in auction listings, where the ending price
        of the item is strictly based on how many eyeballs get to see the item, you can
        also use this technique on a craigslist item.

        So here’s the technique in a nutshell. Use the misspelling tool that Microsoft has
        come up with to find common misspellings of products that you can resell.

        Type those misspelled keywords into the eBay and craigslist search engines and
        go shopping!

        Buy or negotiate great deals from the sellers of these misspelled items and then
        turn around and resell those items with the correct spelling. It’s that simple!

        Here’s another great misspelling tool you can use.
48 Auctions For Income®

It’s located at

Note: Internet site links can change occasionally. If the link above does not take you
to the correct site, please visit your Auctions for Income member’s site for an
updated link.

Fat Fingers is a similar tool, but take a look at what it does.

In the example above, I typed in the computer brand name: Compaq.

Now when I click on the “find” button, here's what happens:

You'll notice that Fat Fingers takes you straight to an eBay search that contains
all the misspellings it came up with.

Now, this misspelling tool is specifically made for eBay, but obviously you could
take some of those misspelled keywords and type them into craigslist as well!
                                           Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist        49

        Take some time to use these misspelling keyword tools and I think you'll be
        amazed at the great deals you can find on both craigslist and eBay!
        The Right Strategy To Start Your Search For Deals On
        The best way to search for deals on craigslist is to start your search using general
        keywords and then refine your search by slowly getting more and more specific
        with your keywords.

        The idea is to start with broader terms, to have a much bigger list of results to
        sort through.

        If you get too specific with your search terms, you may not find any results or
        the results you get may not be what you’re looking for.

        So start with a very general search, and if that search results in too many
        listings, then you can pare it down.

        The Right Strategy To Search For A Specific Item On
        If you’re looking for a specific item, you want to reverse what I just said in the
        previous paragraphs. In other words, you’ll want to type the specific item
        keyword into the craigslist search engine and see if your item pops up

        Then, if your item doesn’t show in the results, (using the specific keywords) you
        can then move to more general keywords to broaden your search.

        Here’s an example:

        Let’s say I’m looking for an iPod, but not just any iPod, I’m looking for the iPod

        So I type this into the craigslist search engine: “Apple iPod Touch 8 GB”

        Let’s say that that description is a little too specific for craigslist, and no results
        are shown.

        So then I might type this:

        “Apple iPod Touch”

        If that didn’t work, I might just type in: “ipod”

        That’s how you would go from a very specific keyword phrase to a more general
        keyword phrase thereby finding more items.
50 Auctions For Income®

Another Great craigslist Searching Tip!
Another important tip when it comes to searching craigslist for deals, is to use
different words that describe the same thing.
For example, recently I was helping a friend (who is a videographer) find video
work on craigslist. (craigslist calls it a gig and they have a category called “gigs”
for just this type of opportunity)
First, we typed in the word “videographer” and we got a certain number of

Then, we typed in the word “filmmaker”, and we got another set of results.

We also typed in the word “cinematographer” and got yet another set of results.

As you can see, when it comes to searching, you can use various keywords (that
mean the same thing) in your search, because people will list the same thing by
using different keywords.

Not everyone uses the same vocabulary, so it pays to think of different words
which sellers may have used to list that item.

Use The Phone To Contact The Seller, Not e-mail!

Another important thing to remember when you’re searching for great deals on
craigslist is that time is of the essence.

What that means is; great deals won’t stand still - there are other people
searching for those same deals, so it really is “first come, first served”!

Part of finding great deals is that you have to be ready to jump on them when
they appear. I can’t emphasize this enough.

So if the craigslist seller lists their phone number in the ad, jump on the phone
and immediately contact them, don’t send them an e-mail!

Using the phone is the most immediate way to make contact with someone,
especially nowadays when so many people use their cell phone as their main

Just think, if you send an e-mail to a seller but someone else calls the seller,
who’s going to have their attention?

And who’s got to be the first in line to pick up that deal?
                                         Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist         51

        So whenever a seller lists their phone number in their craigslist ad, be sure to
        call right away and be as available as possible to go pick up that item a.s.a.p.!
NOTES   NOTE: If you are a craigslist seller, you don’t want to list your phone number in
        your ad because there are software programs that harvest phone numbers off of
        craigslist to send them phone spam. (Unsolicited phone messages)

        If the craigslist seller didn’t list their phone number in their ad, there’s not
        much you can do other than send an e-mail, but be sure to convey a sense of
        urgency in that e-mail that you send them!

        Let them know you’ve been looking specifically for this item. And that you are
        very interested and have cash in hand and are ready to come over there
        immediately to buy it.

        Often times when you convey this sense of urgency and excitement about the
        item, a seller will choose you as the person they invite to their home to buy the
        item rather than someone else.

        Most of the time, a craigslist seller will use the “anonymized” e-mail address
        that craigslist provides. It’s the e-mail address link at the top of a typical
        craigslist ad, just below the title, that looks something like this:

        This is a safe thing to do when you’re a seller, because craigslist keeps your e-
        mail address anonymous (again so that e-mail harvesters can’t get your e-mail
        address) and allows you to decide when to e-mail that buyer back.
52 Auctions For Income®

The Right Way To Steal Something

No, I’m not condoning stealing!
But I heard a saying at a real estate seminar many years ago, and it goes like this:

                         You don’t steal in slow motion!

The speaker at the real estate seminar was emphasizing the fact that good deals
are here today and often gone immediately.

He was emphasizing that when you see a good deal, you have to jump on it
right away and lock it in, or someone else will!

Let me give you a real example that happened to me just last night:

Using one of the craigslist tools that I’ll mention a little later in this book, I
found out about a 1967 Chevy Camaro convertible listed for sale in Beverly
Hills. The seller only wanted $6,900 for it and it had been stored most of its life
and was dusty, but in very decent condition!

Needless to say, I was drooling at the thought of buying a ‘67 convertible
Camaro for only $6,900 because it’s at least a $20,000 car in that condition!

Well, I happened to be in the middle of an important appointment when I
found out about this car, and I couldn’t get away to see it immediately.

However, I did immediately call the seller to schedule an appointment at 6 PM
to see the car and buy it. (Unless there was something seriously wrong with the
car or the title to the car)

When I scheduled the appointment it was about 4 PM, so there was actually a
two hour lag time before I would even have the opportunity to see the car.

(I knew it was going to take me about one hour to get to the location from
where my appointment was)

Well, this happened on a Friday evening of a holiday weekend, and if you know
anything about LA traffic, you know that this is probably the worst time of all
to be on the 405 freeway!

So there I was; sitting on the 405, as traffic was crawling at about 7 mph and my
adrenaline was pumping.

I was imagining how I could buy this Camaro, clean it up a little and fix a few
things on it and flip it for a real nice profit.

In fact, I called a friend of mine who had access to car transporters to have him
get one ready for the deal, should it happen.

At about 6 PM, I was still stuck in traffic and called the seller to let him know I
was running a little late.

The seller answered that he had just sold the car and apologized for forgetting
to call me to tell me this…
                                         Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist      53

        To say I was bummed would definitely be an understatement, but the truth is, I
NOTES   wasn’t too surprised that I didn’t get this deal - it serves as a good lesson to
        show how critical it is that you jump on a great deal immediately when you see
        it on craigslist!

        In the aftermath, I didn’t beat myself up too badly because I knew I was
        committed to my important appointment and I knew there was no way I could
        get over there immediately to buy the car. But it still burns me to know that I
        could’ve bought a ‘67 convertible Camaro (valued at about $20,000, as is) for
        only $6,900!

        So, as painful as it is for me to relate this story of “the one that got away“ to
        you, I mention it here because it’s a great way to teach how critical it is to have a
        strong sense of urgency when you’re doing your searching on craigslist -
        especially in a busy market like Los Angeles!

        If you have an intense sense of urgency in dealing with the seller and you jump
        on deals immediately, it will pay off for you!
54 Auctions For Income®

                                          Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist          55


        Amazing Tools That
        Will Help You Find
        Deals On craigslist
        Since craigslist has become such a popular classified ad website, many excellent
        tools have been developed to help both buyers and sellers navigate craigslist

        There are even tools that will help you find amazing deals on craigslist, literally
        as soon as they are listed!

        Let’s take a look at some of the tools I use on a daily basis…

        Using SearchTempest To Find Deals
        There is a great tool that I use to search various craigslist sites within my area.

        It’s called SearchTempest and you can find it at:

        Note: Internet site links can change occasionally. If the link above does not take you
        to the correct site, please visit your Auctions for Income member’s site for an
        updated link.

        SearchTempest is a website that allows you to search multiple craigslist sites
        (cities or regions) at one time.

        This is a great tool because when you search craigslist, you can only search one
        craigslist site at a time. (Again, the craigslist sites are designed to serve each
        local market as an individual site unto itself)

        With craigslist, you only get to search one site at a time, even if all those sites
        are relatively close to you.
56 Auctions For Income®

For example, I live in the Los Angeles area, and my main craigslist site is the Los
Angeles site.

But here’s what you see at the top of the Los Angeles craigslist site:

Notice the various craigslist sites to the right of the heading “Los Angeles”?

In order from left to right, they stand for:

West Los Angeles
San Fernando Valley
Central Los Angeles
San Gabriel Valley
Long Beach
Antelope Valley
                                          Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist      57

        Well, using SearchTempest, you can search all those areas (and more) at one time.

NOTES   Here’s what SearchTempest’s page looks like:

        As you can see, the slider bar allows you to search anywhere from 0 miles from
        your zip code to any miles from your zip code.

        This allows you to limit your search to the distance you’re willing to travel.

        Notice also that I checked off the sub-category ”free stuff ”.

        I am frequently amazed at the kinds of things that are simply given away on

        So if you wanted to, you could do this search on a daily basis and find the latest
        free stuff that’s been listed in your area!

        (Often, free stuff is listed like this: “just come pick it up, we left it out at the
        curb” or, “you can take anything that’s under the tarp” or “anything on the grass
        is yours to take”)

        Of course, usually the free stuff listed in craigslist is stuff that nobody wants, or
        is made up of items that are too big and bulky to resell on eBay.

        But occasionally, you’ll run into an incredible deal. For example, someone who
        couldn’t sell a batch of books at a yard sale and now just wants to give them

        If you know anything about selling books on eBay (or Amazon), you know that
        there’s some great money to be made with books!

        Of course, SearchTempest can be used to find items you have to pay for, as well!

        So visit the site and play around with it, I think you’ll really enjoy it!
 58 Auctions For Income®

Here’s A Really Powerful craigslist Tool…

Here’s another great craigslist tool that I think you’ll be very pleased with.
In fact, this is the tool I used to find the ‘67 Camaro that I mentioned earlier.

It’s called Ad Notifier, and it’s a very cool little tool.

Ad Notifier is a simple shopping bot, that allows you to create searches
(searches that are specific to the types of deals you’d like to find) and then,
whenever an item that matches your search is listed on craigslist, Ad Notifier
will actually pop up on your desktop, send you an e-mail or will even send a
text message to your cell phone with the craigslist ad!

As I write this, I received an alert for a Sony Playstation that was being given
away in the “Free Stuff ” category:

It is a Saturday evening and I am not going to go get this, but here is the text of
the ad saved from my cell phone:

          Free Sony Playstation 3
          Package includes:
          PSP 3 Console
          2 wireless controls
          Three games
          HDMI cables

          My two children failed three of their six classes each and I told them that I
          would take it away if they did fail.

          Please do not respond to my e-mail address

          Respond to my cell phone —- —- ——-
                                          Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist      59

        Again - because someone probably swooped in on this item and grabbed it - the
        ad was removed before I had a chance to save the listing, but here’s the photo
NOTES   that was in the listing from my cell phone:

        Ad Notifier is a very powerful tool, and at only $9.95, it’s a complete no-brainer
        to get this tool and start using it to find all the deals you need on craigslist! You
        can learn more about Ad Notifier at

        Note: Internet site links can change occasionally. If the link above does not take you
        to the correct site, please visit your Auctions for Income member’s site for an
        updated link.

        And One More Amazing craigslist Tool…
        Here’s a tool that is a little more sophisticated, but could really help you make
        big money, almost immediately, by matching people up on craigslist.

        It’s billed as a lead generating tool and what it does is find people that are
        looking for specific things on craigslist, brings them all to your desktop and
        allows you to e-mail them with an offer that matches what they’re looking for.
        (This tool actually searches several other online lead sources besides craigslist,

        For example, let’s say you’re a web designer, or you know a web designer who
        needs more work and is willing to pay you a fee for every job you find them.
60 Auctions For Income®

You have the software search the “gigs” category and have the tool search for
people (in four Western states) that need web design work.

Here’s an example of what would pop up:

Notice that these are the results from only four Western states that I chose to
search and that the software found 264 results with the search term “web
designer” in it.

Also, keep in mind that there are approximately 1,000,000 new listings posted
every single day on craigslist, so the sheer amount of leads available on a daily
basis are too many for any one person to follow up on!

Now, of course, not every result here will be a prime target, so you’ll want to
sort through these results by checking the boxes next to the results that you
want to communicate with.

Once you’ve done that, you can click on “reply”, and the software will send one
pre-written e-mail to all the search results that you’ve checked.

This is one of the amazing parts to this software - it allows you to match
someone looking for a particular service or product directly to that person that
has the service or product. And, it automates the whole process, which saves you
an incredible amount of time.

Now, as long as you’re helping people find what they want, you are within
craigslist‘s terms of use. You’re simply using the software to automate the
process of helping a lot of craigslist users find what they want more quickly.

You can even use this software to start your own lead generation business,
where you match up buyers of services with the sellers of those services and
earn a commission for each successful transaction!

For example, you could also use it to put people who are trying to sell their own
house by themselves (“for sale by owners”) in touch with qualified real estate
                                          Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist      61

        agents, in exchange for a marketing or advertising fee from the realtor. (Because
        the rules on this vary from state to state, be sure to check your local real estate
NOTES   rules to be sure this is ok in your state)

        This software has some automated features, too. For example, you can program
        it to e-mail you leads (that match your keywords) every day!

        This saves you a tremendous amount of time and helps you make money more

        As I mentioned, this sophisticated software is not for everyone, but I would be
        remiss if I didn’t include it in this book because I use it daily to find items I
        want to buy for resale (as well as for other business uses) and it has already
        allowed me to make some great money.

        To learn more about this lead generating software, visit:

        Note: Internet site links can change occasionally. If the link above does not take you
        to the correct site, please visit your Auctions for Income member’s site for an
        updated link.
62 Auctions For Income®

Find craigslist Deals That Other People Don’t Even Get To
As you can see, using these amazing software tools will give you the winning
edge when it comes to finding incredible deals on craigslist!

You know, when I got home, disappointed that I didn’t buy that ’67 Camaro, I
went online to see if I could retrieve the photo from the ad so I could show my

Here’s what I found:

So as you can see, just a few hours after that Camaro ad was listed, the ad was
taken down by the seller. (He probably received a flood of calls that evening
before he deleted the ad!)

Had I not been using this tool, guess what - I would never have even had a
chance to see this ad, let alone had a chance at buying the car.

This really showed me the power of the Ad Notifier tool.

Earlier in the day, when I was at my appointment, I received this ad via text
message to my cell phone and fortunately, I used my cell phone to e-mail myself
the actual ad, as a way to preserve the listing and hopefully the photo that came
with it.
                                          Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist       63

        Here’s what the ad looked like:


        (Notice he misspelled the word, convertible?)

        Unfortunately the photo wasn’t preserved in the e-mailed version of the

        But take a look at this:

        When I got home from my adventure and tried to pull up the craigslist ad, I
        noticed that the Ad Notifier text notification of the ad on my cell phone still
        had the picture in it!
        So, before I lost the image completely, I took a picture of my cell phone with the
        picture of the convertible Camaro in it.

        Well, at least I have a picture of the Camaro that got away!

        But the exciting thing is, with over 1 million listings a day on craigslist, and
        careful use of the Ad Notifier tool, there are a lot more deals to come!
64 Auctions For Income®

                                          Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist        65

NOTES   Selling On craigslist -
        What To Sell On craigslist For Ongoing
        Cash Flow

        Listing an item on craigslist is actually quite simple.

        In this section, I’d like to show you how easy it is to actually list an item on

        Your first step is to click on the link that says “post to classifieds”, in the upper
        left-hand corner of the homepage.
66 Auctions For Income®

When you do that, you’ll be taken to this page:

                                          Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist      67

        Once on this page, I clicked on “For Sale”…

NOTES   …and I was taken to this page:

        In this case, I’m going to choose “collectibles”, because I’m listing a collectible
        vintage Hot Wheels car.
68 Auctions For Income®

Once I click on “collectibles” I am taken to this page, where I get to choose the
area that I want the ad to appear in:

Next, I’m going to choose “San Gabriel Valley” as the area I want the ad to
appear in.

So I click on that link and I’m taken to this page, which is the main listing page
for the item you are advertising:
                                          Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist   69

        Okay, let’s fill this form out:

        Now, let’s add some images by clicking on “add / edit images”. When you do
        this, some boxes will open up that allow you to browse for the images on your
        computer and select the ones you want for the ad.

        See below:
70 Auctions For Income®

This is what the form looks like when you’ve filled in three of the four images:


Next, we continue to the confirmation page. On this page, you will confirm
your ad is the way you want it or make any edits before actually publishing your

Here’s what the confirmation page looks like:

At the bottom of this page, if you click “edit”, you’ll be taken back one step to
make any changes you need to make.

And if you click “continue”, you’ll be taken to the “terms of use” page where you
agree to craigslist “terms of use”.
        Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist   71

72 Auctions For Income®

Once you accept the craigslist terms of use, you’ll be taken to this page:


This page contains what is called a “captcha” - in this case, the captcha is two
random words that you are supposed to type in, and then click continue.

(The captcha is a way for websites to ensure that a human being is actually
filling out this form rather than a computer)

Clicking on “Continue” brings you to this page:

Okay, we’re almost done…
                                         Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist     73

        Next, you’ll want to check your e-mail, because craigslist will send you an e-
        mail that you need to confirm (click on a link) before they will publish your ad.
        Here’s what the e-mail looks like:

        Go ahead and click on that link that starts with the letters “https:” and you’ll be
        taken to this page where you can finalize your ad:

        At this point, clicking “publish” will make your ad go “live” and will publish it
        on the craigslist website.
74 Auctions For Income®

Once you click “publish”, you are taken to this page:

As you can see, on this page, you have the link to your actual live listing and you
also have the ability to edit the listing or delete it outright.

Congratulations! You’ve just listed your first item on craigslist!

In a few minutes you’ll be able to look up your item on craigslist by using the
keywords you used in your title.

If you plan on selling on craigslist much at all you’ll want to open a craigslist
account by clicking the link on this page titled “Create a craigslist account”.

The process is very simple and allows you to look at and manage all your
listings in one place, as well as edit your listings and re-list items that have

How Long Will My craigslist Ad Run?
Most craigslist classified ads run for seven days, at which point you need to re-
list them.

(One exception to this is if you run an employment ad. Employment ads last
for 30 days and cost $25)

Here’s a breakdown of how long each type of ad is displayed on craigslist:
                                           Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist      75

        Let’s take a look at our final listing and what it looks like, live on the site:

76 Auctions For Income®

The best types of items to sell on craigslist - physical
Craigslist is designed for you to sell physical products to people in your local

It’s not really designed to sell affiliate products, information products, ebooks
and the like. But in this section we’re going to talk about how you can
successfully do that and still meet craigslist terms of use.

So let me begin by describing my favorite types of things to sell on craigslist -
and those are storage unit items.

If you’ve read the material in your eBay CD, then you know that I love storage
unit auctions!

There’s something exciting about finding buried treasure in an abandoned
storage unit.

I’ve found some amazing and highly profitable items in storage unit auctions
that I’ve purchased over the years and the truth is, next to my vintage Hot
Wheels business on eBay, storage unit auctions are my favorite and most
profitable product finding technique.

The important thing to note about storage unit auctions is that you need to
find multiple and different ways to sell the huge variety of items that you’ll find.

The items that you find that are collectible and of high value are perfect for

But in many storage unit auctions, you will also end up with larger, or bulky,
and hard to ship items.

Also, it’s important to sell your storage unit items as soon as possible so you can
buy more.

Craigslist is a perfect avenue for doing this!

Not only can you list the larger items on craigslist, but you could also give away
anything you can’t sell by listing it in the “free stuff ” category.

The bottom line is, craigslist is a super fast way to sell or get rid of things and
get cash in your hand while doing it!

So in my opinion, buying storage units and reselling the items individually on
craigslist and eBay is a match made in heaven!

Buying on craigslist to Resell On craigslist

Here’s another technique that some people successfully use.

They don’t buy at storage auctions, they spend their entire time on craigslist.
                                          Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist      77

        In other words, they buy items that are poorly listed or poorly described (for
        example, items that are misspelled or that don’t have enough detail in the listing
NOTES   or bargains that they can find before anyone else does using the Ad Notifier tool)
        and resell those items (correctly listed) on craigslist again!

        Now, to me, this technique could be rather time-consuming because in most
        cases, you’ll have to physically go out and pick up the items that you buy. But if
        you do it right, (or have a helper who goes out and does the buying) you stand
        to make some great money with this model!

        Let me give you an example of how I used this technique recently.

        Using one of the craigslist tools that I’ve mentioned above, I decided to type in
        the word “skateboard”. (Believe it or not, I am a middle-aged skateboarder! And,
        I happen to collect old skateboards)

        I noticed one listing that popped up that mentioned the name Zephyr.

        Zephyr is the name of a surf team and skateboard team from the 60’s and 70’s.

        In the mid 70’s, the Zephyr team brought an aggressive, surf style to
        skateboarding, which many people credit to the emergence of skateboarding as
        an “extreme sport”. This story is well-documented in two movies: “Dogtown and
        Z-Boys” (documentary) and the “Lords of Dogtown”. (theatrical version)

        Well, when I clicked on the ad that said Zephyr, I found out that this person was
        selling a skateboard that was a movie prop for the movie “Lords of Dogtown”
        and that he had a certificate of authenticity to go with it.

        So I e-mailed him immediately and found out that he had paid $400 for it on

        He was asking $150 for it.

        I did a quick search on Google and could not find a replica Zephyr board like
        the one this person was selling. (I did however find a limited-run, replica Z-Flex
        board that had sold for $279 and had sold out)

        I also asked for a scan of the certificate of authenticity and verified that it was
        So I went out to meet this person, who turned out to be a young man, and
        purchased the Zephyr skate for $150.

        Now, I could turn around and sell this for about $400 very easily, but being a
        collector of skateboards, I’m going to keep this one!

        To me, reading about the Dogtown crew in the ‘70s skateboard magazines was
        like a Little League baseball player reading about Babe Ruth or Hank Aaron –
        they were my “heroes”.

        So you might say, this skateboard deck has an emotional value to me - even if it
        was made as a prop for the movie!

        The important point I want to make here is – had I not known the name
        “Zephyr” and had the young man accurately listed the skateboard deck, (using
        the right keywords that would get attention) I wouldn’t have run into this
 78 Auctions For Income®

incredible deal.

And the truth is, this young man probably wouldn’t have sold it, because it was
so poorly listed.
Buying On eBay To Resell On craigslist
You can also buy a wholesale lot of products on eBay and resell those items on

This makes sense when you can get a great deal on a group of items on eBay
and those same items are in high demand in your local area.

An example would be if your local sports team is doing well and a large number
of people are wearing that team’s jerseys, flying that team’s flag on their cars or
buying that team’s stickers to put on their cars.

You might do a search on eBay for that team’s items in the “wholesale, large
lots” sub category.

You buy the lot wholesale, sell the items individually at retail on craigslist and
receive cash for those items from the fans that come to buy your items.

That’s a win-win!

Why cars are a perfect item to buy and sell on craigslist
Cars and other vehicles are perfect for craigslist, because they lend themselves
more easily to a local sale.

People are actively searching craigslist for vehicles, all the time. If you get good
at finding cars in your local area that you can flip for a profit, craigslist is a great
place to do that.

(Of course, depending on the type of car, eBay Motors may be a better place to
sell it - especially if that vehicle is a collectible, a classic or is a car that would do
better with broad nationwide exposure like you get on eBay Motors)

Do what I do - constantly be on the lookout for cars that have “For Sale” signs
on them.
                                          Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist      79

        By doing this, I’ve bought several vehicles locally this way and have made tens
        of thousands of dollars by reselling them on eBay.
NOTES   In this economy, I’m seeing more and more cars with “for sale” signs on them,
        so this opportunity will only get better!

        This is an area where you can pyramid your profits very quickly, so don’t
        discount this idea.

        There really aren’t many obstacles to selling cars successfully, and what you
        might think of as obstacles are usually just unanswered questions such as:

                 Q: How do I transport a car when someone in another state has
                 bought it from me on eBay?

                 A: eBay offers you help in this area by pointing you to selected auto
                 transport companies that will come to your house and pick up the car.

                 Q: How much does it typically costs to transport a car?

                 A: I’ve transported cars from one end of the country to the other (Ex:
                 California to Pennsylvania and from California to Florida) for about
                 $900 each time.

                 Q: Who pays for the shipping / transporting of the car?

                 A: As in most eBay transactions, the buyer is the person who pays for
                 shipping / transporting the car.

                 Q: Do I need to have a dealer’s license in order to sell cars on eBay?

                 A: Though each state’s rules vary, in most cases, you can actually sell
                 from six to ten cars per year before the state requires that you file for a
                 dealer’s license. Of course, you’ll want to check your local Department
                 of Motor Vehicles and the rules regarding dealers licenses before you
                 get started.

                 Q: How do you get paid for a car?

                 A: Typically, you ask for a $500 or $1000 deposit via PayPal to ensure
                 that the buyer is serious and will go through with the transaction. For
                 the balance, you should ask for cash (if it’s a local transaction) or a
                 certified cashier’s check. (you want to take the cashier’s check to the
                 bank to ensure that it is legitimate and not a fake) Be sure you do this
                 before releasing the title to the vehicle as well as the vehicle itself.
                 Another good tip is to use as a way to ensure a safe

        Note: Internet site links can change occasionally. If the link above does not take you
        to the correct site, please visit your Auctions for Income member’s site for an
        updated link.
80 Auctions For Income®

        Q: What’s the best approach or listing format to use when selling a
        car on eBay Motors?

        A: From the various cars I’ve sold on eBay Motors, I prefer to list using
        a “Buy It Now” listing combined with the “Best Offer” option. This
        style of selling on eBay Motors mirrors the way most car deals are
        actually negotiated in the “real world” and allows for ongoing
        negotiation between two interested parties.

        Another good approach to take is to list a straight auction listing with
        a reserve. The reserve protects your listing from selling for too little.

Using a craigslist Auto-Posting Tool - Pros And Cons
Now, if you’ve done your homework and you’ve read the craigslist terms of use,
you know that they do not allow the use of any auto-posting tools.

I’m not going to recommend that you use an auto-posting tool because that
would be against craigslist terms of use. However, I think it is important to
show you what a posting tool does so that you are aware of the capabilities and
the power of some of the software that exists out there.
Here’s a brief description of what an auto posting tool does:

Feature Overview:
• Post unlimited ads, no usage fees, no reason to pay any additional fees

• Campaign Files that allow management of each campaign separately.

• Write, edit, and delete custom ad bodies with ease using our built-in HTML

• Built-in Tags for commonly used items (City, Date, etc).

• Custom Tags to create for making each one of your ads posted 100% unique!

• No more concerns about duplicate ad problems.

• Post Ads in multiple cities, multiple categories.

• All aspects of ad posting automatically handled!

• Automatically recover from bad links (pay cities and non-existent links)

• FREQUENT future updates as needed.

• Automatic rotation of E-mails, Titles and ad bodies.

• Random words built-in.
                                         Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist      81

        • Automatically log in and out of craigslist accounts!

NOTES   • Easily select your cities and categories, with no extra work needed for your
          posting categories!

        • Automatically publish your ads as it’s posting, INCLUDED!

        • GMail Creator, INCLUDED!

        • craigslist Account Creator, INCLUDED!

        • Unique Automatic Captcha Decoder
          (unlike all other tools on the market, we don’t download the captcha image
          twice, which sets off red flags at craigslist), INCLUDED!

        • IP Cycler can disconnect and reconnect most internet types with ease,

        As you can see, some of these posting tools are rather robust in the way they are
        able to get around craigslist‘s rules. But in my opinion, I think that if you decide
        to use one of these powerful tools, you should be more experienced and rather
        sophisticated to know how and when to best use these tools. They really are
        advanced tools.

        Even though the worst thing that could happen is that craigslist would suspend
        your account, or may even block your IP address from posting on their site,
        (either of which is a solvable problem) I still must strongly recommend that
        you not use a craigslist auto-posting tool.

        It just goes against craigslist’s philosophy of being a localized marketplace, and
        the bottom line is, you want to be sure that you follow craigslist’s terms of use!
82 Auctions For Income®

                                         Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist      83


        Affiliate Marketing On
        A powerful way to make money by being a
        helpful member of the craigslist community!

        One of my favorite ways to make money on craigslist involves an interesting

        This technique involves finding people who are searching for a particular item
        (in the “For Sale / Wanted” category) and then showing them where they can
        buy that exact item on eBay.

        Now, you might be saying; “Dave I’m all for being a nice guy and helping people
        out, but how is this going to make me any money?” Well, that’s a great question.

        You see, in Internet marketing, there is something called an affiliate program.

        An affiliate program, quite simply, is a referral program where a company agrees
        to pay you a commission for referring a customer to them.

        It’s exactly like a finders fee except that in this case, you’re given a specially-
        coded link (your affiliate link) that tracks your visitors and sales so that you get
        credit for every sale that’s made through your affiliate link.
        The great news is that eBay allows you to become one of their “affiliates”!

        Signing up to become an eBay affiliate is a pretty simple process and it is an
        exciting way to make money on the Internet.

        When you become an affiliate of eBay, and you drive people to eBay’s website
        (using your special link) and those people buy something, you make money!

        There are a variety of affiliate programs out there, but in the case of eBay’s
        program, things are a little different than the usual affiliate program…

        That’s because eBay’s affiliate program let’s you make money two different ways.
84 Auctions For Income®

In the case of eBay’s affiliate program, you sign up to become an affiliate of
eBay at: and eBay agrees to pay you a
commission for two types of visitors that you drive to their site, according to
the guidelines set forth here:

Note: Internet site links can change occasionally. If the link above does not take you
to the correct site, please visit your Auctions for Income member’s site for an
updated link.

As you can see in the chart above, eBay pays you a percentage of the eBay fees
the company earns from sales made as a result of your traffic.

But, if you understand eBay fees, it would be pretty difficult to make money this
way, because eBay fees are generally a small percentage of the actual value of the
items sold.

So, let’s look at what eBay affiliates consider the real money-maker:

As you can see in the chart above, eBay is willing to compensate you nicely for
bringing in new registered users. (In other words, someone who has never
registered for an eBay account before. Note that a new registered user must also
confirm their registration and place a bid or use “Buy It Now” to make a
purchase within 30 days of their original registration)

This is where the real money is in the eBay affiliate program and where some
affiliates are able to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by sending
new registered users to eBay.
                                          Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist       85

        Your main goal with this technique is to send craigslist buyers (who are not
        already registered users of eBay) to the specific item they’re looking for by using
NOTES   your specially-coded affiliate link.

        When you do this, and those buyers register through your affiliate link, you are
        in the running for a $25 - $35 commission, plus any commissions on eBay
        purchases made by them within 7 days.

        There are many ways to promote your eBay affiliate link in order to benefit
        from the eBay affiliate program – you can learn some of those ways here:
        Note: Internet site links can change occasionally. If the link above does not take you
        to the correct site, please visit your Auctions for Income member’s site for an
        updated link.

        Take some time to go through the eBay affiliate marketing pages and learn a
        little bit about this great way to make money on the Internet.

        Also, if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing in general, I’d
        recommend that you do a Google search on the term affiliate marketing, you’ll
        learn a TON about how to market an affiliate program.

        Step-by-step through this process
        Because this requires a little bit more explanation, I’m going to walk you step-
        by-step through the process. You’ll see that it’s a simple process, once you’ve got
        the basic components down.

        Step one - Register for the eBay affiliate program

        You can register for the eBay affiliate program at this page:

        Note: Internet site links can change occasionally. If the link above does not take you
        to the correct site, please visit your Auctions for Income member’s site for an
        updated link.

        It’s a simple three-step process to fill out the forms, and then it may take a day
        or two to get approved by eBay.
86 Auctions For Income®

Step two - Search the “for sale / wanted” category on craigslist for particular
Here’s a screenshot of the category you will want to look in:

Once you’re on that category, you can type in the item you’d like to target.

For example, you might target people that are looking for iPhones or people
that are looking for a laptop or people that are looking for a specific type of car.

Ideally you want to target people that are looking for higher dollar items,
because the eBay affiliate program pays you a commission based on the fees that
they charge. So the higher the dollar amount of the item, the higher the fees and
therefore the higher your commission!
                                         Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist        87

        On the other hand, keep in mind that another one of your goals is to register
        new users to eBay - that’s where the real money is!
NOTES   The great thing about this technique, is that you are not limited to just your
        local area. In fact, you can target all the high-traffic areas (the major cities
        across the United States) and use this technique. I’ll explain why in the next

        Step three - Create a search-specific link using your eBay affiliate code

        Okay, the next step is to log into your eBay Partner Network account and go to
        the “tools” section in your account, as seen in the screenshot below. Once you
        click on the “tools” tab, you’ll then want to scroll down and click on the link
        titled “link generator”:

        The link generator tool is awesome because it allows you to link directly to a
        particular page on the eBay site, while also using your affiliate code to do so.

        By doing this, you will be sending your craigslist buyers directly to a product
        page that has the exact items they are looking for and you will also get referral
        credit (commissions) for any sales and new registered users that occur because
        of your referral.
88 Auctions For Income®

Let’s take a look at how to do that.

Once you click on the “tools” bar, go ahead and click on “link generator”              NOTES
You land on the link generator page which looks like this:

Now, as you can see in the screenshot above, I filled in the form so you could
see how you would do this for your own product.

Next to “advertiser” is a drop-down menu that asks you whether you want a
link to eBay or

Next, where it says “link type”, you can choose whether to link directly to the
eBay home page, to a keyword search that you type in, to a specific item (by
plugging in the actual eBay item ID) or to a custom URL on the eBay website.
(You would use this when you want to run a very specific or complicated search
on eBay’s site)
As you can see, I chose keyword search, which then opened a place where I
could type in the keywords that I want this link to search for.

What I’ll end up with is a direct link to the keyword search “iPhone 3G” on
eBay, and that link will be specially coded (by this link generator) so that I get
credit for any sales and registered users that result.

Next, it asks if I’d like to “geo-target” this link. What this means is that eBay is
asking me if I would like to make this link only show listings that are local to a
particular area. (In my case, I said no, however this might make sense if I’m
targeting car buyers for a particular car, for example and I want to make the
link a local link to make it easier for them to buy)

Where it says “Select program to apply”, there is a drop-down menu, and it asks
you which eBay site (Country-specific) you would like this link to apply to. (For
example, you wanted to apply to the eBay US site, the eBay UK site, (United
Kingdom) or the eBay AU site? (Australia) In this case I chose eBay US)
                                          Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist      89

        Next, it asks for campaign name or ID. A campaign name is a way that you can
        tell – at a glance – where your commissions are coming from.
NOTES   In the example, I used CL (for craigslist) as my campaign name. So, when I earn
        a commission in the future, this CL campaign name will tell me that the
        commission came as a result of my craigslist activities and not as a result of a
        different online activity, such as from a website, a MySpace page or some other

        If you don’t have a campaign name or ID created yet, click on the link to the
        right that says “create new campaign” and go ahead and make up a name for
        this campaign.

        The next form which asks for custom ID, is where you might create a tracking
        code, or tracking name that will help you differentiate this campaign from other
        campaigns. This is helpful if you have multiple campaigns across different

        If you want your affiliate link to open in a new browser window when it’s
        clicked, check the little box that says: “Open a link in a new window when
        checked”. Otherwise, you can just leave it unchecked.

        One reason to have your affiliate link open in a new window is to ensure that
        the prospect returns to your offer page after clicking on the affiliate link.

        This gives you one more chance to “sell them” on the offer you are making.

        Next, you’ll want to type in your link text. Your link text is the actual clickable
        text that your craigslist buyer will click on. Using link text is a great way to
        “cloak” your affiliate link so that your craigslist buyer does not realize you’re
        using an affiliate link.

        Well, that’s it!

        Now go ahead and click “Generate link” and your keyword specific affiliate code
        will be generated below.

        Here’s what that looks like:

        As you can see in the screenshot above, after you click “generate link”, you will
        see two versions of the link under the heading “Get Your Link”.
90 Auctions For Income®

The first version, named “JavaScript” is for when you want to plug it into an
HTML-ready page.

The second link, “URL only”, is when you are a little more knowledgeable about
web design and you want to use the URL to create your own clickable link.

OK, let’s take a look at what comes up when a person clicks on this link:

As you can see, it is a specific search with the keyword iPhone 3G in it.

Again, it’s important to remember that this link has been specifically coded with
your affiliate link so that you generate commissions whenever someone buys
through your special link.

This is an awesome way to make money because you can go to all the major
craigslist sites (the ones with the most traffic) and target some of the most
popular products and send those craigslist buyers straight to eBay using your
affiliate link and get paid when they buy or register for eBay!

Every time someone becomes a new registered user you have a shot at making
between $25 and $35!

Now I’d like to tie this into the Ad-Notifier software that I mentioned earlier.

Rather than go and manually search the For Sale / Wanted category, why not set
up automated searches using the Ad Notifier software? By doing this, every time
the right type of ad that you’re looking for pops up, you can receive the
                                          Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist       91

        notification on your desktop and immediately e-mail that person directly with
        your affiliate or CPA offer.
NOTES   You just solved their problem and made a nice commission while doing it!

        Another top affiliate network –
        Commission Junction

        There are several other affiliate networks that you’ll want to use when you do
        this type of marketing on craigslist.

        Commission Junction ( is the largest affiliate network on the
        Internet and they offer a huge variety of top affiliate programs that you can
        participate in.

        Note: Internet site links can change occasionally. If the link above does not take you
        to the correct site, please visit your Auctions for Income member’s site for an
        updated link.

        Some of the biggest companies in the world use Commission Junction as their
        affiliate network, so you will find the best of the best, top notch products that
        you could sell via Commission Junction.

        Now, in most cases you’ll need to have a website as a way to prove to these
        affiliate networks that you have a viable Internet business.

        In this case, the easiest way to set up a website would be to set up a WordPress
        or Blogger blog.

        You can go to either or to quickly and easily set
        up a blog/website.

        Once you have your website in place, go ahead and register with Commission
        Junction and some of the other affiliate networks.

        Once you’re approved, you’ll be able to search their entire network for affiliate
        offers that you can use to help people on craigslist with.

        These affiliate networks make it easy for you to create an affiliate link, which
        you’ll use to send your craigslist buyers through.


        Another top affiliate network is Linkshare. (

        Note: Internet site links can change occasionally. If the link above does not take you
        to the correct site, please visit your Auctions for Income member’s site for an
        updated link.
 92 Auctions For Income®

This is another affiliate network that offers a wide variety of products that you
can represent as an affiliate.

A third top affiliate network is Clickbank. (

Note: Internet site links can change occasionally. If the link above does not take you
to the correct site, please visit your Auctions for Income member’s site for an
updated link.

Clickbank is solely devoted to digital products, such as eBooks, software
downloads and membership websites.

There are professional marketers who make a fortune just selling e-books from

So if you find a situation where someone is posting the need to solve a
particular problem on craigslist and you match them up with a ClickBank e-
book, you’ve got a good chance at a commission.

How to use CPA offers to make money on craigslist
A “CPA” offer is slightly different than an affiliate offer in the sense that a fully
completed sale is not usually required in order for you to earn a commission.

As you know, in an affiliate offer the person must actually buy the product in
order for you to earn your commission.

Not so with a CPA offer!

CPA stands for “cost per action”, which means that the advertising company is
willing to pay you for a qualified lead (which could eventually lead to a sale)
and not necessarily a completed transaction.

A qualified lead could be as simple as someone who has filled out their name
and e-mail address on a form or when someone has provided their phone
number on an online form for further contact. In fact, some CPA offers pay out
a commission when a person fills in their zip code as the very first part of a
two-part application process.

The great thing about CPA offers is that, generally speaking, they are much
easier to get people to take action on - in other words, it’s easier for someone to
fill in a zip code than for someone to actually whip out their credit card and
buy a product - the percentages just work out better for you.

Of course, because it is easier to get a zip code than a completed sale, the payout
on CPA offers tends to be lower than the payout on affiliate sales.

But don’t be fooled! There are some great CPA offers out there that pay really
healthy commissions. So this is an area you should really look into!
                                         Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist       93

        Here are some top CPA networks that I’ve used successfully.


        Note: Internet site links can change occasionally. If the link above does not take you
        to the correct site, please visit your Auctions for Income member’s site for an
        updated link.

        Another thing to keep in mind is that many of the CPA offers actually offer
        freebies and free trial offers. (and you know everyone loves freebies!)

        So you could actually get paid for literally giving away a ring tone, for example,
        a credit card, or a free trial offer.

        This is exciting because with freebies, your visitors are not required to pull out
        their credit card and actually buy anything, so as you can imagine these freebie
        offers convert very well into commissions for you.

        Again, the way you would use this with craigslist is to find people in the
        “wanted” section who are looking for particular products, items or solutions
        and simply point them to those products, items or solutions with your
        specially-coded affiliate or CPA link.

        If it’s an affiliate link and they buy, you just made a referral commission!

        If it’s a CPA offer link, and they complete the necessary action, (to become a
        “qualified lead”) you just made a commission!

        Be sure to look out for coupons that you can offer people on craigslist as well.

        With a coupon link, you give people a discount on the product they are already
        looking for and, once they buy, you earn a commission.

        A warning about listing affiliate ads on craigslist
        When you get an affiliate link, you might be tempted to just go ahead and list
        ads that contain your affiliate link on craigslist. Don’t do it!

        craigslist will remove blatant affiliate ads. And, members of the craigslist
        community are quick to flag anything that doesn’t meet craigslist’s terms of use.
 94 Auctions For Income®

They also don’t like anything that has to do with MLM, health-related products,
chain letter schemes, anything that sounds like a pyramid-scheme or anything
that sounds like a get-rich-quick scam.                                               NOTES
Basically, if it’s something you would receive in spam e-mail, don’t advertise it.

The “legal” way to list affiliate ads on craigslist
Like anything, there is a correct way to list affiliate ads on craigslist.

Since craigslist is anti-affiliate marketing, you need to take a two-step marketing
approach when promoting affiliate programs on craigslist.

Here’s what I mean:

Let’s say you are promoting an affiliate program for a web design company.

Rather than directly advertise that web design service through your affiliate link
on craigslist, you create a simple free report that outlines “10 mistakes most
people make when they hire a web design company”.
The free report explains the 10 mistakes most people make, while also
appropriately promoting the web design company that you’re an affiliate for.
(Of course, using your affiliate link)

Now you’ve got a free product (the special report) and the product itself
contains your affiliate link!

So now, you’re giving the craigslist community something of value and your
free report does not violate craigslist’s Terms Of Use.

However, the free report does contain several mentions of your affiliate link so
that you can generate commissions from the report.

This is a two-step marketing approach, because the initial step doesn’t cost the
buyer anything but the second step is where the money is made.

You can use the same exact approach with CPA offers, Clickbank eBook sales or
any other digital downloadable product.

The key to making this strategy work is to find a hungry market (on craigslist)
for a product first, rather than just jumping in and trying to sell a product when
you don’t know if there is a market interested in it yet.

How to get your craigslist ad viewed by more people

I’d like to discuss the importance of keyword research when developing your
craigslist ad.

The Internet in general, and craigslist in particular, all revolve around keywords.

As you learned earlier, (in the misspelled keywords example) the keywords you
use (or don’t use) can either make you or break you on craigslist. (the same rule
applies to eBay)
                                          Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist      95

        So it’s important to do your keyword research before you list an ad so that you
        get the best results and the best traffic to your listing.
NOTES   The tool I use is called Word Tracker., and it can be a
        bit pricey, but they do offer a free trial and various other keyword tools exist.

        For example, Google has a great keyword tool that’s free, and it’s available here:

        Note: Internet site links can change occasionally. If the link above does not take you
        to the correct site, please visit your Auctions for Income member’s site for an
        updated link.

        Google’s keyword tool allows you to type in a keyword or several keywords, and
        then it comes up with related keywords that you can use in your craigslist ads.

        The important thing to note about keywords is that often, the keywords that you
        use to list an item on craigslist may be different than the keywords that someone
        is searching with.

        So you want to use as many related keywords as possible in your description.

        It’s also important to use the main keywords in your title and then use the rest
        of your title to “sell” or “sizzle” the item.

        The main job of the title of your ad is to sell someone on clicking through to
        your description.

        The main job of your description is to sell someone on buying your item.

        But another important job of your description is that it can contain a variety of
        keywords that might be used to search for that item.
96 Auctions For Income®

By adding additional related keywords, you definitely increase the chance that
more and more people will find your item. And of course by increasing the
chance of more people finding your item, you increase the chance of selling
your item!
So be sure you take your keyword research seriously when you’re about to list
an item!

                                                                                 Note: Internet site links can change
                                                                                 occasionally. If the link above does not take
                                                                                 you to the correct site, please visit your
                                                                                 Auctions for Income member’s site for an
                                                                                 updated link.
                                         Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist      97


        Avoiding Scams On
        I think it’s important to cover this subject because craigslist is rife with scams
        and people who are out to steal your money.

        In this section I’m going to cover the various types of scams you might run into
        on craigslist so that you can be aware of them and so you can be more careful
        when working with craigslist.

        But first let’s talk about some of the rules you should follow when buying or
        selling on craigslist.

        1. When buying, always deal locally with people you can meet in person.

            For example, because I’m so used to using PayPal on eBay, I made the
            mistake of using PayPal to buy someone’s product on craigslist. (The seller
            was advertising on a craigslist site that was about 50 miles away, and I
            didn’t want to drive that far for the item) I asked the seller via e-mail if she
            would be willing to accept PayPal and ship the item, and she said “No

            Of course, you can imagine what happened next. Several weeks passed, and
            I still hadn’t received the item and never did hear from the seller. I ended
            up having to file a PayPal dispute to get my money back!

            So it’s important to understand that craigslist does not have the same types
            of buyer protections that eBay has. In other words, use your PayPal account
            very carefully (or not at all) when you’re buying on craigslist!
98 Auctions For Income®

2. Never use Western Union, Money Gram or any other wire service to wire
   money to a seller on craigslist.

    If anyone asks you to do this, they are probably a scammer.
3. Be aware that it is possible to fake cashiers checks or money orders, and
   these counterfeits are so well made that your bank will deposit them or
   cash them.

    The problem is, when the bank finds that it was a counterfeit, you’ll still be
    responsible for that money.

4. craigslist does not offer buyer protection or seller protection, for that

    If you have a dispute with the transaction conducted on craigslist, don’t
    expect craigslist to help you - they are only a venue for conducting

5. Never give out financial information such as a bank account number,
Social Security number or PayPal information.

    This is clearly asking for trouble, especially from people you don’t know.

6. Avoid deals that involve shipping or escrow services ordeals where the
buyer is not willing or able to meet you face to face to complete the

Some common scams you’ll find on craigslist
Let’s look at some common scam e-mails you’ll receive on craigslist, and as we
go through these examples I will share with you some of the clues that make
them a dead giveaway…

First, I’d like to start with two actual e-mails from a scammer that I received on
one of my ads.

(I had listed a 7 - piece set of fitness equipment for $1,000 on craigslist)

Here’s the first e-mail:

         I want to purchase your item and i am willing to pay
         $1100 for it.
         Get back to me if the item is still available for sale.

                                      Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist   99

        Here’s my first reply:

NOTES            Hi there,

                 The exercise equipment is still available.

                 It is only available for pick up at our (city) location.

                 If you are interested, please call me: 562-xxx-xxxx



        Here’s the scammer’s reply:

                 Sounds Good,
                 I will like to proceed with the transaction asap and my
                 mode of payment will be via bank check drawn on my
                 bank (Bank Of America) as there are too many scams
                 online with bogus paypal payment and money orders,the
                 item will be picked up from you by my shipper so you
                 don’t have to worry about shipment of the item also the
                 check will be sent with the fund to cover cost of item and
                 also shipment by my shipping company due to company
                 policy the amount i placed with my company can only be
                 written on a single check so that is why i want you to
                 receive the check and send the excess fund to my shippers
                 that will arrange the pickup when the check clears at your
                 bank,once your bank verify and cash the check you will
                 deduct your fund and send the excess fund to the shipping
                 company so they will proceed with the pickup because i
                 also have other items to be picked up,i should have
                 handled this myself but i am not available to do this now i
                 am currently away for my company seminar that is why i
                 want to do this to facilitate the transaction so proceed to
                 delete the advert of this item if my mode of payment is
                 accepted and get back to me asap with your full
                 name,physical address and phone # to send the check to

100 Auctions For Income®

At this point, I decided to ignore this buyer because it was clearly a scam.

Let’s break this down and look at the clues, step-by-step.                           NOTES
The first clue that this is a scam is the poor English used by the “buyer“.

As you can see, there is also very little punctuation in this paragraph. Typically
this is a sign that the scammer lives in another country or at the very least, is
not very good with the English language.

Another clue is where the “buyer” is telling me that he will send me more
money than I am asking for.

This is meant to create trust in the “buyer” because if the buyer is willing to
trust me with more money than I am asking for, then they must be trustworthy
as well.

What’s really happening here, is the “buyer” is about to send me a counterfeit
cashier’s check for an amount larger than the $1,000 I was asking for.

The “buyer” is expecting me to go to the bank, cash the fake cashiers check and
then send the excess money to a “shipper” to ship the items. (The “shipper” or
“shipping agent”, in this case could be an accomplice who receives the excess

Once they have the excess money or the equipment (or both) they could care
less about following through, and that’s where the deal falls apart.

In fact, several days later, the bank will notify you that you tried to cash a
counterfeit check and you will be on the hook for the money!

Typically, this type of scam will occur when you are selling a high dollar
(usually more than $700) item on craigslist.

Here are a couple other scam e-mails used on craigslist:

         > Thanks for your mail,Since the cost of your
         bike is $800 i just contacted
         my client about the cost of your bike and it
         present condition and he said
         there is no problem about that.So my client
         said he will be issuing you a
         Certified Check of $4000 while you wire 3000
         to me through Western Union
         Money Trasfer and you deduct the cost of your
         bike $800 and keep the
         remaining $200 which my client said you should
         take for the terms of
         Transaction and Agreement between you and my
         client.So i will like you to
         send me your full contact information to where
         my client will be sending you
         > the Certified Check like this:
         > name.........
         > full address.............
         > city...............
                                        Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist 101

                 > state.............
                 > country..........
NOTES            > zipcode............
                 > cell/office/home phone
                 > I will look forward to the requested
                 information as soon as possible so
                 that the check can be sent out to you
                 immediately And do get back to me
                 with the Pics of the bike so tha! t my client
                 will be Able to see What he
                 is paying off.Get back to me immediately.
                 Looking torwards your
                 > respond,
                 > Best Regards.

        And another one:

                 > Good day
                 > i am an auto dealer based in TAIWAN,i am
                 interested in buying your
                 > ( 1989 Jetta GL 4 door )I will like to know
                 if you would accept
                 > acertified cashier check for the payment of
                 the,i also need to
                 > know the price and your full name and
                 address including your
                 > phone is also needed in which payment will
                 be sent to . i have a
                 > shipping company who takes cares of my
                 shippment .So don’t bother
                 > about the shippment.I will also like to know
                 if is still in good
                 > condition and
                 > shape.urgent response is needed for procedure
                 of payment of the (
                 > 1989 Jetta GL 4 door )
                 > REGARD

        As you can see the clues are all there, terrible grammar and punctuation,
        terrible English and messages are very convoluted or that just don’t make sense.

        Most of them are asking you to ship the item, so rule number one is to never do
        business with someone who asks you to ship your item. The best way to be safe
        is to ONLY have them come to pick the item up and only deal in cash!

        Be aware of these rules when you’re dealing on craigslist and you’ll keep yourself
        from getting into trouble and losing money!
102 Auctions For Income®

                                         Dave Espino’s Making Money with craigslist 103


        As you’ve seen in this book, doing business on craigslist is somewhat different
        than doing business on eBay. But that can be a great thing because it offers you
        a whole different way to make money and find excellent deals that you can
        resell on eBay!

        The localized nature of craigslist creates a few challenges but also creates a lot of
        really amazing opportunities.

        I believe that by combining craigslist with eBay you’ll be able to make a fantastic
        income and that you’ll have a lot of fun doing it!

        Thousands of people just like yourself are making a full-time income by using
        these craigslist tools and techniques and the great news is, you can be one of

        I hope I’ve helped you get excited about making money with craigslist, and that
        you will take some time to really implement the tools and techniques I’ve
        taught you here.

        With over 1 million listings per day, craigslist is a powerful force for generating
        a fantastic income.

        I wish you and your family all the best and I hope you’ll go out and make all the
        money you deserve!

        And, when you do make all the money you deserve, do yourself a favor and find
        a way to “give back” a percentage of that new income to a charity, church or
        other deserving organization…

        It will make your money-making activities far more meaningful if you are
        working toward something bigger than yourself!

        Most of all, I hope you’ll have fun with this new, exciting opportunity!

        Dave Espino
104 Auctions For Income®


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