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									Introduction                                        CSR Seminar to University Students
This project namely “New SME: Social                Date:         April 25, 2012 (Wednesday)
Mission Engagement” is run by a group of            Time:         6:30 – 8:30pm
business students from the Faculty of Business
and Economics in the University of Hong             Venue:        Library Extension Building
Kong. It is a project supported by HKU                            LE5, HKU
Student Knowledge Exchange Project Grant            Content:
Scheme for promoting CSR (Corporate Social          1.    Introduction to CSR
Responsibility) in Hong Kong.                       2.    Guest Talk with Q&A
                                                    3.    Interesting Game
                                                    4.    Briefing of CSR Case Competition
Project Aim
This project aims to strengthen the tie between     Application
the community and SMEs (small-medium
                                                    Deadline:     April 23, 2012
enterprises) in Hong Kong. Due to limited
resources, SMEs may not be able to explore          Method:       Please download the
business opportunities which can increase                         application form from our
their firm values while addressing community                      Facebook page and submit the
needs. They may not be aware of the potential                     completed application form to
benefits to their companies by doing CSR                
(Corporate Social Responsibility) apart from
contributing to the society. This project           Facebook Page:
involves university students to serve this role.    Search “New SME: Social Mission Engagement”
Students will participate in a case competition
to identify community needs and evaluate the
feasibility (practically and economically) of
providing such needs. The proposals will be
communicated to the SMEs for their
                                                    CSR Case Competition
                                                    This competition is open to all university
                                                    students in Hong Kong. The case materials can
External Partner Organizations                      be downloaded from our Facebook page.
                                                    Time Schedule
                                                    April 25   CSR seminar to participants
                                                    April 30   Application deadline
                                                    May 28     Submission deadline of
                                                               written proposal
                                                    June 2     Announcement of first-round
Internships Sponsor                                            result (5 teams entering second
                                                               round of final presentation)
                                                    June 9     Final presentation and closing

HKCSS – HSBC Social Enterprise Business             Awards
Centre was established in 2008 by the Hong Kong     Champion             HK$1,500 + Trophy
Council of Social Service (with over 340 social                          + Internships
service organizations under it) to advance social    st
                                                    1 Runner-up          HK$1,000 + Trophy
entrepreneurship and mobilize social innovation.     nd
The Centre is jointly funded by the Hongkong
                                                    2 Runner-up          HK$800 + Trophy
Bank Foundation and the Social Welfare              Best Presenter       Trophy
Department’s Partnership Fund for the               Merit (2 teams)      HK$500 + Certificate Awards
Disadvantaged.                                      Shortlisted teams (10 teams) Certificate Awards

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