FCRA-Correction by shitingting


                                      City, State and Zip
                                      Phone Numbers(s)

May 6, 2012

Experian                                        Equifax Credit Information Services, Inc
P.O. Box 2104                                   P.O. Box 740241
Allen, TX 75013-2104                            Atlanta, GA 30374

TransUnion                                      CSC Credit Services
Post Office Box 2000                            PO BOX 981221
Chester, PA 19022                               El Paso, TX 79998-1221

To Whom It May Concern:


Attached is a copy of my driver’s license and/or other documentation to prove my identity. I
have listed my other identifying information below to assist in identifying my credit report.

   My Full Legal Name:
      My Date of Birth:
 My Social Security No.:
     My Street Address:
  My City, State & Zip:
  My Day & Eve Phone:

The following items on my credit report are inaccurate for the reasons stated below. Please
correct my report immediately. After correcting the report please send me a copy of the updated
credit report:

Page 1                                Your Name                                     Your SSN:

The following Creditor Account information listed on my credit report is incorrect:

Creditor Name         Account #            Consumer Statement              Correction
                                                                           Required or Action
                                           Sample Statements:              Immediately delete
                                             By agreement with the        this account from my
                                              creditor, __________,        credit report. If you
                                              this account was to be       do not immediately
                                              deleted and removed          delete this from my
                                              from my ____ Credit          credit report, please
                                              Report. It should be         include a 100 word
                                              removed immediately.         statement in my
                                             The creditor agreed that     credit report of all of
                                              this account was not my      the dispute
                                              responsibility, but if I     information
                                              paid it in its entirety it   contained in this
                                              would be removed from        letter regarding this
                                              the report. It has not       account.
                                              been removed from the
                                              report and I am being
                                              unfairly victimized by
                                              ______ because of this
                                              inaccurate credit
                                             This account belongs to
                                              my former spouse with
                                              whom I am now
                                              divorced. It was never a
                                              joint account and it
                                              should not appear on my
                                              credit report.
                                             I am a victim of identity
                                              theft. Please see the
                                              attached FTC Identity
                                              Theft Affidavit. Remove
                                              this account information

Page 2                                 Your Name                                      Your SSN:
                          UNAUTHORIZED CREDIT INQUIRIES

The following unauthorized inquiries are listed on my credit report. Please contact these
creditors and provide me with a complete written explanation for why they requested my credit
report. I did not authorize these credit reports be provided:

                   Date                                                Creditor

                          INCORRECT ADDRESS INFORMATION

The following address(s) are incorrect:

Address(es)                           Consumer Statement                Correction Required or
                                                                        Action Requested
123 Main Street                       You have inaccurately listed      Immediately delete this
Anytown, US 99999-1111                my address. I have never          inaccurate address from
                                      lived at this address. This       my credit report. If you
                                      address should be deleted         do not immediately delete
                                      from my credit report             this from my credit report,
                                      immediately. If you do not        please include a 100 word
                                      delete this, I demand you         statement in my credit
                                      place a statement identical to    report of all of the dispute
                                      my above statement on my          information contained in
                                      credit report.                    this letter regarding this

Thank you,

Your Name

cc:    Copy to File

Page 3                                    Your Name                                     Your SSN:

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