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									Get Guy Back After A Breakup
It can be a difficult time after a man breaks up with you. You probably don't feel or even act like
yourself at this point. Life almost seems like it has lost its meaning with him in it. Maybe you want to
get guy back.

Getting back with someone who broke up with you can be a very difficult task. For whatever reason,
the other person decided that they no longer wanted to try and work things out. They just wanted it to
end. It's usually easier to work out a relationship while you're still in it; as opposed to when it has

With that being said, you can get guy back if he broke up with you. The most critical aspect to this is
you are absolutely positive that getting back with him is exactly what you want. Make sure your
motives for getting back with him are the right ones. Don't want him back just to have him back.
 Make sure that there are very good reasons why you want him back.

The second most critical aspect to get guy back is to realize that sometimes it works, sometimes it
doesn't. Some people can make up and move on. Others, they just can't recapture the magic of the
relationship they once shared. Even if you don't succeed you will know you did your best to get guy

If you want to get guy back, you must, and there is no room for negotiation on this, get your emotions
in check. Guys do not want to be with women who can't keep their emotions under control. If you
attempt to contact him while you don't have control of your emotions you may do even more damage.
 For example, if he was starting to miss you and think about you, but you contact him and you're an
emotional mess, you may make him realize that his choice to break up with you was valid.

The best thing you can do is instead of worrying about what he's doing, or feel sad that you don't
have him, is to start living your own life. You must prove to him that you can be mature about this
breakup. Keep up with your daily routines. Do your hair nice, wear makeup, wear clothes that make
you feel good about yourself. Hang out with your friends.

If you're staying active and living your life without bothering him, you will have a better chance to get
him back. If you stay out of contact with him, no calls, no email, no text messages, nothing, you'll
probably find that he will eventually call you, or get in touch with you.

When he does, just keep it brief. Tell him how busy you've been. Don't get mushy or gush out
feelings for him. Act indifferent and aloof. This will confuse him. If he wants to see you again, make
sure you look your best. Don't let him touch you or kiss you. Before you leave, if you want, give him
a hug but that's it. This will drive him crazy. From this point, you should be able to get guy back
pretty easily. Just take it slow.

As you can see, you can get guy back, you just have to get your emotions under control. Life your life
to the fullest. Always look your best, because that will help you to feel your best. Back off, give him
space. He'll most likely contact you and want to see you again. When he does, be a little bit of a
tease. Make him work for your affections again.

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