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					2012 Benefits
What We’ll Cover Today
 Everything you need to know about Open Enrollment
  and your 2012 benefits:
  –   Open Enrollment basics
                                   Enrollment Information
  –   What’s new for 2012
  –   Your 2012 benefits           • Review your enrollment packet to
  –   How to enroll                     – Your Open Enrollment
                                        – 2012 Benefits Enrollment
                                        – UHC Welcome booklet

Open Enrollment Basics

Open Enrollment Basics
Open Enrollment is Tuesday, November 1 –
Friday, November 18, 2011
 It’s your once-a-year opportunity to enroll for new
  benefits or make changes to current benefits
 Changes you make during Open Enrollment are
  effective January 1, 2012 through December 31, 2012
   – No changes during 2012 unless you have a
     “qualifying event”
               You must complete the enrollment form and submit to HR by
               November 18th.

What You Can Do During Open Enrollment
 During Open Enrollment, you can:
   – Elect or waive health care coverage (medical/dental/vision)
   – Add or remove dependents
   – Elect to participate in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
        Health Care – Standard or Limited Purpose*
        Dependent Care
   – Elect to open a Health Savings Account (HSA)*
   – Apply for supplemental life insurance (subject to approval)
   – Purchase Hyatt Legal coverage

   *Only available if you enroll in the CDHP

What’s New for 2012

 What’s New for 2012
 New medical plan provider — UnitedHealthcare
   – There are minimal changes to the plan designs
   – Prescription Drugs will still be with Medco
   – There are changes to:
       The provider network — To find out if your current provider participates in the
        UHC network, go to and review providers in
        the Choice Plus network
       ID cards — All employees and dependents enrolled in the plan will receive new
        ID cards by January 1
   – Transition of care is available                      Why are we moving to
       For those in the middle of a course of            UnitedHealthcare?
        treatment with a provider who                     UHC offers great provider
        doesn’t participate in UHC’s network. Form        discounts to save you and
                                                          Tomkins money on medical
         available on Powering Life website
                                                          services. UHC also has a
                                                          broad national network of
                                         6                doctors and hospitals.
What’s New for 2012

 New benefit! — Basic Long-term Disability (LTD)
   – Schrader International pays the full cost!
   – If you’re benefits eligible, you’re automatically enrolled
   – Replaces 50% of your base predisability earnings, up to
     $5,000 benefit per month
   – Upon approval, benefit paid after you’re disabled 180 days
       For occupational or non-occupational injuries or illnesses
   – Subject to pre-existing rules the first year of coverage

 What’s New for 2012

 Only one vision plan will be offered
   – EyeMed vision plans no longer offered
   – New carrier = VSP
   – New plan design
   – Extensive network of practitioners
   – Log on to to check out the Choice network

 What’s New for 2012

 New Dental Carrier
   – Metlife is our new carrier
   – The plan design will stay the same as last year
   – Both in and out of network dentists and orthodontists
   – Extensive network which provide discounted services
   – No ID card. Simply give the office your name, date of birth and
     last 4 digits of your SS#
   – Check out for network dentists

Your 2012 Benefits

    Your 2012 Benefits

 Medical (UnitedHealthcare)                    Life Insurance (The Hartford)
      – PPO Plan                                    – Basic coverage*
      – CDHP with Health Savings Account            – Voluntary coverage
                                                Accidental Death and
   Dental Plan (MetLife)                        Dismemberment (AD&D)
   Vision Plan (VSP)                            Insurance (The Hartford)
   Employee Assistance Program*                    – Basic coverage*
   Disability Coverage (The Hartford)              – Voluntary coverage
      – Short-Term Disability (STD)*            Flexible Spending Accounts
      – Basic Long-Term Disability (LTD)*        (FSAs)
                                                    – Health Care FSA
                                                    – Dependent Care FSA
                                                Legal Plan (Hyatt)
                         * Tomkins pays the full cost of these plans — you’re automatically
                           enrolled at no cost to you!
         2012 Rates

Medical Coverage                  Dental Coverage             Vision Coverage
         Bi-Weekly Rates           Coverage Bi-Weekly Rates    Coverage Bi-Weekly Rates
Coverage         PPO       CDHP   Employee     $              Employee     $
Employee                          Only                        Only
             $         $
Only                              Employee +   $              Employee +   $
Employee +                        Spouse                      Spouse
             $         $
Spouse                            Employee +   $              Employee +   $
Employee +                        Child(ren)                  Child(ren)
             $         $
Child(ren)                        Family       $              Family       $
Family       $         $
 Life and Accident Insurance
 Voluntary Life Insurance
   – Apply at any time for additional life insurance on yourself
     and/or your dependents
   – Contact your Human Resources Representative for an Evidence
     of Insurability form
   – Once HR completes our section, you complete the form and
     mail to The Hartford
   – The Hartford will be in contact with you about the status of your
     request, if more information is needed, and the final
     determination – this process may takes weeks/months
    AD&D coverage can be increased with out proof of good health

 FSA and HSA

   – Health Care
   – Dependent Care
   – $260 to $5,000 election

    Health Savings Account
         2012 maximums = Individual - $3,100 Family - $6,250
         Minimum = $100

     How to Enroll

Ready to Enroll?

 Complete the enrollment form found in your packet
   – Have handy your dependents’ social security #s, dates of
     birth, and full legal names
   – Print clearly
   – Submit your completed for to Human Resources no later
     than Friday, November 18, 2011              Enrollment
                                                 Understand the
                                                  benefits available
                                                 Discuss your benefit
                                                  needs with your family
                                                 Complete enrollment
                                                  by November 18
Important Reminders
 Open Enrollment ends on November 18
 Benefits are effective from January 1
  through December 31, 2012
 You must complete the enrollment form and submit
  to HR by November 18th
 If you have had a marital status change, be sure to
  update your Life and Accident insurance beneficiary
  designation (form online at the Powering Life website
  or from your HR department).


 Visit the new Powering Life website at to review all
 documents, including:
   – 2012 Open Enrollment Announcement (which outlines
     What’s New)
   – 2012 Enrollment guide (which gives more details on
     each benefit)
 Visit carrier websites


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