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                                                      Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Industry Sector

                                      Food Service and Hospitality Careers
                                 Culinary Arts — Commercial Baking — Restaurant Occupations


                                       Approved by the Contra Costa County Board of Education December 11, 2002
                                                California Career Technical Education Standards Included
                                                                     Revised 2/1/10
CONTRA COSTA COUNTY OFFICE OF EDUCATION                                                          ROP FOOD SERVICE & HOSPITALITY CAREERS

                                          CONTRA COSTA COUNTY OFFICE OF EDUCATION

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                                               Contra Costa County Board of Education
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                                                      Michèle L. Foster, Ed.D.
                                                         Daniel A. Gomes
                                                        Pamela M. Mirabella
                                                          Glenn A. Ruley

                                   ROP Food Service & Hospitality Careers Curriculum Committee
                                                      Lindi Huntsman—Chair
                                                            Debbie Allen
                                                            Leone Avery
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                                                            Kevin Fuller
                                                            Joan Ivarson
                                                              Kellie Joe
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CONTRA COSTA COUNTY OFFICE OF EDUCATION                                                                   ROP FOOD SERVICE & HOSPITALITY CAREERS

                                          ROP FOOD SERVICE & HOSPITALITY CAREERS
                                   Culinary Arts — Commercial Baking — Restaurant Occupations


ROP delivers state-of-the-art educational programs to high school and adult students to prepare them for challenging
careers, higher education and lifelong learning.


The goal of the program is to develop students’ academic and technical skills, preparing them for:
       College
       Advanced training
       Employment and opportunities for promotion


JOB TITLE/ONET CODE:             35-2021.00—Food Preparation Workers
                                 35-2014.00—Cooks, Restaurant
                                 35-1011.00—Chefs and Head Cooks
                                 35-3031.00—Waiters and Waitresses

INDUSTRY SECTOR:                 Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Industry
PATHWAY:                         Food Service and Hospitality Pathway


       This program combines classroom training in food preparation and service with hands-on experience, including a student-
       operated café or bakery at some sites. Students are prepared for employment in the restaurant, baking or catering industries
       as well as entrance into college programs with a hospitality focus. Integrated throughout the course are career technical
       education standards which include basic academic skills, communication, career planning, technology, problem solving,
       safety, responsibility, ethics, teamwork, and technical knowledge.

       Hours:                                  Students receive 180 to 540 hours of classroom instruction (Note: typical high school

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CONTRA COSTA COUNTY OFFICE OF EDUCATION                                                                   ROP FOOD SERVICE & HOSPITALITY CAREERS

                                 course is equivalent to 180 hours per year)

       Prerequisites:            Recommended: a core Home Economics or Foods Education course

       Date revised:             12/28/09

       Articulation:             Articulated with Diablo Valley College at Mt. Diablo High and Monte Vista High

       Academic Credit:          Elective credit given at each high school upon completing course with passing grade

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 CONTRA COSTA COUNTY OFFICE OF EDUCATION                                                                         ROP FOOD SERVICE & HOSPITALITY CAREERS

        Upon successful completion of the course, students will:
              Ensure safety in the student-run café or food facility by demonstrating safe work habits and proper sanitation
                Demonstrate teamwork and leadership skills by working cooperatively with others in competitive recognition events,
                 community service projects, and as members of FHA/HERO
                Identify and properly use each piece of equipment in the classroom lab
                Organize time and work sequences for productivity
                Demonstrate basic skills and techniques required for entry-level jobs in culinary arts, food service and hospitality industry
                Identify and correctly use the ingredients required
                Read, measure, convert, and follow recipes, formulas, and instructions with accuracy
                For Baking and Patisserie: Demonstrate the ability to use correct baking procedures, equipment and supplies by
                 properly preparing and decorating a variety of bakery items and desserts, such as:
                                  Cookies and quick breads              Cakes, frostings, glazes, and coverings
                                  Basic doughs                          Frozen desserts
                                  Yeast doughs                          Specialty items
                                  Custards and fillings                 Seasonal breads
                For Chef/Cook: Demonstrate the use of appropriate food preparation techniques, equipment, tools, and supplies by
                 preparing, seasoning, cooking, and presenting a variety of foods. In addition, demonstrate competence in the following
                 work stations:
                              Butcher                               Pizza
                              Beverage                              Maitre d’
                              Bus Person                            Sandwich
                              Cashier                               Salad
                              Desserts                              Sauté
                              Family meal                           Sous chef
                              Fish                                  Waiter
                For Catering: Demonstrate understanding of the requirements for a successful catered event by assisting in
                 booking, planning, and coordinating catered functions, including food preparation, transportation, and presentation
                For Server: Provide quality service for customers, including the ability to take orders and deliver food properly, and

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                by performing the necessary sidework in a timely manner

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CONTRA COSTA COUNTY OFFICE OF EDUCATION                                                         ROP FOOD SERVICE & HOSPITALITY CAREERS

       Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs) for ROP:
       1.      Demonstrate effective skills in oral and written communication.

               o   Speak clearly using professional and industry-specific terminology
               o   Develop appropriate listening, speaking, and presentation skills
               o   Use technology to enhance communication
               o   Read and comprehend industry-related material
               o   Write effectively in a variety of different formats
       2.      Demonstrate job skills and the behavior and work ethic valued by employers.

               o   Use technology to enhance work performance
               o   Acquire industry-specific competencies
               o   Meet occupational safety standards
               o   Demonstrate appropriate business ethics and etiquette
               o   Identify short-term and long-range career goals
               o   Demonstrate organizational skills such as goal setting and time management

       3.      Demonstrate the ability to be critical, complex, and creative thinkers.

               o   Brainstorm and discuss ideas with others
               o   Access resources; organize and analyze information
               o   Process and apply knowledge to new situations
               o   Demonstrate problem-solving, computational, and research skills

       4.      Work productively both as individuals and as team members.

               o   Demonstrate initiative and resourcefulness
               o   Brainstorm and collaborate with others
               o   Demonstrate the ability to assume a leadership role
               o   Give and receive constructive feedback

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CONTRA COSTA COUNTY OFFICE OF EDUCATION                                                                                            ROP FOOD SERVICE & HOSPITALITY CAREERS


                        Course Outline                                  Career Technical Education Standards                             Suggested Activities/Assessment
I.   Career Path Skills       (20-60 hrs)                           Pathway Standards for Food Service and Hospitality               o   Lecture and demonstration of safety issues and
A.        Food Service and Hospitality Industry Awareness                                                                                proper handling of equipment
                                                                    B1.0    Students understand major aspects of the food
          1.        Investigating careers related to food service           service and hospitality industry and the role of         o   Weekly reading assignments from various texts
                    and hospitality industry                                the industry in local, state, national, and global           that directly relate and support the stations
                                                                            economies:                                                   assigned to student teams
          2.        Interests, aptitudes and skills necessary to
                    succeed in industry                             B1.2    Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the          o   Read and summarize articles on culinary arts
                                                                            working conditions and of various careers in the             from magazines or newspapers
          3. Education and training requirements
                                                                            food service and hospitality industry.                   o   Study history of food, herbs, and the hospitality
          4. Impact of industry on state economy
                                                                    B2.0    Students understand the basics of safe work                  industry and how they have evolved
B.        Safety Regulations and Emergency Procedures                       habits, security, and emergency procedures               o   Keep a notebook and portfolio of individual
          1.        Safe work habits—preventing accidents in                required in food service and hospitality                     projects, group projects, kitchen positions,
                    the kitchen                                             establishments:                                              culinary terminology, presentation, kitchen
          2.        Basic first aid: choking, burns, cuts           B2.1    Understand the basic procedures for the safety of            challenges
C.        Operational Procedures                                            employees and guests, including the procedures           o   Describe the types and causes of accidents,
          1.      Maintenance of workstation                                for emergency situations.                                    and what can be done to prevent them
                                                                    B2.2    Understand the role of the California Occupational       o   Discuss nutritional principles and concepts,
          2.      Rules for use and maintenance of equipment
                                                                            Safety and Health Administration in regulating               including RDA for each student
          3.      Technical terms for products and equipment                practices in the food service and hospitality
D.        Nutrition                                                                                                                  o   Keep track of foods eaten for a week, using a
                                                                                                                                         food pyramid worksheet
          1.        Interpreting food labels for nutritional and    B2.3    Know the causes, prevention, and treatment of
                    ingredient information                                  common accidents and the reporting procedures            o   Explore the Web site www.
          2.        Applying nutritional principles to menu                 involved.                                                o   Describe food preparation techniques that
                    planning                                        B3.0    Students understand the basic principles of                  conserve nutrients
E.        Sanitation and Food Handling                                      sanitation and safe food handling:                       o   Analyze food labels for nutritional content
                                                                    B3.1    Understand basic local, state, and federal               o   Discuss and demonstrate professional
          1.        Sanitary procedures for food handling,
                                                                            sanitation regulations as they pertain to food               standards in personal grooming and hygiene
                    equipment and storage
                                                                            production and service.                                  o   Describe types of food contamination, their
          2.        State and local health regulations
                                                                    B3.2    Know the standards of personal grooming and                  potential causes, and methods of prevention
F.        Tools, Utensils, Appliances, and Equipment                        hygiene required by local, state, and federal health     o   Use appropriate procedures for sanitizing work
          1.        Proper use and care of knives, other tools              and safety codes.                                            surfaces and storing tools, utensils, appliances,
                    and utensils                                                                                                         and equipment
                                                                    B3.3    Understand safe and sanitary procedures in all
          2.        Proper use and care of appliances and                   food handling, including food receiving, storage,        o   Visit a grocery store and shop for nutritious
                    equipment                                               production, service, and cleanup.                            food; critique using worksheet
                                                                    B3.4    Know types of food contamination, the potential
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CONTRA COSTA COUNTY OFFICE OF EDUCATION                                                                                         ROP FOOD SERVICE & HOSPITALITY CAREERS

                   Course Outline                                   Career Technical Education Standards                            Suggested Activities/Assessment
G.     Customer Relations                                              causes, including cross contamination, and                 o Identify tools, utensils, appliances, and
       1.      Providing quality customer service                      methods of prevention.                                       equipment according to their functions in food
                                                               B4.0    Students understand the basics of food service               production.
       2.      Developing awareness of customers’ needs
               and desires                                             and hospitality management:                                o Describe and demonstrate proper use, care,
                                                               B4.1    Analyze the relationship of effective management             and storage of tools, utensils, appliances, and
H.     Cost and Profitability Analysis
                                                                       and business procedures to important outcomes,               equipment.
       1.      Labor costs                                             such as profitability, productivity, workplace             o Explain prime costs (food, beverages, labor) for
       2.      Profit                                                  atmosphere, consumer and guest satisfaction, and             a restaurant
       3.      Cost per serving/portion control                        business growth.                                           o Calculate recipe costs and pricing per portion
       4.      Taxes                                           B11.0 Students understand and apply the basic
                                                                                                                                  o Prepare a rubric on “food critique,” including
I.     Entrepreneurship                                                processes of costing and cost analysis in food
                                                                                                                                    item, appearance, smell, taste, texture,
                                                                       and beverage production and service:
       1.      Steps in establishing an entrepreneurial                                                                             nutrition, cost
                                                               B11.3 Understand the importance of the menu as the
               business                                                                                                           o Study vocabulary of culinary arts terms
                                                                       primary source of revenue generation and cost
       2.      Steps in setting up and getting a business              control.                                                   o Write a restaurant critique
               started                                         B11.4 Calculate recipe costs and pricing per portion and           o Enter a local competition, such as “Round Table
J.     Standardized Recipes                                            compare the cost per cover to the theoretical cost.          Recognition Project”
       1.      Functions of a standardized recipe              Academic Standards                                                 o Invite guest speakers from:
       2.      Increasing and decreasing recipes and           2.0     Communication—Listening and Speaking                             Diablo Valley College
               adjusting procedures according to desired       2.4     Understand the importance of effective nonverbal,                Culinary institutes
               yield                                                   oral, and written communication skills in getting                Local restaurants
       3.      Factors to consider in evaluating recipes and           and keeping a job.
                                                                                                                                        Fire Department
               products                                        2.5     Use appropriate vocabulary and the specialized
                                                                       terminology of the industry.                                     Health Department
                                                               2.6     Understand verbal and nonverbal communication
                                                                       and respond appropriately.
                                                               2.2     Writing
                                                               2.3     Write expository compositions, including analytical
                                                                       essays and research reports.
                                                               Foundation Standards
                                                               5.0     Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
                                                                      Students understand how to create alternative
                                                                      solutions by using critical and creative thinking
                                                                      skills, such as logical reasoning, analytical thinking,
                                                                      and problem-solving techniques.

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CONTRA COSTA COUNTY OFFICE OF EDUCATION                                                                               ROP FOOD SERVICE & HOSPITALITY CAREERS

                     Course Outline                          Career Technical Education Standards                         Suggested Activities/Assessment
K.   Career Path                                         Academic Standards                                             o Identify the components of professionalism,
        1.       Applications for jobs and internships   2.0    Communications—Writing                                    including integrity, initiative, confidentiality, and
                                                         2.5    Write job applications and résumés:                       respect at the work site
        2.       Preparing resumes and portfolios
                                                                 Provide clear and purposeful information and          o Identify clothing, grooming, and personal
        3.       Interview techniques
                                                                     address the intended audience appropriately.         hygiene appropriate for the job
                                                         Foundation Standards                                           o Develop skills in teamwork, leadership, and
                                                         3.0    Career Planning and Management                            citizenship by participating in FHA-HERO
                                                                Students understand how to make effective
                                                                decisions, use career information, and manage           o Describe and demonstrate interpersonal skills
                                                                personal career plans:                                    that enhance relationships at the work site,
                                                         3.1    Know the personal qualifications, interests,              such as working cooperatively, communicating
                                                                aptitudes, knowledge, and skills necessary to             effectively, sharing responsibilities, and
                                                                succeed in careers.                                       exercising leadership; give examples and
                                                         3.3    Develop a career plan that is designed to reflect
                                                                career interests, pathways, and postsecondary           o Discuss the importance of such personal skills
                                                                options.                                                  as a positive attitude, self-confidence, honesty,
                                                                                                                          integrity, and self-discipline
                                                         3.6    Know important strategies for self-promotion in the
                                                                hiring process, such as job applications, résumé        o Discuss ways in which to resolve conflicts, use
                                                                writing, interviewing skills, and preparation of a        negotiation skills, and communicate across
                                                                portfolio.                                                gender, age, and cultural groups; give
                                                         7.0    Responsibility and Flexibility                            examples and scenarios
                                                                Students know the behaviors associated with the         o Identify factors that affect success or failure in
                                                                demonstration of responsibility and flexibility in        food service and hospitality business
                                                                personal, workplace, and community settings.            o Participate in on-site student-run café or bakery
                                                         8.0    Ethics and Legal Responsibilities                         (available at some locations)
                                                                Students understand professional, ethical, and          o Prepare resume and cover letter
                                                                legal behavior consistent with applicable laws,         o Prepare portfolio
                                                                regulations, and organizational norms.                  o Practice interviews
                                                         9.0    Leadership and Teamwork
                                                                Students understand effective leadership styles,
                                                                key concepts of group dynamics, team and
                                                                individual decision making, the benefits of
                                                                workforce diversity, and conflict resolution.

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 CONTRA COSTA COUNTY OFFICE OF EDUCATION                                                                                        ROP FOOD SERVICE & HOSPITALITY CAREERS

                      Course Outline                                   Career Technical Education Standards                         Suggested Activities/Assessment
II. Occupational Specific Skills                                  Pathway Standards                                               o Prepare, decorate, and display bakery items,
  A.     Baker             (40-120 hrs)                           B7.0    Students understand and apply the basics of               including breads and other baked items, and
                                                                          baking, pastry, and dessert preparation in                desserts, using appropriate procedures and
  1.     Preparing a consistent product using a variety of food
                                                                          professional and institutional kitchens:                  techniques
         preparation techniques
                                                                                                                                  o Identify and categorize a variety of bakery
  2.     Setting up and maintaining work areas and                B7.1    Know the qualities and properties of food items and
         organizing work sequences that are cost effective                ingredients used for baked goods, pastries, and
                                                                                                                                  o Identify and compare types of flour, shortening,
  3.     Baking production and procedures:                                                                                          and leavening agents
                                                                  B7.2    Use, maintain, and store the tools, utensils,           o Measure and weigh ingredients according to a
         a.       Ingredient identification and proper usage
                                                                          equipment, and appliances appropriate for                 recipe’s specifications
         b.       Formula comprehension: measurements,                    preparing, serving, and storing baked goods,
                  conversions and accuracy                                                                                        o Prepare icings, fillings, and meringues
                                                                          pastries, and desserts.                                 o Set up and maintain assigned work areas
         c.       Preparation (mix, bake, finish, present)        B7.3    Know the principle of mise en place, including the      o Apply the principle of mise en place (set in
                        (1) Cookie varieties                              placement and order of use of the ingredients,            place) in assembling ingredients, tools, and
                        (2) Quickbreads                                   tools, and supplies needed to produce baked               supplies
                        (3) Yeast breads                                  goods, pastries, and desserts.                          o Discuss marketing strategies for selling baked
                                                                  B7.4    Produce baked goods, pastries, and desserts by            goods
                        (4) Turned doughs                                                                                         o Prepare report for “cake of the month,” including
                                                                          using correct techniques, procedures, and various
                        (5) Pies and tarts                                finishing techniques.                                     recipe, cost, facts, hints, skills, history, and
                        (6) Petit fours                           B12.0 Students understand the fundamentals of                     nutrition
                        (7) International desserts and breads             successful sales and marketing methods:                 o Prepare cookies or other baked goods for a
                                                                                                                                    school event
                        (8) Composed desserts                     B12.3 Understand the various types of entrepreneurial
                        (9) Cakes, icings, glazes                         opportunities in the food service industry.
                       (10) Decorating techniques                 B12.4 Analyze marketing strategies, including
                       (11) Custards and puddings                         promotional selling and upgrading, and their effect
                                                                          on profits.
                       (12) Frozen desserts
                                                                  B12.5 Know methods to develop and maintain long-term
                       (13) Meringues                                     customer relations.
                       (14) Fresh fruit
                       (15) Chocolate work and other
                              decorative arts
  4.     Merchandising

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CONTRA COSTA COUNTY OFFICE OF EDUCATION                                                                                      ROP FOOD SERVICE & HOSPITALITY CAREERS

                    Course Outline                                 Career Technical Education Standards                            Suggested Activities/Assessment
B.     Chef/Cook          (40-120 hrs)                        Pathway Standards                                                o   Demonstrate cooking skills in a classroom
1.     Preparation techniques                                 B6.0    Students understand and apply the basics of                  competition, such as “Iron Chef Cook-off”
       a.       Setting up and maintaining individual work            food preparation in professional and                     o   Demonstrate cooking skills in a video
                area                                                  institutional kitchens:                                      production, such as “Rachel Ray”
       b.       Assembling ingredients, equipment, tools,     B6.1    Know the qualities and properties of food items and      o   Prepare a variety of food items, including
                and supplies for specific products                    ingredients used in food preparation.                        pastas, fruit and vegetable dishes, dairy-based
                                                              B6.2    Use, maintain, and store the tools, utensils,                products, soups, salads, meat, poultry, sea
       c.       Preparing, seasoning, and properly cooking
                                                                      equipment, and appliances appropriate for                    foods, sandwiches, and beverages
                a variety of foods:
                                                                      preparing a variety of food items.                       o   Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of
                (1)       Pasta products
                                                              B6.3    Know the principle of mise en place, including the           foods made from scratch and of convenience
                (2)       Cheese dishes
                                                                      placement and order of use of ingredients, tools,            products in terms of cost, preparation, and
                (3)       Salad and dressings
                                                                      and supplies.                                                quality
                (4)       Soups, sauces and gravies
                (5)       Beverages                           B6.4    Prepare food by using the correct techniques and         o   Analyze time and energy-saving products and
                (6)       Egg dishes                                  procedures specified in recipes and formulas.                techniques used to prepare food items
                (7)       Baked goods                         B6.5    Use plating techniques, including accurate               o   Apply the concept of mise en place
                (8)       Sandwiches                                  portioning and aesthetic presentation skills.            o   Identify and store herbs, spices, and extracts
                (9)       Fruits and vegetables                                                                                    properly
                                                              B6.6    Plan and follow a food production schedule,
                (10)      Pudding and custards
                                                                      including timing and prioritizing of tasks and           o   Identify and categorize a variety of food
                (11)      Appetizers, hors d’oeuvres
                                                                      activities.                                                  ingredients
                (12)      Meats, seafood, poultry
                                                              B10.0 Students understand and apply basic                        o   Accurately prepare recipes according to
2.     Accurately weighing and measuring food products                                                                             directions and procedures
                                                                      nutritional concepts in meal planning and food
       using proper equipment                                                                                                  o   Adjust standard recipes using computational
3.     Accurately preparing recipes according to directions                                                                        skills to serve more or fewer persons than
                                                              B10.1 Understand basic nutritional principles and know
       and procedures                                                                                                              specified
                                                                      how to use food preparation techniques that
                                                                      conserve nutrients.                                      o   Use standard procedures in to measure and
                                                                                                                                   weigh solid and liquid foods
                                                              B10.2 Interpret nutritional or ingredient information from
                                                                      food labels and fact sheets and analyze menu             o   Plan the production schedule so that foods are
                                                                      items to meet the dietary needs of individuals.              ready at serving time
                                                              B10.3 Understand the process for creating nutritious,            o   Research and write a report on a culinary topic
                                                                      creative, and profitable menus in accord with                of choice; class presentation
                                                                      availability and demand.                                 o   Read and write food article reviews.
                                                              Academic Standards                                               o   Prepare written descriptions of food preparation
                                                                                                                                   techniques and information about various foods
                                                              1.1     Mathematics                                              o   Plan a dinner menu, using the following main
                                                                                                                                   points: variety, color, form, consistency,
                                                              1.2     Add, subtract, multiply, and divide rational numbers
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CONTRA COSTA COUNTY OFFICE OF EDUCATION                                                                                    ROP FOOD SERVICE & HOSPITALITY CAREERS

                   Course Outline                                   Career Technical Education Standards                       Suggested Activities/Assessment
                                                                       (integers, fractions, and terminating decimals)         temperature, balance, flavor, nutrition
                                                                                                                             o Complete worksheet on measurement
                                                              1.6       Calculate the percentage of increases and              equivalents used in cooking
                                                                        decreases of a quantity.

C.     Caterer (40-120 hrs)                                   Pathway Standards                                              o   Design and create menus for special occasions
1.     Catered events                                         B5.0   Students understand the basics of systems                   as specified by the catering customer
       a.       Booking, planning, and coordinating catered          operations and the importance of maintaining            o   Estimate food, beverage, labor, and other costs
                functions                                            facilities, equipment, tools, and supplies:             o   Make a work sheet and assemble supplies for a
                                                                                                                                 catered event
       b.       Creating menus for special occasions          B5.2   Know the procedures for maintaining inventories;
                                                                                                                             o   Discuss and demonstrate methods of holding
       c.       Determining theme, decorations, style of             ordering food, equipment, and supplies; and
                                                                                                                                 and storing prepared foods, utensils, and
                service, tables, and entertainment                   storing and restocking supplies.
                                                                                                                                 equipment until needed
       d.       Estimating food, beverage, labor and other    B5.3   Prioritize tasks and plan work schedules based on       o   Maintain the quality and safety of transported
                costs, and making a work schedule                    budget and personnel.                                       food and beverages
2.     Preparation techniques                                 B5.5   Know the types of materials and supplies used in        o   Request feedback of catered event, and
       a.       Setting up and maintaining individual work           the maintenance of facilities, including the                discuss evaluations
                area                                                 identification of the hazardous environmental and       o   Prepare food costing worksheet
       b.       Assembling ingredients, equipment, tools,            physical properties of chemicals and the use of         o   Cater a local event, such as “Community
                and supplies for specific products                   material safety data sheets.                                Garden Project”
       c.       Preparing, seasoning, and properly cooking    B5.6   Understand the procedures for cleaning,
                a variety of foods:                                  maintaining, and repairing facilities and equipment
                (1)       Pasta products                             and the importance of preventive maintenance.
                (2)       Cheese dishes                       Academic Standards
                (3)       Salad and dressings                 1.3    History-Social Science
                (4)       Soups, sauces and gravies                  Economics
                (5)       Beverages                           12.1   Students understand common economic terms and
                (6)       Egg dishes                                 concepts and economic reasoning.
                (7)       Baked goods
                                                              12.1.1 Examine the causal relationship between scarcity
                (8)       Sandwiches
                                                                     and the need for choices.
                (9)       Fruits and vegetables
                (10)      Pudding and custards                12.1.3 Identify the difference between monetary and
                (11)      Appetizers, hors d’oeuvres                 nonmonetary incentives and how changes in
                (12)      Meats, seafood, poultry                    incentives cause changes in behavior.

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CONTRA COSTA COUNTY OFFICE OF EDUCATION                                                                                   ROP FOOD SERVICE & HOSPITALITY CAREERS

                    Course Outline                                  Career Technical Education Standards                        Suggested Activities/Assessment
D.      Server       (40-120 hrs)                              Pathway Standards                                              o Practice anticipating and responding to requests
1.      Sidework                                               B8.0    Students understand and apply the knowledge              or complaints from guests and customers
        a.      Planning work schedule so supplies are                 and skills essential for effective customer            o Discuss and demonstrate techniques for
                ready at time of service                               service:                                                 holding or storing prepared foods and
                                                               B8.1    Understand the importance of customer service to         condiments until needed
        b.      Proper holding and storing of prepared foods
                and condiments until needed                            the success of the food service establishment.         o Describe opening, closing, change-of-shift, and
                                                               B8.2    Understand the concept of exceptional customer           preparatory work duties
        c.      Performing opening, closing, and sidework
                duties in an efficient manner                          service and know ways of anticipating the needs        o Identify and use proper techniques for greeting,
                                                                       and desires of customers to exceed their                 seating, and presenting menus to customers
2.      Customer orders
                                                                       expectations.                                          o Use efficient techniques for writing food and
        a.      Pleasant and effective customer
                                                               B8.3    Know common customer complaints and the service          beverage orders and relaying orders to the
                relationships and procedures
                                                                       solutions for preventing or resolving complaints.        kitchen through the use of manual or automated
        b.      Portioning food accurately                                                                                      systems
                                                               B8.5    Interact with customers in a positive, responsive,
        c.      Preparing and presenting customer checks               and professional manner.                               o Use safe, efficient, and proper procedures for
        d.      Proper and safe service techniques             B9.0    Students understand and apply the basic                  setting, serving, maintaining, and busing tables.
        e.      Attractive plating and garnishing of foods             procedures and skills needed for food and              o Portion foods accurately during food
3.      Money and merchandise transactions                             beverage service:                                        preparation and service by using specified
        a.      Proper procedures for cash and credit sales    B9.1    Understand the concept of mise en place in relation      portioning tables
                transactions                                           to food and beverage service.                          o Coordinate and assemble food orders and
        b.      Making and counting back change                B9.2    Understand the required duties of various                supplies
        c.      Balancing receipts as required by employer             positions, including those of the host/hostess, wait   o Plate and garnish foods attractively
                                                                       staff, bus person, and others related to opening,      o Practice presenting the bill to the customer,
                                                                       closing, change-of shift, and preparatory work.          processing credit transactions, and making and
                                                               B9.3    Use safe, efficient, and proper procedures for           counting back change
                                                                       setting, serving, maintaining, and busing tables.
TOTAL MAXIMUM HOURS:                180 - 540                  B9.4    Use proper techniques for customer service,
(Note: A typical high school class meets 180 hours per year)           including greeting, seating, presenting and
                                                                       explaining menu items, and taking customer orders.
                                                               B9.5    Use appropriate, effective, and efficient techniques
                                                                       for writing food and beverage orders, relaying
                                                                       orders to the kitchen, coordinating and assembling
                                                                       food orders, preparing and presenting checks to
                                                                       customers, and processing payments.

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CONTRA COSTA COUNTY OFFICE OF EDUCATION                                                                  ROP FOOD SERVICE & HOSPITALITY CAREERS

       A variety of strategies and techniques are used to instruct the students, including:
                     Direct instruction (lectures, demonstrations, small and large group discussion, selected readings)
                     Use of a variety of instructional materials and resources (reference materials, textbooks, electronic media)
                     Project-based learning
                     Collaborative learning opportunities
                     Use of community resources including guest speakers and fieldtrips
                     Simulations
                     Student presentations
                     Peer coaching and student mentoring
                     Use of technology-based resources such as the Internet
                     Hands-on experience
                     Group and individual projects
       Assessment of student performance will include but will not be limited to:
                     Tests and quizzes
                     Embedded assessments
                     Safety awareness
                     Classroom participation, effort, skill mastery and quality of work
                     Completion of assignments/portfolio
                     Individual projects/group projects
                     Events and conferences, such as HERO competitions
                     Punctuality and attendance
       To earn ROP certification for this course, the student must accomplish the following:
                       Complete all of the student performance objectives
                       Maintain a 95% attendance rate
                       Demonstrate a positive work attitude

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CONTRA COSTA COUNTY OFFICE OF EDUCATION                                                                ROP FOOD SERVICE & HOSPITALITY CAREERS


        According to ONET, the on-line Occupational Information Network developed for the U.S. Department of Labor, the field of
        food preparation workers is expected to grow faster than average during the decade 2006-2016, while the fields of bakers,
        cooks, and waiters are expected to experience average growth.

        In California, the field of chefs is expected to grow by 15% (median wage $42,700). The field of waiters and waitresses is
        expected to grow by 27% (median wage $18,200). The field of restaurant cooks is projected to grow by 24% (median wage
        $23,700). The field of food preparation workers is also projected to grow by 24% (median wage $19,300). The field of bakers
        is projected to grow by 12% (median wage $24,700).


        Suggested Resources — Selections from:

        Careers in Food Service and Hospitality — instructional text
        Books on general cooking and specialized baking, such as Professional Baking by Wayne Gisslen, John Wiley and Sons, 2005
        Teacher handouts
        Videos—Instructional videos on cooking techniques, baking, recipe costing, and sanitation, including:
                      Video series from The California Culinary Academy, San Francisco
                      Video series from The Culinary Institute of America, New York
        Equipment: Fully equipped commercial kitchen, including student-run café or bakery at some sites

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