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					    Spring 2008
    Vol. 7 No. 2

                                                     James Majeski, Class of 1985
         is published by the
 Office of University Advancement
                                                                        A Leader for Life
       St. Thomas University
      16401 NW 37th Avenue               A successful entrepreneur, Jim Majeski had already
     Miami Gardens, FL 33054        founded his own company by the age of 30. He is president
        TEL: 305-628-6660           and founder of CYDCOR, the largest face-to-face customer
        FAX: 305-628-6703           acquisition company in the United States and worldwide.
        Susan M. Smith              Based in Westlake Village, California, CYDCOR generates
    Editor & Associate Director     sales either business-to-business or business-to-consumer,             reaching customers that direct mail or telemarketing are
     Giovanni Hernandez             unable to acquire. In 2007 CYDCOR was ranked number
         Assistant Editor           two among all sales outsourcing vendors by the Black Book of
                                    Outsourcing, and ranked number one in client trust and
         Jerry Bernfeld             vendor preference.
    Alumni Association Director                Majeski says he had decided by the age of 24 that he
           Mark Casale              wanted to go into business for himself. After starting various    Jim Majeski with his wife, Barbara
   Law School, Alumni Director
                                    companies with varying degrees of success, he founded
                                    CYDCOR in 1994. CYDCOR soon attracted Fortune 500 clients such as AT&T, Bell South, Verizon
                                    and UPS. He expanded overseas into Germany, Spain, Australia and the United Kingdom. Today, the
    Janine “Gigi” Laudisio
     Director of Annual Giving
                                    company has more than 300 offices worldwide.               Born and raised in Philadelphia, he attended Catholic schools. He came to STU to continue his
     Beverly S. Bachrach            Catholic education, but also because of its national reputation for sports administration education.
          Vice President            Majeski remembers many changes happened on campus while he was in college – the name change from
   University Advancement and       Biscayne College to St. Thomas University, the launch of the law school and the building of the new
  Marketing and Communications      library. He lived on campus at a time when the Miami Dolphins still practiced on campus and the
                                    Baltimore Orioles and other baseball teams came for spring training.
Rev. Msgr. Franklyn M. Casale                                                                                                 Continued on page 4
For Class Notes, we welcome
alumni news and photos,
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including career changes,
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about St. Thomas University.              The funds we raise will benefit student
Thank you!                                                                                 Entertainment, Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences,
                                     scholarships at St. Thomas University. Our goal       Dining and Wining, Sports Memorabilia, and
                                     is to net more than $100,000.                         Arts and Culture. From clubhouse tickets to
 Contact is also available                To be part of the auction action all you have    watch the Miami Dolphins to a romantic get-a-way
       online at:                    to do is go to and click on the “Bid      at Little Palm Island, we have something to                 for the Future II Online Auction” link on the         indulge anyone’s fantasies.
                                     home page. Take a look at our amazing auction
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                                                                                                                        Spring 2008

    1974                                        dren. He has authored three language         1994
                                                arts textbooks and one novel. Doug and
    Steven P. Barrett, B.A., Public             his wife, Lisa, have just celebrated their   Yvonne Diaz, M.S. Healthcare
    Administration/Criminal Justice, has        25th anniversary and have two children,      Administration, has been named vice
    published his first book, Lead Kindly       Chris, who is pursuing his M.B.A., and       president of Baptist Outpatient Services,
    Light: A Devotional for Mentally Ill        Ashley, a sophomore in high school.          a fast-growing part of Baptist Health
    People and Their Loved Ones.                                                             South Florida. She oversees urgent
    According to Steven, this book is both                                                   care, diagnostic imaging, transcrip-
    motivational and autobiographical.          1982                                         tion and laboratory services at eight
                                                Chuck       Domino,     M.S.   Sports        Baptist Medical Plazas and two out-
    1979                                        Administration, will be inducted into        patient diagnostic centers. She has been
                                                the     Berks    County                      working at Baptist Health for 19
    Christopher M. Neilson, M.S. Human          Business Hall of Fame                        years and is a resident of Miami Lakes.
    Resources, is President-elect of the        March 12, 2008 at the
    Broward County Bar Association for          annual dinner for
    2007-2008, with his term as President       Junior Achievement.
    going into effect July 1, 2008. A native    Chuck is the President                       Sophie Wong Fowler, B.B.A., Tourism
    Floridian, Christopher                      of the Double-A Reading                      & Hospitality Management, writes to
    began his career in law                     Phillies, its non-profit Chuck Domino        share that her daughter, Isabel Ariana
    enforcement in 1972,                        entity Baseballtown Charities and the        Fowler was born December 19, 2003.
    as a Police Cadet with                      Triple-A Lehigh Valley IronPigs. Both        She was Owner/Operator, with her
    the City of Hollywood                       teams play in the Philadelphia Phillies      husband Michael, of the Olde Towne
    Police Department after                     farm system. As General Manager of the       Oyster Bar & Seafood Restaurant in
    graduating from the                         R-Phils from 1988-2006, Domino led the       Nassau, Bahamas. After Michael passed
    Broward County Police                       franchise to numerous awards and             away in 2007, she
                               Christopher M.
    Academy. He has a B.S.        Nielsen       attendance records while garnering a         became        Executive
    in Behavioral Sciences                      slew of personal awards.                     Assistant to the presi-
    from the Nova University campus of the                                                   dent     of    EverKey
    New York Institute of Technology and                                                     Global Partners, LLC,
    in 1984 he obtained a law degree from       1989                                         an      internationally
    Nova University School of Law. Since        Jenny Spencer, B.B.A. Management,            acclaimed investment     Isabel Ariana
    then he has served as an Assistant          was hired as a manager in the Daytona        specialist in Nassau.       Fowler
    Attorney General for the State of           office of James Moore & Co., P.L.
    Florida, and Judicial Staff Attorney for    CPA’s and Consultants in September           1996
    the 17th Judicial Circuit. Today,           2007. She was a former principal with
    Christopher has a private general prac-     a firm in South Florida and has more         Jeff D. Vastola, J.D. , of Vastola, Schulz
    tice in Hollywood, FL.                      than 16 years of public accounting           & Harvey in Boca Raton, North Palm
                                                experience.                                  Beach and Stuart, recently won a person-
                                                                                             al injury lawsuit with a settlement of
    1981                                                                                     $31.1 million on behalf of his client.
    Douglas Parker, M.S. Human                  1992
    Services, has been appointed Director       Jason      Green,      M.S.     Sports       1997
    of Development of Crosswinds Youth          Administration, has relocated to
    Services, Inc., in Melbourne, FL. He        Corpus Christi, TX, as General               Luis        Alvarado,
    has been working in education for 26        Manager for Ovations Food Services           M.B.A., has        been
    years and has more                          at the Solomon P. Ortiz International        awarded a certificate in
    than 12 years experi-                       Center. Jason oversees 10 full-time          retirement    Planning
    ence in fundraising,                        and 75 part-time employees at the            from the Wharton
    marketing and com-                          Center, a modern conference and ban-         School, University of
    munity relations for                        quet facility located inside the Inner       Pennsylvania. Alvarado
    not-for-profits. Doug                       Harbor of the Corpus Christi Ship            is with AXA Equitable,      Luis Alvarado
    is also the president of                    Channel. Jason is originally from            in Miami.
    BrightPennies.Com, a Douglas Parker         Fishkill, NY, and has lived on the East
    company that sells toys and games           and West coasts as well as the deep
    intended for bright and talented chil-      south — and Miami.

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Spring 2008

 1999                                         Institutional Accounting at Florida           2006
                                              International University since 2005.
 Tyra Tate, M.S., Guidance and                                                              Richard Cannone, M.S. Management,
 Counseling, is a National Board                                                            is an urban planner and has been
 Certified School Counselor at Miami          2001                                          appointed Director of Development
 Northwestern Senior High School.             Chadwick        E.   Wagner,       M.S.       Services for the City of Hallandale
 Following graduation, she served as a        Management, was named interim Chief           Beach, FL. Development Services
 Guidance Counselor                           of Police in Hollywood, FL in                 includes Planning and Zoning, Building,
 for Henry S. West                            November 2007. Wagner joined the              Code Compliance and Occupational
 L a b o r a t o r y                          Hollywood Police Department in 1983           Licensing departments. Originally from
 Elementary School                            after serving three years in the U.S.         Pittsburgh, PA, he has been project
 for seven years.                             Army Military Police Corps. He has            manager with the city of Trenton, N.J.,
 Passionate       about                       also received advanced training from the      the city of Largo, FL., and principal
 working with teens                           FBI National Academy and the Florida          planner with the City of Coral Gables.
 and issues related to                        Department of Law Enforcement.
                              Tyra Tate
 teen sexuality, Tyra                                                                       2007
 obtained her certification as a Sexuality    2004
 Educator from Florida International                                                        Jennifer Lafleur,      2+2      STU/UM
 University in 2003, and has conducted        Clint Shannon, B.A., Organizational           Nursing Program, is working as a
 workshops for teens and parents,             Leadership, was named Chief of the            Telemetry Nurse at Aventura Hospital in
 partnering with Miami-Dade County            North Miami Police Department in              Miami. Nurses in this field provide care
 Public School’s Parent Academy. Last         November 2007. During his 28 year             by connecting patients to instruments that
 year, she appeared as a guest speaker on     career with the department, he has            measure heart rate, blood pressure, and
 two separate radio programs speaking         served as a detective                         breathing rate, as well as blood-oxygen
 about issues related to educating teens      and was part of the                           level and electrocardiogram information.
 about sexuality.                             first homicide unit in
                                              1983. Clint was pro-
                                              moted to sergeant in
 2000                                         1990, lieutenant in
 Allison Williams, MAC Accounting,            1993 and major in
 was promoted to Chief Accountant for         1998. As a major, he Clint Shannon
 the City of Miami Beach on December          was in charge of the department’s inves-
 1, 2007. She is a CPA and an adjunct         tigative division. Clint is also a graduate
 instructor   of   Government    and          of the FBI National Academy.                                           Continued on page 4

                                             STU Alumni Update Form
 Name: _______________________________________________________________________________________
 Year Graduated: _________Major: _______________________________________Degree: ___________________
 Home Phone: _____________________________Work Phone: __________________________________________
 E-mail: _______________________________________________________________________________________
 Employer:______________________________________Title: __________________________________________
 Work Address: _________________________________________________________________________________
 News for Contact:_____________________________________________________________________________
   Please fax to the Office of University Advancement at (305) 628-6703 or mail to 16401 NW 37th Ave., Miami, FL 33054

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                                                                                                                           Spring 2008
    Alumni News
    Jim Majeski continued from page 1
         He attended a private college thanks to scholarships – and the            He continues as President of CYDCOR and is still its
    help of STU faculty, in particular Father Marty Smith, one of the         major stockholder. Today, he is not involved with its day-to-
    many Augustinian priests who taught and lived on campus at that           day operations, but oversees it and other business ventures
    time, and business professor, Richard McVoy. He recounts that             from his home in New Jersey. He is now in the enviable posi-
    these faculty were wonderful role models who took an interest in          tion to have time to dedicate to his wife, Barbara, and his
    the welfare of the students, not just aca-                                                         young family, Gabriel, 4, and Max, 2.
    demic, but their personal lives too. They                                                               His philanthropic endeavors are
    made sure students were aware of any                                                               also a top priority. With his wife, he
    additional scholarship funds when neces-                                                           oversees his foundation, the Majeski
    sary. “I would never have gotten through                                                           Charitable Foundation, which is dedi-
    college without them,” says Majeski.                                                               cated to supporting and developing
         Although he “was not the greatest                                                             health and education programs for
    academic of our time,” Majeski says he                                                             children. They are especially interest-
    had figured out, by the time he graduated                                                          ed in supporting autism research. He
    with a degree in Communication Arts in                                                             is passionate about this and has
    1985, what he did not want to do – and                                                             appeared with Oprah Winfrey, and on
    that was to be an employee. He had                                                                 the Today Show with Matt Lauer, in
    learned from the various jobs he had                                                               connection with his interest in chil-
    taken to help pay for college that he was                                                 ’
                                                     L to R: Jim Majeski with Craig Chindemi, 82,      dren’s issues.
    a good salesman. And he had discovered Mark Savercool,’88, and Chris Hagan,’85, at Citizens             Majeski is on STU’s President’s
                                                          Bank Park in Philadelphia in 2006
    his entrepreneurial talents. But he real-                                                          Board of Advisors and the Board of
    ized he needed more training, so he continued his education at the        Directors of Penn State’s Smeal College of Business. He is
    University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and               also on the board of North Catholic High School in
    took courses in executive management at Duke University’s                 Philadelphia, where he attended school. A private, inner-
    Fuqua School of Business. At the same time, with other aggres-            city school that was about to close, he helped transform it into
    sive young people he took a job with MCI, the fledgling telecom-          a technology school by partnering with Microsoft. This
    munication company, as Director of Business Markets, to hone              allowed the school to remain open and graduate students
    his skills.                                                               proficient in specific technological skills. He hopes to
         He already knew where he was going. He had discovered his            replicate this successful model in other inner-city schools.
    niche in the telecommunications industry. It was when the indus-          He also helps those who cannot afford tuition with scholar-
    try was deregulating, AT&T was splitting up and many small                ships.
    companies were starting up all over the world. He figured they                 A leader in the business world and in his private life,
    would not know how to market their new products. So they would            Majeski says he continues to work hard on developing new
    employ his company to do their marketing. That was the business           business ventures with the aim of growing his foundation and
    plan for CYDCOR.                                                          its ability to make an even bigger impact.

    Class Notes continued from page 3                                        is survived by her son, Daran, and her parents, Anthony and
                                                                             Marylou. Her mother, Marylou Grillo, worked at St. Thomas
    In Memoriam                                                              University for many years in the Office of Financial Affairs.
    We were saddened to learn of the death of two alumnae:                   Barbara Jean Janosko, class of 1988, passed away January
    Antoinette ‘Toni’ Grillo-Stern, class of 1974, passed away qui-          10, 2008, after a brief illness. She was a registered nurse for
    etly November 10, 2007 at her home in South Miami after a long           many years at the Miami Heart Institute, and was selected to
    and courageous battle with cancer. The first female graduate             attend to the health needs of President Anastasio Somoza in
    from St. Thomas University (then known as Biscayne College) in           Nicaragua from 1977 through 1978. Upon her return she
    1974, Toni held a Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling              returned to the Miami Heart Institute as Assistant
    and held several major positions throughout her lifetime in the          Administrator/ Director of Public Relations and during that
    field of pyschotherapy. She was a Program Director for the               time received her Masters in Health Care Management from
    Charlie Program for Girls while maintaining a private practice as        STU. Most recently, Barbara was employed for the last 19
    a licensed therapist for family and marriage counseling. In 2007         years as the Director of Total Quality Care at Catholic Hospice
    she became a Program Director of Operations at the Children’s            in Miami Lakes. Barbara was a caring, compassionate
    Home Society, where she continued to work until her death. Toni          professional who affected many lives.

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Spring 2008
                                                                                          Alumni News
                         School of Law Annual Alumni Awards Reception

          Award winners: General Magistrate MaryAnne Lukacs, 87, Jose
              ’                  ’
          Baez, 97, Alain Lecusay, 03, and The Honorable Stanley Marcus.

    St. Thomas University School of Law held its Annual Alumni Awards
    Reception February 5 at BNY Mellon in downtown Miami. More than
    125 alumni, family and friends gathered to honor the recipients. The
    award recipients were:

        Alain Tadeo Lecusay,’03 - Outstanding Young Alumnus
    General Magistrate Mary Anne Lukacs,’87 - Distinguished Alumna                                                  ’                  ’
                                                                                       Top: L to R: Mark Romance, 94, and Juan Saiz, 88.
                   Jose Angel Baez,’97 - Arête Award                                                                      ’
                                                                                         Middle: Julia Bonner, J.C. Perez, 03, and David
       The Honorable Stanley Marcus - Outstanding Jurist Award                                ’
                                                                                      Stillson, 02. Bottom: Prof. Lydie Pierre-Louis, Jason
             Steven Jay Dell - Dean’s Award of Distinction                                     ’
                                                                                      St. Fleur, 06, and John Hernandez, Dean of Students.

        School of Law Alumni Mixers                                            School of Law partners with
                                                                              U.S. Marines for “Toys for Tots”

 At the Miami-Dade Alumni Mixer         At the Broward County Alumni
  L to R: Ryan Zagare, 06, Zasha           Mixer. L to R: Brent Del
          ’                     ’
Rodriguez, 06, Brianna Gutierrez, 06,           ’
                                          Gaizo, 01, Tracey Baker, 04,
      and Christina Helms, 06.          and her husband Henry Seiden.
                                                                           Dean Al Garcia, members of the U.S. Marines & Joshua Hertz, ’01
     During the month of January, Mark Casale, the new Alumni                  Over 100 alumni attended this holiday event November
Director at the School of Law, hosted alumni mixers in Palm                15 to benefit Toys for Tots at Cefalo’s Wine Cellar in
Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties. The West Palm Beach                Coconut Grove. Each person attending the event brought a
event was held January 24 at Blue Martini in City Place, the Miami         toy. All the toys, plus $2,000 in cash, were donated on
event, held January 30, was at Smith and Wollensky on Miami                behalf of School of Law Alumni to the United States
Beach and the Broward mixer was held January 31 at Bimini Boat             Marines for their Toys for Tots Program. The event was
Yard. Alumni enjoyed the networking opportunity and the chance             co-sponsored by Joshua Hertz, Class of 2001 and Dan
to catch up with old friends.                                              Dolan, Class of 1996.

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                                                                                                                        Spring 2008

           STU LEADERSHIP GOLF TOURNAMENT                                                            TOURNAMENT SPONSORS
                                                                                                     (as of February 20)
                                                                                                     Presenting Sponsors:
    Friday, May 2, 2008, St. Thomas University will host a “mega” Leadership Golf                    Modular Contractors
    Tournament at Jacaranda Country Club in Plantation. With more than 250 golfers playing           Miami-Dade County - District 13
    on two 18-hole courses, the STU Leadership Golf Tournament hopes to net more than                Eagle Sponsors:
    $100,000 for student scholarships. As of mid-February, we have more than 170 committed           Patrick Cordero, Esq.
    golfers.                                                                                         Goodwill Industries
                                                                                                     Martin Lister Alvarez & Genovese
         The Golf Tournament will benefit both the                                                   SunTrust Bank
    Main University Schools and College and the                                                      Corporate Sponsors:
    Law School. The four co-chairs of the 25-mem-                                                    Link Construction Group
    ber volunteer committee are Tim Martin,’87, of                                                   Dolphin Stadium
    the Law School Board of Advisors; Joe Lacher,                                                    Great Florida Bank
                                                                                                     BNY Mellon
    of the Board of Trustees; David Lister,’87; and                                                  Dell & Associates
    Don Dresback,’69, of the President’s Board of                                                    McKinley Insurance
    Advisors.                                                                                        Michele Trca, Esq.
         A fun-packed golf day is planned with prize                                                 Julian Rodriguez, P.A.
    contests for both pro-level players and weekend                                                  Richman Greer, P.A.
                                                                                                     Cuesta Construction
    duffers. The Tournament will begin at 8:30 with                                                  Protano & Sons
    a Shotgun Start and a Scramble Format. There Committee co-chair Tim Martin (far right)           Tate Enterprises
    will be a “19th Hole Luncheon” and a golf silent         at previous STU golf tournament         Lemartec
    auction. Outstanding packages for the Auction                                                    Morgan Keegan
    include a weekend at the Doral Spa and Resort with a Blue Monster foursome and a four-           Aramark
                                                                                                     Morrison Brown Argiz & Farra
    night stay at the world famous Pinehurst Resort with golf and airfare included. Visit our        Haggard Law Firm
    Golf Tournament website at You can sign-up online.                  Paramount Companies
         We encourage all Alumni and supporters to consider putting together a foursome or           Beacon Insurance
    playing in the event. There are also sponsorship opportunities still available. We will be       Gaffney, Gallagher & Philip, LLC
                                                                                                     Cousins Associates
    extensively promoting the Tournament through press releases, collateral materials and on         Social Services Coordinators
    the University website. Sponsors will be highlighted in a number of ways — including your        Rafael Roca, Esq.
    logo on the website with a link to your homepage.                                                Southern Communications
                                                                                                     Hole-in-One Sponsors:
         If you are interested in participating or have questions, please contact Gigi Laudisio,     Williamson Cadillac, Brickell Motors
    STU Director of Annual Giving, at (305) 628-6796 or                           and Advantage Golf Cars

    Start Bidding continued from page 1                                           Business Breakfast Seminar
        Ana, last year’s lucky bidder on the Fairmont Kea Lani Maui         "The Residential Mortgage Crisis and its Impact on the
    package, wrote us: “the suite we stayed in was great — huge liv-                      South Florida Economy”
    ing room, gorgeous marble bathroom and island furniture. Maui is
                                                                                       Thursday, May 8, 2008 from 8-10 am
    one of the most beautiful spots on the planet with volcanos, rain
    forests and dramatic cliffs on the ocean. It was the most relaxing              Goldbloom Convocation Hall (on campus)
    vacation I've ever had.”                                                The blue ribbon panel of experts from banking, real estate,
        Once online you can register to bid, put a “watch” on a favorite    accounting, finance, development, and government will take
    item and keep track of your bidding competition. Items of this          a short and long term view of the challenges facing our
    caliber are already receiving a lot of attention and are not going to   economy. Confirmed panelists include Mario Trueba, BA,
    be available for long. However, with most packages we can guar-         ’80, CEO of BNY Mellon; Claudia Ros, MBA ’95, AXA
    antee you a deal.                                                       Advisor; Augusto Gil, President of Gil Development and
        Online Auction Sponsors include our Presenting Sponsor Mr.          President of the Latin Builders Association; Mayor Shirley
    & Mrs. John J. Dooner and Website Sponsors: Tate Enterprises;           Gibson, BA, ’81 and MS, ’03, Mayor of Miami Gardens;
    U.S. Trust; Heico, Inc.; Miami-Dade County; Calder Race                 Carlos Sabater, Managing Partner of Deloitte & Touche; and
    Course; American Airlines; Carnival Cruise Lines; and                   Alicia Cervera LaMadrid, CEO of Related Cervera Realty
    BankUnited.                                                             Services. All alumni are encouraged to attend this free event
       Go to and click on “Bid to the Future II” to be part     which includes breakfast and a networking opportunity. To
    of this exciting and unique cyberspace event. The “Bid for the          RSVP, please e-mail Gigi Laudisio at or
    Future II” Online Auction closes on March 28 — so hurry!!               call (305) 628-6796.
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Spring 2008

       STU Professor Names Locker                                            Msgr. Casale Gives Testimony in
       Rooms in Fernandez Building                                                  Washington, DC
       Dr. Craig E. Reese, Professor of Accounting and Taxation
 at St. Thomas University’s School of Business, has made a gen-
 erous donation to name the Wellness Center Mens’ and
 Womens’ Locker Rooms in the Fernandez Family Center for
 Leadership and Wellness in honor of his parents, Mr. Eugene K.
 Reese of Keystone Heights, FL and Mrs. C.G. Rash-Sullivan of
 Brandon, FL.
                               “I was looking for an opportunity
                          to recognize my parents and I have
                          long had an interest in helping the new
                          Leadership and Wellness Center,” said
                          Dr. Reese. “Through this donation, I             STU President, Rev. Msgr. Franklyn M. Casale, gave
                          have found a way to do both.”                    testimony October 18, 2007, on the issue of Human
                               A native of Texas, where he                 Trafficking before the Foreign Affairs Committee of the
                          obtained his doctorate from the                  United States House of Representatives. STU School of
                          University of Texas at Austin, Dr.               Law is nationally recognized as a resource in the struggle to
     Dr. Craig E. Reese
                          Reese joined STU in 1992. He has also            combat Human Trafficking. In 2005, via symposia and
 taught at Texas A&M University, the University of Texas at                workshops by eminent experts, the graduate program in
 Austin, and the University of South Florida.                              Intercultural Human Rights developed law and policy
       Groundbreaking for the Fernandez Family Center is sched-            recommendations in a document titled “The Miami
 uled for late spring 2008. There are many naming opportunities            Declaration of Principles on Human Trafficking.” Some of
 still available. For more information, please contact Beverly S.          the suggestions recommended by Msgr. Casale to the
 Bachrach, Vice President of Advancement, Marketing &                      committee were incorporated into new legislation on
 Communications at (305) 623-2355 or                     Human Trafficking.

                                         STU Receives Federal Grants
      STU has recently received five federal grants, two from the US
 Department of Education and three from the Federal Emergency
 Management Agency (FEMA).
      The Upward Bound program from the Department of Education
 is providing individualized tutoring and academic and career coun-
 seling on Saturdays to 50 students from three targeted Miami-Dade
 public high schools. The goal is to prepare and motivate students to
 complete high school and enter college. During the summer the par-
 ticipants will also attend a six-week program on the STU campus.
      With “Project Success,” a grant obtained from the National
 Professional Development Program, Office of English Language
 Acquisition, STU has partnered with three Miami-Dade Public High
 Schools and three Palm Beach County High Schools to work with
 university professors and secondary school teachers to develop a
 model curriculum for students who are not fluent in academic
 English. This year, the training will focus on at-risk students and the                    Project Success Symposium
 teaching of math and science. A Project Success symposium was held
                                                                               L to R: Dr. Susan Angulo, STU Associate Provost; Dr.
 February 1, 2008, on campus with speakers including Dr. Margarita             Gregory Chan, STU Provost; Dr. Margarita Pinkos, US Dept.
 Pinkos, Assistant Deputy Secretary and Director of the Office of              of Education’s Assistant Deputy Secretary; JoAnne Urrutia,
 English Language Acquisition in the US Department of Education.               Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Division of Bilingual
      Lastly, with three grants from FEMA, STU has installed                   Education and World Languages; Arnhilda Badia, Jose Marti
 hurricane shutters on the cafeteria building, Donnellon and Cascia            Scholarship Fund; Beatriz Pereira, MDCPS Division of
 dormitories, and Sullivan Hall.                                               Bilingual Education and World Languages
       STU Distinguished Speaker Series                                              New York Chapter
          STU Law School Moot Courtroom                                             Alumni Spring Social
          Thursday, March 27, 2008, at noon                                    Wednesday, April 16, 2008, at 6 pm
 Grace Chung Becker, Deputy Assistant Attorney General, will                    622 3rd Avenue, New York , NY
  discuss why the United States’ enforcement of civil rights is          “Changing Landscape of Marketing Communications”
 more important than ever in an era of global economic expan-                       Hosted by McCann Worldgroup.
       sion, human migration and emerging democracies.                          John J. Dooner will be the guest speaker.
                                                                      For more information or to RSVP, please call (305) 474-6857
     Sardinas Gallery Presidential Award
                                                                             Alumni Reunion, Class of 1968
                                                                                      April 24 - 27, 2008
              Opening Cocktail Reception
            Thursday, April 10, 2008, at 5 pm                                   Don Shula’s Hotel and Golf Club
                                                                       For additional info, contact Joe Cooney at (610) 348-0631.
Master painter Hector
Molne will be here to receive
                                                                             Alumni Reunion, Class of 1973
the first Sardinas Gallery                                                             May 2 - 4, 2008
Presidential     Award      of                                               Doubletree Ocean Point Resort & Spa
Excellence for outstanding                                              For additional info, contact Bud Rafter at (754) 224-9388.
achievements and cultural
contributions to the fine arts.                                                Business Breakfast Seminar
The exhibition of Hector                                                    Thursday, May 8, 2008, 8am - 10am
Molne’s work will continue
until June 30.
                                                                          Goldbloom Convocation Hall (on campus)
                                “Cumbancheros” by Hector Molne
                                                                                 For more details, please go to page 6.

                                                                         Upcoming Alumni Events in Florida
     Mid-Atlantic Chapter, Alumni Event                                               throughout May 2008
             Friday, April 4, 2008, at 8 pm                             The St. Thomas University Alumni Association will take
           Miami Heat v. Washington Wizards                               to the road across Florida in May with stops in West
           Verizon Center in Washington DC                                 Palm Beach, Daytona Beach, Orlando, Tampa and
             For information, please call 305-474-6857                     Naples. Exact dates and locations will be posted on

                                                                                                                U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                               PERMIT NO. 1259
                                                                                                               SOUTH FLORIDA

                      16401 N.W. 37th Avenue
                    Miami Gardens, Florida 33054


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