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					Consolidation of UB toward Pimnas 2012
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                                               Prof. Ir. Djamasri, PhD, Head
                                               of the Pimnas Board of Juries

Student Creativity Program (PKM) is a creative activity in the fields of science involving elements such as skill,
behaviour, team cooperation, responsibility, and ability. Creative is ability related to a divergent way of thinking,
which is able to give as many answers as possible to solve a problem. "Becoming creative means seeing something
from other's point of view but thinking of the different sides", as said by Prof. Ir. Djamasri, PhD, Head of the
Board of Jury in the National Student Science Week (Pimnas) in the workshop of "Strategy in writing Student's
Scientific Writing in UB to Succeed in Pimnas 2012", on Sunday (25/9) in widyaloka.

There are seven kinds of Student Creativity Programs that will be contested in the Pimnas 2012, covering PKM-P
(research), PKM-T (technology), PKM-K (entrepreneurship), PKM-M (community service), PKM-KC (creativity),
PKM-AI (scientific article) and PKM-GT (written ideas). PKM-KC is a new program that will be contested on
2012. The program contains creation based on student's reasoning and creativity which is constructive and
producing a system, desaign, model/goods, prototype, etc.

Five PKM programs, PKM-P, PKM-T, PKM-K, PKM-M and PKM-KC is entitled for maximum fund of Rp. 10
millions while PKM-AI and PKM-GT will get incentive of about Rp. 3 million. "Unlike other PKM which end on
Pimnas, PKM-AI will ends on student creativity journal", Djamasri said.

He explains that the one pass to Pimnas is the good proposals since the points contribute up to 45 percent and good
implementation of PKM according to plan. "Show the result in monev so that the point of mobev can be optimum.
Monev contribute 55 percent on the passing of proposal to Pimnas", as said by the lecturer of Universitas Gadjah
Mada (UGM).

On the 2004-2011 period, proposal amount trend are rising, in which PKM-K got the highest position, followed by
PKM-P, PKM-M and PKM-T. On 2011, Jamasri said, PKM-M and PKM-T significantly decreased. For the
funding, PKM-P is on the highest amount, followed by PKM-K, PKM-M and PKM-T. "On 2011 the amount of
funding reaches Rp. 30 Billion, increasing four times from 2004", he said. Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) is on the
highest rank of proposal in the Pimnas, 422 of the 1099 sent, followed by UNS (322 of 1045), Unair (297 of 1140),
ITS (295 of 1095), UGM (290 of 936), Unes (257 of 1445) and UB (172 of 730).

To PRASETYA Online, Head of Sub Unit of Student Affairs, Drs. Zuchrowardi predicted that on 2012 the
competition will be tighter. "Every university will be competing to increase the number of proposals to thousands",
he said. On 2010, the number of proposals sent to Dikti reaches 18000 and increased to 23887 on 2011. Yet the
high amount of proposals to Dikti is disproportioned to the amount of proposals passed to Pimnas. On two
consecutive year (2010 and 2011), the quota is the same, 350. "From the amount, PKM-GT decreased on 2011
from 60 to 40", he said. Beside the funding limitation, Sukro also assume that the quality standard of proposal
passed to Pimnas is getting higher.

On 2011, from the 736 proposals sent by UB to Dikti, only 170 are funded with total fund of Rp. 930 millions.
From the 170, only 10 passed to Pimnas and brought UB to the fifth position with one gold medal, one silver
medal, and one bronze medal. He said that similar thing is also experienced by Universitas Muhammadiyah
Malang (UMM) who doesn't pass any proposal to Pimnas although 90 proposals passed the monitoring evaluation.

Toward Pimnas 2012, UB has consolidates itself by motivating all faculties and study programs. "Each faculties
and study programs must at least send 200 proposals", as said by Vice Rector III of Student Affairs, Ir. Ainurrasjid,
MS. Besides, he also forms a special team of guide on department, faculty, and university level. All of the
proposals must be submitted to rectorate on October 10 and Submitted on Dikti on October 20. [nok]

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