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Over the ages, it is information, the access to it and the ability to process it that has
dictated change in our world. Also the means to delivering information have played
an                        equally                       pivotal                      role.
Internet for one has evolved into an indispensable information delivery tool. From a
mere people communication tool, telecom Internet helps businesses succeed by
helping         exchange           info         swiftly         and          adequately.

And in this Internet Technology space ACMA stands tall as one of the most
specialized providers of cutting edge business enhancing solutions and services.

Established in 2007 ACMA is one of the leading Internet applications, Enterprises
Application, Desktop Application networking and security integration Solutions
Company in India. From providing Internet application services to multinational
companies, public sector units. ACMA Internet application has also extended its
expertise into the dynamic space of Call Centre and Business Process Outsourcing.
Booking Project, Video application.

Strong Business Representative, ACMA is spread over India- Delhi.
Internationally, ACMA has a Client in all over world USA UK, Australia,
Canada,             Asia,             and              Gulf       Country.

As       part   of   it   core   services   and   solutions,   ACMA   focuses   primarily   on

         e-Governance Projects
         Internet Booking application
         Audio and Video Integration Project
         Network and Security Integration Solutions
         Call Center
         Voice and Non Voice BPO
         Offshore Software Development
         Custom Application Development and Maintenance

Today, ACMA is well equipped with all the necessary skill sets as well as,
strong strategic relationships to provide end to end or turnkey integrated

Key Areas Of Expertise

ACMA has offered verity range of services

                                              |     |
   -Commerce Website Development

SEO and SEM Services

   Search Engine Optimization
   Design Search Engine Friendly Web Sites
   Search Engine Submissions
   Paid Submissions to Major Search Engines
  Submissions to Industry Specific Engines
  Submissions to Regional Engines
  Regular Reporting & Monitoring of your Web Site
  Competitor Analysis & Monitoring
  Content Composition Services
  Pay Per Click Campaigns
  Link Popularity Services

Voice & Video integration
 In the voice and Video application, ACMA has products and solutions
catering to the needs of Community, Society and Product Demonstration.

Given the needs of any organization ACMA has following offerings in terms of
voice video solution:

    Administrator area for daily upload, Download, videos, audio
    Audio and Video for add
    Web based Video Instigated (where people can upload, Download and
     Share sound and video files)
    Web based Audio and Video Directory

Solution – Contact Centre
Taking further the core skill set of Network and Telecom integration, ACMA
took up the challenge of integrating the complex cross country networks for
the upcoming customer contact centers in the country. ACMA started by
catering to the WAN requirements of the Customer Contact Centers, for both
international as well as domestic applications. Expanding from thereon,
Today ACMA has all the necessary skill set and relationship with Principals to

                                   |   |
integrate and implement an end-to-end call center solution consisting of
Switch, ACD, CTI, Predictive dialing, and Quality monitoring systems.


         Project Requirement Study

         Consulting & planning for the project

         System Integration

         Security Management

         Hardware/Software Support (AMC)

         Facility Management Service

Software Technologies We Cover
ACMA believes that latest technologies, though expensive initially, have its long-term
benefits in terms of cost-effectiveness, robustness and reliable solutions that they
deliver to its clients.

With this view, the company spends extensively on latest technological tools as they
come to ensure consistent and quality solutions for its clients. Below we present you
a list of technologies where we hold hands on expertise and are currently working

Operating System        Win 9x/ME, Windows 2000/2003/NT/XP, Linux, Unix, FreeBSD

Servers                 Unix, Enterprise Linux, Windows 2000/NT/2003, Sun Solaris, HP
                        Unix, Microsoft Exchange Server.

Graphics                Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator,
                        Freehand, Punch Software AS4000.

Multimedia              Macromedia FlashMX, Macromedia Authorware, DreamweaverMX,
                        Director, Fireworks, Sound Forge, Macromedia Flex

Animation               Adobe premier, Adobe Image Ready, Macromedia Director,
                        Macromedia Flash, Punch Software AS4000.

                                          |          |
Programming            Visual Basic, Visual C++, Java

. NET Technologies     VB.NET, ASP.NET, C#

Internet Programming   ASP, Perl, PHP, JSP, Action Scripting, Cold Fusion, ASP.NET,
                       Java/VB Scripting, CGI, ActiveX, COM/DCOM, Visual Interdev,
                       HTML, DHTML, XML, WML, Macromedia Flex, Ruby On Rails

Database Management    Microsoft Access, SQL Server, MySQL, MiniSQL, Oracle.

Project Management     MS Project

International Client

   1. Premier Properties Group, LLC (USA) (
   2. JCC Jones Communications Corporation (USA)
   3. Orkey & Horzt:u Holdings LLP (Singapur)
   4. Orkey & Horzt:u Holdings LLP (Singapur)
   5. JB Marketing (Dubai)
   6. Modchiprus (UK)
   7. Rushabh Investment.LLC (USA)
   8. BitchinBagz (USA)
   9. uk ( UK)
   10. VIP Video (Canada)
   11. Loveandchic (USA)
   12. Home state LLC (USA)
   13. Dlanor designs (USA)
   14. Diversified Financial Group LLC (UK)
   15. TBI Business Solutions (Italy)
   16. JB market inc (Dubai)
   17. Buyers Nation (USA)
   18. Mad Habits inc (Australia)
   19. (USA)
   20. Dlanor designs LLC
   21. TBI Business Solutions (USA)
   22. (USA)
   23. Alpha couture (USA)
   24. Bestccquote (USA)(

                                         |            |

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