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					                       13 – 17 October 2007
ANUGA                  Australian National Pavilion
Australian Fine Food   Hall 2.1, Stand C059/B058
    Exhibitor Directory of the Australian National Pavilion

    The Australian Trade Commission would like to welcome you at the Australian
    National Pavilion in hall 2.1, stand number C059/B058. Experience and enjoy
    the broad variety of Australian fine food and outstanding beverages. Tastings
    are conducted during the show and the following exhibitors are more than happy
    to guide you through the gourmet world of Australian products.

    Australia Goldenway Oil (WuXi) CO., Ltd.                                    2
    Australian Grocery Solutions Pty. Ltd.                                      2
    Australian Honey Exports Pty. Ltd.                                          3
    Australian Macadamia Pty. Ltd.                                              4
    Falwasser Australia                                                         5
    Ferguson Australia                                                          6
    Fetish Gourmet Food Company                                                 5
    Goldyna Fine Foods (Goldyna Pty. Ltd.)                                      6
    Hotham Ridge Winery                                                         7
    Langdon Foods                                                               8
    Majans Pty. Ltd.                                                           11
    Orient Beverage Company Pty. Ltd.                                           9
    Oriental Merchant (Europe) Ltd.                                             8
    Robins Foods Pty. Ltd.                                                     10
    Sole Mio Pty. Ltd.                                                         10
    Thredbo Valley Distillery                                                   3
    True Living Nature Pty. Ltd.                                                9
    Wild Hibiscus Flower Company Pty. Ltd.                                      7
    The Wine & Truffle Co.                                                     11

    Other Australian Exhibitors                                                12

ANUGA 2007 – Australian National Pavilion – Exhibitor Directory                      1
    Australia Goldenway Oil (WuXi) CO., Ltd.

    Contact:         Kelvin Wang
    Address:         Ganwu North Rd. Ganlu Industry Zone, WuXi, JiangSu 214117 China
    Telephone:       86-510-85118118/85118117
    Fax:             86-510-82320900

Australia Goldenway Oil (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. is an ISO9001:2000, HACCP22000, Halal certified Australian
owned company which was founded in 2003 upon ideas of producing Unsalted Cream Butter, Butter
Ghee, Butter Compound Specialty Fats, Powdered Chicken Bouillon from imported natural raw materi-
als sourced from Vic Australia. Australian far-flung and alimental fields endows livestock with comfor-
table and safe growing up environment, our well-managed scientific raw material collecting and trans-
portation system ensures the stability and quality of the raw materials we adopted into our production.
– Unsalted Cream Butter packed 2828 in 25kg/carton
– Unsalted Butter packed in 2818 25kg/carton
– Anhydrous Milk Fat 908 packed in 17kg/sqaure tin
– Anhydrous Butter Oil 900 packed in 17kg/sqaure tin
– Unsalted Dairy Soft 2816 packed in 25kg/carton

    Australian Grocery Solutions Pty. Ltd.
    Contact:         Rodney Meaker
    Address:         27 – 29 Micro Circuit, Dandenong South, 3175 Victoria, Australia
    Telephone:       +61 3 8768 6655
    Fax:             +61 3 8768 6611

–   Mixed spice grinders in refillable glass and PET containers (Sea salt, Whole black peppercorns, Spicy
    BBQ, Everyday, Seafood, Chicken, Pizza & Pasta, Rainbow Peppercorns, Lemon Pepper, Mexican, Chilli
    & Garlic)
–   Mixed spice seasonings in flip top refillable shaker (Meat, Potato, Chicken, Rice, Pasta, Veggie, Salad,
    Everyday, Chilli & Garlic, Peri-Peri, BBQ)
–   Low sodium salt seasonings in flip top refillable shaker (Original, Fish & Chips, Salt & Pepper, Peri-
    Peri, Everyday, Herb, BBQ)
–   Powdered marinades in sachets and PET containers (Spicy Kebab, Spare Rib, Peri-Peri, Honey & Soy,

2                                                ANUGA 2007 – Australian National Pavilion – Exhibitor Directory
    Australian Honey Exports Pty. Ltd.

    Contact:           Rod Yates
    Address:           40A Beecroft Road Beecroft, 2119, Australia
    Telephone:         +61 2 9 484 3088
    Fax:               +61 2 99807826

Australian Honey Exports Pty Ltd provides premium quality Australian varietals honey from a large
number of producers in Eastern Australia. This honey is distinct from European flavours and ranges
from light to rich, mellow flavours and even the elegant Leatherwood honey of Tasmania.
Special care is taken to ensure that the product is packed with minimum exposure to air, is vacuum
sealed and tamperproof. We avoid blending varieties, preferring to let the consumer taste the essence
of Australia. We only deal with honey producers who respect “organic” standards, though we do not
promote certification, because honey is fundamentally an inorganic substance and to say otherwise is
misleading. We welcome verification of pure quality tests to be available from QSI in Bremen.
Our honey has won three prestigious awards for Outstanding Quality, from the International Taste and
Quality Institute in Brussels. This year we introduce four varieties at Anuga: Yellow Box, Red Stringy
Bark, Mallee and Leatherwood. We have nine varieties in stock as well.
A new label design will be launched at ANUGA which will include foremost QR Code Technology for Asi-
an markets to access website info by Cell phone, in conjunction with several websites such as honig@
mobi, meil@mobi and hachimitsu@mobi.
We welcome retail and distributor enquiries and industrial enquiries. We will be able to supply small
quantities at short notice through Schenker Logistics and from our stockpile in Belgium.

    Thredbo Valley Distillery

    Contact:           Monika & Brad Spalding
    Address:           PO Box 151, Thredbo 2625, NSW, Australia
    Telephone:         +61 2 64 571 447
    Fax:               +61 2 64 571 407

Schnapps made from local fruit-liqueur 18.5% and schnapps 40 – 50%; 18.5% Peach, Pear William, Pink
lady Apple, Sour Apple, Butterscotch; 40 – 50% Pear William, Pink lady Apple, Obstler, Grappa
We are located in the Snowy Mountains in Australia. Monika is from Koessen in Tirol Austria – her Fami-
ly has been distilling schnapps over 100 years in the Kitzbuehel region.
Brad an Australian Artist and Ski instructor came to Koessen in 1981 and has been interested in the
ART and process of making schnapps in the Tirol. He attended courses available and ended up buying a
Kothe still from Eislingen in Germany. Mr Kothe came to Australia to install the still and Brad has been
making schnapps in Australia since 2004.

ANUGA 2007 – Australian National Pavilion – Exhibitor Directory                                        3
    Australian Macadamia Pty. Ltd.

    Contact:         Jim Doriean, Chief Executive Officer
    Address:         16/206 Cheltenham Drive
                     Robina QLD 4226 Australia
    Telephone:       Australia: +61 2 66 287 647, AU Mobile: +61 409 637 765,
                     USA: (Toll free) 877 287 0622 USA Mobile: 847 347 0556,
                     Germany: Tel: +49 (0) 4183 6018,
    Fax:             Germany Fax: +49 (0) 4183 6019, USA Fax: 847 295 7295
                     Australian Fax: 02 66 280 113

Australian Macadamia: Bringing premium quality Macadamia nut products to the World Market: Sour-
ced from Premium Growers of the best Australian varieties, our products are unsurpassed for taste and
texture. Smooth and creamy taste with extenuated fresh Macadamia flavour and maximum “Crunch”
resulting from harvesting at the peak of perfection and careful handling during the harvesting and
processing to avoid kernel damage and retain optimum fresh flavor.

We believe in the Best: Our premium quality macadamia kernels are all fresh, quality graded and
selected Australian nuts. Standard Packaging for all bulk nut style is 11.34kg/25lb, Nitrogen gas flushed,
vacuum sealed foil bags. All packed in export quality cartons. Packaged macadamia nuts are available
in all styles and in 9 flavours. All of our food and cosmetic grade Macadamia nut oils are available in
bulk quantities. So if you are a distributor or manufacturer looking for a very stable supply source that
doesn’t compromise on quality we are able to help.

High Health Standard: The quality and cleanliness of our macadamias means everything to us. Our
product is HACCP Certified, Certified by NCS International, NASAA Certified Organic and HALAL Certifi-
cation Authority Australia.

Commitment to Service: Australian Macadamia is committed to providing the professional link bet-
ween macadamia growers and a wide range of buyers throughout the world. With established long
term contracts with growers, reliability of supply and consistent marketing support we’re able to offer
very attractive contracts to our customers.

4                                               ANUGA 2007 – Australian National Pavilion – Exhibitor Directory
    Falwasser Australia

    Contact:           Peter Freeman
    Address:           10 La Scala Court, Isle Capri, Queensland, Australia 4217
    Telephone:         +61 755 920 820
    Fax:               +61 755315 223

„Falwasser Crispbread”
Since 1987, Falwasser Australia has been producing Falwasser Crispbread – the world’s best wafer thin
cracker – a product invented and refined by the present owners of the family company.
The incredible texture and taste of Falwasser is unable to be matched by imitators.
Falwasser has grown to become a major supplier to superior gourmet stores, hotels and airlines around
the world. Falwasser is dedicated to manufacturing just the one product – in six flavours and three pack
options – 60mm and 80mm diameters and Caterpack 30 (airlines).
Only natural ingredients are used – almost exclusively Australian grown. NO additives or preservatives
are added. The secret process and purity of the ingredients produces a very thin wafer that is the world’s
finest product of its type – in a category of it’s own. Falwasser is HALAL.

    Fetish Gourmet Food Company

    Contact:           Peter Papathanasiou
    Address:           PO Box 600, McLaren Vale, South Australia 5171 Australia
    Telephone:         +61 8 8557 4555 / Mobile: +61 (0)405 444 127
    Fax:               +61 8 8557 4455
    Web:      (under construction)

Fetish Olive Oils & Olive products are South Australian made in the heart of the McLaren Vale, a renow-
ned region especially for its premium wines.
Fetish Olive Oils are ‘Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oils’, using 2 premium olive fruits, the Frantoio and
the Koroneiki. By blending these oils differently, we achieve two different and distinct styles, Sweet &
Fruity and Sweet and Spicy. Our oils are bursting with flavour and aroma.
Naturally cured, our Fetish Kalamata Olives are prepared in a low salt brine to enhance the true Kalama-
ta fruit flavour instead of overpowering with additives like vinegar that other brands on the market do.
We also cater for those who love a great tasting marinated olive, like our Fetish Kalamata Olives with a
hint of Lime, Garlic and Oregano. These olives add zing and freshness to the true Kalamata fruit flavour.
Fetish Olive Tapenades use our award winning premium Kalamata Olives that have been slowly mari-
nated and then sliced, crushed and pasteurised, ensuring freshness and a true olive taste compared to
other so called ‘olive tapenades & pastes’ on the market.
Available in distinct flavours including Chilli, Garlic & Oregano and Lime, Garlic & Oregano, they have a
multitude of uses.

ANUGA 2007 – Australian National Pavilion – Exhibitor Directory                                            5
    Ferguson Australia

    Contact:         Debra & Andrew Ferguson
    Address:         95 Cambridge Terrace, Malvern SA 5061
    Telephone:       08 8346 8764
    Fax:             08 8346 8729

Ferguson Australia is a 3rd generation fishing family and a leading Australian supplier of premium
seafood, specialising in Southern Rock Lobster. It is a manufacturer of the internationally award winning
gourmet range of frozen Southern Rock Lobster products, gourmet simmer sauces (glazes) and the
innovative and uniquely flavoured Lobster Oil and Lemon Oil.
Ferguson Australia’s gourmet range includes the following value-added Southern Rock Lobster Products
and Olive Oils:
– Frozen Raw Southern Rock Lobster Medallions
– Frozen Cooked Southern Rock Lobster Meat
– Sashimi Grade Frozen Raw Southern Rock Lobster Meat
– Lobster Miso (Liver)
– Live Whole Southern Rock Lobster
– Lobster Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil
– Lemon Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil
– Wild Caught Western King Prawns
– Pacific Oysters
– Quality wild caught Fish

    Goldyna Fine Foods (Goldyna Pty. Ltd.)

    Contact:         Bernd Fischer
    Address:         PO Box 1399, Mona Vale, NSW 2103 Australia
    Telephone:       mobile: +61 (0)407 937 972
    Fax:             +61 2 9012 0351

GOLDYNA FINE FOODS is an Australian based world leader of gourmet Mayonnaise’s with fresh ingre-
dients, carrying a unique range of flavours combined in an attractive glass packaging and long shelf
life. GOLDYNA also produces a range of ready to use Gourmet Salad Dressings, Sauces, Marinades and
Australian Native Sauces.
– Goldyna Fine Foods is currently exporting to 12 countries.
– Goldyna are gourmet products affordable for everyone.
Goldyna and parts of it’s range are registered trade marks.

6                                              ANUGA 2007 – Australian National Pavilion – Exhibitor Directory
    Hotham Ridge Winery

    Contact:           Leonard Bruin
    Address:           P. O. Box 20 Wandering, Western Australia 6308
    Telephone:         + 618 98841521
    Fax:               + 618 98841524

Hotham Ridge Winery was awarded the Trophy for best Exhibitor at the 2005 West Australian Boutique
wine awards. The 2004 Shiraz was awarded the Trophy for best West Australian Red Wine at the same
show. In 2006 the winery was awarded Best Exhibitor at the wheatbelt wine awards along with the
2004 Shiraz as best Red Wine at the show.
All red wines and the Semillon and Chardonnay are matured in either French or American Oak. The
White Wines are cold stabilised to preserve the crisp fruity flavours.

    Wild Hibiscus Flower Company Pty. Ltd.

    Contact:           Mr Lee Etherington
    Address:           Suite 2/68 Industry Road, McGraths Hill, NSW, 2756, Australia.
    Telephone:         +61 2 4577 8711
    Fax:               +61 2 4577 8722

Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup are served as a spectacular crimson garnish in Champagne or sparkling
wine. The small, crown shaped flower sits in the bottom of the Champagne flute with all the bubbles
streaming off and slowly opening up the flower. The drink graduates from crimson to light pink at the
top, you can eat the flower at the end of the drink it has a delicious raspberry & rhubarb flavour.
This product is 100% natural and entirely hand made in Sydney, Australia by a small & passionate team.
The product is traded through prestigious retailers such as Harvey Nichols in the UK, Williams-Sonoma
in the USA and has been featured as a signature cocktail at high calibre events including the Vienna Ball
in Austria in 2007.
After great success in the UK and Germany over the past 18 months, Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup are
now launching with a new cocktail guide on the lid of each jar. This contains 8 unique cocktail recipes
such as the Adam & Eve Martini or Wild Hibiscus Royale, first served at the legendary Dorchester Hotel
in London.
A fantastic selling item during the Chirstmas-New Year period it also trades well for summer cocktails,
valentines & mothers day. The retail jar contains 11 flowers and makes a fantastic gift or feature at a
dinner party. Also available is the 50 flower food service jar which features the cocktail guide on the side
of the jar for cocktail bars, „wedding house“, function centres and restaurants.

ANUGA 2007 – Australian National Pavilion – Exhibitor Directory                                            7
    Langdon Foods

    Contact:         Marianna Costa/ Wendy Pasco
    Address:         525 Mt Derrimut Road, Derrimut VIC 3030
    Telephone:       + 61 3 8360 2600
    Fax:             + 61 3 8368 2365

Henry Langdon is a new gourmet food and beverage brand that includes tea, cocoa and unique Australi-
an sea salt rubs for cooking.
The Henry Langdon tea range has single estate black teas, English Breakfast and Earl Grey tea, Chamo-
mile and Lavender, Peppermint, Lemongrass and Ginger and whole Chai Spice tea.
Henry Langdon’s pure Dutch processed cocoa powder and a unique blend of Dutch processed cocoa &
chai spice powder are perfect for drinking chocolate and baking.
The Henry Langdon Sea Salt Rub range has four blends including ‘Roasted Spice’, ‘Coriander, Chilli &
Kaffir Lime’, ‘Cracked Pepper’ and ‘Rosemary’. Recently released in Australia, the Henry Langdon Sea Salt
Rubs are perfect for BBQs, roasts, grilled meat, chicken and fish and vegetables.

    Oriental Merchant (Europe) Limited

    Contact:         Hannah Yiu, Director
    Address:         Unit 8, Acorn Business Park, Killingbeck Drive, Leeds. LS14 6UF.
    Telephone:       0044 113 248 7378
    Fax:             0044 113 248 8460

Formed in 1978, Oriental Merchant was created by the third generation of the Yiu Family of grocers
from Hong Kong who opened a small business in Melbourne. Their business, Hong Oriental, was
amongst the first to bring the trade of Asian groceries in Australia into the 20th century. Today, Oriental
Merchant remains unique amongst its peers, and is a leading importer and distributor of authentic
Asian grocery products in Australia and New Zealand.
In January 2005, Oriental Merchant (Europe) Limited merged with Kaitak, a Dutch based Logistics and
Distribution Centre. With a head office based in Leeds, England, Oriental Merchant (Europe) Limited
and Kaitak BV, as a group, maintain a serviced supply chain that goes from strength to strength. They
now supply quality Asian foods to distributors, retail chains and independent retailers in 22 European
countries, from Iceland to Romania.
For further information regarding Oriental Merchant (Europe) Limited, please contact: Jacques Vaessen
(Holland & Germany) Tel: 0031 073 521 1864 /
TT Chen (France & Belgium) Tel: 0044 7886 209 300 /
Hannah Yiu (UK & Ireland) Tel: 0044 7962 265 200 /

8                                                ANUGA 2007 – Australian National Pavilion – Exhibitor Directory
    True Living Nature Pty. Ltd.

    Contact:           Albert Chan
    Address:           4/88 Briggs St, Welshpool WA 6106
    Telephone:         + 61 8 9472 3731
    Fax:               + 61 8 9355 1972

Beta JOOce – New Beta Glucan Fruit Drink
Beta JOOce is an unique wellness drink containing soluble Beta Glucans enriched with Coral Seagrass
extract and harmonised with fruit juice. It is a refreshing and rejuvenating functional drink which has
great appeal in taste, especially amongst children and youths. Beta JOOce contains hypo-allergenic
mushroom beta glucans that have been purified to a highly bio-available form using a new Australian
technology researched and developed by Bunker Natural Produce in Narrogin, Western Australia.
Beta Glucan is considered to be one of the most powerful and safest natural substance that enhances
the body’s immune system. Coral Seagrass is a marine plant rich in antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes,
collagen and organic minerals such as calcium, magnesium and germanium.
Beta JOOce is not just another juice but a quality refreshing and nutritious wellness drink that provides
highly valued health benefits of Beta Glucan to all ages, yet is very affordable and accessible by everyo-
ne. It is presently available in two favourite flavours, Passionfruit and Apple.

    Orient Beverage Company Pty. Ltd.

    Contact:           Richard Forgan
    Address:           140 Ashley Street, Underdale, South Australia, 5051
    Telephone:         +61 8 8443 7866
    Fax:               +61 8 8352 1255

“t-ism organic” is a certified organic ready to drink chilled green tea beverage dedicated to the explo-
ding organic segment, which is currently moving from niche to mainstream around the world.
Aimed at the health conscious consumer, “t-ism organic” is freshly brewed (not mixed from extract)
from premium quality Ceylon green tea leaves, premium cane sugar and pure natural Australian fla-
vours. It is available in four flavours, lemon, peach, mint and chai and has a subtle palate, low sugar and
a refreshing aftertaste. It contains the important wellness antioxidant EGCG which is believed to be
responsible for most of the health benefits linked to green tea.
Brewed and bottled in Australia by Orient Beverage Company Pty. Ltd., “t-ism organic” is packaged in a
specially designed, stylish 355mL glass bottle with a 38mm resealable cap and an eye catching label.
It is certified organic in Australia by NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia)
and in the USA by the USDA (US Department of Agriculture). It is also licensed to use the seal of IFOAM
(International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements).

ANUGA 2007 – Australian National Pavilion – Exhibitor Directory                                           9
     Robins Foods Pty. Ltd.

     Contact:        Juleigh Robins
     Address:        8 Braeside Drive, Braeside, VIC, 3195, Australia
     Telephone:      +61 3 9587 8820
     Fax:            +61 3 9587 8821

Robins Foods is the manufacturer and marketer of the retail brand Outback Spirit.
Native produce is sourced through IAF (Indigenous Australian Foods) - a not for profit supply chain
company. IAF represents over 300 Indigenous Communities.
Outback Spirit range of products consists of chutneys, savoury sauces, salad dressings, seasoned salt
grinders and seasoning spices.
Outback Spirit is the leading brand within its field in the retail sector in Australia. Outback Spirit is
available in major supermarkets and gourmet food halls in Australia. Outback Spirit continues to deliver
product to the consumer that is a new and unique in its flavour profile, reliable, innovative, price com-
petitive and easy to use.

     Sole Mio Pty. Ltd.

     Contact:        Mark Kettle
     Address:        8-10 Jesica Rd Campbellfield, Victoria 3061, Melbourne Australia
     Telephone:      +61 3 9357 6288
     Fax:            +61 3 9357 6811

Established in 1994, Sole Mio Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian company producing a unique style of premi-
um Antipasto products including char-grilled, marinated and sundried vegetables and tomatoes, pestos,
tapas and IQF vegetables. As the Australian market leader, our Bamboleo brand includes only the finest
and freshest ingredients with no fillers, artificial colours or flavours. We are committed to providing
outstanding customer service in international and domestic markets. We supply to all food channels.
The foundation of our success is based on the close working relationships with our key distributors and
key customers. We operate within stringent quality assurance procedures and we are HACCP and Halal
accredited. Our range includes unique Australian flavours and packaging for Foodservice, Industrial
groups and Retail markets. For further information visit:

10                                              ANUGA 2007 – Australian National Pavilion – Exhibitor Directory
    Majans Pty. Ltd.

    Contact:           Rick Raniga
    Address:           11 Bronze Street, Sumner Park, Brisbane Australia
    Telephone:         +61 73279 1022
    Fax:               +61 33376 1796
    Email:    /

Bhuja is a name synonymous with fun food which is exciting tasty and nutritious.
Its origin dates back far into recorded history and beyond, when farmers used to roast their grains, cere-
als and pulses and blended them with a variety of spices to preserve them from deterioration.
As time went on and people took onto travelling long distances, Bhuja was carried as a snack food of
convenience as it had taste and was also nutritious. Different families created their own mixes which
were passed down from generation to generation, the key factor being the mixture of spices.
By taking basic raw ingredients such as peas, nuts and chick peas Majans have incorporated ancient
techniques used by Indian’s hundreds of years ago and turned them, with the advent of today’s tech-
nology in food processing, into an exciting snack food that is Zero grams in transfat, Cholesterol and
gluten free, source of protein and fibre and low in GI.

    The Wine & Truffle Co.

    Contact:           Joe Anza - Business Development Manager
    Address:           PO Box 1538, Osborne Park, WA 6916
    Telephone:         +61(0)417 980 782
    Fax:               +61(0)89204 1013

The Wine & Truffle Co. is the largest producer of the gourmet French black truffle in the Southern He-
misphere. It also produces value added truffle products, hazelnut products and cool climate premium
fine wines. A detailed catalogue of the full product range is available from the Austrade stand and
includes such products as listed below:
Truffle & Hazelnut Products: Truffle Butter, Truffle Honey, Truffle Salt, Truffle Oil, Truffle Mustard, Hazel-
nuts in Truffle Honey and Hazelnut Dukkah.
These products are ideal for distribution to the food service industry, the gourmet retail sector including
producers of gourmet food baskets or hampers. Some of the products are also presented in high quality,
sophisticated looking gift packs.
Premium Fine Wines: The trufferie is surrounded by a vineyard from which the company produces a
comprehensive range of premium fine wines. The range includes wines for 3 distinct price segments of
the market, including the Premium range for casual dining (café/barbeque), Super Premium range for
casual dining & fine dining and Reserve & Icon Series range for fine dining and special occasions.

ANUGA 2007 – Australian National Pavilion – Exhibitor Directory                                            11
     Other Australian Exhibitors

     Company name                                    Hall                   Stand number

     Australian Macadamia Society
     Agrimac Macadamias Limited                      11.1                   D 060 / E 061
     Almond Board of Australia                       11.1                   D 060 / E 061
     Almondco Australia                              11.1                   D 060 / E 061
     Australian Macadamia Society                    11.1                   D 060 / E 061
     Pacific Plantations                             11.1                   D 060 / E 061
     Riverland Almonds                               11.1                   D 060 / E 061
     Select Harvests Limited                         11.1                   D 060 / E 061
     Stahmann Farms Inc.                             11.1                   D 060 / E 061
     Suncoast Gold Macadamias                        11.1                   D 060 / E 061

     Meat & Livestock Australia
     Foodcomm Australia                              6.1                    C 103
     Fletcher International Exports Pty. Ltd.        6.1                    C 109a
     Hines Group Australia                           6.1                    B 106
     IBBCO Trading Pty. Ltd.                         6.1                    B 100
     Inter Agri Group                                6.1                    B 108b
     Luttick Australia                               6.1                    C 109b
     Mandel Trading Pty. Ltd.                        6.1                    C 107
     Nippon Meat Packers Australia Pty. Ltd.         6.1                    C 105
     Southern Meats Pty. Ltd.                        6.1                    B 102
     T&R Pastoral                                    6.1                    B 108a
     Tasman Group Services                           6.1                    B 104a
     TRP Commodities                                 6.1                    B 108a
     WAMMCO International                            6.1                    B 104b

     Individual Australian Exhibitors
     Citrofresh GDM technologies Pty. Ltd.           5.1                    D 035
     I.M.T. Processing Pty. Ltd.                     6.1                    D 058
     Macro Investments Pty. Ltd. t.a.
     Macro Meats – Gourmet Game                      6.1                    D 121
     McMahon Global                                  10.1                   H 031
     Organ-Gluten Free Foods                         10.2                   C 085
     Raj Masala Pty. Ltd.                            11.3                   K 024
     Robran International Pty. Ltd.                  6.1                    E 059
     Sanger Australia                                6.1                    E 051
     SPC Ardmona Operations                          2.1                    C 018
     Sunbeam Foods Pty. Ltd.                         10.2                   D 018
     Unistraw                                        8.1                    D 070 / D 078
     The Chilli Factory                              11.3                   L 029

12                                              ANUGA 2007 – Australian National Pavilion – Exhibitor Directory
Australian Consulate General-Austrade
Stefan Augustin – Business Development Manager
Main Tower – 28th Floor
Neue Mainzer Straße 52-58
60311 Frankfurt / Germany
Tel: +49 (0)69 90558 103 / Fax: +49 (0)69 90558 119

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