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									Making nutraMetrix® Work

    Dr. Nancy Miller-Ihli

  Retail to Recruit Training
       Baltimore, MD
          Sept. 2008
  What is
nutraMetrix ?
nutraMetrix – General Info
 A division of Market America providing products
 exclusively for health professionals – “providing custom
 wellness solutions for health professionals “
 The nutraMetrix (nMx) Educational Institute offers CME
 courses (501c3)
      Medical Education Consortium- AMA Category I
      CME hours for MDs
      New York Chiropractic College- CE hours for
      chiropractors and other health professionals
      California Board of Registered Nursing- CE hours for
 Goal of institute is to educate HP’s about nutraceuticals
Why Major in nutraMetrix?

 Incredible Market Potential
 Leverages the MPCP
 Professional Environment
 Profitability and Stability
 Challenging and Rewarding
nutraMetrix® is on the Move

                         nutraMetrix Sales
                               2004   2006     2008


 In the first 6 months of 2008 – 100% growth as compared to 2007
NC’s Must Sponsor HP’s

 An NC is a nutraMetrix consultant (NOT a
 nutraceutical consultant)
 NC’s are considered custom wellness solutions
 providers exclusively for health professionals
 Primary Role:
 -   aid in the recruitment of HP’s
 -   assist with implementation of nMX and the
     Unfranchise System into the medical practice
nMX Division Insights (Conv 2008)

 NC’s are business and marketing consultants
 (key to the HP’s success)
 Teams of NC’s are key to the success of HP’s
 The practice retail system is what leads to
 retention (must move product ASAP and
 generate BV)
How Do You Become an NC?

 Order Study Kit, Code #13903
 Submit and pass a pre-test
 Attend NC certification training
 Submit and pass a take-home test
 Submit a copy of your Gene SNP
 supplement sheet
 What if a non-NC
  knows a health
professional who is
   interested in
HP’s and non-NC Distributors
 Consider becoming an NC or recruit a partner to
 be an NC
 Contact an NC in your sales organization to
 assist with recruiting
 NC sponsors the HP and placement is agreed
 upon by non-NC and NC
 NC trains and manages the implementaion of
 the nMx and Unfranchise System into the HP
 You enjoy the BV!!
             The University Concept

                             YOU             YOU
                             002             003

                   nutraMetrix                 nutraMetrix

             Web Sites           nutraMetrix           Web Sites

                                 Web Sites
     Transitions                                             Transitions

  How do you
approach a Health
7 Reasons for nutraMetrix
1. Complete line of advanced, high quality
   nutraceuticals (exclusive label for HPs)
  -   Isotonic-capable nutritional products
  -   Targeted health regimens
  -   Anti-Aging

2. Comprehensive low glycemic index weight
   management system- Transitions Lifestyle
3. Genetic Assessment (Gene SNP Analysis)
   for recommending both a tailored
   nutritional regimen and lifestyle changes.
7 Reasons for nutraMetrix – cont’d
   4. Continuing education for health professionals
      via the nutraMetrix® Educational Institute
      (offering CMEs to physicians and CEUs to allied
      health professionals).
   5. A nutraMetrix Consultant (NC) to service your
      needs in your office at NO cost to you.
   6. E-commerce - a customized web site for patient
      information and easy, convenient on-line patient
      orders. Provides great relief to staff.
   7. Unprecedented cash revenue from both retail
      profits and commission/bonus plan.

Know Your Health Professional
 Information you need in ADVANCE:
 -   Size of practice (# patients)
 -   Focus of the HP’s (specialty, patient base)
 -   Number of HP’s in the practice
 -   Number of office staff
 -   Do they offer product in the office? If yes,
     which brands

BOTTOM LINE: Never approach an HP without knowledge of the
      practice and some background information…..
Retail to Recruit – HP’s
Only NC’s and HP’s should approach HP’s
nMx wants to highlight the exclusivity of this
product line for HP’s
You can share your personal experience with
products and programs (e.g. Gene SNP or
Transitions) but DON’T talk about being a
distributor if you are not an NC or HP
 BOTTOM LINE: Share your positive PERSONAL experience but
don’t talk about your customers – approach should be done by an
                        NC or another HP.
What NOT to say to an HP
Why do you carry Brand X – don’t you know those
are poorly absorbed?
I sell cool isotonic products to my friends and
neighbors – wouldn’t you like to offer those to your
I know you don’t have much training in nutrition –
don’t worry I can get you up to speed
You and your patients definitely need Transitions.
What are you waiting for?
What challenges
 might you face
when approaching
     an HP?
The Facts                                         JAMA
                                              (2002) Vol. 287,
                                               pp. 3127-3129
 There are numerous
 peer-reviewed scientific
 reports promoting
 nutritional supplement

 Many supporters:
 -   Am. Medical Assoc.
 -   Am. Heart Assoc.
 -   Am. Dietetic Assoc.
 -   USDA & HHS
 -   Tufts                  Circulation
                           (2002) Vol. 106,
                            pp. 2747-2757
“Because fees are fixed by Medicare and insurers, the
only way primary care doctors can generate revenue is
to take on more patients which means spending less
time with each…..often no more than 15 minutes.”
September 2008 AARP Bulletin p. 12-14 author: Berry
What are Health
 typically most
 interested in?
HP’s and nutraMetrix

 High Quality Products for their Patients
 -   Isotonic formulations (absorption/bioavailable)
 -   Gene SNP (customized nutrition)
 -   TRANSITIONS!!! (visible results – FAST)

 Another Income Source
 -   Retail Profit
 -   Residual Income or a Plan B
MD’s and Other HP’s

Know your Market
-   Conventional MD training focuses on treating
    illness vs promoting health
-   Many HP’s have very limited nutrition training
-   Most HP’s have significant time constraints
-   CAM professionals focus on optimal health
    through lifestyle management (different philosophy)
-   CAM professionals may be easier to approach
    due to familiarity with nutraceuticals
Optimal Health – Core Products

   Product        # servings          Wholesale    Retail   Profit    BV

OPC-3                  90              $50.00     $67.50    $17.50   41.50
(antioxidant)     (45 if use 2
                capfuls per day)
Calcium                 45             $13.60     $18.50    $4.90     8.50
(750 mg          (30 if use 1125
                    mg dose)
MultiTech               90             $40.25     $51.95    $11.70   31.00
Omega – 3’s              60            $34.75     $46.50    $11.75   28.00
(1.5 g EPA+      (30 if AHA dose
                to ↓ triglycerides)
                                      $138.60     $184.45   $45.85   109.00
Big Practice vs Small
 How much could a larger practice expect to make?
 Assuming 8 patients per day, 4 days per week, place an order for the 4
 core optimal health products, the RETAIL profit would be:
 $45.85 x 8 patients x 4 days/week x 52 weeks/year =
 $76,294 annually      ***please note this does not include commissions***

 How much could a smaller practice make? Consider this on a per
 patient basis?
 For every patient who orders OPC-3, Omega-3’s and Calcium monthly
 (and MultiTech Multivitamin/Multimineral every 90 days), the average
 RETAIL profit (without consideration of commissions) would be:

 20 patients on the Optimal Health regimen = $761 per month or $9,132
 annually ***please note this does not include commissions***
Let’s Talk BV
 How much could a larger practice expect to make?
 Assuming 8 patients per day, 4 days per week, place an order for
 the 4 core optimal health products, the BV would be:
 $45.85 x 8 patients x 4 days/week = 3,488 BV per week

  How much could a smaller practice make? Consider
 this on a per patient basis?
 For every patient who orders OPC-3, Omega-3’s and Calcium
 monthly (and MultiTech Multivitamin/Multimineral every 90 days),
 the BV would be: 88BV/patient/month.

 20 patients on the Optimal Health regimen = 1760 BV per month or
 21,120 BV annually
Getting Started with an HP

 Two Choices:
 -   Trial Run (focused on retail profit)
 -   Have them open a nMx account right away

 How do you decide:
 -   What are THEIR goals? What is their focus?
 -   Do they need to gain comfort with the products?
 -   How/who will do the implementation?
 -   Are they ready to develop goals and a 90-day
     action plan?
Want to know how I
decided which health
   professional to
approach as my first
  prospective nMx
Dr. M-I’s first HP: step-by-step
 Attended Transitions Certification Training Fall 2005
 Joined BCHC Fall 2005 – Gave talks (low GI/supplements)
 Attended NC Training (Fall 2006) – Practiced my approach
 Met with Sherrie Black and Megan Gordon-Hall in early
 2007 (sponsored)
 Offered Transitions classes at EWHA (Spring 2007 & Fall
 2007 – led to the addition of a 3rd HP from EWHA)
 HP’s attended Nutrition Conference (Summer 2007/8) and
 went to Tampa for NC training (Jan 2008)
 The rest is history…..
Why is NC Training Critical?

 Learn how to approach HP’s and also
 handle common objections
 Learn most effective approaches
 (Transitions, Optimal Health, Gene SNP)
 Gain product knowledge (science)
 Learn about sources of info to share with
 HP’s (JAMA re: vitamins; Circulation re:
 Omega-3’s; Ca dosages – FDA supported)
 Gain confidence and make important
Have you Heard of These?
 Genovations (GSDL)
 Standard Process
 Pure Encapsulation
 Nordic Naturals

 Who besides MA/nMx sells an extensive
 line of isotonic supplements?
Know Your Competition…
 Multi-Level Marketing Companies have
 been prospecting health professionals for
 -   Don’t be surprised if some of the HPs you visit
     are distributors of MLM products.
 Some HP’s love MLM’s - others do not
 No other company offers what
 nutraMetrix® offers
Most Common HP Objections

 I don’t want to make $ off of my patients
 I don’t feel comfortable selling products
 The AMA doesn’t allow me to sell vitamins
 How do I know about the quality?
 I don’t have time to learn about a lot of
 I have no time to talk to patients about
 health and nutrition
HP Referral Network
                 Pain     Trainer


                          MD                       DO

          Derm                              Derm

                  Trans              Cardio

    Health Professionals Market To Their Networks!…
What is the Easiest
 Way into an HP
What is Special about Transitions?

  Lifestyle system that promotes health
  Not just about weight loss – great for
  reducing CV risk, avoiding or managing
  Low GI eating and Transitions target the
  most significant health challenges HP’s
  see with their patients
  The results are visible (weight loss, %
  body fat loss, improved bloodwork)
Transitions Options (HP office)

 Have the HP host a class
 Run a small pilot class with staff
 Demonstrate the income potential of
 HP’s have the unique opportunity to offer
 Transitions as a medically supervised
 program (insurance, FMSA benefits)
 Natural introduction to other nMx products
Tools for nMx

 nMx Catalog (with regimens)
 nMx Exam Room Poster
 Branding (shirts, notebooks, etc)
 Materials that are on the way:
 -   Product Regimen Cards
 -   DVD’s for Waiting Rooms
 -   Webinars showing nMx Business Model
 -   Educational CD’s
nMx Courses

 NC Trainings
 -   2009 – Jan, Mar, April, June and more!
 -   2009 in Chinese – April and September

 HP Courses
 -   2009 – Jan, April, June and more!

 nMx Business Building Seminar (Utopia)
nMx Business Building Seminar

 nMx diagnostic of your business
 Training on how to prepare and complete an HP
 Setting goals and building HP action plans
 Talking in nMx/HP themes
 Overcoming objections
 Effective HP practice implementation
 How to approach the HP referral network
 How to conduct 30, 60 ,& 90 day HP reviews
 How to set up HP accountability programs
Important nMx Contact Info


nutraMetrix HP web portals
Leads from Health Professionals

 Professional referral network
 HP’s need not activate using additional
 HP’s (but of course they can)
 Approaching another HP on behalf of an
 HP who has a nMx account requires skill
 LISTENING is always the key
 Product approach (as opposed to selling
 the business) is usually best so start with
Key Ingredients for nMx Success
 Well-defined goals and action plan for HP
 Clear understanding of areas of responsibility
 Identifying someone in the practice to serve as
 NC (you don’t want to be an employee)
 Attendance at NC and HP Trainings (also
 Nutrition Conference)
 Kick-off strategy (event, letter, Transitions)
HP Panel Members

 Nancy Banks, MD
 Sherrie Black, MAc, RN
 Megan Gordon-Hall, MAc, RN
 Pat Fasick OTR/L
 Monica Bustard CHomm
 Samana Zulu, MD

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