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					                             FOUR HEALTHCARE CENTERS Name ONE CONVENIENT LOCATION
                 300 American Street Catasauqua PA 18032-1800, 610.264.5471, 1.800.325.6856

                      Volume: 8 Number: 5      MAY NEWSLETTER 2008    

                                                                                                May supplement
Allergies - seasonal, food and environmental
An allergic reaction is an      and animal dander that        Possible causes or contrib-   Item on sale            Sale price
immune response to a            affects the mucus mem-        uting factors for hayfever    Quercetin               $ 9.05
foreign substance               branes of the eyes, nose      include weakened im-
(antigen) that results in       and airways. Hayfever is      mune system, airborne         Seagate Grape Seed $ 26.24
inflammation and organ          usually a seasonal occur-     allergens, smoke, poor
dysfunction. Allergens          rence. Many people that       gastrointestinal function,    Vitalogic Blood Pres-   $34.04
can be chemical, environ-       have allergic rhinitis also   liver toxicity and            sure formulas 180’s
mental or food-based.           have asthma                   emotional stress.
                                                                                            ProOmega 120            $ 36.74
Hayfever is known as            The body’s immune sys-        Prevention is the first
allergic rhinitis. Hayfe-       tem is designed to fight      step to reducing allergies.   Quantum Digest 60’s $ 18.74
ver is an allergic reaction     harmful substances like       Stay indoors if possible,
                   to           bacteria and viruses. But     close windows and use an
                   inhaled                                                                  Q-Gel Ultra             $ 26.24
                                in allergic rhinitis, the     air conditioner. Avoid
                   aller-       immune system over-           using a fan that draws in      High Blood Pressure Education
                   gens         responds to substances        air from outdoors. Avoid                   Month
                   includ-      that are harmless to most     air drying your clothes.
                                                                                             Osteoporosis Prevention Month
                   ing                                                                           Bicycle Safety Month
                                people, like pollen, mold     Bathe or shower and
                   pollens,     and dander, and launches      change your clothes after      •May3 - 2nd Annual Women’s
                   dust         an assault releasing his-     being outside.                 Swimsuit Fashion Show - see
                                tamine. The histamine                                        page 3
                                                              Hartzell’s trained staff
                                contributes to the symp-                                     •May 8 - CPAP meeting - see
To fight allergies strengthen                                 is always available for
   your immune system!          toms of allergic rhinitis.                                   page 3
                                                              your questions!
                                                                                             • May 16 & 19 Osteoporosis
Overcome allergies by strengthening the immune system                                          Screening –Special price
                                                                                               $15.00– see page 2
Ultimately the bottom           immune systems’ are            vitamin C. Other supple-
line cause of allergic reac-    strong enough to fight off     ments to consider are         • Month of May —Blood Pres-
tion is the breakdown of        the allergens.                 stinging nettle, evening        sure & Arterial Elasticity
the immune system.              Nutrition, botanical and       primrose, goldenseal, and       testing special—$5.00 call
Looking at the immune           dietary supplements are        GLA.
                                                                                               for appointment. see page 2
system is essential when        beneficial in reducing            Hartzell’s carries
fighting allergies. One         allergic symptoms associ-                                    • May 21—6:00p.m. - FREE
                                                               simple in-home testing
out of every three persons      ated with seasonal aller-                                      Seminar - It’s Time for a
                                                               kits for food allergies.
in America suffer from          gies. The most important                                       New You! see page 2
allergies, which means                                           Stop in and ask for
                                of these include: cat’s          more information at
that two out of every                                                                        • May 11—Mother’s Day
                                claw, quercetin, grape
three people do not have                                           the pharmacy
                                seed extract, omega 3                                        • May 26 - Memorial Day
allergies. Why? Their                                                  counter.
                                fatty acids, probiotics and
Focus on: High Blood Pressure
                                                                            A study from Reuters Health shows
High blood pressure is another si-   smoking, lack of exercise,                            that a diet high in carbo-
lent disease. Cardiovascular health diets high in fat and sim-                             hydrates will increase
is key to good health in general.    ple sugars, significant                               blood pressure slightly
With heart disease listed as the #1 stress, at home and work,                              more than a diets rich in
killer of Americans, everyone        coupled with the lack of a                            monounsaturated fats. It
should know the common risk fac-     mechanism for handling                                has been suggested that
tors for this disease and what steps stress.                                               high-carbohydrate diets
to take to eliminate or reduce our                                                         may elevate insulin levels,
                                     For women over 40:
risk.                                                                                           this will enhance the
                                     Family history of pre-
The common risk factors are: mature heart disease,              Know your risk for this silent activity of the sympa-
                                                                         disease.               thetic nervous
For males over 30:                   antihypertensive pre-                                      system to increase
High cholesterol, blood pressure     scription medications,                 heart rate, cardio output, vascular
above 140/90mm/Hg., diabetes,        high body fat percentage and fre-      resistance and sodium retention re-
                                     quently drinking alcohol.              sulting in elevated blood pressure.

     Diet and stress are two areas to       Osteoporosis another silent killer
      look at in reducing high blood
   pressure. Eating foods like bread,       Osteoporosis is a bone disease in       visit for medications or medical sup-
    grains, potatoes, corn and white        which the bones become brittle          plies.
                                            and porous. Osteoporosis is a si-
     rice drive insulin levels higher                                               Osteoporosis Screening
                                            lent disease because the bone loss
      and may cause elevated blood                                                  Special $15.00 - Save 10.00 on the
                                            usually occur without any warn-
     pressure. The way in which we                                                  regular price of $25.00 for a screen-
                                            ing. The first symptoms of osteo-
   handle or do not handle the stress       porosis are usually fractures.          ing on May 16 or May 19. Call for an
   of work and home may also effect                                                 appointment
                                            Hartzell’s has a questionnaire
         blood pressure. Come to                                                    Blood Pressure and Arterial Elas-
                                            which can help you to determine
           Hartzell's for lifestyle                                                 ticity testing special
                                            your risk for bone loss. Ask at the
     recommendations to lower your          pharmacy counter for your free          $5.00 - Month of May - Call for your
        risk for this silent disease.       questionnaire during your next          appointment.

Good fats for good health
Having the wrong kinds of fats in         to the body. Most processed foods                May 21st at 6 PM
your diet can contribute to all dis-      contain unhealthy oils. It is impor-          at Hartzell's Pharmacy
eases. This is because every cell         tant to read food labels or better yet,           Meet Joshua Chernov,
membrane in the body is made of           avoid processed foods altogether.           Nutritional Sales Consultant
fat. Any processed, highly heated                                                           from Metagenics.
oil will be rancid and negatively         Less than 30% of your calories
                                          should come from fats. Good fats                It's time for a new you !
impact your cell membranes. These
                                          include: extra virgin olive oil, ses-      Meet Joshua and learn about
include fried foods, hydrogenated
                                          ame oil, cod liver oil, flax oil and       this new weight loss medical
oils, interesterified oils and any oils
                                          high quality fish oils.                    food package. Want to shed
not stored properly (light and oxy-
                                                                                       pounds and be successful,
gen make oils rancid, think of the
                                          Nutritional counseling sessions are       drink healthy shakes and learn
grocery store). Saturated fats such
                                            available, just call and ask for        how a potato can actually help
as butter and coconut oil are the
                                           Shelley Surber, R.D, L.D.N, our           with cravings? Please call to
only oils that can safely be heated,
meaning no negative consequences             on-staff registered dietitian.          reserve a seat. 610-264-5471

Page 2                                    MAY 2008 NEWSLETTER     Volume:8    Number:5
             Hartzell’s Home Medical Equipment
                 Ahoy Ladies!       It is our Second Annual                        Just in time for
                 “Pirate Theme” Swimsuit Fashion show. To
                                                                                    Mother’s Day
                 be held Saturday, May 3rd, from
                 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Denise Hughes,
                 Territory Manager, of Amoena, will be here to
                 introduce the latest in swimsuit fash-
                 ions. You’ll be sure to find the perfect suit for
                                                                                 Supportwear Sale!
                 you. Discreet fashions available for the most                    All Women’s
                 discriminating woman and the ability to ac-
                 commodate women who had breast surgery to                    8-15 & 15-20 mm/HG
                 feel confident on the beach! Light refresh-                    stockings on sale
                 ments, door prizes, and fun are sure to pre-
                 vail! The show shall be preceded by a short                   Buy 2—get 3rd FREE
                 informational topic on nutrition and the
                 impact on women’s health. Call to let us                            month of May
                 know if you are attending.
                                                                                May 8 - 2pm & 6:30p.m.
The Spectra Knee CPM                                                              Awake in the Valley
                                    The Kinetic Knee CPM represents                  CPAP meeting
                                    the latest breakthrough in CPM
                                                                                 Spring Cleaning your
                                    technology. The entire spectrum of
                                    needs for knee patients can now be                    CPAP
                                    addressed with a carriage that ac-            Bring your machine
                                    commodates all patients age 8 to                 Q & A session,
                                    80. Lightweight and exceptionally
                                    easy to carry, Spectra offers a                   refreshments
                                    quick set-up and practical opera-             Call and let us know
                                    tional modes that enhance patient            which session you will
                                    comfort, compliance and results.
                                    Call Ken for more information.

Foot Facts—Over Pronation-flat feet
              Over-pronation, or flat   have flexible, flat feet. There
              feet, is a common bio-    are many causes of flat feet.
              mechanical problem        Obesity, pregnancy or repeti-
              that occurs in the        tive pounding on a hard surface
              walking process when      can weaken the arch leading to     Biomechanical footwear is
              a person's arch col-      over-pronation.                    designed to limit stress at
              lapses upon weight                                           areas of the foot most susceptible to
                                          Hartzell’s has orthotics         pain. Whether you need athletic or
bearing. This motion can cause ex-
treme stress or inflammation on the      and footwear which pro-           dress shoes come in and see our wide
plantar fascia, potentially causing      vide relief for flat feet.        selection and talk with our trained fit-
severe discomfort and leading to         Call and ask for Jeff, our        ters.
other foot problems. Over-pronation         certified orthatist            For more information or for an ap-
is very prominent in people who                                            pointment call and ask for JEFF.

   Volume: 8 Number: 5       MAY NEWSLETTER 2008                                  Page 3
                                                                            Hartzell’s Pharmacy Inc.
Special Events and Sales recap
                                                                            300 American Street
Month of May:                        May 21 - 6:00 pm - FREE Semi-          Catasauqua PA 18032
Blood Pressure & Arterial Elastic-   nar - It’s Time for a New You - call
                                                                            610.264.5471 toll free 1.800.325.6856
ity Testing $5.00 - call for ap-     to register
pointment                                                                   Pharmacy hours: M-F 9 am to 9 pm
JOBST Women’s Supportwear -                                                 Sat:9 am to 5 pm, Sun:10 am to 1 pm
sale buy 2 get 3rd free                                                     Home Medical Equipment hours:
May 3 - Second Annual Women’s           Happy Mother’s Day from             Mon. to Sat. –9 am to 7 pm
Swimsuit Fashion show—10am–                   Hartzell’s
2pm call for seating                                                        Evenings by appointment
May 8 - Awake in the Valley            Happy Belated Birth-                 Catasauqua Compounding
CPAP meeting - 2pm and 6:30 pm -
call to let use know which session                 day to                   Pharmacy-
you will attend                                      employee:              300 American Str. rear
May 16 &19 - Osteoporosis                                                   Phone.- -610.264.7340
                                                     Tara Wieder
Screening special $15.00, save                                              Hours: Mon, Tues. & Fri -9a to 5:00p
$10.00 off regular price—Call for               April 10th                  Thur.- 12:30p to 5:00p, Closed-Wed.

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